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    1. gregjacobi

      I have been listening to Higher Side for a few years now and while the west coast vibes are certainly there, Greg is exceedingly intelligent, prepared, articulate, and intellectually agile. As a long-time Dolanite I was pleasantly surprised to see him hook up with Greg, and hope they will again at some point down the road. To be extremely reductionist, in a complimentary way, I think both of them are without a doubt two of the absolute good guys in this field, and good guys gotta stick together 🙂

  1. PressToDigitate

    “Oh, Grand Pubah,
    Dosteth thou in thy Cosmic Wisdom…” happen to recall a discussion, here and elsewhere, a year or more ago concerning the *sudden* TTSA/AATIP disclosures, Pentagon acknowledgement of videos, new Navy sightings policy, Army acquisition of Art’s Parts, and standing up of the Space Force, revolving around the question of “Why Now?”, as in “What has Changed?” vs the 72 years previous?

    At the time, I argued vociferously that it suggested a change (or *impending change*) in the relationship between “Majestic” (et seq) and the Alien administrative hierarchy, and that the expiration of a term-limited “treaty” was the best explanation. Various people in the field suggested either that the 1955 accord with Eisenhower at Holloman had a 65 year time-horizon, or that some agreement was reached with them by Nixon, to provide “safe passage” for the Apollo Lunar landings, which included a 50 year expiration date. Either way, it would portend exactly the sort of obvious policy change we were seeing leading up to 2019-2020. [Of note, in the midst of COVID, is this month’s standout Executive Order greenlighting Lunar Mining operations by U.S. industry and encouraging foreign partnerships in doing so. https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Fact-Sheet-on-EO-Encouraging-International-Support-for-the-Recovery-and-Use-of-Space-Resources.pdf and, as well, this weeks Russian Ant-Satellite test,https://www.c4isrnet.com/battlefield-tech/space/2020/04/15/russia-conducted-anti-satellite-missile-test-says-us-space-command/ ]

    With the great number of peculiarities surrounding the origin, functioning, dissemination and impacts of the Wuhan Virus, (“Wuhandromeda”?) and its sudden emergence at the end of 2019 – just 60 days after the Gates Foundation/Johns Hopkins “Event 201” ‘simulation exercise’ revolving around “a runaway novel coronavirus global pandemic”, that question of “timing” we discussed a year ago suddenly came to mind. If a Treaty HAS expired, it not only would precipitate changes in policy among Human governance; it could be expected to bring changes in the Aliens’ operational plans here on Earth, as well. This Plandemic gives every indication of some break or schism between a primary faction of the Globalist elites, and another group of Illuminati who have suddenly given up on the 70 year+ NWO/OWG vision, after watching Boris Johnson crush the Globalists in Britain to ensure Brexit, and the American Globalists collapse in attempting to remove Trump – or find a credible opponent to beat him in November. Its as though, suddenly, another path has been chosen by the ETUFO presence itself, in its interactions to guide – or mold – Human affairs to their purposes.

    Currently, there are approximately 450 IVF Clinics in the United States, which perform roughly 300,000 ‘procedures’ each year, resulting in 75,000 or so live births. This is tracked in detail on an annual basis: https://www.cdc.gov/art/artdata/index.html and is slowly becoming more ‘corporatized’, with one major player owning 1/3 of the clinics. I expect these numbers to begin to change significantly in the near future, as a result of the plandemic. Today’s news brought details of the potential magnitude of the problem: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/david-wenbert_coronavirus-antibody-testing-finds-bay-area-activity-6657027866515034112-8yyq Short Version: There may be 85 TIMES as many Americans infected as are now confirmed, which would be 54,000,000 people who are [seemingly] “asymptomatic” – already.

    Now, PERHAPS, the virus came from Bat Soup at a farmer’s market, and the timing has *nothing* to do with BoJo & Brexit, or the failed Deep State coup attempts, or the anointing of Bumbling Biden, or the recent leaps in [confirmation] disclosure, or the sudden acceptance of Lunar Return, Mining & Commercialization – protected by a newly stood-up U.S. Space Force. OR, we really *are* about to be Colonized by ‘the Pareidolians’, after all….

    Great interview; one of the best!

  2. jimirod

    Great talk!
    Survival groups will write anything to make a living. The human factor is sometimes too much.
    Keep up the work you do,

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