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By | February 15, 2022

Hi everyone, 

In lieu of a Richard Dolan Show, the people at MUFON’s What’s Up program were kind enough to give me the ability to post this interview I did earlier today to my YouTube channel, which will air this at 8 p.m. Many thanks to KGRA, Bill Skywatcher, and hosts Katie Cook and Katie Griboski — and to my friend Chris Deperno, who couldn’t be on the program this time. 

This was an engaging interview and we talked about the old and the new. Their questions were well thought out and I feel it was a good update on where I am at and where ufology is at also. I hope you enjoy. 


21 thoughts on “MUFON Interview with Richard

  1. Craig Champion

    CReally enjoyed the MUFON interview with the two Katies.

    Richard – you remain the preeminent spokesperson regarding the ufo phenomenon; it’s frustrating that you don’t get opportunities to share your vast knowledge of the topic in the mainstream theatre.

    Yes, a disinformation piece contains both fact as well as fantasy and is a carefully crafted narrative designed to manage public perception, you know – like the mainstream media.😆

    Agreed – the spiritual aspect of our humanity is so important yet largely unrealized.


  2. TomTort

    This interview was one of your best and very informative. I had the impression you enjoyed everything that was presented to you. The exchange of ideas between all of you flowed from one topic into another very smoothly igniting tremendous enthusiasm.
    I was impressed with the concept that an Alien species could muster enthusiasm for our culture because of our scientific accomplishment and cultural creativity, our art work, sense of humor, music of Beethoven, etc.. This is a very “out of the box”thought that may offer our species an avenue to redesign our direction and move forward in a constructive manner. As was stated, “we are a melting pot of a new species.”
    Instead of the “fear narrative” that appears to be in place, you may have stumbled upon something that inadvertently may come to pass.
    I am looking forward to your new publications.

  3. Pyroxide_Martini

    I’ve said this before but I found that on occasion the paranormal activity appears to occur before and after. This leads me to believe that the exotic technology being utilsed effectively “dials in” to the individual and on our side it appears to take time (perhaps there is a time-dilation component on one-side to a portal/wormhole?).

    I think the paranormal aspect is simply a by-product of their technology, a leach through if you will. Other entities may knowingly or unknowingly crossover to our realm albeit it fleetingly due to the opportunity, a door that opens for a period and then closes. A curious being might wander through, ones waiting on the other side would cross-over and some would simply stumble through and bumble about until the gateways close and they end up back on their own plain of existence.

    I suspect it is wholly apart from the ET/UT phenomena and I suspect that a lot of the entities are interdimensional not extraterrestrial.

    For my own part, having discussed this, I think my experiences with such ET/UT beings was wholly triggered by my meditative practices. I had non-related experiences prior to this which was actually what I was trying to achieve – OBE, RV etc and I was starting to refine my practices and get much better at inducing OBE. I think my practices ultimately and unintentionally gained the attention of other entities – like a bonfire in a sea of candles – something(s) have noticed it and thought “what is this?” or perhaps are actively targeting such people and I ended up on their radar.

    Interestingly, afterward, I have never been able to induce an OBE, I felt I was blocked afterwards, that whatever they did, now seemingly prevented it, I did achieve it one more time afterward but via what you’d call a “backdoor” – not my usual practices – but I also essentially stopped my meditations for a long time as I was so traumatized by what happened and it could simply be the trauma that caused the blockage.

    I have often said that the whole phenomena is mutli-faceted. It isn’t as black and white as people would suggest – it’s all shades of grey and we simply don’t have enough puzzle pieces to see the whole picture yet. We may never have enough.

  4. itsmeRitaC

    Oh heck, i have wondered about MUFON legitimacy for quite a while. I know you were sort of questioning their trustworthiness several years ago and i have read or heard that there had been intelligence agency infiltration of that organization over the years. To be honest, i have always been on the fence about them for my own reasons that are not based on what i have heard, but more about what i have ‘sensed’ in the past. Is there reason to trust MUFON in recent times? I am sincerely interested in knowing how to think about them.

    I apologize if this is not something you feel comfortable discussing. I can appreciate that a question about organizations in your own area could be problematic. Thanks Richard.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I am not deeply enmeshed in MUFON’s politics these days, but I will definitely say they have always had some excellent grassroots people in the organization. Like many, I have indeed had some questions about their direction in years past, and for all I know there may be some things going on today that I might question. I do intend to put my feelers out in that regard. But the interview that I did here was a very satisfactory one.

  5. Ted2

    Entertaining web cast. I am starting to listen to the MUFON web casts. There are about four or five web broadcasts including yours that are really providing a range of informative UFO/alien material. It is valuable to someone who can’t travel to UFO conferences.

