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By | November 8, 2021


Hi everyone,

I will be doing a live two-hour interview on “Meanwhile, Here on Earth,” hosted by my friend Peter Robbins for KGRA Radio. This will start at 7 p.m. EDT.

For this episode, I’ll be returning for a followup conversation with Steve Bassett. Steve and I did a piece on Peter’s show earlier this year. I imagine we will be discussing the usual suspects: Disclosure yes or no, etc. But one of the specific topics will be “UFOs and Nukes,” particularly working off of the recent press conference by Robert Salas, which Peter and Steve both attended. At least I think Steve was there. I know Peter was. 

I am very happy to discuss this because it’s one of the truly powerful elements of the UFO phenomenon. 

By the way, if you have time, the press conference video is worth watching. Here it is below:

Hope to see you there! 


31 thoughts on “Interview/Discussion tonight at 7 p.m. EDT

  1. PressToDigitate

    Let’s debunk this “Message of Peace” that Alien nuclear missile tampering is supposed to represent.
    The very ambiguity of interpretation of their intent argues strongly against it being an appeal to nuclear disarmament. If they were here to guide us away from Armageddon, to avert a nuclear holocaust impending at some date certain in the future, there is No Way On Earth that they would leave it to our limited collective ability to assimilate knowledge, rather than making a clear and unmistakable declaration. Moreover, we have Extremely High Confidence that our National Security State – and that of other major powers – has been in direct communication with the ETs since at least the mid-1950s; the very idea of them engaging in some Kabuki cryptic messaging over an issue of such importance is ridiculous on its face.

    Occam’s Razor would suggest that the most basic and fundamental reason for them to experiment with turning off our most powerful weapons would be their own tactical assessment, vis-a-vis, ‘Force Protection’; i.e. testing their ability to interdict our launches, if the missiles were to be unleashed Against Them, in our own defense. The reports that they have also turned such systems ON, which is highly destabilizing, fits with this tactical experimentation theory, but not at all with the notions of “benevolent messaging”. Presumably, the electronic weaknesses exploited by ETUFO interference with these missiles decades ago have been corrected in subsequent modernization; if not, their continued vulnerability to Alien Countermeasures can only be attributed to AHO Infiltration and “programmatic sabotage”.

    Let’s face it: They are in the process of replacing Humanity with their Colonists in Human form. Of course they don’t want us to nuke each other, and contaminate their future Home. But they don’t need to dick around with the missiles to prevent WWIII. They control our Deep State, and, thus, its sock puppet, ‘President’ Biden*, and have pervasively infiltrated the senior ranks of our military and Intelligence Community. We have no particular reason to doubt that they may have done the same thing in Russia, China, Britain, and France; if not in Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea, as well. What would have stopped them from doing so?

    It is easier to manipulate weapons use from behind the trigger than from in front of the barrel (or silo) – and they know it. The Nike-Hercules nuclear air defense missiles were outfitted with unique *mechanical* on-board guidance computers, especially designed to be *immune to electronic countermeasures*. Consequently, they would undoubtedly have been effective as “Anti-Saucer” weapons – IF THEY HAD EVER BEEN FIRED AT A UFO. Garrison Commanders had *independent release authority* on these systems; thus, the ONLY reason they would not have been used to engage anomalous aerial targets on incursion of U.S. airspace was if *there was a Policy* to leave the Aliens undisturbed in their operations here. Many thousand Abductees were *scarred for life* by this failure/corruption/treason that kept our military from protecting them (not counting the unknown numbers of Abductees who were never returned).

    I don’t doubt any of the accounts of Sallas or Hastings or any of the Missileers; they were the most highly vetted, analyzed, trained and monitored individuals Ever To Walk The Earth. What I doubt is the fanciful peacenik interpretations among Ufology’s “Cumbaya Brigade”…

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Good points, and thanks for this. And I really think this assessment of yours makes a great deal of sense. “Occam’s Razor would suggest that the most basic and fundamental reason for them to experiment with turning off our most powerful weapons would be their own tactical assessment, vis-a-vis, ‘Force Protection’; i.e. testing their ability to interdict our launches, if the missiles were to be unleashed Against Them, in our own defense.”
      Considering that the human race detonated over 2,000 nukes during the latter half of the twentieth century, I think we can state confidently that they are definitely CURIOUS and INTERESTED in our nukes, but not interested in disabling them. At least not normally.

