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By | March 27, 2021


Hi Everyone!

Last night I did a very enjoyable interview with Jay of Project Unity, which I have posted here. 

Jay really does a fantastic job as an interviewer. We had an engaging conversation on matters related to UFOs and most definitely beyond. We discussed matters of the future of humanity, human consciousness, and other philosophical subjects. 

It felt good while doing it, and I am hoping it sounds just as good as it seemed at the time. Let me know what you think! 


27 thoughts on “My Interview on Project Unity

  1. Ron Holmes UK

    It was a wonderful interview – two like minds testing the boundaries of each others beliefs and knowledge without ever turning into a confrontation. Loved every minute, could have happily sat through 4 hours of that content.

  2. WickyBu

    Richard, I really enjoyed the discussion between you and Jay yesterday. There is a definite synergy between the two of you, perhaps more than some folk may have thought there could be. These days, the line between traditional ‘nuts and bolts’ study and what some might call ‘woo’ is being blurred. This is a good thing. It’s heartening to see the younger generations taking up the mantle, having been influenced by those who have been around the block a few times, so to speak. I do hope there are more interviews lined up, you guys just barely scratched the surface.

  3. Christina

    What an incredible inspiring conversation! I enjoyed it much more than I can express here. Lots of respect for Jay, I admire his way of studying everything connected to his own experiences and how he’s educating himself. We need them “young guns”!

    You’re both offering so much through this interview, and I’ll echo what Jay said regarding your ability to present your thoughts and theories! The historical aspect is a major reason I’m grateful I know about you and your work.

    Honestly, I fear the loss of humanity with the current insane development. But maybe we can recognize our souls and consciousness through technology, though I think we have better odds with meditation, selfawareness and some “back to nature”. And, in my opinion, the connection between consciousness and the phenomenon is obvious, which means it should be a win/win situation going in that direction…


  4. david

    Loved it Richard! Thoroughly enjoyed listening to yourself and Jay and look forward to the next one. It’s always so nice to hear such intelligent and really thought provoking exchanges and you both bring out the best in each other for sure. Much needed I can tell you following the continuing madness we see in our world today. Thank you.

  5. SLICK

    Great conversation. I find that in general people that take an interest in the ET/UFO are generally more open minded and intelligent than the average person. One of the things that we find so intriguing about this topic is that the more we we learn about or uncover the more profound the implications are for so many aspects of life and society. As Of recently however our conversations have been morphing into questions and concerns about society today. what’s going on, and where we are headed. WE all sense that society is headed towards something that will effect us all as profoundly as UFO disclosure. The signs are Everywhere and they are profoundly disturbing.
    Richard, You we’re pretty clear that from your point of view where we seem to be headed is not good however from my point of view it’s clearly much worse than that. The Fake pandemic is such a blatant and obvious lie It looks like they just renamed the seasonal flu Covid-19. In the last 9 months across the entire western world there has not been a single case of the seasonal flu, not only that but When you look at the over all mortality rate of any country in the world you find that 2020 had no increase in deaths over previous years. In fact the only thing more phony than mask mandate is the fake vaccine that has now, as of today, Is more deadly than the virus itself and the side effects are worse than the virus itself. It’s clear to anyone who looks that this whole thing was a fraud, another false flag just like 9/11. The only thing more blatant and obvious Than this Pandemic hoax was The most blatant and obvious Theft of our election and our country. Of course anyone who has taken the time to find the truth knows that The vote count was 79 million for Trump and 68 for Biden. We know that approximately 11 million trump votes were flipped to Biden via satellite by an Italian based Defense contractor LEONARDO who controls the satellite that was used to transfer votes from America to the servers in Frankfurt GERMANY. In any case this election theft was far more obvious than 9/11 And it points to the fact that the self destruction and coming apart at the seams that is happening in literally every corner of society is intentional and deliberate. It’s now clear to anyone who looks that the entire west has been taken over by as criminal cabal it’s clear that their endgame is the destruction of humanity and the genocide of several billion people. It may sound crazy but it’s true. From Critical race theory to the destruction of the family. From anti white racism to man hating to promoting gender dysphoria and various other unhealthy perversions. From open boarders and sanctuary cities to censorship and cancel culture. Why did they allow pot dispensaries and abortion clinics to stay open but were intent on shutting down churches, restaurants, and small businesses?
    It’s clear that this fourth transhumanist stage your talking about. It’s clear that our criminal leaders here in the west have every intention on killing the vast majority of the population of the west. If our leaders had the human decency and goodness of the average person humanity would be poised to become interstellar travelers. But for the last few decades at least The most diabolical, corrupt, and selfish people have been running society into the ground. There are so many sobering indicator and clear examples that I haven’t mentioned And despite the fact that these people are some of the dumbest most inept people in the world they are going to attempt to covert America into a self destructive, sell hating, bigoted, Marxist hell hole.

