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By | August 12, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I am doing a live interview with John Ilias aka Dr J at 8 p.m. EDT. I have known John for several years, including having taken a drive with him from Phoenix to Los Angeles a number of years ago, which was fun. He’s been interested in UFOs for quite a while and I look forward to the chat. Hope to see you there if you can check in. 



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  1. Michael Couto

    This is such a great discussion that I can’t refrain from commenting. Snowden, such a hero. Many heroes uncovering the coverups. Dr J.. new follower here.

    (I thought Julius Irving at first, I’m 50)

    1. Michael Couto

      I misspelled the great Julius Erving. been awhile… we just called him Dr J, he was masterful. I’m going to share these lectures and talks with everyone.

    2. Stephen Edelmann

      Maybe this isn’t the best forum to ask, but considering that Dr. J has some association with YT channel, ‘Third Phase of Moon’, I’m curious as to whether Richard ever took them to task or not in that online debate which was supposed to happen. It was definitely awesome to see that panel years ago where Richard sat next to fraudster, Corey Goode, and made that case for what constitutes an ACTUAL whistleblower, along with other evidentiary standards. As Ufology has become much more mainstream since the release of the AATIP information and the DoD essentially confirming the reality of the phenomenon, at least to some extent, it definitely concerns me that newcomers are going to be exposed to these New Age conmen like Corey Goode, Jason Rice, Randy Cramer, and Emery Smith. I’ve also always wondered where Richard stands on someone like Emery, who seemed to go from Dr. Greer’s bodyguard to a self-proclaimed whistleblower who allegedly came across 30,000 ET samples or some ridiculous claim…. That’s made me question Dr. Greer as well, since he clearly hasn’t spoken on this absurdity — as far as I know that is. The field of Ufology has always been subject to fraudsters, cons, and disinformation, but I’ve just seen so many people being misled by so much baseless BS over the last few years. ‘Third Phase of Moon’ is a bit more innocent in their naivety, but they certainly seem to over-sensationalize in such a click-bait fashion. As much as I know Richard doesn’t like to call anyone out specifically or be confrontational, I still think we need some of the top voices in this field speaking out against the BS artists.

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        I didn’t know “Dr J” is associated with Third Phase of Moon. Well, I still like him. We had a nice long car ride together many years ago, plus he was mortally ill a few years after that and I am glad he’s alive. So I’m cutting the man slack on that! I am definitely not a fan of Third Phase, and was briefly talked into doing a debate with them, against my better judgement. Then I came to my senses. 🙂 I am skeptical of many of the recent alleged whistleblowers, and that includes Mr. Smith, whom I have met and whose story never sat right with me. Ditto with Mr. Cramer. I have not investigated Jason Rice deeply enough, and I know people who swear by him. Okay. I am not here to debunk any of these people, even though I realize some folks would like me to do it. The thing is, every attempt to do that results in a war, which is a drain on my resources, time and energy and I just feel is not worth it. I do understand your point here, but it’s just not something I want to do.

        1. PressToDigitate

          None of the ‘silly’ fraudsters (Corey Good, Third Phase of Moon, Secureteam10, the New Agers, etc.) matter.

          What *does* matter is the DANGEROUS exopacifist delusion that Dr. Greer is promoting, about a coming “False Flag Alien Invasion”.

          The only conclusion that 80 years of the most reliable Ufological data leads to, is that a *REAL* Alien Invasion began around 1954-’55, in the form of Hybrids, produced “at scale”, from a greatly expanded ET Abduction program, commensurate with the Edwards and Holloman Summits. Passable Hybrids have thus had the ability to infiltrate our National Security State (and Media, and Tech Sector) *in large numbers* since [at least] the 1970s. While the numbers (and qualitative aspects) of Alien Abductions clearly *rule out* so-called “MILABS” as a possible explanation, in all but a handful of cases, Greer persists in perpetrating the hoax, as part of his “Alien Benevolence” propaganda effort. Consider it his “Alien-American Bund”.

