Interview from Today with James Iandoli

By | May 6, 2021

Hi everyone, 

Earlier today, I did a nice 90 minute interview with James Iandoli (one of those “Young Guns”), who has a great Channel called Engaging the Phenomenon. 

A nice recap of some current events and philosophical thoughts concerning Ufology. I enjoyed it, and I hope you do as well. 


20 thoughts on “Interview from Today with James Iandoli

  1. GrannyChanie

    This was a thoroughly enjoyable interview with James. I could have listened another 90 minutes! This is a great preview of what’s to come with your conference. Thank you for all your hard work, and all you do to bring the truth to us. I’ve been a follower of your work for years, and you just keep getting better!
    Btw- if you could email me, I have a couple of items to discuss with you. Thank you.

  2. intranuclear

    Just got the all day pass to the May 20th event.
    Hopefully there will be instructions on how to log in etc…

    Thanks Richard!
    I also hope to ask Louis some questions that he has avoided citing NDA and similar devices.


  3. Martin Doty

    throw this energy-sucker out a ninth floor window.He should be banned from the entire internet.

  4. Andykub

    Hi Richard,
    Like so many times, when I hear you speak you say things that I thought as well things I hadn’t thought about. We have people trained in psychology looking at crime from the perspective of the perpetrator, getting into their mind to understand and predict their actions. But when it comes to possible et behavior, this becomes much more difficult. Those who believe this is demonic would say that most demonic activity occurs around 3AM. Other factors could be maybe avoidance of our heavier air traffic, or just that less of us are up to notice them,. Could it be that they are above us in the day, but we’re too busy to notice unless it’s right in front of our noses? A dark sky provides a better contrast than a bright one, maybe they fly over 24/7? I think your idea of a database with key facts and details of sightings would be very helpful. Our psychology is surely different from theirs, but we can try and rely on logic. It seems they are not showing themselves fully, but they aren’t hiding either- it’s not important to them? And since it’s likely that there is more than one species, do each have different agendas, thus different behaviors? We’ve been trying to crack this nut for decades, but it’s an extremely slow process for us. Thanks for your hard work Richard!

  5. Ron Holmes UK

    Hi Richard, yes I meant to mention yesterday – Mellon mentioned the DOE several times, and my ears really pricked each time he did. He seemed to be confirming (to those already aware of the premise) that the DOE would be a really great place to “hide” recovered alien tech, and the continuing research that’s taking place on it. Effectively annexing the subject away somewhere so benign-sounding, and with a big-enough budget to still be capable of funding it, that most members of the public would never even think to look there for it. It was very interesting.

  6. Ed Klatt

    In my opinion the UFO threat narrative promulgated by some thus far is way overblown, and absent of any logic. Your comments on the obvious lack of any effective projection of this by the mainstream media are well taken. Unless of course, “they” are waiting for the June report to serve as a catalyst to really ramp it up. But even then, how much of the US population is really going to take this seriously, without any real evidence that UFO’s are a threat to them personally?

    By comparison, The Cold War threat was very different. Back then, the threat was manifest, immediate and personal. As a child I recall actually going to church with my parents during the Cuban Missile Crises to pray for a peaceful conclusion to the hostilities with the Soviet Union over their nukes in Cuba. We really believed that we were on the verge of WWIII. Why? Because we saw it unfolding before our eyes on TV. THAT was no “op”. It was happening in real time, and the crises itself was at the end of a long history of public provocations, in which the Soviet Union portrayed itself as a real threat to global peace, in both military and ideological terms.

    This is manifestly not the case with UFO’s. What may happen as a result of all this is an outpouring of public support to increase funding for space exploration, similar to the “space race” of the 1950’s – 1960’s. This would serve a dual purpose. In the public mind, it would fire the collective imagination and create an urgent need to find and communicate with “them”, out there somewhere. It could also serve as a cover for the US to introduce much of its “black” space technology into the “white” world, in order to leap frog China, Russia, etc. in our attempt to dominate space, both militarily and economically. In other words, you use the UFO disclosure effort to create a strategic imperative for the next 50 years. One that mostly serves the national interest economically, but also has a military component, just in case. So, the real “threat” is not UFO’s, or the civilization(s) that power them. Rather, it is our own “competitors” here on Earth.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      ” It was happening in real time, and the crises itself was at the end of a long history of public provocations, in which the Soviet Union portrayed itself as a real threat to global peace, in both military and ideological terms.”