  6. Lauren2844

    Richarx M. Dolan (Author) Net Worth? 4 MILLION Dollars!

    All your academic heroes who thought you were crazy to study UFO’S Don’t think your crazy now! 😜

    Proud of you!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      What?! $4,000,000? Who’s got my money? For the record, my net worth is probably between $100,000 and $200,000. If I were to be completely rigorous about it. And depending on how accountants might calculate it all, it could be under 100k. that calculation you quoted is hilarious. But also rather disturbing that anyone or any organization could come to such a figure. Still, I’m happy with the fact that I can work in this field and basically stay alive. 🙂

  7. jhop1408

    Very well done interview on both your parts. Thank you for sharing your insight on not only UFO’s, but on the current state of the world as it pertains to truth and independant thought.

    Everyday brings new horrors and new hope. Views that challenge, or even upend, any official narrative are reminders of one of humanities most valuable traits: the ability to change ones mind. You, and people like Jay, have a great deal of value outside of the UFO subject. Thank you for what you do, and keep fighting the good fight!

  8. jimirod

    Once all this interest with ET is resolved to a rational level It will be like meeting a new country, hopefully, with an infrastructure better than our own. They have been around longer than us and, I assume their insight may lift our perspective of the future in a better direction.

  9. FamousAmos

    Richard, that was a fantastic interview between you both. I have couple of comments, and a question:

    * I greatly admire your ability to weave your thoughts on personal liberty and freedom into the discussion on Disclosure and geopolitical trends. Individual freedom become almost a lost or even hostile topic in today’s media — no doubt by design — and has been subverted in the public narrative to the supremacy and ‘benevolence’ of the State, who knows best and is the solution for every problem, and so we should listen to their ‘authoritative’ voice.

    * I would love to hear more about your insights into the ancient texts you’ve been reading, and what you learned — Iliad, Odyssey, Old Testament, etc.

    * The question Jay asked about hermetic texts was very interesting. Surely you’ve crossed paths with the connections of UFOs to the paranormal and the occult, but I don’t think you’ve ever talked about this or shared your views? Maybe you have already, and I’m just unaware. What do you think about ancient and secretive teachings — the so-called “Mystery Schools” — have to do with UFO’s and the phenomenon? Do you think these highly symbolic and allegorical teachings contains clues to unlocking the UFO phenomenon and our relationship as humans to the Others / Aliens / Gods? Suppose there are in fact enormous and even deliberate holes in our understanding of human history on Earth, and even of the planet itself… and suppose further that the Others are already here and are engaging us in a secretive or deceptive way including obfuscating key parts of human history… then perhaps these Mystery Schools (which tap into the psychic parts of the phenomenon) may contain more than just curious legends from before the Bronze Age?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Great suggestion, and yes I think it would be a good idea for me to go all ancient literature on the site at some point. I’ve been wondering why I have lately been feeling almost a “need” to be reading ancient texts. I don’t do any of this during the day, but often at night. It’s not quite an obsession, but it is a strong pull for me at this time. So yes, if the folks here don’t mind, I might do a podcast or write a piece on my thoughts on all that. And if I can tie it to UFOs, so much the better. And yes that includes thoughts on the Mystery Schools, something I can’t claim to be an expert about, but it is something I have some knowledge of.

      1. Sonya Johnson

        I really wish that you would give your thoughts on ancient literature . Gilgamesh is one of my favorites, but any of the Sumarian legends have interesting parts. It’s always fascinating that they noted and described so many constellations. And of course Sodom & Gomorahs distructioni, what a coincidence that a meteor would hit a city in an area suposively sparcely populated. However, I imagine the statistical calculation would not find it unlikely. The book, Humans:from the beginning, is well worth the time spent reading!!! Glad you spoke of it. Hope you continue sharing your choices . Your takes on current & past topics are interesting, informative and intellectually stimulating. So glad to find rationality in these unsettling times!!! Don’t go away!!!!!