      1. D.A.


        Agreed. As Dr Jacob speculated, based on his own first hand, and at times visceral, account of the UFO knocking out the dummy warhead, it would appear that they are firing warning shots across the bow of our military. By almost all accounts, it would appear that they already know what we have in our arsenal, where it is located (and sometimes where it is going), and how to control, or disable, it. Perhaps every so often, we just need a little reminder of that fact.


        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I don’t necessarily, but it does seem to me that they can screw with them any time they want. I would imagine they still wouldn’t want to be near one that detonates! And in one of my books (21st cent) I recount a story given to me by a retired Navy man of a possible downing of a UFO in 1962 by one of our nuclear tests.

      2. itsmeRitaC

        Oy……………..Occam must be turning in his grave! 🙂 Actually. I just did a quick search and there was such a man. And look at what was at the end of this link, the first i hit.

        “Occam’s razor is also often used to debunk conspiracy theories. Faced with the disappointing mess that is modern politics, how likely is it REALLY that reptilian aliens have infiltrated our government? The simpler explanation is a combination of corruption, incompetence and structural inefficiency.”

        So there ya go folks! I would add that idiocy and cruelty and sociopathy are also part of it. But i know that in this RD page, humans are not bad.

        “There are no bad humans, just evil aliens”. And if i were schlocky i could no doubt sell that as a bumper sticker and get in ahead of the next big war on terror extravaganza. I mean, “If you thought you were scared of those Muslims-ET will blow your mind”.

        But to be a bit more serious Richard, i see no indication of Occam’s Razor being utilized in the comments here. And you and PDT are the ones who are citing that principle. I am not attempting to be sarcastic at all. I am here to express my own perspective at times.

        I would feel pleased if even one person reads the article i posted here. But i won’t hold my breath………………….

        Thank you!

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          okay… this would be a long conversation, Rita. But I would argue that William of Occam would recognize that when you deal with something as incredibly complex as the likelihood of the presence of an alien species here on Planet Earth, that quite a few possibilities might very logically follow. The acknowledgment of an alien presence is the BIG hurdle that skeptics have. I argue that Occam’s razor does allow for such a presence to be here, while they argue against that. So maybe the argument should be focused there because once you open the barn door, quite a few possibilities don’t seem all that outrageous. Hell, check out the work of someone like David Paulides if you doubt me. If you want to get into the weird, that’s not a bad place to start. Bottom line: I believe we live in a far, far, far stranger world than we have been led to believe. That’s how I view the mighty razor of Occam. 🙂

          1. itsmeRitaC

            I don’t disagree with you on this, Richard. 🙂 I just think that after the barn door is opened, and i always thought so, that there is a whole world or worlds remaining where good old Occam and his razor can be applied within those too!!!!

    2. Stephen Edelmann

      I completely agree 100% — and the same sentiment applies to so many other aspects of the phenomenon as well. I think it’s a bit naïve to think that these beings are purely benevolent in the first place, especially considering the totality of abductee experiences. Meanwhile we’ve got people like Greer, who has tried so hard to perpetuate the idea that the every bit of the abduction phenomena is essentially just covert military stagecraft — which is absolutely absurd. You literally have to ignore a large bulk of the evidence to come away with the ridiculous new age interpretation that these beings are only about ‘love and light’.

    3. Gal Matheys

      you had me at sock puppet, ‘President’ Biden*
      not sure but trying to make sense of Alien reasons is kinda hard to do. i mean if its all the same aliens why did took them so long to try that ? why shoot on one specific test Launch ? why disable one missile base ? why in that specific time? if its different Aliens is there some communication between them? and again if they are here for so long why not disable all missile world wide of all major one ? why target specific location?and why specific time?
      its seems there is no one logic line not from our side(humans) and from their side(aliens)

    4. itsmeRitaC

      I would rather have ET messing around with it than oh………………….Name some Roger Ramjet guy in the u.s.a……………Or even a suit. I guess RR could be a suitwearer actually.

