Interview I did at MegaCon

By | June 13, 2021

Hi Guys,

I’ve got a few things in store for you but thought I could bring this to you here. A nice interview I did with Mark of Forbidden Knowledge YouTube Channel. 

Recovering from some travel difficulties, including feeling a little sick (not Covid!). I OFTEN get sick when I travel so it’s no worry. 

As for the interview itself, this was almost immediately after I gave a very long lecture for the event. The sound seems a bit odd with a fair amount of background noise. I can’t tell if that’s some sort of reverberation or people around — I think it’s reverb. But you can still follow along. 

Incidentally, I plan to upload some of the presentations here for members of this site, including my own lecture. I’ll need a couple of days to get all those lined up for you. Lots to share!

Despite my nightmare of travel, I am glad I did this event, but am also very glad to be back home. Catch everyone soon for the Fireside Chat. 


7 thoughts on “Interview I did at MegaCon

  1. Dirk Adams

    Richard, what a wonderful interview with a concise evaluation of the challenges we now face as we attempt to maintain our freedom and individual liberty. We’re on an island surrounded by radical collectivism expected to reject science and our sanity to boot. Sometimes I feel this is the second phase of WW 3. Thanks for your efforts in pursuit of the truth.

  2. Spyeost

    Covid is their false flag and bluebeam. Just my opinion.

    It’s kind of a perfect scam. Nothing like fear of death to control and use as a censorship justification .

    “””” You selfish fake news misinformer !! Just think of the vulnerable & others you are leading astray to their carelessnessnes, arrogence in face of a deadly disease , negligence and potential death . Bad person you. “”” Is the emotional with legal implications effect they kind of want to create and are riding on . Get to dumb down and silence loads like this .

    Maybe im unhinged? Idk.

  3. GrannyChanie

    This was a good analysis of the situation we are faced with in the world, as we try to unravel this mystery, in spite of the forces at work against not just us, but all those who seek truth and human freedom. Keep fighting on, Richard!

  4. Andromeda107

    You are right ,if this is suppose to be physop into scaring of a fake alien invasion, they are doing a horrible job, because no one I know is terrified. I am also in agreement that disclosure is going to bring about Eutopia, I am not sure what it is going to bring, if there is any disclosure at all,but by no means will it bring about Eutopia.Thanks for sharing Richard, I always enjoy listening to you talk,good interview.

  5. PressToDigitate

    One of the great things about you is that you are willing to take the time to interact with up-and-coming Alternative Media, like Jay at ProjectUnity, and this interview. By contrast, its worth looking at what the MSM is saying, not just here, but around the world. WION is a new, 24-7 live news channel, in English, from India. While I prefer NDTV for 24 hour news from India in English, WION is building a worldwide audience, in the mold of the BBC, France24, RT, NHK, Arirang, Al Jazeera, PressTV and, now, multiple networks from China. This segment on WION covering the evolving [d]isclosure is a perfect example of your admonition that “They can still walk this back”. I found it almost comical, if it weren’t so tragic:

  6. ColonelBleep

    Project Blue Beam could very well be real. Jason Rice, who has been on Gaia and You Tube claims that he was part of a Black or maybe a “Beyond Black” program that staged “false flag attacks” on the populations of other worlds.. He was a military unit that was commanded by the “Mars Germans, which would be sent to protect a population from an “alien invasion” , which was staged by, the Draco Reptilians. In exchange for protection, they would have to accept being controlled. You should watch a video or two. Pay particular attention to his eyes. He says he was subjected to memory erasure. I believe that something was done to him. I think he is being truthful. LMH interviewed a woman who was shown a reptilian by her husband, who was in charge of security at Edwards AFB. So, apparently, the Draco are real. I know I don’t want to meet one. I don’t want to meet the Mars Germans either.

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