8 thoughts on “Guest Appearance: “Has Disclosure Begun?”

  1. Ed Coffman

    Richard, I enjoyed watching and participating in the Chat.

    I was hoping when you were “setup” for it, that you were going to share the “ET Church Story”, where “Lurch” shows up at the end. Maybe next time.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Perhaps you could find out what app David Whitehead used for the dual video on that interview and use that from now on in your own interviews. It seemed to give much better audio and video quality than Skype and some other live dual video apps.

    While watching this, I went on Amazon and finally ordered a [replacement] copy of “Above Top Secret”, which I have been without for many years. Exactly as you did, I first ran across it browsing in a book store long ago, and it became my first doorway to serious Ufology, as well. Might I suggest that Richard Dolan Press inquire of Timothy Good as to the future plans for his Literary Estate, as well as his accumulated research papers and materials, and consider acquiring them with an eye toward reprinting future editions of his work. I would suggest that RDP make the same inquiries and offers with respect to Dr. David Jacobs. We have seen some apparent measure of confusion with the papers of both Edgar Mitchell and Stanton Friedman – and they had both made advance preparation in this regard for their passing. I was told that the estate of Dr. Roger Leir had made no adequate provision for the preservation of his papers and artifacts, and that much was lost following his death. It would be a tragedy for Ufology if either the Good or Jacobs Literary & Data Estates were to fall into chaos should either of them ever leave us. Indeed, there should be a larger Conservation effort in this regard, across the field generally.

    When ‘the National Security State’ grossly abrogates its responsibilities to protect the national security, through the irrational and obsessive maintenance of fictions, deceptions and secrecies that are demonstrably destructive of it, it is not the ‘wisdom’ of those so empowered that must be questioned, but their very motives. If they are in service to ‘other powers and principalities’ [of ‘darkness’] – as I have somewhat suggested (i.e. Hybrids) – then we can be certain that [Big ‘D’] “Disclosure” is NOT going to come – before it no longer matters. I believe that the future will be better served if we refocus on the examination of the evidence we already have accumulated, and on what it means; what it tells us about the ETUFO presence, their methods, motives, objectives, probable future actions — and vulnerabilities. If the historical indicators are correct, since 1969, that 5G-BCI is to become a universal yoke to a Hive Mind, ‘Free Humans’ have just perhaps five years left in which to sort out – and broadly recognize – the larger scheme to which we are being subjected. This answer will have nothing to do with ‘Banksters’ or ‘Jews’ or the usual “Theoretical” Conspirators. The fundamental problem “Ain’t from around here”, and I suggest we get busy with unravelling it, before we, ourselves, become [digitally] undone.

    1. Richard Dolan

      Thanks for these suggestions. yes, I’ll ask David Whitehead about his system. You are right: it’s a better one than what I have. As for Timothy Good and David Jacobs .. I will think about that. It might seem presumptuous but you may be right.

  3. Carolyn3

    Morning Richard and Tracey,

    This was a great interview thank you.
    You know I love what do and support this immensely. I would have never followed your facebook for years, listened to every interview on KGRA, and continue to this site.
    You know about my experiences and I think you’ve read them all. I just have a few questions. I heard you explain people and their motivations. I heard you say that you listen to the question and don’t try to dig in to find what their motivation is, because if you do that you miss the question. I assume you can go back and try to figure out the motivation later. i have none other than I’m hoping with all my being they are not messing with our heads because I need this to be true because of my experiences. That is my motivation.

    So I have a few questions, but you know my motivation which is coming from being an experiencer and having questions. I also know you are man who wants proof in this field.
    Well as an experiencer many don’t have proof just our word. You are also married to an experiencer as well and believe her from what I can tell.
    My questions is what is the proof that TTSA is telling the entire truth? You mentioned that Elizondo somehow soft paddled something to the Pentagon to make them release their statement? How would he do that? Do he have some kind of leverage? I mean reading your books and the disputable, lying CIA and Pentagon are not the ones we should be listening to. How could Elizaodo make the Pentagon do anything?

    Now I am on top of all of this and I’m excited this is out finally. I trust you and your research completely. I’m not discounting you and your work but I just have a these questions. I mean am I to just believe without proof (which is always put in my face regarding my experiences) That the Pentagon now is doing a good this without some form of manipulation?

    I understand where some people/experiencers, (not the idiots who try to debunk what you say) are coming from when they said this doesn’t make sense, but I am moving forward with this and hoping it’s all up and up and the Pentagon has acquired a conscious now.

    Again thank you for everything you do.

    1. Richard Dolan

      I don’t say TTSA is telling the entire truth. In fact, I have consistently said they are NOT telling the entire truth. And as I have mentioned a number of times, I think I understand why they are not. What matters to me is how much truth they have gotten mainstream media to say on UFOs. The answer is: more than anyone or any group that has ever been involved in the subject. That is not the same as “trusting” everything they say. In fact, I spent a large portion of the end of the interview talking about this matter.

      1. Carolyn3

        Thank you, I will say I was doing some dinner prepping while listening so I may have not heard what you entirely said near the end of the interview,

  4. Carolyn3

    Please excuse the typos and I missed the edit time. I meant peddling not paddling and a few things I wanted to correct. My keyboard is a bit fiddly at times and spellckeck jumps in without notice.

  5. Doctor3j

    He “teaches all he reaches”

    RD is one of the few experts who have completely characterized the TTSA in the fairest possible way. He “teaches all he reaches” how to do proper, “scientific,” historical, journalism, clearly separating the data train and the working hypotheses, from the idiosyncrasies of the source, which derails most other investigators. The data should drive the working hypotheses not one’s own prejudices. His mantra is listen, listen, listen. The source of the revelation is a whole nother issue, much less important. It must be very hard for such a loquacious, garrulous person. Failure to follow his guiding advice condemns any inquisitor to remain in the wrong rabbit hole.

    As much as the amazing feat of cleverly slipping out already known, but forgotten videos and making them go viral was a monumental achievement , it’s amazing how the media stopped all of a sudden. Crickets, except for official pentagon clarifications.

    The basic theme was nothing new since 1947 to us, on how they seemed to defy physics. They solved the limits imposed by inertia, gravity etc. The observations themselves proved the new physics beyond any doubt, way back then. They hid this most fundamental aspects of their existence for 70 years. So nothing new here except revisiting long hidden facts. The threat narrative provided the modus operandi. And provide gun camera pictures albeit very fuzzy for the first time. As Pope has said, if there are no picture the event dies fast.

    Finally the total media conspiracy to control all UFO narratives is clearly proven here.

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