Fun Biographical Interview with Peter Robbins

By | April 21, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Last night we aired this fun interview I did with my pal Peter Robbins. I am only now getting to post it here. It’s probably the first in-depth interview I’ve given that really goes into the details of my upbringing. All this was Peter’s initiative, since his program on KGRA focuses on this kind of thing. It was much fun for me to talk about a lot of this. If this kind of interview is interesting to you, then I hope you enjoy it! 

Richard 🙂



17 thoughts on “Fun Biographical Interview with Peter Robbins

  1. mcwest50

    It was revealing in it’s honesty, and It certainly puts me back into that era, I think you still fall
    under baby boomer. I would say we all had and share the quirky and colorful characters of an
    American family. You talking about your father who just passed away always makes me think
    of mine and spending time with him before he passed away and the conversations and laughter
    that brought us close as I tried to understand a very complex man. Your brave in your openness
    and thanks for sharing your family and friends.
    ps I try at times to get members to talk about what their lives are like apart from the forum, but
    people in general are too suspicious or insecure imo

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you. If you want to get technical (and we all love to get technical), I am a baby boomer. That era was a long one and ended in 1964. I think they actually call it a late boomer, as I was born in 1962, really pretty close to generation x.

      1. mcwest50

        X does have better symbolism than say a millennial. I was not a junior as my father
        and I share the same name save the middle, he was X which stood for Xavier which
        I thought was a lot cooler than V, for Vincent, my mother being half Italian. I think
        it’s fair to say that you’ll get your statue, oh wait that’s not a good idea because
        some new radical group 150 years from now will tear it down for some lame reason,
        in your case your reverence for Greek philosophers like Socrates, or Parmenides

      2. Steven Cole

        It was really wonderful and (at times), hilarious to get a look into your past and observe the evolution and transformation you’ve made along the way to who you are today! As a supporter of your work for around 20 years, you were always my favorite researcher because of your poise, articulation, and honest passion about the UFO phenomenon, so it was really cool to get this glimpse into a side of you most people haven’t had an opportunity to see yet. Thank you good sir for sharing this and for your consistent diligence and honest dissemination of information regarding this most important topic. There’s a lot of scum polluting the pond of UFO studies, and you do us the service of filtering that out to present us with a palatable, informative result. You rock. 🪨🤘🏼

  2. Scott Santa

    Loved it Richard! and how about AUNT LORRAINE!! Just love Peter’s format – all of his shows have been killer!! Looking forward to hearing you on Mike Clelland’s show next!!

  3. PressToDigitate

    That was delightful; we really enjoyed it!

    Looking at that pic of your dad seeing you off to College, l couldn’t help hearing a fatherly mutter in the background, “…and then the kid runs off chasing Flying Saucers…” 🙂

    Great pics, especially the one of you with Linda; you should post that.

    But we didn’t get to hear the story of how you picked up the Harmonica, and your exploits with it…

    1. PressToDigitate

      From the pictures and descriptions, Clyde mused, “Richard’s got a bit of ‘Sheldon’ in him…”
      (Referring to “Sheldon Cooper” from “Big Bang Theory” & “Young Sheldon”) 🙂

  4. Bob Levey

    That was really a great interview Richard, thanks for being so honest. You were really blessed with a great upbringing and family. I have empathy with you for having grownup around an angry father, that’s a very tuff environment to grow up in. My father didn’t have the alcohol problem but had other problems that resulted earlier from playing with Bird and Miles etc. He did take care of all those issues but the anger was always there, they were towards his father. My mother had the alcohol issue. Glad he taught you how to defend yourself as my father did me and I did my kids. My dad was a boxer also beside playing drums for a living. His father was a fight promoter and manager in North Philly and managed 16 fighters, some of note.
    I’m born in Brooklyn also, Sterling and Flatbush but moved to Hollywood at about 8 so my mother could follow her dream.
    And really sorry to tell you this but I’m a Brooklyn Bums (Now L.A.) fan and got to see them at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn.

    Again Really Enjoyed It!!!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      You know, if the Dodgers had stayed in Brooklyn there’s a good chance I would have been a big fan of them. My grandfather was the Yankees fan, but everyone else in the family loved Dem Bums. For years and years, my grandmother told stories about when the Dodgers finally beat the Yankees in the 1955 world series. Brooklyn went insane! 🙂

  5. Phaelon

    I had a very enjoyable time, listening to you reminisce about your childhood and the loving family that you grew up in. I found it to be quite endearing. The stories about your Aunty Lorraine, were very entertaining. Was it the Iguazu Falls, that you and Peter had visited ? Great photos all the way throughout your chat with Peter. That late ’80s pic in Berlin, is rockin’ man. 🤙🏾

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes it was Iguazu Falls, and we both drew a blank, LOL. What a magnificent place, right at the southern tip of Brazil. And thank you for your other comments.

  6. Ron Holmes UK

    Richard, speaking as a pretty private person myself I just wanted to say thank you for doing this. It can’t have been an easy decision as this was very personal stuff. I really enjoyed watching it and feel I know you a little better now. Thank you.

  7. GrannyChanie

    This was such a great biographical interview! I’m going to show my age (older than you), but some of your childhood was very similar to mine, with the Italian family background, the growing up years with the music and the clothing styles. I was feeling pretty depressed over the state of the world and the ceaseless chorus of the media with the virus, the vaccine, racial division, cop-hating, etc. This totally absorbed my attention, learning about your past and what made you the person you are today. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  8. David LoVecchio

    I LOVED THIS! What a wonderful tribute to the people in your life. Peter is clearly a good friend! How beautiful is so-called ‘ordinary’ life, eh? The relationships we have, the people we know and love – friends, families and those who are no longer with us – are such an integral part of who we are. Thank you for sharing, RICHARD MICHAEL DOLAN!! ;P.

    And the black knee-high socks with plaid shorts and collar-buttoned shirt? AWESOME!

    Just kidding. I threw up in my mouth a little. You should burn that picture.

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