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By | November 11, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

Tracey and I are in Las Vegas for the Stairway to the Stars conference. I gave a keynote lecture yesterday, and as soon as that may become available, I will post it here. If it doesn’t become available, I will give it again for this site. 

Meanwhile, I wanted to post a recent interview I did with Mark Gagnon, an outstanding video podcaster who did a very, very long interview with me for his program. We got into a bit of everything and I think it’s good to share here. 

Will definitely have more to share with you relating to this conference. Right now Tracey is finalizing her talk, which will be tomorrow. We plan to do a joint video SOON! 


14 thoughts on “New Long-form Interview

  1. walidmikhail

    excellent interview and very much needed for many people out that are not privy to this information I have forwarded it to several people, 70k views already


  2. Lauren2844

    I love this interview. Dolan unshackled! This is my favorite type of Dolan interview. Where he talks about Deep state craziness. I love hearing elite knowledgeable people just talking about Random interesting things. I hate it when Richard holds back because he’s worried about what people may think. In this interview he didn’t give AF. Love it.

  3. hart62

    I discovered this one by accident on YouTube. Fantastic interview. I’ve listened to your presentation on James Forrestal numerous times. Glad you got into it here. That story deserves a wider audience. Maybe the first showing out of the new power structure behind the scenes. I always thought it was Kennedy, but probably not. It’s creepy as hell and so awful for that man. To think that he might have wanted to be open about the UFO issue way back then and might have been killed for it, its just staggering. Is that what they told him in the car ride? This is how its going to be, get on board or die? Had to be fairly earth-shaking, whatever it was.

    Anyway, I’ll be reviewing this interview a lot in the coming days. Really good stuff. Thanks again. 🙂


  4. Ted2

    I second the great interview comment. Very good job by the interviewer and interviewee.

    The MJ documents lack provenance and don’t contain any bomb-shell type information about the craft, the occupants or their circumstances/ mission outside of what was currently being spread around the UFO community in the period when they were released.

    Doty claimed he wasn’t involved in creating them though commonly he has been blamed. After taking the original MJ 12 document/film from Shandera, as it was labelled a secret document, he was told by his superiors to return it to Shandera indicating that someone in the U.S. intelligence sector contrived it and wanted spread around for public exposure.

    All of the documents the Woods possessed fit into the same framework – mysterious mailings with no provenance and not containing any earth-shattering information-just things that could be created out of common UFO knowledge/lore. Someone, or a group of someones were very busy cooking up these documents, I believe mostly within a decade of their surfacing. It had to be the government because who else would have the time and energy for such an apparently pointless endeavor.

    If the source was the intelligence sector, I could only assume those documents were created to have UFO researchers adopt them as real only to be shown to be foolishly wrong when they needed to be discredited. I don’t think that the documents created enough furor with the general public to warrant them being exposed as false. However, they did serve to send some researchers on wild goose chases and provide additional contentious issues withing the UFO community (as if that was really needed).

  5. Fox_Mulder

    Incredible interview, Richard. And great exposure for you. Read the comments on the video – the people love you!


    I enjoyed thia interview very much. It has given me a lot to think about and I love that. What I heard was honesty. And how often are you privy to that. Thank you, Richard.

  7. TomTort

    I, like so many others, am very impressed with this open and honest interview. This is the longest interview I am aware of and the longer they are the more candid you become. Your publications reveal facts, but these lengthy interviews reveal your personality, depth of sincerity and devotion you have to this complicated subject.

  8. Scott Santa

    Richard!! Without question the best interview I’ve ever seen with you! I loved that we got 4 hours of you free-wheelin’ without constant interruption! Absolutely wonderful!! It’s also one that bears numerous re-watches!

    Well done to both of you – especially you!!

    Thank you for unloading for us!!


  9. Nickolas Caldarera

    Richard this is fantastic interview. Thank you! This is by far the best interview I have seen you do. Very long interview- you had to be exhausted after this one.

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