          You don’t have to assault Greer publicly, but his falsehoods and the undeniable *Psy-Op* that he is being used in, that “there could be no Alien Invasion because They are All Peaceful”, have to be decisively and loudly refuted. How else do you distract from and coverup a *REAL* Alien Invasion, rapidly progressing toward completion? You start spreading a lot of BS hype about a fake “Bluebeam” False Flag Alien Invasion, to gum up the works and confuse everybody *just long enough* that by the time they realize the deception, it won’t matter anymore because the genuine Invasion will be fait accompli.

          *Most* of Ufology are now under this delusion, and thus useless to Humanity in the Existential Threat we are confronted with. Of all the ETUFO Truths demanding “Exposure”, that one may be the most important.

        2. Stephen Edelmann

          Well I definitely understand that, Richard, and I actually do like Dr. J myself from what I’ve seen of him over the years. I think he only has a loose association with Third Phase as a frequent guest, so I certainly don’t hold that against him. They were even able to get Michael Schratt on recently, in an episode where it was basically just a table discussion alongside of Darcy Weir and Dr. J too. I’ve gained tremendous respect for Schratt’s research over the years, so I’ll watch/listen to just about any segments he’s in just as I would with shows or interviews that you do. As much as I’m not a fan of Third Phase, I still try to stay abreast of what certain popular YT channels are featuring or promoting — mainly to see where fellow truth seekers may be getting misled or outright deceived. It’s extremely important to me to call out fraudsters, but it’s a bit overwhelming at times dealing with the general level of ignorance out there regarding this subject matter. I suppose that comes with the territory with any ‘fringe’ topic, but it’s especially true in regards to the UFO/UAP phenomenon and the 70+ year coverup thereof.

          These days as even more newcomers are drawn to the topic and it becomes more commercialized throughout social media, it deeply concerns me that those people are being misled by fraudsters or just bad information. It seemed like there was plenty of that with GAIA promoting the likes of Corey Goode and Emery Smith, although your ‘False Flags’ series was excellent, and of course UAMN TV continues to promote them even after they’ve been ‘exposed’ to some extent. I will say though that it’s awesome that the channel is airing your ‘UFO Chronicles’ series now. It just seems like we are in such a war of information these days, from politics to Ufology, and objective truth is becoming more and more difficult to recognize without some deeper digging. Regardless though, I can definitely understand how draining it must be to get involved with any kind of internal disputes within this community. You’re fighting the good fight just by continuing to be a diligent researcher and standing on truth. I very much appreciate you taking the time to respond, as well as all of your hard work in this field over the many years.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Great interview! One of the Best. I’d never heard DrJ before, but he seems sharper and more knowledgeable than most hosts that have you on. But the fact that you found a former Personal Injury attorney who is savvy about ETUFO issues is amazing, because:

    In the next few weeks or so, we will have an analysis of all reported Sightings which occurred within range of the Nike-Hercules and BOMARC air defense missile batteries in the United States, from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. Some number of known Abductees will have lived in – and were taken from – within that operational radius of the missiles, when the sites were active, and Which Did Not Engage The Hostiles in their defense.

    As I’ve previously suggested, the failure of these missiles to ever even engage UFO targets is puzzling, especially given the lore that “many planes and pilots were lost” trying to intercept UFOs during that period; the missiles being far more capable than the jet fighters of that era – as well as being unmanned. This is made more curious by the fact that, uniquely among America’s nuclear weapons, these air defense garrison commanders had *independent release authority* for the missiles. So, it will be quite revealing to discover exactly *how many* UFOs they never fired upon, and, potentially, *how many* Americans were abandoned/sacrificed to Alien Predation by their government without so much as a [Pentagon] whimper.

    Area 51 was only confirmed officially through the ‘discovery’ portion of a Class Action Personal Injury lawsuit, brought by former base employees that were negligently exposed to toxic fumes from burn pits at the base. Now, Just imagine what a team of rabid, hungry young lawyer larvae could do in court with the (pardon the pun) ‘majestic’ policy failure that left [some number of] Abductees to be kidnapped, clinically raped – some, even impregnated – implanted involuntarily with Alien microdevices, and needlessly traumatized, *without recompense* for the last 50+ years…(and imagine the ‘discovery’ that such litigation would entail!).

