Back to Back Interviews for Tonight

By | December 29, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Well, last week I agreed to do interviews both for Fade2Black and Coast to Coast AM, and both are for tonight! So it will be a fairly long evening. For anyone who is able to catch either of them …

My appearance on Fade2Black will be from 10:30 p.m. EDT till probably 12:30 or maybe even 1 a.m.

My appearance on Coast to Coast will be during the first two hours of that show, which goes from 1 a.m. EDT till 3 a.m., although I almost certainly won’t appear until 1:30 a.m. 

You can listen to me on Fade2Black here. There is a good chance I will get a cleaned up audio file to upload here after the show. I don’t think I’ll be able to do that with Coast to Coast, but I am going to try to do something interesting with Coast and record at least a portion of my interview, maybe even via video, so I can make it available here. 

In any case, it will be a long night but I am sure it will be interesting. 


16 thoughts on “Back to Back Interviews for Tonight

  1. Lauren2844

    Richard… I’ve never heard your opinion on the Brooklyn UFO abduction. Linda Cortile (fake name) was seen floating out her 12th floor Apt window unconscious with 3 aliens also floating to a UFO. A number of people saw this including UN representatives and their motorcade. I believe Linda was the daughter of a very high up UN Diplomat.
    The book by Budd Hopkins called “Witnessed” 1996 goes deep into this case.
    What’s your thoughts on this case?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I know Linda “Cortile” personally, having met her several times at semi-private functions. I’ve also spoken to several witnesses of the events in downtown Manhattan, including several New York Post drivers who were on the scene at the time. According to them, there was a blackout on the bottom floor of the New York Post office, the limousines from the United Nations were stopped right in front of the building, and there was a definite UFO visible. One of the drivers even told me he thought at the time that he had to be seeing a Hollywood film being made, because he saw a woman being lifted out of a building with two little children on either side of her. I spoke to this man at length and believe him fully. So to answer your question, yes I believe this happened. and I also believe that United Nations Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar was abducted that evening.

      1. Lauren2844

        Wow! I think most of the people on this site probably have heard of this case but NOT the in depth stuff. I would love one of your old school “Off the Cuffs” on this case.
        Wasn’t she his daughter? I’ve seen her interviewed and definitely get the feeling she knows far more than what’s she’s said publicly. Much like the UFO over Phoenix I think ALOT of behind the scenes things were happening. Some communication between us and “them” was definitely happening. Possibly even an incident avoided? Maybe a retailation avoided over a shoot down?
        Elon Musk reportedly told Joe Rogan privately that his September 1st 2016 Space X rocket was sabotaged on it’s launch pad while being fueled up, by a UFO drone. That rocket supposedly had a “DOD XCOMM Satellite that could take down UFO’S in orbit”. Musk said he was told by 2 men in a “Clean” room “the rocket was Sabotaged do to the weapons platform on that particular satellite and said “they have done this before”
        Is this true or bs? I’m. Guessing it’s most likely true. Have you heard any rumors about this?

        1. itsmeRitaC

          OMG. I am horrified that ET doesn’t want our weapons in space!!! They are almost as bad as me, Rita! As a protester against space weapons, i am no doubt on the ufo community enemies lists. And. Poor old Elon. The man can’t catch a break.

      2. Bjofod

        I think so to. He was the main target.

        What happened on the ground level may indicate that it was not only airborn « aliens» involved.

        What was happening in the world during those times that UN was involved in.

        Me personally think Iraq and possibly USSR fall.
        There is clues deeper in the politics around this im sure.

  2. HappyCup

    Burning that midnight oil!!! You go boy!!!
    I look forward to listening.
    I love it when you put the files here on the sight. I’ve heard some of the Fade to Black already…good stuff.

    Get some good sleep after. Dont get your resistance down. Wouldnt want to catch sniffle😘

  3. PressToDigitate

    If they (AOIMSG & ASRO) give us anything, it will just be the New “Official Narrative” and will consist of Alien Propaganda designed to further their Colonization by continuing to delay Human mass public recognition of what’s actually going on. What in our 80 years of experience with this tells us otherwise? Yes, there will be some “Big Reveal” Disclosure; “They’re Here…and they want to ‘Help’ us!” – straight out of “V” and “Earth: Final Conflict” and (more, accurately, “Childhood’s End”). And the Vichy Collaborators who control our culture, from Hollyweird, across the Mockingbird State Media and the Techlords of the Deep State, and “all 17 Intelligence Agencies in agreement”, to our newly Wokenized Pentagon, will all welcome Them with Open Arms. Sri Greer will beam with pride – and envy – and pique for not being invited on the podium to help sing that chorus of “Cumbaya” with the ETs, around a metaphorical global campfire, barracading all networks and streaming live from the VR Metaverse.
    But, “To Serve Man” is really a Cookbook.