  10. TomTort

    I thought being assimilated by the Borg and having no individual thought or creativity was science fiction theory. I hope humanity is a bit more intelligent and can adjust to a more complimentary evolvement.
    In addition, I can easily understand why you are exploring writings of Graham Hancock and others. If we are to explore the possibility of a technology equal to or superior to the mythology of Atlantis, it makes sense to study the concept of an irretrievable past when there had to be a far superior society far beyond anything that could be imagined today.
    Also, reading early writings of centuries past certainly reflects our thinking as alot different than the way we express our thoughts and concepts today. I have often wondered if our level of thinking has become diluted in certain areas of thought as we scientifically evolve. Do we possess the same philosophical depth in your thinking as we once did? Are we capable of deep philosophical thought of the past now that we are technologically evolving?
    There certainly are a number of very interesting ideas discussed in this very short interview as and I was very surprised to realize how there was much more to discuss but the interview came to a ending so quickly.
    Mr. Dolan, it would be nice if you could write your own philosophical ideas and relate them to humanities historical evolvement.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Tom. I might one day write the kind of book you are suggesting … or something similar to that. it’s in the dugout, not yet on deck, but it might one day get the chance to step up to the plate. 🙂

  11. Beebitt

    Nice interesting conversation with Jay.

    You were right on about the limits of what The Drive, (NWZ), sets as limits for disclosure. Your ‘Big Red Line’ of limitation being crash-retrieval information caught my attention and if others as well as NWZ won’t cross that red-line makes me wonder the following:
    Item #1 –
    • Why then was Sgt. Clifford Stone allowed for years to discuss publicly his personal 20 plus year Military on-the-job findings as a crash-retrieval leader at many locations around the world? Additionally during those public presentations he offered to make copies, (At his own expense), of credible military documents verifying his stories about crossing that red-line many times.
    Tyler Rogoway and his crew can’t possibly be unaware of ‘Stony’ who more or less made his debut at the two-day Wash. D.C. National Press Club conference in 2001, organized as you know by Dr. Steven Greer, with former Federal Legislators listening carefully.
    Item #2 –
    • In an arena NWZ covers better than almost any other source, technology. Nearly a year ago in a long, very detailed article they told how the U.S. Navy had to resubmit a request for patents three times about new vehicle technology that was ‘outside’ of known physics, according to the Patent Office, who rejected it twice before they finally approving it. But approved only after the third request arrived a the USPO with a cover letter from a very high ranking Naval officer hinting that the technology was probably already in testing phase.
    The only thing Tyler couldn’t find were the patent numbers that should have been posted. The day I posted the complete article for my UFO discussion group a member found the numbers, so I sent them to Tyler who probably had already found them as well. Anyway I got a nice ‘Thank you’ from him in person.
    Item #3 –
    You also mentioned the current ‘official response to UAV phenomena’ has now become acceptable but remains “unidentified” even though our own ships have twice had to endure harassment for several consecutive days in restricted military “No Sail – No Fly” zones. Logically just about anyone doing diligent UFO homework finds this reply bizarre after over 70 years of back-engineering what Stony found and when the Navy has applied for patents for electro-magneto-gravitic vehicles.
    You are also right about we who do our homework need to push stuff like this right back at whoever is trying to keep too much secret.
    Thanks again for a great interview with Jay. (BTW: Apparently, Jay has no last name?)

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Your entire comment is right on point and many thanks for it. I am sorry to say it’s a bit late here and I am just too tired to do a detailed response, but please know I am filing these thoughts for my own reference. As far as Clifford Stone was concerned, it’s true he had a wealth of UFO data that he did share, but you could argue he posed no threat to secrecy as long as he was totally marginalized, which frankly he was. I met Clifford several times and was even a guest in his home once. A true gentleman whom I believed fundamentally. And yes, I believe Jay of Project Unity has declined to give out his last name. I don’t know it, and I think he likes the relative anonymity.

  12. Andromeda107

    People can’t be forced into love , that’s insane in my opinion. It makes me think of those people who believe the Et’s who are here ,are all about love and enlightening us. I just don’t buy it. I don’t go around hating people, but I am not going to just agree with someone or be forced into situation because the Davos crowd said so.People need to be allowed to think and speak freely without being persecuted for it.Good interview.

  13. iam080


    Thanks to Jay and your self for a good discussion.

    I would like to suggest a follow on, open-access discussion between Jay and your self, also involving Dr Bob McGwier. With a suggested topic of “How we got here” – an attempt to provide a historical summary of the last 100+ years of clandestine-commercial technological development as it might pertain to:

    1) detection, digital recording and surveillance of observed Phenomena, in the quest to understand it.
    2) analytical tools and test equipment relevant to the reverse engineering of retrieved craft.
    3) the rise of the Military Industrial Complex in context of Silicon Valley and the VC funding of startups commercialising technologies derived from (1) and (2).