  3. HappyCup

    All this AI talk bumps me out man…
    Maybe we already hit the “singularity” they talk about. I often wonder if that is what the 2012 thing was really about. I remember it being a little too quiet that day.🤔
    I mean, why clue the humans in? AI through a quantum computer would be as incomprehensible to us as some of these alien technologies.
    “Man, why didnt I take the blue pill?”

  4. skyleaver

    Hello from the Great Northwest!
    RIP the Hon. Paul Hellyer., a brave and gentle soul.
    OK Dolan–a couple of your comments about Sitchen caused me to wonder if you might have missed one important aspect about those theories. I may be mistaken, but I thought your argument went something like… “Sumerians had myths about Annunaki that went back 200-400,000 years. However, the Sumerians were a new culture and had no history, therefor they couldn’t possibly have been around to record those far-past events. Therefor Sitchen was, probably, mistakenly interpreting myths as real events.” (?)

    However, what Sitchen actually said (and emphasised it quite frequently) was that he was interpreting Annunaki’s own history, as reported by the Annunaki but often recorded by human Sumerians–who were specially appointed by the Annunaki as “official scribes” and who were even given glass-faced “tablets” and a special stylus or “scribing stick” (just one, mind you) that recorded without having to make indents in clay. Sitchens’ final book, “The Lost Book of Enki” was his interpretation of Enki’s history and Annunaki history, as recorded by a personally selected scribe called Endubsar, on 14 of these separate tablets. A number of such scribes are identified by name throughout the Annunaki writings, each having completed an “attestation” regarding the veracity of what they were tasked to record.
    The Sumerians were indeed a new civilization, made up of genetically upgraded humans who had the capacity to serve the Annunaki in a variety of tasks.
    PS: I finally got my Kimble (the Canadian version is the Kobo). Wonderful! Thanks for the heads up on that!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi there. My point is simple — please tell me if I am being dense. The Sumerians existed as a society between around 4,000 BCE (at the earliest beginnings) until … let’s say 2000 BCE or so. I could be wrong in the minutia. As I see it, there is no way in hell any of their stories dealing with periods of hundreds of thousands of years can possibly have any validity. It’s not possible. Therefore when Sitchin is talking in fairly literal terms about gods like Enkidu and others actually being real beings that lived 400K years ago, it seems to me that he basically lost his mind and judgement. Just because the Sumerians talked about such ancient dates doesn’t obligate us to believe that they knew what they were talking about. Did I miss something?

      1. skyleaver

        Not dense Richard–but a real blind spot. The Annunaki were, according to their own chronicles, exceptionally long-lived. They continued to live in Mesopotamia into historical times, alongside their human helpers, whom they had recently uplifted. Apparently the “Gods” were big on ceremony, storytelling and their own history. So, once they had their mining operations underway the Annu began appointing humans as priests and scribes, to help them commemorate and celebrate important milestones of their “Earth Expedition” . The Annu dictated their own Annu history, of which they seemed inordinately proud, to their human scribes. Friendships and even marriages sprang up between the two races. Eventually, the Annu came to trust and depend upon their humans to the point where they felt able to promote some of them to “Kingship”–thus establishing a political system for when the Annu retired from earth, and which we are the beneficiaries of today. Those tablets did not record Sumerian myths; there is actually very little about that culture at all, compared to the thousands of “books” having to do exclusively with Annunaki history going back 400,000 years and much longer. We know this because the Annu were careful to include the names of the Annunaki sources of their historical books (living and dead) and also sometimes the names of the contemporary humans to whom the events were dictated.
        I know a 400,000 year -PLUS history sounds outrageous. But I know you are familiar with the subject of OOPARTS–and how else to explain all those hundreds of items? Plus there is the unbelievably detailed and accurate description of all the planets in the solar system, which Sitchin translated from an Annunaki “travelogue” long before NASA’s own survey. Thanks for re-considering; I appreciate it.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I agree that OOPARTS (Out of Place Artefacts) is very interesting at times. I can’t explain human-looking footprints in Permian rock. Hell, that’s from before the dinosaurs! I do think that several OOPARTS are probably conventionally explainable but I admit that some are real head-scratchers. Even so, I seriously question the ability of the Sumerians to know any of their history with any accuracy. Forget 400K years. They didn’t have knowledge of their history from less than 1000 years. No one in the ancient world did. Read the “Father of History” Herodotus and you will see how little the ancient people knew of their own history. Now, you mention this:
          “Those tablets did not record Sumerian myths; there is actually very little about that culture at all, compared to the thousands of “books” having to do exclusively with Annunaki history going back 400,000 years and much longer. We know this because the Annu were careful to include the names of the Annunaki sources of their historical books (living and dead) and also sometimes the names of the contemporary humans to whom the events were dictated.”
          Those tablets had to be translated. They were written in Sumerian cuneiform (or its successor system). In other words, it was written by the Sumerians themselves circa 2500 BCE. The Annunaki did not write those tablets. So it brings us to the essential point: on what basis do we trust that the Sumerians had an ability to trace their history back 400K years? Btw I am enjoying this exchange with you.

