Interview with Roger Richards

By | December 3, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I will be doing a 90 minute interview with Roger Richards, director of The Observers. I have no idea what we will be talking about, but I suspect it will be interesting. I have to say, he asked excellent and insightful questions not just of me, but everyone who was involved in that production. 

Link is here.

It’s through the Fade2Black YouTube channel. 

Program starts at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.


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  1. iam080

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for a nice discussion. Some thoughts to consider:

    Given the teleportation / effective-FTL physics conjecture published by Dr Eric Davis et al (2003+), the next step in analysis (wrt potential implications of portals + novel UFO performance) is ABSENT from public discourse. IMO This logically follows from “Inflation-Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation”(2005), Journal of British Interplanetary Society, by J DEARDORFF, B HAISCH (Lockheed), B MACCABEE, Harold E PUTHOFF at IAS

    IF stochastic Monte Carlo / game theoretic risk analysis of hostile expansionary NHI’s has NOT been part of decades of public SETI-type computational study, why might that be? Surely, after 80 years of ACTUAL global data and serious scientific study & reverse engineering activity, all potential scenarios have been computationally assessed / gamed out in classified realms. Alternatively stated, for security-cleared scientists aware of advance performance & novel UFO physics, has such analysis NOT been * reported * to decision makers? If not, why not?

    Decades of critical information hidden from senior military leaders such as Admiral Wilson. Per Senator Reid, vital insights kept from Congress.

    Disinformation for whose $$$ benefit? For decades, the enemies of liberty, both foreign and domestic, have known the truth regarding NHI presence. The public are the last to know.

    In attempting to build a technological tower of Babel to mimic UFO performance, there have been $trillions in private capital gains through start-up equity and commercial spin-offs.

    Reference possible association of Collins with venture capital 😉

    What do the long term socio-economic trends of post-war society really imply? Has technology enabled individual liberation with improved quality of life or simply ever-greater control and exploitation through sophisticated manipulation?

    1. iam080

      Reference possible association of Collins with venture capital 😉.

      Specifically BATTELLE.

      More information is posted on your forum site Richard. Alternatively, email me for details.

      Also, I never received an email from you. Wrt Zodiac, JWG and Beth Culp. I sent that information to Ross Coulthart in hope that he may be able to investigate further.

  2. Bjofod

    Thx Richard.

    I have a suggestion for upcoming shows.

    It would be interesting to hear about more stories like the girls observation in the church in 1965. It must be many many more and many may pass any witness awareness. Surely many of them is not put into context with aliens.

    There could be small details in them that we can connect dots from. I have shifted from collecting new sitings to looking deeper at details from what we already have and have a hypothesis about that church experience.

    First, it looks to me like the other churchgoers dont recognize the two models as something special. The girl does in many ways. Maybe she is immune to their cloaking or mental abilities. She can hear their communication and she notice them. Maybe the others that dont hear them also suffer from mental cloaking so they dont see them as they are but just as any normal couple.

    Then, what were they doing there. I think they were testing their ability to blend in among humans. Surely they were not there to hear the mass. This was in 1965 and the test went nearly perfect. At what level are they now.
    What would they be doing about the part of the population that seem to be immune to their cloaking if anything.

    Maybe they already are thousands among us. They would surely be in positions with relative wealth, fame,power and so on. They will not be among the population that suffer from lockdows and high energy prices.

    More stories, more details to connect dots from. I hope for shows focusing on such small stories.

  3. PressToDigitate

    Great interview. As with the producers of the “Extraordinary” series, R3 seems open to *both* sides of the real debate (not “Are They Real?”, but “Are They A Problem?”). What caught my attention most of all were the trailers at the end of the YouTube video for the other two films he seems to have in production, “A Thousand Pieces” and “Trance”, one dealing with ‘Child Trafficking’ and the other with MKULTRA and the ‘Targeted Individuals’. Did you happen to tell him privately that there are circumstances under which both of these [seemingly terrestrial] situations he’s documenting could actually also be interrelated aspects of the machinations of the ETUFO presence?

    With all that we’ve seen come out in the Epstein/Maxwell saga over the last few years, the fringe crusaders claiming that the ranks of the elites are filled with satanic pedophiles appear, increasingly, to be vindicated in their suspicions. With the official recognition that Directed Energy Weapons are the only plausible explanation remaining for the “Havana Syndrome” in U.S. diplomatic personnel in Cuba, China and elsewhere victimized by unknown ailments, we have conclusive proof that the “Targeted Individuals” – long maligned as “crazy” (along with Alien Abductees) – were reporting legitimate assaults, all along; because their symptoms and the morphology of their conditions is essentially identical to that reported by the consular personnel. So, if these two “Conspiracy Theories” are also – like UFOs – founded & grounded in truth, is it necessary to consider each in the abstract, in isolation, when we can find logical connections between them, and the Alien problem?

