And ANOTHER Interview! The Fifth Kind

By | September 9, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

This is yet another interview I did earlier in the week. It’s actually premiering as I post this — sorry I did not give advance notice, but I didn’t know when it would go live to be honest. 

This was a good interview. I felt very good about it. I hope you enjoy it.


7 thoughts on “And ANOTHER Interview! The Fifth Kind

  1. BrianRuhe

    Richard, at 1:02:00 you say that there is no public discussion about who runs our world’s political system.
    On BitChute thousands of channels are publicly discussing it and I have 3,400 videos there. It is the Rothschilds and the City of London. I can understand why you don’t say that. I don’t want your YouTube channel taken down either as I watch you more than anyone else.

    In your role, I feel that you should name the repterrians which is a more accurate term than reptilians. They are running the globalists. They are native to earth, not ET. In your book, Alien Agendas, even you state that reptilians met with the Marines in San Diego in 1964.
    It would be helpful if you talked about that more in your videos.

    Plus, I want to suggest you could make AI videos. I just started and made this one, inspired by you:
    Most Pundits Have a High School Level of Understanding Regarding ETs. AI Video

    Keep fighting the good fight,

  2. Curtis Lightle

    That was interesting. I did not know Paul, but I found him to be an excellent interviewer, sincere and insightful. I will be checking out his stuff.

    I would appreciate it if you would elaborate on what you mean that we have no democracy. While I understand there are the “Masters of the Universe” who are in the shadows controlling (and creating in some cases) the politicians. But, the politicians do have some power and they are voted on (might be rigged – is that what you are saying?).

    In general you come off very emphatic that the politicians are nothing and powerless. To me that is an over statement. Especially since you cannot even name who the real rulers are, or even speculate on who they might be. You seem to just presume they are all powerful without a hint of knowledge who they are. I think you may be giving them to much credit, even while I agree they exist (i.e. the Illuminati or whatever).

    I am not saying you’re wrong, but you emphasized this point so strongly it inspired me to ask you to better justify your position here.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Fair enough to ask me about this, and I should devote a post to it, which I will. I admit that sometimes I come across as too strident — and not always accurate. Still, I do think that basically we do not have a democracy and will gladly expand on that SOON. Thanks.

    2. Pat

      I think the basic idea is… both major political parties, i.e. republicans and democrats, are working for the same ”over lords”. They are on the same team, so to speak. And they are playing ‘good cop, bad cop’. Your choice as to who is who. Me, I’m poor, so I lean towards the ‘good cop’ faction, but that only helps to mitigate my immediate circumstances. They hurt me less, so I ‘vote’ for them. But they work for the same group as the people I’m voting against, so…. what difference does it make?

  3. Mark Tekamp

    I wonder if this isn’t starting to feel like something of great importance that is emerging and is soon to be revealed.It feels like something that we have been prepared for. For decades this was a subject whose narrative was being controlled because it could be and we’re now very close to a place where it no longer can be. Those of us alive in this world I suspect are experiencing the end of one human epoch and won’t need to remain alive much longer to find our way to being in another. Maybe we’ve been prepared by our walk through prior centuries to enter onto a much larger stage and it is that we are about to walk onto.


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