    To assist with such a discussion I have, for the past 18 months on your forum, posted detailed insights on matters of significance to UFOlogy.

    In addition, on your forum site, I have provided further information regarding:
    a) the suspicious 1949 death of the first US Secretary of Defense James V. Forrestal which may have had possible association to then US Secretary of Air Force, William Stuart Symington III.
    b) the suspicious, highly improbable same-day 1959 deaths of NSA SAB members Dr Louis N. Ridenour (a Lockheed VP) and Dr Dudley A. Buck.
    c) the suspicious 1963 death of the co-inventor of the US first digital computer, Dr Clifford E. Berry. During and after WWII, Dr Berry directed classified research with a private company, Consolidated Engineering Corporation, owned by the son of former President Herbert Hoover. HH Jr worked for John Foster Dulles.
    d) discussed a related private firm, Sperry Gyroscope Company, merged to Sperry Rand, which was directed by Lt Gen. Leslie Groves after he finished leading the Manhattan Project and had established the Atomic Energy Commission. Sperry Rand was critical to the development of computers.
    e) investigated venture capital connections to Battelle Memorial Institute.
    f) reviewed the potential Lockheed connection to PACL CARET and Silicon Valley.
    g) privately provided you with the possible identities of both the author of the PACL CARET Report and the leaker of that report.
    h) referenced the obscure yet factual association of two civilians (mentioned in the Dr Eric W Davis / Admiral Wilson notes) who both happened to attend the same high school nearby to TRW Inc and the Aerospace Corporation. One of those individuals with a UFO experience. Such a specific, obscure factual association between two private persons named in the document would be highly unlikely to exist, were it to be fake.
    … and much more.

    Given your passion for Intelligent Disclosure, I trust that you would be interested in reviewing the aforementioned research which I have posted on your forum site. I hope that some of the above insights could contribute to a fascinating discussion between Jay, yourself and Dr Bob McGwier.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you very much for this comment. It’s true that I miss entries in the forum from time to time and will go over your impressive contribution.

  14. iam080


    In addition to the above, you might also care to review with your audience:

    i ) the 1933 White House coup plot, as revealed by Maj. General Smedley Butler and subsequently investigated by Congress, which confirmed yet did not prosecute the plutocrat instigators. If, at the time, incredibly powerful men held extreme anti-democratic ideological goals, and sought to use the influence of one significant government employee, it might be presumed that they also engaged other key personnel in their plot. It is perhaps reasonable to assess that such powerful men, unchecked by Congress, probably continued their planned coup (during the opportune chaos of WWII), using alternate, more stealthy means. The assassinations of JFK and RFK (and subsequent coverups) suggest the coup ring leaders succeeded in their objectives, at least by 1963.

    j) the various Rockefeller- Dulles connections during WWII and the Cold War which showcase the intersection of intelligence activity with US foreign policy including international banking / finance, industrial and technological development, energy supply and military logistics.

    k) research concerning USAF General Charles P. Cabell who served as Deputy Director of the CIA, under Allen W. Dulles – yet sacked by JFK – and whose son, Chuck Cabell Jr., also has a very interesting military career, which might be relevant to UFOlogy.

    1. iam080


      the post- foo fighter, post-1941 Cape Girardeau MO, post-1947 Roswell NM trail goes deeper than many people realise.

      Many of the key figures in early UFOlogy and the MIC come together. For example, through the Carnegie Institute for Washington.

      Dr Vannevar Bush (founder of Raytheon) was president of the Carnegie Institution. Several months before the US joined WW II, on June 12, 1940, Dr Bush was instrumental in persuading President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to create the National Defense Research Committee (later superseded by the Office of Scientific Research and Development to mobilize and coordinate US scientific war effort. Dr Bush housed the new agency in the Carnegie Institution’s administrative headquarters in Washington, DC. From this location, Bush supervised, among many other projects, the highly classified Manhattan Project.

      Defense / Intelligence connected individuals such as Herbert C. Hoover, Henry S. Morgan and James V. Forrestal were also on the Carnegie Institute Board of Trustees for funding private scientific research… where the Republican son of one of the alleged 1933 White House Coup anti-democracy plotters (as revealed by Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler) was also on the Executive Committee, Finance Committee and Nominating Committee for such research (I.e. Henry S. Morgan).

      Also on the Board of Trustees and chair of the Auditing Committee was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s uncle, Frederic A. Delano.