      I recall quite some time ago that certain officials in the u.s. government admitted that the ‘soviet threat’ in terms of weaponry was much exaggerated here in the good old USA. But since it was on TV it was true. No psy ops there. Never happened.

      I apologize if i didn’t understand your post and it was all tongue in cheek.

      1. Ed Klatt

        It was real enough, believe me, I know. I lived through it. Also, even if Soviet strategic nuclear capability was exaggerated, I ask you: Does it really matter if you can only blow up the world fives times over, rather than ten times over? Basically, it’s a distinction without a difference. So, I agree with Richard. UFO’s a “threat”? Not likely.

        Anyway, nice discussing things with you.

  7. Wesley Schoonover

    I believe the reason Greer has always downplayed the potential threat from ET is directly related to his CE5 initiative. He’s said many times it is the most important aspect of his work in the UFO field. If he is training people around the world to initiate ET contact then he really needs to create the impression that doing so is safe. He certainly doesn’t want people being snatched up by evil reptilians; that would not be a good look.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      How many in Greer’s groups have been snatched up by evil aliens? Or i guess, more specifically, ‘reptilians’? I would think they would be easy pickins’ for a reptilian hankerin’ for a human burger.

    2. Jess Hansen

      “He’s said many times it is the most important aspect of his work in the UFO field. If he is training people around the world to initiate ET contact then he really needs to create the impression that doing”

      If the human mind can create some kind of pull on the invisible, he might be pulling something that is really a bad look, like ethereal trickster, rather than the Ashtar command light being et’s he would like. How very Aleister Crowley of him!

  8. HappyCup

    Maybe all this disclosure talk is just another way to create controversy. It seems that is the main objective these days. I mean they have the masked fighting the unmasked, the vaxed fighting the unvaxed, blacks fighting whites, citizens fighting the cops, asians fighting everybody; and that’s before politics or religion even enter in to it.
    Now I am seeing camps form up in the UFO community; Threats vs. not threats, that sort of thing. It is maddening.
    If you look into all of this conflict you will notice one common factor; The main stream media. It seems to be the new mode of operation for MSM to stir up as much sh*t as possible as often as possible about as many issues as possible.
    I say we all get together and defund the MS Media! Nobody likes a sh*t stirrer.

    I’m sorry…what was the question?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, the establishment controlled corporate-intelligence community dominated mainstream media is without question one of the biggest problems we all face in this society of ours.

  9. PressToDigitate

    Unable to get to the Observation Deck for tonight’s hangout, we watched this interview instead (not that we wouldn’t have, anyway). It was great to see you putting the “Pentagon Threat Hype” / “False Flag Alien Invasion” meme into its proper [ridiculous] perspective. Lives will be saved if you continue to do so, and amplify that message as much as possible. When the ‘Cumbaya Brigade’ can explain why *none* of the ‘Benevolent Aliens’ have *ever* seemed to intervene in the brutal, terrifying kidnappings and clinical rape of *any* of the Thousands of Abductees that we know about – taken by the ‘Not-So-Nice Aliens’, their exopacifist platitudes can be taken more seriously. Its not like there’s some spotty, checkered history of “Good” ETs coming to the rescue *occasionally*; there appear to be *NO Such Interventions* in the entire history of the Abduction problem. With no semblance of an answer to that, the theories of Alien “Benevolence” go up in smoke; not only as to the Greys/Reptilians perpetrating it together (who appear dominant among ETs here), but as to ALL of our “Visitors”.