    In the lead-up to this, of course, the VaxxPass will be globalized and made obligatory, the “Booster” injections more regular and frequent (and, seemingly, “soothing”), and incredibly engaging new 5G AR/VR gadgets will be released, offering a whole new experience from the Hollywood/Silicon Valley nexus, more captivating than Games, Movies or TV ever were. ETUFO content will begin disappearing from the Web and OTT at an increasing rate, and the ever-growing ranks of the Vaccinated will seem less and less inclined to get involved in dissonant Alternative Subcultures like Ufology, or dissident ones like Anti-Vaxx or even merely dissenting ones like MAGA. As this 25-year “Slow Burn” to 2045 continues, the ‘Dwindlement’ sets in, and Planned Parenthood’s new IVF Profit Centers begin appearing like Starbucks in the [increasingly vacated] street corner retail spaces. If Mike & Elaine have partners, they might want to make you a Grandpa – sooner, rather than later. As time goes by, everyone walking past those clinics on city streets will be jacked-in continuously, to the wondrous, sensory overloading Metaverse, and, when the full-duplex BCI “upgrade” comes out, the Lemmings will scramble over the cliff into the captivating Alien Hive Mind wearing it.

    The trajectory toward this dystopia – and that doesn’t even scratch the surface – won’t be seriously impacted until you personally decide to do so. Our opportunity to hit the necessary inflection point is rapidly slipping away, and chances for success in doing so diminishing in realtime. This is the *Real Exopolitics*, not the hypothetical that Bassett engages in, nor the speculative (and fanciful) that Salla purveys. You can choose to engage in it, or not, but it will continue happening whether you do or don’t engage. You are outstanding at formulating, holding and voicing careful, studied, scholarly opinions on these factors, but, unless All Outcomes are of equal desirability to you, you’re going to have to wade in and put your thumb on the scale on behalf of the Humans over the Aliens.

    Things could be made worse, rapidly. A new “variant” could induce acute neurological debility, resembling Guillain-Barré Syndrome or Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease, which, *it will be said*, can ONLY be treated with a neural pacemaker Implant (the introduction and regulatory approval of which will magically appear just in the nick of time). Maybe TPTB will be so bold as to openly have the blessed, curative neurochip publicly gifted to Mankind by the Aliens, you know, “as a show of Their Good Faith”. Or the distant UAP, bobbing about, out at Sea, frolicking in the Oceans, could become just a curiosity, receiving less and less attention — a deliberate distraction from the real ETUFO menace — that nobody much will remember once all the related Documentaries and Movies come down from the ‘Net (as “Misinformation” that might inequitably upset the inclusiveness we want to show our cosmically diverse “Newcomers”).

    Einstein and Szilard did two things together; they sounded the alarm in that Letter to FDR that ultimately won WWII, and they partnered in inventing a new type of Refrigerator (which got bought up and shelved). If you don’t want to be the one to ‘Ring the Bell’, “Would you like to see my cool new Icebox?”

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I have been voicing my opinions on this matter for some time now, and will continue to do so. There are YouTube videos, articles, podcasts, books, video documentaries. Then there’s the possibility that I could produce my own video documentary on this. I’ve been thinking about that. You have been wanting me to lead an organization or political effort. I’m more hesitant about this latter option. But I intend to continue to have my voice heard as best I can make it hard.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Positioning to be on the Witness List among those experts called to testify at whatever Congressional Hearings are forthcoming (as have been repeatedly promised by Elizondo, Mellon & others) is simply good practice in ‘Protecting your Brand’ and ‘Staying Relevant’; it would be a wise move even if the national conversation wasn’t moving in a direction (‘flushing the History’) that you obviously viscerally oppose. It necessarily involves various Public Relations & Political Engagement of a self-promoting nature – which I know you disdain. But, once again, I implore you to scan the landscape in Ufology and consider all of the ‘lesser lights’ (to put it charitably) who are more self-aggrandizing, that will be sucked into the vacuum in your absence, to, in effect, represent all of *US*. Millions of us “UFO Buffs” consider that a nauseating and unacceptable state of affairs, and require that an independent, informed, rational, “Realist” perspective be put forth in those Hearings, on our behalf.

