My Interview with Mike Clelland

By | April 19, 2021

Hi Everyone,

In my Fireside Chat last night I mentioned the soon to be published interview I did with Peter Robbins, but I forgot to mention that I also did one with my friend Mike Clelland, author of The Messengers — a great book. He and I had a very interesting conversation in areas where I don’t go every day. I think it’s a good interview and I hope you enjoy it! You can just click the image above and it will take you there (which is Whitley Strieber’s website Unknown Country), or you can click right here.


15 thoughts on “My Interview with Mike Clelland

  1. WickyBu

    Loved The Messengers. I had a strange occurrence of hooting owls during one or more reading sessions. Caught me off guard somewhat.

  2. Carolyn3

    HI Richard,
    Looking forward to the interview with Mike Clellnd. I’ have The Messengers, and Mike was kind enough to reply to emails to him. I was just asking a few questions regarding a few owl experiences I’ve had.
    I will keep a look out for the interview.


    1. Anthony_Ian

      Mike Clelland’s blog of many years is a fantastic resource, too:
      He is a really gifted interviewer. He asks the right questions and lets the guest answer, listening closely. There are hundreds of insightful interviews on that site and he also provides a link to The Unseen, his blog/interview space on Whitley’s Unknown Country site at the top left.

      — AI

  3. deweyweber

    Both links take me to the website, but I just get his banner at the top of the page. Is the site broken or is it just me?

    1. deweyweber

      Happily, the link now takes me to the interview. I find the experiencer connection as discussed in this interview to be the most tantalizing aspect of UFOlogy. Most of us have had some experience with precognition or deja vu, to say the least. So the question remains what is the God particle of Ufology that completes our understanding of our genesis, our reality, and our experiences in this world.

  4. David LoVecchio

    When the idea of alien abduction became commonplace amongst UFO research I was in my late teens and not nearly as critical in my thinking as I (hope) I am now. Books like Intruders by Budd Hopkins, Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind by C.D.B. Bryan, Secret Life by David Jacobs and Abduction by John Mack heavily influenced me and bypassed any skeptical analysis based on critical thinking. These people were trained professionals after all and I knew that while the UFO phenomena represented something real the “bigger picture” of it was incomplete. I was hungry and eager to put more of the pieces together and those authors provided them. Now I’m not so sure.

    In order to keep this short I’ll just focus on one of the differences discussed between David Jacobs and Barbara Lamb when it comes to what patients under hypnosis are discouraged or encouraged to do during a session: ask questions of alien beings that show up in their memories.

    For Jacobs this is a definite no-no! In his mind aliens are liars and that’s that. No questions allowed. For Barbara questions are permitted and even encouraged. The significant difference between the permissibility of questioning boils down to control. In Jacobs’ mind he does not want to give the aliens an opportunity to deceive the patient but whether or not he’s aware of it this approach also removes the threat(pun!) of a narrative that could differ from his own. So in an attempt to remove control Jacobs retains it.

    If his interpretation of the alien threat is wrong he may be depriving the patient of what might be a valuable opportunity to engage with a uniquely embodied symbolic facet of their own mind capable of providing insight into matters that are obscured during normal conscious states. In addition, when he subjects patients whose recall of events doesn’t fit into his own preexisting narrative structure to multiple hypnosis sessions in order to “get to the truth” – a truth that is the subject of a book titled ‘The Threat’ – he is practicing harm.

    To be clear I’m not saying he is wrong. I’m saying it’s a possibility that I expect he has strong cognitive biases against.

  5. GrannyChanie

    I really enjoyed this interview. You touched on so many topics and seemed to be enjoying yourself. I always enjoy listening to your thoughtful perspectives on all the subjects you discuss.

  6. HappyCup

    I’m watching your interview with Peter. Now when I want to get your attention I will address you using your middle name.
    I love it!!!

    An idea popped into my head about a companion book to the UNSS series: You have painstakingly chosen the credible, military encounters but did not include the ‘not so’ credible witnesses and encounters. It would be awesome to have a collection of UFO sightings as told through the lense of the trailer park resident who did have 11 beers. Or perhaps contact cases as told by mental patients. A little extreme perhaps but I can see a market for something like that.
    Give it a think. I will have my people call your people.😉

    – HappyCup

  7. FamousAmos

    Excellent discussion and brilliant comments as always. I appreciate your careful and meticulous approach to challenging topics like hypnotic regression, and when you do reach some conclusions, they are usually based in compelling logic.

    I found your soul-searching meditation story towards the end to be very inspirational and timely on a personal level — I’m at a crossroads in my life now, and could probably benefit from this approach, so I’ll explore it more on my own. However, I’m certainly open to any suggestions / bullet points on how to successfully do this.

  8. Andromeda107

    Really good interview Richard, you touched on some really points,that I never considered;one being the et’s telling abductees about how to live , especially when comes to nature and our environment, but they are doing insane cattle mutilations. I follow Linda Moulton research on mutilations, and I just don’t think its humans that are doing it. I also agree with you on hypnosis , I believe a lot it comes from what the person really wants for the society.I am not saying all hypnosis recoveries are false, but I am very skeptical on a lot of it.I also definitely believe that these beings have infiltrated some of the covert USAP , what better way to see how far we have come and where we are headed,although I can’t say for you,only that is what I believe .

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