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  1. Schuyler

    How can you stand Bassett at all???? Bassett wants so much to bring the issue of ET Disclosure in front of the public that he appears willing to do anything at all to further his cause. At an appearance on The Paracast he was asked by David & Gene why he gave credence to known charlatans. He stated that it didn’t matter if the people who took the stage were credible or not. All that mattered was to get the idea before the public. He said,

    “The problem is not about our opinions about who is a laughingstock. It’s all about the government. Don’t worry about the individual aspects of people in the field. I don’t care about your background. Credibility is not an issue in the Disclosure process. I just don’t care. It’s not my concern and I’m not in a position to sort it out. I don’t give a damn.”

    He then became extremely upset and literally blew a fuse. His voice went up an octave and he became totally incoherent.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I understand your position and I feel your pain, so to speak. 🙂 Regarding Steve personally, well, I have all kinds of friends, people I know on a personal basis, with whom I have strong philosophical and political disagreements. I still care for them and consider myself their friend. That’s just me. I cannot go through my life gauging my friendships on whether or not such and such a person shares my basic perception of reality in every way. Again, that is just me. I know Steve personally, I have shared hotel rooms with him, I have traveled with him, I have done innumerable projects with him and have had countless personal conversations with him. So I know the man, and like to think I understand his many strengths and yes his limitations. Everyone of us is a flawed, imperfect human being. As far as his perspective per se, I’m closer to your view on this than his, but I think I understand his to a large extent. They say politics makes strange bedfellows. Progress often requires compromise, not ideological purity. Steve’s goal has always been Disclosure, come what may. and if it means getting the word out via imperfect vessels, I don’t think he is opposed. There’s always a danger in that strategy as we all know. One of these days I’m going to do a segment on a passage in War and Peace. The death of Prince Andrei Bolkonsky. Those who have read it will know what I mean.

      1. Rosanne Losee

        The only people that are dangerous to Disclosure are the misinformation agents, and the people who are getting paid to debunk. We know who they are. They have done enormous damage to the topic. I kinda think like Bassett does.

        It is vital that Disclosure happens. Once it happens, when it is out in the airwaves, we will hear many, many viewpoints, from the ones who will insist they are ‘demons’ to the ones who think they are here to save us from ourselves.

        We can then argue those points of view. But I am still astounded that the WSJ still has not had ONE single comment to make on the UFO situation as it now stands. Not one. I am not a big fan of the paper, I am a centrist politically but I do try to read a variety of opinion before I make my own judgement.

        It is striking to me that this topic is not going to be the big banner at the top of newspapers. It will be a drip, drip, drip. Therefore, any disclosure is better than none at all. This topic should be front and center, and I am hoping it gets there sooner rather than later.

  2. robert yoder

    Project Blue Book changed the data.Final report-30% of cases had no explanations.Changed to 3%.DO NOT BELIEVE Project Blue Book! NO the case is “Not Closed”…

  3. intranuclear

    What an awesome interview. My heart is with Steve, but my mind is with you Richard.
    I do have to say Steve made some important points which perhaps you (Richard) may have misunderstood and dismissed too easily.
    Just reading body language.
    However, having listening to Steve for at least 20 years, and yourself of course, generally Steve’s optimism has never really panned out.
    What I do find interesting, and clearly this is debatable, I find the timing of all this interesting and perhaps not coincidental. Supposedly, the agreement between certain ET groups is expiring at the end of August and they (the ETs) are going to be more available, photographically speaking. Take it for what its worth since if it happens then all this would make sense.

    Having waited for over 45 years, one more month is not that long.


  4. PressToDigitate

    That was a lot of fun to watch. (Sorry I pinged you at exactly the wrong time) I believe that you and Steve may be”talking past each other”, and that neither view accurately depicts the role of John Podesta, or the Clintons or Obama in all of what we’re seeing now. Steve assumes good intentions by good people, while you assume that they had no agency to orchestrate events; but there is another possibility: that Podesta and other minions within the Deep State are a malignancy, of which the Clintons and Obama have been mere public avatar figureheads. The lack of Good Faith is evident in the 16 years of Clinton/Obama Administration where Disclosure *Did Not Occur*, during which Podesta had all the power there is at his disposal in the West Wing with which to have done so. When Bill Clinton answered the non-existent letter from “Timmy” with “If the Air Force has recovered craft or bodies They Haven’t Told Me Either, and I Want To Know…”, he was lying; period. He had been read in and became part of the deception. Hillary was never going to give us Full Disclosure, just the New Official Narrative the Deep State wanted to put forth on the subject. Old Gropin’ Joe will voice that new pack of lies instead – since Trump *refused to go along*, and was deposed (in a rigged election) for doing so. But Podesta is the key. Without him and his Rolodex, Tom DeLonge had “bupkis”. Podesta strategized and orchestrated TTSA becoming “legit”, got them the people they had, and strategized and orchestrated the Russian Hoax (and probably the Ukraine Hoax, as well) to ensure that the Deep State would ultimately prevail, in control of the narrative, as this all came to fruition. And, “Voila!” Lo and Behold, they’ve got their Puppet POTUS to voice this thing over the next several months. One thing we can be sure of; neither Harry Reid nor Daniel Inouye had the smarts, the knowledge nor the courage to have fronted the AATIP thing themselves. Only someone with knowledge of – and acting in concert with – the real “Inside” could have constructed it exactly as it was. It was Blue Book v.2.0, *with all the *Real* ETUFO work being done ELSEWHERE*. Even now, STILL, no one has cornered Elizondo over “Who were those guys?” that always Got There First, and Made Off With The Evidence, and Silenced the Witnesses before Lue & Company showed up to “Investigate”.