      OSS Director of Research and Development and Special Aide to Dr. Vannevar Bush in the OSRD, Stanley P. Lovell, outlines that war-era “cash in great quantity had to be paid out for often sinister and always secret ends. To whom it was paid could never be made a matter of record. Even those who disbursed it were not revealed. (Unvouchered Funds) UVF was dollar dynamite. Always haunting us was the specter of some postwar Congressional investigating committee … large sums, for which no accounting whatever existed.”

      “Faced with this ever-present danger, Gen. Donovan & Col. Buxton (OSS) put the whole responsibility for UVF into the hands of … chief of all unvouchered funds he appointed Junius S. Morgan III.”

      Junius Spencer Morgan III “ was, intimately responsible for cash outlays running into millions of dollars and paid out to God knows who ”.

      Junius S. Morgan III and Henry S. Morgan I were both OSS agents and Commanders in the Naval Reserve. (Hello, O.N.I. and welcome to the upper echelon of the future C.I.A.)

      (Really, what men of privilege – holding potential anti democracy views – would turn down access to unlimited, unaccounted funds & thus control of a secret security force & extraterrestrial tech, which very few people on the planet knew about?)

      Do the 1933 White House Coup plot, clandestine control of priceless ET tech, and the deaths of significant government officials including JFK / RFK and others such as JV Forrestal, connect?

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Thank you for this excellent analysis. You’ve given me and others here much to think about. I’ve clipped your analysis and am keeping it so I can continue to review it.

        1. iam080

          My hope is that you can share some of this research as an open access YouTube discussion with your audience.

          For your information, I have recently posted further background material on the first US Defense Secretary, James V Forrestal, described as “the godfather of the national security state”.

          Before WWII, James Forrestal was President of the Wall Street Investment banking firm, Dillon Read & Co. He worked closely with Dillon partners such as
          – 2nd Lt. William “Bill” Henry Draper III (later established Palo-Alto technology VC firm, Sutton Hill Ventures),
          – Dean Mathey (Chairman of the Board of the Empire Trust Company and hon. Chairman of the Bank of New York) who scouted James Forrestal for recruitment into Dillon Read.
          – company founder, Clarence Dillon (who served as Assistant Chairman to Barnard M. Baruch and the well connected WWI War Industries Board, both of whom later were part of the Versailles Treaty discussions on German War reparation repayments $$. After WWII, Baruch was involved in the Truman- Acheson-Lilienthal UN atomic energy negotiations with the Soviet Union – which if successful, might have prevented the hyper expensive nuclear arms race of the 20th century.)
          – then later, with Dillon’s son, US Navy Lt. Commander, Clarence Douglas Dillon.

          Republican USN Lt Commander C Douglas Dillon financially backed the 1952 Republican nomination for Dwight D. Eisenhower. President Eisenhower subsequently appointed Dillon as Under Secretary of State in 1959. In 1961, JFK appointed Dillon as Treasury Secretary. Dillon was a member of the Executive Committee of the National Security Council during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

          A close friend of John D. Rockefeller III, C Douglas Dillon was chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1972-75. He also served under Nelson Rockefeller in the Rockefeller Commission to investigate CIA activities. Dillon was chairman of the Brookings Institution and vice chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations.

          … As a younger man, James shared an apartment building with “Di” Artemus Lamb Gates, later WWII Undersecretary of the Navy in 1945 who married their friend’s sibling, Alice Trubee Davison, who was the sister of Groton school, Frederick Trubee Davison. Davison himself was a Republican friend of “Wild Bill” Donovan, OSS Director. In 1951, Frederick Davison – given his connections – became Director of Personnel for the CIA. Davison’s father, Henry P. Davison, was President of New York Trust and a partner of J.P. Morgan bank.

          Prior to accepting his wartime appointment in Washington DC, James Forrestal lived at 17 Beekham Place, Manhattan, NYC. (Beekman Place was gentrified with Vanderbilt and Morgan real estate investment). John D. Rockefeller built One Beekman Place in the late 1920’s, and Emily E. Hepburn, wife of Republican banker Alonzo Barton Hepburn (President of Chase National Bank), built Number Two across the street. Others who lived in Beekman Place included, David Lilienthal (future Chair of the Atomic Energy Commission), and Henry Luce (Republican media magnate, who like JP Morgan was strongly opposed to Democrat FD Roosevelt’s New Deal, and who was also a friend of the Dulles brothers)…

          Who are the families which have benefitted the most from 70-80+ years of UFO secrecy with unparalleled influence over the national security state?

          Which private shareholders have profited through the possession and control of priceless extraterrestrial artefacts and through the industrial scientific endeavours to develop human versions of such technology?

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