    BTW – Elizondo was on Fade to Black several nights back. He had been in meetings with congressional staff/government folks and was very optimistic about how things were going with the UAP investigation. If his optimism holds, we may have a UFO/alien pronouncement withing the next 3-5 years (or sooner). What is lost though, even with such an announcement, is the history of UFOs from the 1940s to the early 2000s. That is when most of the issues related to government dealings about UFOs/aliens initiated and probably transitioned several times. All of that history has been vigorously suppressed and 60-70 years of much of it will probably be run through a shredder (if it hasn’t already) before folks start realizing how mislead the public has been over the years.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Three to five years? My goodness, can any of us even imagine where we as a society will be by then? And what would be the level of disclosure or public openness about UFO/UAP by that point? The erasure of 20th century UFO history would be catastrophic in any honest attempt to piece this mystery together. I don’t think it could be done completely, ever. Though practically speaking, in terms of mainstream public discourse, it certainly can happen and indeed seems to be happening. Well, for my part, I’m glad I know the history, as do many others. We will not be letting this point go.

    2. Ted2

      If a lot of current DOD collected data is suddenly put on the table as Elizondo suggested, the UFO reality may be revealed in a short time.

      My apologies, by history, I meant the hidden history of government involvement. The widely known history will remain and, if the UFO reality is announced by the government, the known history will be widely revisited by many folks. That will lead to a demand to know what the government has covered up for all these decades. When that happens, it is likely that some of the secret history will hit the shredders.

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Absolutely, we would all like to see that information. I know there have been many hints along these lines. I’m not saying they are being offered insincerely, but we will have to see if they pan out.

        1. Ted2

          BTW – Tonight, I am listening to John Greenewald on Jimmy Church’s show. He noted that with increasing frequency, his FOI requests to government agencies, especially those related to UFOs are getting government responses that the documents are lost. He doesn’t think that is coincidental — nor should we.

  6. SunPower

    Hi Richard, I liked Katie G’s “broadcast voice” and thought it was quite good. But was there a point when you screeched to an abrupt halt when Katie C. wanted to head for the woo woo side of things? Nearly, gasp, talking about raising vibrations and… no, that’s correct, you quickly turned back to nuts and bolts. Phew…back on “safe” ground, Eh?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I thought all the conversation was good, and I was happy to engage in all of it. You know I’ve gone into some woo in the past, right? 🙂 My biggest problem with that whole side of it is not consciousness or psi related phenomena, or its relationship to the UFO phenomenon in general. No, not at all. It’s what I have come to feel is the destructive nature of the culture that tends to promote these ideas. In particular a willingness to hold to certain ideas dogmatically, without requiring enough evidence, such as the entire ascension based ideology. And in general a view of the world and of people that I tend to see as hopelessly naive. But you know what? I still remind myself that I’ve made all kinds of mistakes in the past, and I have no doubt I will make more in the future. So even now, no matter what my opinions may be, I have to remember that. Also, whenever I go too far, Tracey can be sure to keep me in check. 🙂

  7. Dubh Sith

    Thank you for addressing time in an intellectually sound way. I empathize with how to “argue the point” but have some experience. I’ve found that the quickest route to exposing a contradiction is to ask, “how fast are you moving ‘through’ time?” Speed requires an independent time component – revealing that you cannot be moving through the same ‘time’ you are using for your measurement of ‘speed through “time.”‘

    I like to explain that time is an intellectual abstraction. Our culture’s understanding of time is like when the Greeks knew about whole numbers, fractions, and Pi but didn’t realize they were all part of the same intellectual abstraction of “numbers” (Discreet or Continuous as we would say today.) Technically, time is the unit in which we measure MOTION. When calculating time, we relate our subject to some perceived standard motion (like Earth rotations, vibrations of cesium, etc.) We have other mathematical abstractions to describe movement, like vectors; the direction of movement. This approach is not very effective, but sometimes you catch someone who can relate.

    And then I have dozens of factoids like: Even atomic clocks aren’t perfect. Things like temperature and electromagnetic radiation can affect the RATE clocks tic. Discrepancies in atomic clocks should be investigated as “changes in their motion,” not “bends in time.” Or: Some people use metal measuring sticks. However, if you heat one, it lengthens and gives inaccurate measurements. Luckily people don’t perceive it as “temperature is a function of space-distance.” Or: If you hold out a one-minute sand-timer in your hand and spin around quickly, the sand will empty in less than a minute. Does spinning speed up time?

    I find the biggest mystery in the universe is how ANY motion occurs. I’m convinced that consciousness precedes all physical actions. Any act is the result of desire – down to the direction of an electron. It’s hard to see that picture with clarity if you decide that functions of mathematical abstractions govern the motions in the universe.