    If “CE-5” psychic Alien Contact is *actually* being regularly engaged in – inadvertently – by Tens of Millions of unsuspecting people (in the U.S. alone) through the Cannabinoid Complex, the potential for the psychological manipulation of our population is enormous. Ask *any* half-dozen pot smokers if they have experienced such ET Contact while high, and *more than one of them* will answer in the affirmative. And, no, I don’t believe it to be merely “hallucination”, either. That molecule is a *Tool* – a ‘nano-Molecular Cognitive Prosthetic’ – by a race that knows how to create ‘Genetically Modified Organisms’ better than we do. No one else can explain how *endogenous Human neurotransmitters* would end up in a plant like that. The same applies to the Tryptamine Complex (Ayahausca, DMT, etc.) Its not such a stretch when you realize that all of the native tribes which first used such “Worship Plants”, worldwide, attribute them as “Gifts from the Sky Gods”. I enjoy the experience of good weed as much as anyone; I’ve just come to realize that its peaks are not “self generated”. Its a part of the whole CE-5 equation, no matter how sober its enthused practitioners may be in their deliberate efforts. Its the ‘deliberate efforts’ of the other side (ET) that concern me — and, perhaps, were the *real* concerns of the ‘National Security State’, in its 20th Century compulsion to prohibit Marijuana *At All Costs* (since nothing else has ever explained the zealotry in that regard).

    As to the Observation Deck: We have a dozen computers in this house. Most of them are now running some flavor of Linux. The four desktops running Windows are all in rooms inconvenient or uncomfortable for us to both sit and watch the event together in, so I went to fire up our Windows Laptop, for use in the Living Room. BUT, it has gone unused for the past year, since we haven’t gone anywhere, due to the plandemic, and so, upon connecting, it went into a Windows Updating frenzy, which kept it from being useful for a protracted period – at exactly the wrong time – as I was trying to load Virbela’s Virtual Reality simulation applet, which hosts the OD. THANK YOU for trying out the system TONIGHT, so that we had a “dry run” for the Conference on May 20th. I’d really be out of sorts if this had happened then, during the [paid] ‘Main Event’. Now, I’m certain that we’ll be able to have it up and running properly for that, when the time comes.

    As I’ve said for a long time, VR (and AR, and the fusion of the two, ‘XR’) will be the gateway to the “Hive Mind”. Imagine the Observation Deck, with full-on, ‘photorealistic’ Avatars and scenery, as portrayed in “Ready Player One”, “The Matrix”, etc., and as addictive and embedded as depicted in “Gamer” and “Surrogates”, and presented through a total immersion headset that everyone wears constantly anyway, because its also your phone. That will be the world of 2030, with hundreds of millions of people having already made the leap from AR/VR/XR to full duplex neurotechnology, ‘upgrading’ to the BCI version (“The Next Big Thing”). THAT is the Human World that the ETs will feel comfortable manifesting in, where everyone is electronically pacified to be as sanguine about their presence as Greer. *THAT’S WHY ITS HAPPENING.*

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks, David, and I really hope the observation deck will work for you and Clyde when you guys try it next. Like you, I have very strong mixed feelings about the technology in general. It’s nice that we can have a virtual event, especially during an era where most of us are still unable to travel very much. As to what it signifies for the future, well, we all can see where this is going. Some positive things, and definitely some negative ones, big time.

  10. Jess Hansen

    Hi Richard,

    This has to do with your online conference with Luis Elizondo and the Young Guns and a question you might pose to Elizondo. The question would have to be crafted pretty carefully–as in you would be asking him as one citizen to another, (not in any official capacity) if he has ever run the possibility through his mind that Malaysian flight mh370 was the victim of some kind of massive ET abduction. He likely won’t answer it in any capacity, but it would be very interesting to know.

    Also, want to know if you have ever spoken with Richard Haines?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Interesting question and it might be something I will ask Lue privately but relay to you all here, or perhaps it will come up at the event itself. And yes, I corresponded with Dr. Haines, although I don’t believe I ever met him personally. A very gracious and intelligent man. He has done a lot for the UFO field in so many ways.

  11. Harry Harris

    Has anyone asked and got a complete answer into why Chris, Luis and Steve left TTSA? Unless I missed something seems like that subject is off limits to some extent. I do not think Joe Rogan brought it up in his interview with Chris Mellon.

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