    Yes, its a “Psy Op”, but not to create some sort of “Fear Narrative” (no matter how well justified such Fear might actually be). Its a Psy Op about Desensitizing & Acclimating the Public – ‘ever-so-slowly’ – so they don’t “Freak Out” when it is made manifest that there are millions of Space Wogs “Walking Among Us”, and have been since the 1950s. This isn’t for our edification, or out of any pangs of conscience by any of the Rogue Spooks in the Deep State; its because *The Aliens Need This As A Pacification Measure*. You and Steve both neglect the overwhelming likelihood that its the Aliens who are in charge of the Deep State, Disclosure, and the narratives that accompany it. This is why discussion of ‘Abductions’ – or anything that would lead to it – is ‘verboten’. You can’t discuss ‘Crash Retrievals’ because then the question has to be dealt with, “Why’d They Crash?” – and there is only ONE plausible answer for that, that ‘We Shot Them Down’. THEN you have to deal with “Why’d We STOP?”; and that can *only* lead to the unmasking of Alien Hybrid Operatives infiltrating our Deep State, since World War II – or before. John Podesta may or may not be organically Human (opinions vary), but his Deep State bona fides, as the consummate inside manipulator, as White House Chief of State for two different Presidents, with a West Wing pass for *16 years*, are not in dispute. He didn’t get Disclosure done then because the Alien Establishment wasn’t yet ready; but he laid the groundwork for Them when They were. Now, “Disclosure” – of a sort – *IS* happening, on the ETs timetable. Our only chance is to get ahead of that schedule with *Exposure*.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I hear you. Believe me I do. Do you realize how difficult it would be for me to say publicly what you just expressed here in this comment? You and everyone else on this site by now probably realize that I do not rule out the scenario. But for me to say so publicly with force, well, I am still trying to figure out a way to do that and to continue to have people listen to me. Plus, to me it still remains hypothetical and not certain. But I do hear you, and I have not finished thinking about it.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      In all sincerity, PTD, what would “exposure” do? I have been an activist, in my own ways, for many years, and the largest of the large groups i have been in on the streets of nyc, were half a million, and that was just in nyc. No one cared. And i was just protesting the actions of the government and the military. Now, if you are going to throw ETs into that mix………………………….What are your real world ideas about protesting all of the above plus ET and their ‘minions’ here on planet earth?

      Everyone should get locked and loaded and start shooting at everyone we think looks kind of ‘hybridish’? By the way, i predict this occurrence even if the gov’t would merely report that uap are not made all made via ‘earthlings’.

      By the way, i also don’t know if i would actually believe whatever the u.s. government declares to be the ‘official’ narrative on uap. I would imagine that they would be the last ones to be honest.

      So where do you stand on Chris Mellon? Lou Elizondo? Do they ‘know’ what is going on, regarding what you believe. And if you can see it, how could those two men *not*? And if they do know as much as you do, it would appear they are cooperating with the grand plan of desensitizing the citizens, no?

  5. Pyroxide_Martini

    I feel they bypass the ET question on a technicality because they can’t say exclusively whether they are actually extraterrestrial. They might be terrestrial (at least some of them) or ultraterristrial which gives you the ability to deny extraterrestial on a technicality. What you need them to clarify is whether they are from non-human sentient beings.