      How about one of the many congressional types or DOD types i see that look like they would be doing time for all kinds of creepy little sex crimes if they didn’t have big clearances, etc. I could go through the list. I will take ET over deranged americans any day. But i am funny that way. 🙂

      It is interesting to belong to a site where i am such a minority member on so many levels!


    5. ufoguy

      A very good take…I like it! ” Let’s face it: They are in the process of replacing Humanity with their Colonists in Human form.” I would say that if this is what is really going on it’s already a done deal! I often thought that whenever I consider global warming and such things as air and water pollution…What if some alien race is just manipulating us by getting us to cause environmental pollution in order to create a more hospitable environment for them …

  2. Bjofod

    Or if they have complete control of spacetime they could actually be turning off the missiles that made the first blood. We will never know, we live instead of beeing toast.

    It has happened both in US and in CCCP. Why should it happen the way it did if it was a show off. I have no belief it was to gain intelligence. They have shown that they absolutely dont need that intelligence, they have it already when this happens.

    It may have been the real deal, they turned off or manipulated missiles that would be misfired on a close later date.

  3. JurassicRanch47

    Do they only care about nuke weapons or the broader nuclear issues like radiation in the environment? That triangle Chris Mellon was hot to find was slowly working an area downstream from Moab along the Colorado river near Uranium mill tailings. Why they dumped them by the master drainage of the Southwest mystifies me, but this wasn’t the only place. The Colorado river basin is downwind from the open air nuke test site. Kennedy stopped them the year before Lake Powell started filling, but the runoff from a vast area of fallout concentrates into it. Radiation in the river has been an issue.
    The nukes Ike sent to Guam in ’53 came as close to being used as any. They would screw with China & N. Korea by sending a solo B-29 at them. Anyone move on the (unused) nukes that ended Korea? How many times did SAC go beyond failsafe points? Any B-52s get flybys or go missing? Imagine how much of Curtis LeMay’s life involved dealing with this.
    The Soviet navy had cleared all protocols for a submarine launch of a nuke torpedo at the US blockade in ’62. Both keys were in the lock…. The Joint Chiefs had already recommended a first strike nuke launch against the USSR to JFK. What were the aliens up to that day? If there were ever a time to step up….Think they watched Dr. Strangelove?

  4. David LoVecchio

    Just finished watching and two things right off the bat:

    1. Steve Bassett desperately needs an editor. I mean, my God man! Get to the point already!! You’re putting Richard to sleep!!!

    2. No discussion of “UFOs and nukes” can be considered complete without taking into account the potential tactical advantages over an adversary that stand to be gained through the deployment of domestic national security exercises designed to test standard security protocols in response to nonstandard intrusions into restricted airspace. We have tantalizing support for such exercises from none other than Dr. Kit Green to Jacques Vallee:

    ‘I am reminded that Kit once interviewed a soldier of fortune, specialised in nuclear security testing, whose group used helicopters designed to appear as flying saucers.’ (Forbidden Science – Vol. III, p.137)

    This is not to say that all such intrusions can be explained away as security testing but not to acknowledge and include them in the discussion doesn’t paint a full picture.

  5. D.A.


    I found the discourse between you and Steve quite fascinating; especially with regards to both of your thoughts on disclosure. And though different with regards to the end point, there seems to be much agreement in the middle leading up to both opinions. Perhaps, disclosure, or lack thereof, will fall somewhere in between. I do agree, however, with Steve’s last summation with regards to a possible galactic Federation of ET, and the milestones that will likely lead to disclosure and first contact (official first contact) based on mankind’s technology readiness level (TRL) and the potential threat that our ability to trek from one star to another would present to them. I suspect, however, that mankind’s TRL hasn’t quite reached the critical point yet, and that point might be further in the future than Steve, or any of us, might hope for, but I could be wrong, especially in light of recent events.

