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By | February 27, 2024

Hi Everyone, 

Busy day today! I just recorded my Youtube program for tonight and will be appearing on Jimmy Church’s Fade2Black program tonight at 7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT. I would guess Jimmy might have some announcements and things before brining me on, but I’ll be there! 

You can listen live at 

I would love for the Fadernauts to get a friendly visit from the Dolanites! 🙂


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  1. Christian Morales

    Hey Richard I got an update on that USO case from my family. November 25 1986 was the day that the victims daughter told me he was pronounced dead. So that gives you a good idea of where to look for newspapers or an orbituary. It was kind of awkward talking to his daughter because I didn’t want to tell her it had anything to do with USOS/UFOs. Who wants to hear your dad got taken away and we don’t know if he’s alive or dead or what, but I did talk to her and told her I was fascinated by missing planes that are never found. I can show you all I got. I also got my mom who’s not a crackpot, she’s 63 and just retired from a big company in Puerto Rico which she was the vice president off for a long time called Pan Pepin. She’s on video on my X page I can send you the video saying that witnesses saw the plane fly last by the coast of Quebradillas and they saw a huge ball of light like an orb. No one picked up this could be a ufo until I came along this last Christmas. My whole life I thought this was an average plane crash didn’t know there was orbs and that they never found the plane. So his name is Luis A Roman. He was a prosecutor which in Spanish means fiscal of Aguadilla. November 25 1986, flying off the coast and never seen again. Anyway yeah not to brag about my mom but her reputation is very good and she’s kind of a big deal down in the island. Darcy Weir saw the video where she says this if you want to ask him. Anyway thank you.

  2. TomTort

    I enjoy your time with Jimmy Church. I am surprised “SIR JIMMY” IS ON THE FENCE REGARDING THE APOLLO NOON LANDING. I understand his reasoning. However, after listening to some of the programs debunking those moon landings, I still do not consider myself a doubter. Regrettably, there are conspiracy theories that are legitimate as 911, The Kennedy assination, etc. However, this is one of those events I can’t even comprehend to believe never occurred.
    I realize this event was not part of your discussion on his show yet, it is an integral part in the discussion of ufology.
    I wonder if you have ever had a discussion with Mr. Church on this topic.
    Finally, I appreciate whenever you or Mr. Church has a recommendation on a book that you find interesting. I am looking forward to your upcoming publication and I will purchase both volumes when available.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      We discussed the Moon landing? I am laughing to myself because I can’t remember that, although I believe you. In any case, I do believe we landed there — I also believe we ran into some neighbors up there. I will say that some years ago I read David McGowan’s “Walking the Moon Doggie,” which is the ONE analysis that really made me stop and question the Moon landings altogether. Honestly, he put together a far better argument than I’ve heard anywhere else. (McGowan is the same guy who wrote about Laurel Canyon and the birth of the hippy generation). Not saying I currently believe his thesis, but I will admit that for a while there I really wondered. I can’t say I have debunked his analysis, just that I still tend strongly to think we landed, even though I can’t dismiss everything he argued.

      1. elevator

        LOL. Just when I’m about to check out because of the Russia/Ukraine back and forth you remind me we share many ideas. The Dave McGowan Moon landing thesis is very convincing and I never seriously considered it until reading him. I know I recommended the Laurel Canyon book to several folks. When did you read it? The amount of research was incredible and once again I had to admit, as strange as it seemed, maybe he was on to something again.

        Someone should do a documentary on his work.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Oh my — don’t bail over something as silly as political disagreements! As far as McGowan, yes, he was amazing. Died way, way too soon. I read “The Strange but mostly true story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippy Generation” at least a decade ago. And yes, this was a man who knew how to connect some dots! I believe the website articles were pulled for a while when his work was published in book form, but I was always partial to his web articles. I know they are back for those interested in reading them. And yes, he did the same level of analysis on the Moon landing — again, for those interested, it’s “Wagging the Moon Doggie,” and I am sure it’s searchable. I do agree that a proper documentary on McGowan’s work would be most welcome.

  3. Christian Morales

    It’s fascinating I lived in Puerto Rico from 1988 my date of birth to 2013. All the abductees were
    Mostly in the west coast or southwest now that I’m learning of this issue. In San Juan I never heard anything about ufos. Only in aguadilla did I learn. My grandpa’s neighbor was an abductee. We used to call him el loco because he wouldn’t shut up about aliens. Funny man he was and we only used to call him crazy because of his alien talk besides that he was normal. Perhaps it’s a coincidence but Raul the crazy guy, my grandpa and the man that disappeared all lived in the same neighborhood. That’s 3 houses 2 of those houses were affected by the phenomenon. Richard you gotta understand these houses are on the coast next to the ocean in Aguadilla and since my mother took that house and now it’s an Airbnb when my grandparents passed away you’re invited. My mother actually told me anytime you want a vacation or whatever you can stay there on the house. She said that not me I’m just passing the information and I want nothing in return. I’m telling you a winter vacation in 80 degree weather in aguadilla is priceless. Anyway Raul did plant the seed. I remember seeing the Phoenix lights with him and being struck. That was the day the seed was planted and I didn’t really think about it till 2016 till I saw one of these things myself. Anyway the west coast connection you make is correct. I was talking to my aunt my moms sister and she says everyone knew someone who struggled with abductions or experiences back when she grew up. I never saw any of this in San Juan and I knew a lot of people.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks Christian! Yes, both ends of Puerto Rico are active regarding USOs, but the western side seems just a bit more. Also however along the northern coast heading up toward the great trench — lots there, too. It’s really an incredibly active island, that is for sure!