    I believe both are based in fundamentally real conditions; namely, Yes, there are regular covert interludes between individual global elites and “children”, and, Yes, the TIs have been victimized as experimental subjects in remote Mind Control research operations. The accuracy of their own Conspiracy Theories stops, right there.

    I can make a good case that “sex” probably has nothing to do with the apparent ‘child trafficking’ as it pertains to the mass (though not *all*) of the elites implicated – if one accepts the reality of passable Human Hybrids produced as “Containers” for Adult Alien Colonists, disembarking from an incorporeal state they were in for purposes of Interstellar Migration. The observation has been made that a key difficulty the Aliens would face in this is how to integrate the adolescent Hybrids into Human society to infiltrate it. I believe these two questions answer each other. Do the elites willingly volunteer their sperm/ova to the Aliens to be “upgraded” genetically, and to “host” a resulting ET “Baby” to raise as their own child? Psychic kids who can “push” people mentally into compliance would have powerful dynastic consequences; the kind that we actually observe among the elites in the real world.

    With respect to the Targeted Individuals, and I’ve had this discussion with several of their leading advocates, including Dr. Karen Melton Stewart, I maintain that the culprit behind the horrendous assaults on them is not Human; that their *specific* paranoia about the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. is misplaced. Fear those government agencies for many reasons, but this isn’t one of them; all lack the resources, personnel, budget, skills, technology, competence and finesse to pull it off, as it is being effected against them – *especially given their numbers*. I believe it is another Alien initiative, like the Abductions, preparatory to Colonization; but involved with the refinement of methods of controlling our mass populace for electronic subjugation. Given the 50 to 100 year timeline of the Colonization Plan, and its meticulous implementation in other spheres, OF COURSE they would conduct exhaustive tests to validate mechanisms of dominating the Human Slave Class, after their public manifestation of hegemony.

  4. itsmeRitaC

    Hi PTD, you have me thinking that ET are of the same consciousness and DNA as anyone who has been employed in US intelligence agencies since the late forties. Is that about the size of it?

    I think that this sounds like the best defense for international court, except i believe the u.s. is not part of that organization at this time. I should check on that. Now that the DOD has taken over, officially, and made the whole UAP topic a definite ‘threat’ narrative……………..Why not blame all unsavory behavior on ET or Interdimensionals?

    good old rita

    1. PressToDigitate

      Hi Rita,
      The indication is that passable Alien Hybrid Operatives began inflitrating our Intelligence apparatus since WWII, and, over the course of the 1950s, became dominant within the IC, and over the 1960s within the larger National Security State (Deep State) overall. It is otherwise inexpicable that advanced continental air defenses were abandoned in 1961, the ballistic systems already deployed were discontinued in the early 1970s, and even the Top Secret, covert Anti-Saucer Microwave Directed Energy Weapons responsible for all of the UFO Crash Retrievals were suspended in the 1990s, leaving the public unreservedly exposed to Alien Predation since then.

      Yes, it could well be that other stupid policy choices, which make no sense from a Human perspective, were also made by psychotic Alien agents operating with different objectives and parameters than the organic Human soldiery who defeated Hitler and stalemated Stalin, Khruschev and Brezhnev until the collapse of the Communist menace. The foremost case for any “Crimes Against Humanity” by anyone in our government, has always been their complicity with the Invasive Species, even if such “Vichy Collaboration” consists merely in not shooting down the Alien craft engaged in Abductions, in defense of the Abductees (who, as American Citizens, are entitled to and deserving of such protection from the DOD). I’m not sure what other crimes you believe they may have committed; I can cite many, from abandoning the Cambodians, Laotians and Vietnamese to the unparalleled Communist Genocide of Millions, to the CIA’s repeated blunders in Iran, from first installing the Shah to then allowing his fall, each time ratcheting up the Persian Horror by a factor of 10 – and allowing it to continue to this day. But none of the Deep State’s nonsensical mischief around the world holds a candle to offering up countless American civilians to Alien Predation, and the injuries, terrors, cancers and deaths/disappearances the Abductees have been involuntarily subjected to, over the past 65 years. Whatever our Ruling Elites believe they have gotten in return, it has been a “Deal with the Devil”, for which they must be held accountable. Anything else they’ve done is trivial by comparison.

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