  6. JurassicRanch47

    There are dark and powerful forces that control these technologies, and their mass production and deployment here on Earth, apparently to the exclusion of military command at times. Disclosure does not serve them, or else it would have happened already. They want control of this world, and some others. When and if they move against disclosure, they will strike without warning and it will be devastating, yet without a trace of evidence leading back to them. This is a ticket for wealth and power on a scale never before contemplated, and they have no inclination to share it: Free and unlimited zero-point energy beamed to craft aloft using it for propulsion, or to anywhere else they want it. Keeping UAP disclosure at bay, minimizing or misdirecting it provides them one more layer of security. They are very ready to kill if that’s what it takes, and have probably done so more than we can imagine already. As Mr. Bassett has stated previously, “Blood is on their hands.” They play for keeps. This is not a civics exercise for them. It’s the fight for the future. We have no real place in their plans.

  7. itsmeRitaC

    I watched the whole thing in three segments. I must say, Richard, it was very entertaining and informative really. I recall Basset is a Clinton fan of sorts. And seems to be a believer in the u.s. government as truth tellers. I would have liked to hear more between you two! 🙂

  8. Lauren2844

    I think Steve Jobs became Steven Bassett. He looks just like him.
    I felt bad for Bassett he was getting wrecked by Dolan’s knowledge and his desire for what HE WANTS to happen and not what’s gotten happen. Dolan by KO 2

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi there, I’m sure you realize I did not consider this a debate so much as a frank discussion and hashing out of ideas. I’ve always supported Steve and frankly agree with much of what he says. We do disagree in various places, and neither of us have ever been afraid to express our divergent opinion. Always I hold him in very high regard professionally, and as a friend.

  9. Ed Klatt

    Excellent discussion guys. Great exchange of ideas, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoy Peter Robbins format for this. He just let’s you talk.

  10. iam080

    Fantastic discussion Richard, Steve, Peter.

    Thanks for eliciting several gems of insight. For example, with regards to potentially upcoming Congressional Hearings – necessitating timed TTSA departures. Also, that our collective window toward (Full and Proper) #Disclosure is closing- because of deeply concerning, accelerating global trends which affect all of Humanity. Many of which you have discussed in your YouTube presentations, Richard.

    Let us hope that there are some bright human minds in Washington and other capital cities on this planet – who – having assessed the increasing engagement of non-human intelligences, recognise that our civilisation urgently requires a transformation of thought. The world is desperate for genuine leadership, not mis-leadership and continued disinformation. Given our technologically destructive potency as a species, this planet cannot afford a Great Global Catastrophe, nor prolonged degradation, nor enslavement.

    It is critical to rebalance the extent of systemic control which has established and enforced, worldwide, an oppressive birth-weight of static, institutionalised conformity over both individual Human spirit and Nature as a whole. Human potential can be liberated, through the belief and will, that we can do better as people of this Earth. In recognition of past lives sacrificed – true honour, true remembrance, true courage involves embracing visionary change.

    After the horrors of WWI, in 1928, penicillin was discovered / invented. Approaching 100 years later, we as a species need a cure for ourselves. I believe that knowledge of the presence of advanced, non-human intelligences may help liberate our minds.

    May we somehow find a way to heal the trauma of 20th century conflict, to stand greatly on the shoulders of giants and thereby… un-break the world which was made. The window for present and future generations is indeed closing.

  11. Susan Fensten

    It was excellent and could have easily been twice as long. I love Bassett’s concept of the govt’s ‘extrication process.’ That is completely on target.

  12. MarkH

    We are in a world of risk analysis; it’s the best way for anyone in any field to get attention and scrutiny: Luis Elizondo, hats off for using it to our advantage and putting yourself under fire for us. I think as you suggested you will be running for political office if this report falls short is now a given. My question is will the military industrial complex be hamstrung by this disclosure or propped up by it? Especially in light of the Risk analysis narrative used to obtain these substantial advances? We must always measure what we will gain by what we will lose.

    Richard, regarding your comment assigning so much credit to the stars academy and a couple of NYT writers without acknowledging the individual fell short I feel. Let’s not lose sight of the evolution of internet social media and people’s loss of faith in mainstream media and governments at large, not to mention the youth techno-savvy populous that paved the foundation and has opened the way for this to occur. It’s a movement on a broad front not a narrow one.

    It would appear if most of the truths are held in the private sector, then this lifting of one of the thin layers of disclosure by the government, as Mr Bassett eluded to, could be the best way for the government to shed some culpability in the coverup and suggest hey we’re in the dark just like you. But, if as Ben Rich said …these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out… then the chances of getting ‘anything more than a confirmation that ET “may exist” in this disclosure from the government who has lost control over; the bulk of the material and data but most importantly the narrative to the internet, is just upside down pie in the sky stuff.

    Baby steps, what more could we want from the government than a confirmation that these craft are not of human origin. That will do me.

    It was riveting to listen to, great stuff.

  13. Scott Santa

    Imagine Steve Bassett and Grant Cameron trying to talk to each other – under time constraint. 😁 I’m looking forward to Part II for sure.

