RD on Theory of Everything (Kurt Jaimungal)

By | July 30, 2021

This was a very engaging and popular two hour video I did with Kurt Jaimungal of the podcast “Theory of Everything.” He’s a great interviewer and we went all over the place. We discussed the Davis-Wilson memo, Bob Lazar, aliens, and even psychedelics — not that I have any personal experience. 




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  1. Ted2

    As we discussed on an earlier post, religious beliefs of persons managing government programs may impact their progress/continuation. Somewhere, I heard that the government’s original remote viewing program was impacted by those types of persons as were later programs that seemed to conflict with some conservative religious beliefs held by certain managers. It would be interesting to check with Hal Putoff to determine if in that case, religious beliefs played a critical role in the cancellation of the first (only?) government-sponsored remote viewing program.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I seem to believe that it did have some part. I’m going to write to him about something to do with Ingo Swann, and I can ask him about this as well.

  2. J-Rod

    Fantastic Richard. I haven’t seen the interview yet but I suggested this gentleman interview you…and he did!!

  3. Sierra Neblina

    The interviewer was completely unprofessional and inappropriate at times but just like you do -you are a consummate professional and you end up making this be a good session anyways a good quote interview anyways
    thank you for your continued professionalism Richard I do appreciate you most out of the field

  4. Stephen

    I caught this, pretty much by accident, as it was streaming. It is in my opinion one of your best! You were clear, convincing, and passionate, especially in regard to your comments on the Fourth Stage – and a gentleman….Your host is obviously very bright and I am sure he got a lot out of it. Well done! Keep fighting the coming dystopia!

  5. Jeanne36

    Richard, this was beautiful.
    You weren’t prepared for a Q&A and therefore this was special.
    To jump from one subject to the other prevents you from getting stuck in a topic.
    Everyone could see how much you know and what a kind person you really are.

  6. Andromeda107

    Great Q&A😊. I have seen photo of Hannah McRoberts,it’s an incredible photo,so is the McMinnville photos.It seems to me that a lot of the older cameras caught better pictures of UFOs ,than some the smart phones and cameras of today.

  7. Lucybelle47

    Excellent interview. Always astounding to me the depth of your historical knowledge. Thanks !

  8. Nitefall

    FRIGGEN BRILLIANT! Especially loved the ending statements about remaining and being human. Also love the answer “I don’t have the time to walk him through kindergarten level ufology.” LOLOL great one! Were you mean? Not at all. Course I gotta remember sometimes we are dealing with marshmallows …know it all marshmallows that are super touchy – but to be kind …who gives a rats ass. Oh my…we might offend someone. This childish weakness of being constantly offended is curable …offend the sufferer constantly.
    My GAWD…what a memory ya got Prof!
    – Short paper by Leaonard H Stringfield from free library archive.org (join to read more books. but costs nothing)

  9. wvhlblynnc@gmail.com

    Goodness gracious Bleep’n Dolan. You are worse than I am probably a Lil adrenaline kicking in with the ADHD in which then in my case This Horrible Domino Affect of Bad Luck BUKS¿ Start happening. Things Crash fly away change colors or something . Wow! What a Saturday it had been. Now tho for me-> 12:11am, hell same time for you too; Now it is Officially The First Few Minutes of My 49th Year of My EARTH-LIFE Experience.😍😘✌️💖🌎and I have 2 Empty Hands. No Good Dolan. 1 hand should have ICE COLD JAGER & the Other Hand My ICE COLD MONSTER Energy Drink. Hahaa🍻I need a Rant’n-&-Rave’n On My Soap Box Recorder 🎀🤘😂 and a Good Steak. Good Nite All Of Us 👽👣🐾☮️🌜
    Maybe an 👽bday probe’n but no cattle mutilations needed I’ll do without the steak thanks. 💘✌️🐔

  10. Simmo1

    This was great. If you’re ever under the pump and want to push out some easy off-the-cuff content AMAs are the way to go!

    And I loved that Kindergarten Ufology comment towards the end. I can’t stand those no-nothing no-alls

  11. Michael Couto

    I would love to be a SNL comedy writer with the subject of Steven Greer and Wilcock. I respect Greer’s work, but man, what a character. Anyway, this was a tremendous interview. Need more RD on the UFOTV network.

  12. clarsson19

    Richard’s comments about how presidents are selected (not by voters) rather than truly elected through a democratic process again addresses the futility and theater of our make-believe politics, underscoring how meaningless our voices are within the 2 party system; outside the system, who knows? But today we learn that the organization that coalesced around Bernie Sanders is now going to call themselves the Pragmatic Progressives. As an MD, this means goodbye to the thought of medicare for all, which is essentially what all other industrialized first world nations have been able to achieve, but somehow (magically?) that’s impossible here. Any colleagues reading this comment will know how much time it takes to fight insurance companies to get proper care for your patients or how hard you have to scrounge in the sample cupboard to find samples when they cannot afford the cost of medications. In short, under current conditions, with a narrative-reinforcing owned media and a powerless electorate, the prospects for a return to a middle-class society are rather dismal. But for perhaps one scenario: Should a significant piece of the UFO enigma be suddenly leaked, released, or otherwise revealed (incontrovertible film or mass witness evidence) , the human paradigm could quickly change. No, it was not enough for the Navy to say, “Oh yeah, we’ve been chasing UAPs for years,” but were people to know, as Richard has pointed out, that the country is in possession of ships, alien bodies, or the like, everything including human priorities could change, perhaps interrupting our disastrous future course. Really, what other hope is there except to accept a brave (miserable for most) new world?

  13. Dubh Sith

    Regarding the “Trump anomaly” portion, during the Cambridge Analytica scandal, all I heard was privacy concerns in the media. However, it confirmed many of my suspicions to listen to the congressional testimony that a military psychological warfare contractor engineered an election campaign before their candidate entered the race before creating the front company Cambridge Analytica. And wouldn’t it be funny if they chose to present him as fighting this thing they coined as the “deep state”?

    Do you know of anyone connecting those dots and putting them in proper context? It’s so vivid and evident to me, but I alone on it as far as I can tell. Do you know of anyone addressing that kind of narrative?

  14. Doctor3j

    You are “hitting so many out of the ball park,” that you broke this analogy to pieces.

    Except for one thing just saw on TV, at the all star baseball event : the home run derby. These guys hit most of the balls out. I say you are a one man home run derby. The only difference is they get easy pitches.

    The home run concept is much too simple, but is a way to appreciate the great event we just were a part of.

    One constructive idea is to have said in answer to the absence of good pictures, that the phenom can’t be easily photographed most of the time, and doesn’t want to be. THEY confiscate all proof at all cost. As Nick Pope said, if you destroy the picture, the event never happened. We all know that numerous pictures and films exist, any one of which would be “case closed proven.”

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