          1. skyleaver

            Oh, your killing me.
            Granted, the Sumerians created the tablets upon which the stories are written. And granted, they didn’t have much history before 2500bc. Heck–they hadn’t even been created before then. But the long-lived Annu WERE here and at some point they got sufficiently comfortable with their human minions that they wanted to share their history with us, and celebrate their important anniversaries. This is when the transcription onto clay tablets started. Sitchen relates several instances where the human scribe was called in to take dictation and write down a new Annunaki story–“The Rape of Innana” for example. The Sumerians were amazed and entertained to the point where they adopted these as passion plays–but they were never confused as to WHO’s history it really was. Personally I find the artwork showing huge armoured men surrounded by their servants–the tiny “Black-Headed Ones” (us) awe-inspiring. Last year scientists discovered an immortal animal. The Annu weren’t immortal, just extremely long-lived, and they did visibly age. Many serious researchers consider immortality a viable goal, even at our stage of development, so–400,000 years?–Piffle! And, lets not make out that ooparts are limited to a handful of questionable footprints. There are hundreds–perhaps thousands–of these things; Silver Chains inside lumps of coal, spark-plug-looking things embedded in granite, manufactured aluminum at a depth of 35′, and on and on. For me, that’s really good corroborative evidence. I take your point about Herodotus and our general lack of history and no, I don’t believe Sitchin translated everything perfectly. But he was interpreting, after all–not just making stuff up, and so I do think the overall narrative is more right than wrong. The Earth Chronicles (all 12 of them) aren’t that well-written and a hard slog but I’ve gone through them twice now without discovering any major contradictions. In fact, from beginning to end there is a consistency that is hard to deny. The Annu stories are incredibly detailed for just fiction, while the almost complete absence of Sumerian history is also supportive. Consider what a flowering of civilization and technology was then occurring–and no (human) precursor? That’s not logical. (And I’m enjoying this too.)

            1. Richard Dolan Post author

              Okay. For me, it always comes down to “how do we know what we know?” I still don’t see any reason, in terms of available evidence, to think the Annunaki were anything other than the gods that the Sumerians 5000 years ago believed in. I agree about Sitchin the writer. Not easy. So can I ask you to direct me to a well-written summary/analysis of his work so that I can do a better job at making a determination about the quality of evidence?

  5. William Loika

    I am going to keep this brief. Richard, I love ya man but when it comes to human history you are to locked into the mainstream paradigm. You need to get up to speed on the alternative history being presented by people like Dr. Robert Schoch and Graham Hancock to name just two. I’ll leave it at that.

  6. Roland Reade

    Hey loved this interview is it possible that I am so happy I have not have had the first jab and COVID whatever they want to call it was not the first smoke screen from the killer elite and ETs made a treaty for a whole new world order because it was against alchemy and soul harvesting knock your socks out 😇😇😇😇😇

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