  4. Espen Brandshaug

    Firstly: a cool and “levitating” show with stunningly atmosphere’s humor, fun and facts Thanks both 🙏.
    Secondly: congratulations on your NEW book Richard, Stellar, well done sir, as usual I might add! Should’ve almost thought it too thorough as for a sound-book…which it isn’t, is it?? Well, hopefully, it’ll be, because, admittedly…it’s a BRIC, right!? 600+ pga!? Which I, for one, would have spent a whole shagtime gettin’ it in(oops, no pun intended, please excuse my French as well) to my soon to be a pensioners mind digesting it slooowly as to keep 👍. That said, keep’m coming, choose your fights wisely, cheers to good health, and hey, remember: ride the big one! ☝️💦(no…not…geez..SURF’s 🆙 , damn it!😝 🏄🏽‍♀️💛🏝️🏴‍☠️🏄🏼🇺🇸&🇳🇴and🇨🇦Tracy 🏒hockey & Grant C.

    One LO❤️E


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Espen. I WILL absolutely be reading that USO book for audio. No question. Also, let me just say this here: I just decided FINALLY to read the audio version of my Second Volume of UFOs and the National Security State. I dreaded that project for too long but decided it’s time. I just read the Introduction last night and intend to do this in the evenings as often as possible. Lot of new audio books coming out this year. 🙂

      1. Espen Brandshaug

        THX Rich. Also happy to hear you’ll read Vol. 2 of your UFO’s and the National Security State, cool. Something nice to look forward to. 👍😊

        Reg. Espen

  5. Clifford Ribaudo

    Hey Richard, great chat with JC. Always love listening to you two. So here is a question for you that I have been struggling with and I am serious about it…. You know where I come from on some of this stuff, and you know I have a fairly deep understanding of the esoteric side of things…..

    How do we introduce the esoteric side of things into this conversation? Why do I ask? Well because:

    1) There are serious discrepancies between what Academics say about various subjects including the Age of Humanity and the way it has evolved. It is under revision somewhat via people like Grahm Hancock and others, and is starting to move in the direction of what the Ancient Texts say. Aka the Secret Doctrine’s presentation of the “Oldest Book in the world” The Stanzas of Dzyan…. and yet that gets swatted aside in many quarters as “channeled”, which is not true.

    2) There is a false narrative on the age and evolution of humanity being evolved via 1 mistranslation by Stitchin as part the “Ancient Aliens” stuff.

    3) The esoteric traditions have made many statements in start contrast to the academic views and which are slowly, 1 by 1 being proven.

    There are so many questions, for which esoteric traditions can help, and yet it is totally brushed aside.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Clifford. I do agree that we need to fill in the holes of our ancient history. The thing is, for me at least, while I admire Graham Hancock and agree with some of his perspective, I personally don’t agree with all of it. But what WOULD be needed, I should think, is a powerful, definitive scholarly work (scholarly, not necessarily academic) that lays out the ancient history in such a manner. Not sure who has done this of late. I suppose some will say that Graham has? But even if one agrees with his entire thesis, that doesn’t really address the esoteric elements you refer to. So, what is needed? A new Blavatsky? Not sure. But someone could come through with such a work. But I should ask you: are there any such recent works out that do this?

      1. Clifford Ribaudo

        Thanks Richard! I guess my first question is why do we need a “New Blavatsky” when we still have Vol 1 & 2 of Isis Unveiled and Vol 1 & 2 of Secret Doctrine largely undigested?! Those 4 volumes probably comprise close to 2000+ pages of footnoted and documented commentary.

        I guess 2 modern persons who comes to mind are Cremo’s Forbidden Archeology works and the work of Robert Schock both of whom put out rather well documented works backing up the assertions of Blavatsky. But let me think about it more if someone else comes to mind.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks. Jimmy usually gets something good out of me. This time he had some really interesting points to make and I enjoyed our discussion, which I feel hit upon many relevant issues.

  6. Clifford Ribaudo

    Well I will grant you this. There are a lot of places in HPBs Secret Doctrine that are a rambling, meandering mess and it takes A LOT of patience to get through some of it….. a friend of mine is working on a very good abridgment of it. Ill let you know when it is published!

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