        You *know* the cavalcade of “colorful” advocates we can imagine ending up at the witness table in your stead, whose proprietary “takes” on the ETUFO presence promote some imaginal, utopian [public] ‘First Contact’ of Rainbows & Unicorns, likely to – or even explicitly directed to – bring about that Human “Ascension”, directly into a BORG-like Alien Hive Mind. In their fantasy world, all of those Abducted & Raped “asked for it before they were born” – or, are all “making it up, for attention” – or, “were taken by Our Military, just to ‘fake’ negative Aliens for more defense appropriations”. This desecrates the Real-World Harm inflicted by Extraterrestrials on millions of people since 1955, and the memory of those killed or destroyed by the Coverup over the past 80 years. More to the point, it is “camouflage” for the Clear & Present Danger of *millions of passable Hybrid Infiltrators* (as yet undetected), within our Military, Intelligence, Government, Aerospace, Academia, Media & Tech Sectors, over *decades*. This Genuine Threat will go UNVOICED at the Very Last Human Policy Forum [likely to be open and “unprogrammed”] where the future trajectory of Human/ET Contact will be set in motion.

        Skip it, and you can be sure that the Official Narrative will derive from the preachings of Sri Greer, Dr. Salla, and the Basiagos, Lambremont-Webres, and Hernandez’ of this world (and worse), and, with nary a whimper, Humanity will just go quietly into that good night, fed only on the pablum provided by the Vichy Collaborators in our own National Security State.

        Here, below, is a link to the second hour of today’s (Jan 1) episode of Steve Bannon’s “Warroom”, which has emerged as the epicenter of global Anti-Establishment activism on the planet. You will find most of the discussion on Transhumanism commensurate with our own perspective. But in the third quarter, Bannon touches on the UAP/UFO issue (for the first time in two years), likely in response to my prodding of him to do so on Social Media. As you will notice, they lack the knowledge and awareness necessary to clearly apprehend the issue, its existential implications, and its direct relationship to the Transhumanist encroachment, that *we can document* (Feinberg, et al) *has been planned* by Illuminati for more than 50 years.

        After 25 years of practice, its finally *your turn at bat*, Richard. Bringing sanity to the national UFO conversation is what you’ve worked for your entire career. You need to be on “Warroom”, to educate the worldwide Ant-Establishment/Anti-Globalist community that they mustn’t get hoodwinked on this subject, and then testify to the requisite House & Senate Committees. There Is No One Else. Watch This, and then tell me privately if you disagree:

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I’ll tell you this. If Melon, Elizondo, and others try to put together Congressional hearings of any sort, I will do everything I can to get myself involved in it.

          1. PressToDigitate

            You’re a ‘Bigger Ticket’ than they are, and *profoundly* more knowledgeable on the subject. You shouldn’t have them in between you and the Members of Congress/Senators and their staffs, that will be organizing and conducting the Hearings. Your intermediaries to the Hill should be people with influence *over* those politicians, not others in Ufology seeking to suck up to them. You’re Richard (Bleepin’) Dolan, Ffs, and they’re not…

            God Bless Mellon & Elizondo, but neither of them could get to the goodies, *EVEN* as ADSECDEF & Director of AATIP. Kudos to them for getting Kean & Blumental’s attention – with three video clips that had leaked out years earlier – but they aren’t at the pinnacle of Man’s unofficial understanding of the ETUFO presence. YOU ARE.

  4. OgronWaitress

    It seems I have to pay for either of these services then. And I don’t think they take subs from the UK. Damn.

  5. TomTort

    Your interview with Jimmy Church was one of the best I have heard. The two of you went deep into discussion without “watering down” your thoughts. I am interested in how u-tube will ultimately allow such conversation to take place in the future without censorship.
    I was impressed by your thoughts on conspiracy theory while mentioning the top 4, The JFK assassination, 911, The Alien cover up and Covid19. I would pay handsomely for a volume on Conspiracy Theory with extensive discussion on those 4. After all, you have lectured on the topic in the past and I think a publication is now more than appropriate considering the current publications on Dr. Fauci and the revised interest in the JFK assassination. However, I recognize the fact that there are several other conspiracy theory allegations floating around of equal importance worthy of discussion, so I suspect there is room for more than a single volume for future publication.
    Just a thought. Keep the faith!

  6. Bjofod

    Symbology happened during the hollidays, did many notice it.
    Symbols and symbology is something that follows us during our history. May seem accidental but i dont think it is.

    The Webb was launched on christmas day. The suns birthday or Jesus. Pick your choice. The telescope has a 6 month set up and acclimation period before scientific work can start.

    If it is released for science work on 4th july 2022 i will smile.

    Its infrared and will see all that other scopes cant and what the others can 100 times better.

    I think it will release findings that will drip feed more truth to the public. Stay awake is the main thing now. The next few years will stun many i think.

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