    It’s funny how life imitates art…or is it vice versa?


  6. Harry Harris

    I am glad that Peter brought up Senator Gillibrands amendment to the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 4350). This amendment more or less removes the UAP Task Force and replaces it with a more robust entity collecting and analyzing data acquired about the UAP/UFO phenomenon across government intelligence and military agencies. After reading the Gillibrand amendment I was struck by how fairly precise and knowledgeable the amendment authors are on the subject and its relationship to government agencies. I would take a wild guess and would say that Chris Mellon and or Luis Alizondo had a hand in writing the specifics of this amendment. Furthermore, the amendment calls for an AERIAL AND TRANSMEDIUM PHENOMENA ADVISORY COMMITTEE which would include three persons appointed by the Director of the Galileo Project. I would guess again that would include Chris Mellon and Luis Alizondo as they both recently joined that Project. Hopefully the amendment will pass muster with few changes as it seems check all the right boxes in organizing this government effort. The only box it does not check for me is, I could not find any reference to reporting findings and analyses to the public in general. It appears the reports are to be mostly classified in context and given to only select committee’s etc. Again I might of missed something in my read thru of the amendment. It is becoming more and more obvious that the subject matter has moved into the political realm where who knows what the public will be given in regards to the truth.

  7. TomTort

    This is one of the best discussions I have witnessed in quite some time. Many relevant topics were discussed with people who are truly worth listening to. A time well spent. Your volume 3 is something you must complete. I doubt many will achieve this level of accomplishment in any field.

  8. Gary Calderaz

    Steve Bassette postulates a day of open contact that is publicly disclosed between the aliens and our leaders, truly? Given the problems our government is experiencing securing the trust of the people, I would wait for a different president if I were the aliens. They may have a minimum in mind, such as 70% approval rating.
    Are we assuming they are ignorant of politics? If they were ignorant, how could they hope to manipulate us? Given the power disparity, manipulation beats the alternative, doesn’t it? …Nah!
    I just can’t see my way to meekness. Give me the nuclear response to the little grey men any day.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I love Steve, truly, but the man is hopelessly forever naive about politics and power. I’ve told him this many times. He’s still fighting the fight the way he knows best and I support him, but there are times …. oh lord.

  9. Jim Pearson

    Agreed. Their intentions are likely self serving. Add that to the list of motivations that at least one species of aliens may have. Is it possible we are dealing with an intergalactic confederation of ET’s that include factions with different agendas? We know of a variety of grays, reptoids, nordics, insectoids, and maybe another 100 more that have come and gone. If they want to take over the planet why didn’t they do it 100,000 years ago? The answer may be that they have. If the human race is indeed an experimental hybrid species maybe the experiment is still ongoing with more than one cook stirring the pot.
    We must ask questions and only guess at the answers. Does the breakaway society that is in contact with the ET’s have knowledge that they do not dare divulge? Can it be that one of the biggest reasons we are kept in the dark is because the ultimate truth would destroy us? I still want to know.

    1. Gary Calderaz

      I’m hesitant to bring this up, but what if this isn’t the “Alien’s Consortium’s ” first rodeo? There’s Mars to consider. It was once full of life and experienced an unknown planetary scale calamity.
      For that matter, is it possible someone in our leadership is thinking about the Mars question and the ramifications not only of a Earth-Alien disclosure but the ramifications of a Mars-Alien disclosure?

  10. Alexander Nagel

    The cost of protection is control.

    If we are being protected from the “bad guys” by the “good” ones, our handlers have exclusive access to their enclosure. Maybe it’s for our own benefit, but the fact remains.

    If and when more is disclosed to the public, how much agency will we be willing to forfeit when we learn the truth about what’s really out there? I know Richard has talked about the fallacy of the threat narrative; the lack of media coordination on the topic of UAP since 2017 suggests Luis and his crew are not trying to get us to run into the arms of our government. But I can’t help but think that in light of how easily we the people forfeited so many of our rights to support the “war” on terror and how willing most of us were to embrace the lockdown during the pandemic what more we would be willing to sacrifice for a little more peace of mind.


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