  8. Dubh Sith

    Forgot maybe the best. I explain that I view things as if there is only a “now.” Any description of time bends/travels can be reinterpreted as the “now” changing in unexpected ways, and that interpretation usually makes much more sense than that of the time benders.

  9. JurassicRanch47

    About the humans from before 45,000 years ago…
    It may be that Neanderthals experienced a greater connection to a non-physical reality, but were not as capable or inclined to express it in petroglyphs, pictographs, tools, basketry, pottery, music or dance. They may have experienced less of a dichotomy between physical and non-physical realities, a more seamless experience, where there is less distinction between waking life, dreams and trances. When Coronado’s men first came upon a Pueblo in what would become western New Mexico, they called them “Zuni,” that is “those without reason.” Both Spain and the Pueblos were agrarian societies. The Spanish could build ships and guns. The Pueblos were still semi-sedentary, supplementing farming with hunting and gathering seasonal wild plant harvests by part of the Pueblo. The Pueblos seemed to have the deeper spiritual connection, but not written, and nothing like the bible or Latin mass. The Pueblos practiced “participatory divinity.” The Spanish thought the Pueblo mind worked differently than theirs. The gap between Neanderthals & Homo Sapien Sapien (a true joke name) was probably bigger. The Neanderthals didn’t intellectualize the experience like the “wiseguys.” The Pueblos didn’t intellectualize like the Spanish. They pursued a separate way of knowledge that didn’t rely on differentiation as much. Some of their practices involved non-human spirits, sometimes Kachinas, communing in a way that the New Age sometimes calls “channeling” in a group sense. They didn’t write it down, but did some great artwork. They never really tried to explain it to the Spanish. In 1680, Spanish and church authorities started to hold and execute Pueblo shamans. Spain misjudged the Pueblos. They united, along with some Apache, Navajo & Southern Utes, and drove Spain out of New Mexico for 12 years, a feat unmatched in the history of the New World. They laid seige to the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, finally allowing the Spanish to surrender and walk back to Mexico. Then, Native America got herds of Spanish horses. The
    Utes became highly mobile cavalry raiders. The only way the Spanish were able to come back was by agreeing to leave the Pueblos free to pursue their own religious practices, as long as they came to mass and had their kids baptized. This position is still held today by the Catholic church. The two religious traditions are so different that there’s not a lot of friction. Anyone with any interest in religious practices of Native Americans should view the work of turn-of-the-century photographer Edward S. Curtis on-line (The Vanishing Race & Ethnography of the American Indian). At the last possible moment in time, he captured the fleeting shadows of a disappearing civilization. His photos from the Hopi mesas are a journey through the past. They let him photograph & participate in the annual rattlesnake ceremony, dancing while passing around diamondbacks, but first you have to pull them out of their hole….

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      What an excellent point about the Neanderthals and the Pueblo people. The Neanderthals had significantly larger brains than even our ancestors did, and those ancestors had larger brains than we have. And while it does seem likely that the Neanderthals lacked the abstract reasoning power that homo sapiens had starting around 45,000 years ago, their brains were being used for something. Paleoanthropologists typically talk about how the Neanderthals used their larger brain capacity to be in touch with the world around them. Well, that could very easily include some kind of psychic or divine connection. But something that is not necessarily verbalized. And your corrolary point about the Pueblo Indians is equally fascinating. I think you are really on to something here, thank you so much for sharing this.

  10. elevator

    Richard, I was gratified to hear you say Gore Vidal is one of your heroes, as he has been one of mine for many years. Just a really interesting and intelligent man. His history of the United States should be required in our public school system. Although I’m sure it would be on the list to be burned since he was an atheist and homosexual. I also enjoy watching Joe Rogan interviews. Although some of the news of his racist comments have given me second thought. I’ve never seen evidence to those views however. Have you appeared on his show?

    I mention you’re admiration for those two men as evidence that we do share many things in our outlooks. And though I’ve thought of cancelling my membership a couple of times over the past year due to my strong disagreement with your take on covid I have not done so.

    I once wrote a song/poem titled ” Nobody Likes Everything About Anybody” and that pretty much is true in my opinion.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you very much for sticking with me, even through the Covid stuff. I’ll try to keep things interesting! Gore Vidal will always be a great inspiration to me. Unlike Chomsky, he didn’t become awful and decrepit in his older years, and always maintained a sparkling wit. By the way, I am sure you realize Joe Rogan is NOT a racist, not even a little. You probably realize by now that his infamous N-word use was cobbled together over many years, and ALL of his uses of that word were totally in context and never used pejoratively. It was a hit-job on him, pure and simple. Malicious. And I’ve never appeared on his show, but would rock his world if I ever do!

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