  14. Andromeda107

    Very interesting to see you and Steven Bassett go back and forth, although Bassett was little hard to follow at times lol; he was all over the place.,he would start to talk about one subject and never really get to the point or give a complete answer, he would go off into another subject before finishing talking the subjet he was talking about . I didn’t agree with him on Hillary being the disclosure president, I never believed she would be the disclosure president.Bill Clinton claimed he had already looked into and didn’t find anything, Hillary was already awar of that, she definitley wasn’t going to get anywhere. The coverup goes way above the president. In my opinion its under militray control, some high ranking generals/admirals that has been in the military for decades who,liked you stated before Richard outsourced it to some private corporation like Lockheed. Bassatt is living in a fantasy, thinking that disclourese is going to happen anytime soon, and that uap report is probably going to be a joke.

  15. Steven Cole

    Ok, a few thoughts on this conversation (“debate?”)… Having followed your work as well as Bassett’s for the past 20 years, there are a few key differences in your opinions and political insights. You are quite concise and direct and perhaps a bit cynical in your statements and considerations of all political matters UFO related. Bassett, however, speaks like- frankly- a politician. He’s… bombastic, over the top, and sounds like a salesman rather than an intellectual. He’s not objective whatsoever and never has been- he’s driven by his passions and allows these desires- as well as his own ego and maybe a bit of an inflated sense of self importance- to distort his clarity as well as- unfortunately- his credibility. He’s like the Washington version of Linda Moulton Howe: they both are extremely smart and experienced in their fields. Both are ALSO annoyingly long winded, possess unwarranted optimism year after year after year, and struggle severely with allowing their personal feelings (and desires) to obscure their work and lose credibility to the more perceptive, objective audience, suffering from “True Believer syndrome”. Both have done amazing work at times. Both have also drank the proverbial Kool Aid at the cost of legitimacy and let their belief blind them to the big picture.
    Oh- and yes- you had maybe 1/3 the speaking time of Bassett- but were far more impactful. That man can just go on and on… He should switch to decaf.

  16. SLICK

    Great job handing it to Basset! It was clear in 2016 the Basset was a variant anti-trumper. All of which wore rose colored glasses for everything all the time. he wore it on his sleeve to the point where he didn’t have to say a word. Despite the fact that you are just a touch arrogant it’s well balanced with a great intellect and thoughtful demeanor. That is why I am a Richard Dolan member. Steve on the other hand has all of your arrogance and then some. His intellect is average at best and shaded with obvious bias.
    As for Politics in general within the UFO/ET community I don’t see a whole lot of political bias or injecting of current political narratives. but It seems to me at least that in general the political left and right seem to gravitate to different area’s or aspects of the UFO/ET Phenomena. Foe example conservatives and the traditional J.F.K style liberals seem to gravitate towards evidence based aspects. Documented facts and history, Debris and crash retrievals and the technology aspects. Where as the Political left and Barrack Obama Style liberals seem to gravitate towards The experience side of things For example Alien abductions and downloads, CE-5 type contact.
    The only thing I would say Is in Regards to Elizondo. I think that Your Opinion of him is just about right on. The way he speaks and carries himself is easy to read. We both agree that he has direct knowledge of at least some of the recovered alien tech and much of what we know government is lying about. Lou Likes to pretend that he is a great patriot However Lou Elizondo made a pledge not to any president, commander, or Non disclosure agreement. He made a pledge to Uphold, Protect, and Defend the constitution of the United States! Elizondo’s NDA does not require him to honor or protect anything that is illegal or unconstitutional and that includes any program or project that is dodging constitutionally mandated oversight from elected officials. In fact Elizondo has a duty to report any illegal or unconstitutional activity up the chain of command. excluding those that aid and abet such unconstitutional or seditious activity.
    Lou Likes to pretend that he is a great patriot But if he thinks it’s patriotic to use his NDA as an excuse to ignore unconstitutional or illegal activity that we all know runs rampant and is systemic throughout government that makes him the same seditious coward as everyone else that also knows. We all Know that WSAP’s or USAP’s are unconstitutional on their face just as we know that the entire purpose of assigning a “special access project or program” as “unacknowledged” or “waived” is to dodge the constitutionally mandated oversight. and beyond this It’s almost certain that Elizondo uses his NDA to look the other way for many illegal and unconstitutional acts along with many others. Even though we can understand the kind of consequences he and his family might face
    in honoring his oath rather than spitting on is but to refer to himself as patriotic shows disrespect to his oath

  17. StreetDoc

    Bassett just simply irritates the heck out of me. I respect the time and effort he has put into this subject..l but good grief he seems to love to hear himself talk. I just cannot listen to him anymore.


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