11 thoughts on “Appearance on Fade to Black Wednesday Night

  1. PressToDigitate

    D’Oh! Missed it live and its not up yet to listen on-demand.
    Tonight’s Intelligent Disclosure post in Member Content has a glitch on the web page.
    When you go to it, it logs you out of Richarddolanmembers.com, so you cannot Comment. When you log back in, it takes you off that page, and when you go back to the page, you’re logged out again.
    But it was a great show, and we watched that live, as we almost always do on Tuesday nights.

    1. PressToDigitate

      Looks like Evelyn got that web glitch all fixed up! And, last night’s F2B interview is now online; listening to it at the moment.

      On Crash Retrievals:
      What is the probability that the account by Cordell Hull’s Minister’s Granddaughters, that he had been shown alien crash debris and preserved bodies, in the basement of the Capitol Building in “about 1938”, was, in fact, three years later, and actually involved debris from the 1941 Cape GIrardeau retrieval?

      On Secrecy Oaths/NDAs/Clearances:
      Has or Can anyone in Ufology identify a single instance – ever, anywhere, at any time – when any member of the U.S. Military, DIA, CIA, FBI, FAA, NASA or any Contractor, has been arrested, charged, prosecuted, courts-marshaled, or “had their pensions revoked”, over disclosing publicly what they learned on-the-job/in-uniform about any ETUFO issues? Getting murdered over it (Phil Schneider, etc.) *doesn’t count*. “Official” or “Legal” actions against them, Only. Is there Even ONE?

      On “Them” Living Among Us:
      The peculiar recent fawning concern over people being “Triggered” by [“Xenophobia”, Loud Noises, Applause, Pronouns, etc.], and the strange obsession with “Gender Fluidity” and suppressing [aggressive] “Toxic Masculinity” (and Trans- advocacy that even displaces and outrages Feminists) – as well as Transhumanism – suggests to me the presence of a large anomalous cohort of young adults, who hold a psyche that *doesn’t have normal Human reactions to others, to social situations, and to stimuli* . I find it hard to attribute all this to “Video Games” or “Defective Public Education” or being Zapped by “The Slime Oozing Out of Your TV Set” (Frank Zappa lyrics). When some conferences now begin by admonishing audiences not to clap “because it might trigger someone”, but to express approval with “Jazz Hands” instead (No Sh*t, This Happens!), it tells me we’ve got some “guests dropping in” to our society, who are here for ‘the Long Haul’. Comment?

      You know, I can’t recall either you or Jimmy Church ever telling us how you got the nickname Richard (“Bleepin!”) Dolan, but I’m sure it must be an amusing anecdote. Care to share the details?

  2. jennymemon

    I dont know if we can listen to this in the UK.
    What about a few ‘off the cuffs’ Richard, i love those! please and thank you x

    1. Tracey

      I took a few clips from the show. We will be reviewing shortly and posting at least one.
      And he is due for an off the cuff – I agree!
      I think you can expect one soon 😉


  3. Andromeda107

    I listen to the show with Jimmy Church and it was very good,I did watch Horse Girl right after, after Jimmy Church mentioned it. It starts off kind of slow and I was about to give up on it,but it turned out to be okay. It really puts into perspective what some people who have had abductions possibly go through, it was a little scary. I feel for the people who feel the way the main character felt, but it did have a good ending.I do agree with Richard on the government and the corona virus,its just matter of the time until the government uses this virus to their advantage.

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