Two Follow Up Videos from My Fireside Chat Yesterday

By | April 5, 2021

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I did a 30 minute Fireside Chat Podcast titled “Davos, Plato, and Dystopia.” In it I suggested that the global leaders who set policy for the rest of us are undoubtedly following in the footsteps of the philosopher Plato, moving toward a world ruled by philosopher kings (as they see themselves) and promoting “noble lies” (Plato’s words) in order to corral the masses on Planet Earth to follow the programs that they the rulers know is “best.” 

Here are two videos I happened to chance upon this morning that strongly support what I was saying. Before I describe them, I will point out to my friends on the left side of the political spectrum that both of these videos are outstanding critiques of what is happening from a left-of-center point of view. And I am quite sure that my friends on the right side of the political spectrum will find a great deal of insight in what these two speakers are saying. 

The first is the former Greek Minister of Finance, Yanis Varoufakis from an interview he gave three years ago. Varoufakis was a key member of the government of Alexis Tsipras, and both were members of the left-wing party Syriza. This as many of you remember was during the catastrophic Greek financial crisis and the national referendum on Grexit (which by the way passed by over a 60 percent vote and was then rejected by that very government, clearly under massive pressure from the European Union leadership). 

Varoufakis gives an extraordinarily clear discussion of the Greek debt crisis, which to this day continues to act as a wrecking ball for the entire nation. It’s a rare person who can clearly and without hyperbole or political rhetoric state what happened and why it matters, but this is what he does. Indeed, the overarching theme of discussion was the EU leadership believing its members were the only “adults in the room,” a very telling description very much in line with what I had been saying about the elitism inherent in their worldview. Varoufakis also provides many other insights, such as how the Greek bailout was never intended to go to the Greek people or institutions but instead to the German and French banks that were leveraged by their prior massive loans to Greece. In other words, the plan by the EU leadership was always to get European taxpayers to foot the bailout bill, ostensibly for Greece but in fact which immediately was transferred back to those very banks. He also points out that forcing Greece into the draconian austerity measures that have effectively ruined the country were imposed not for genuine economic or financial reasons but for political reasons, mainly because the EU leadership could never publicly admit where the bailout money was really going. Rather than allow Greece to work with a reasonable repayment plan that would have been better for everyone (even, eventually, the highly leveraged banks), the situation that transpired was designed to protect the big banks immediately by the European taxpayers, and to impose massive austerity measures on Greece essentially to provide the rest of the bank bailout and, as he seems to suggest, function primarily as political theater. The rhetoric of the EU leaders had essentially painted them into a corner and made them unable to speak honestly about what was actually going on. I would ask any economic experts out there to tweak or correct my interpretation if I missed anything in the above characterization. There is much more to this interview, all of which I found to be enlightening. 

The second interview is with a man named Nick Buxton, someone I was not previously familiar with. He clearly is a long-time observer and analyst of international global corporate developments, and describes what he calls a global coup d’etat by major corporations over global international and national institutions. He points out how corporate power is even behind the management of the Covid pandemic via the World Health Organization. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. He describes how the World Economic Forum (which he mentions is predominantly funded by wealthy corporations) has become a launchpad for important global initiatives around the world, and how it has gotten its hooks into such institutions as the UN and the WHO and more. He makes an important distinction between multilateral institutions such as the UN and “multistakeholder” institutions, which are not supported by governments but by large financial and corporate interests. Multilaterial institutions are on the decline, he states, while multistakeholder institutions are definitely on the rise, and probably already much more powerful than multilaterial institutions. He argues that the key decisions for everything in our world, from the creation of a digital infrastructure to management of the global pandemic, are dominated by these multistakeholder institutions. In the case of Covid, he says, it’s primarily major pharmaceutical companies, banks, and major foundations such as the Bill Gates Foundation. His general perspective is not radically different from one I have been expressing for more than a decade, which is essentially that there is no way to stop globalization, but the question is what will it look like? Will it be responsive in any way to the will of the people, or will it reflect only the interests of the most powerful and wealthy? Will it look at least somewhat like democracy, or will it look like fascism? Buxton has a lot of concern over things like climate change and also seems to oppose stringent border policies, and yet I find it refreshing to see a deep analysis of the “global coup d’etat” coming from the left, since the mainstream left for the most part has ignored any genuine review of the developments Buxton is talking about. For the past decade, essentially, such analyses have been vastly more common coming from the right side of the political spectrum. Buxton sees a coming rise of a global police state in the service of major banks and corporations, just as critics on the right see it. Very smart interview. 

Not everyone here will have an interest in these two interviews but I suspect quite a number of you will, so I have them here for you to enjoy.



17 thoughts on “Two Follow Up Videos from My Fireside Chat Yesterday

  1. Simmo1

    In a similar vein, I can recommend this video “The Super Rich Have no Country” from left wing comedian Jimmy Dore and his friend, conservative financial commentator Dylan Ratigan:

    Deep down what bothers me most about the ebbing of power from sovereign nations, is that the nation state is the best guarantor of human rights. Human rights need to be enforced via rule of law, and in the most extreme case, through violence (Fascism was defeated through extreme violence).

    What are the accountability measures used to keep supra-national organisations in check with public expectations, and hard won human rights obligations?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Glad you posted Jimmy Dore. I’ve been a fan since I first heard him. And I have had the same position as you on the nation state for quite some time. I see it as the last line of defense (although an extremely porous one, to be honest) against a transnational power structure that will have nothing to restrain it.

      1. OgronWaitress

        Thank you, Richard, for giving such a fair hearing to a figure from the radical left such as Varoufakis.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Lol I don’t think anyone truly considers him radical left, but he is left leaning and is clearly a brilliant man. In my view, he is one of the true gems who has walked among the truly powerful and came back to tell the tale.

      2. PressToDigitate

        It does nothing well.
        It was a Bad Idea to start with, and is *always* Poorly Executed.

        Other mechanisms of predation may fare no better for the average person,
        but adding the sheen of ‘legitimacy’ to theft, coercion and thuggery has in no way improved the outcomes.

        1. OgronWaitress

          I’m with Schopenhauer and Hobbes regarding the necessity of the state and state action to check our species’ innate destructive tendencies.

          1. PressToDigitate

            The foundational problem with that logic has always been that the legitimation of coercion and concentration of power in the hands of a few – *any* few – does not in any way “heal” that few of those same innate destructive tendencies; it merely empowers them to practice their predation of the populace in new and more insidiously effective ways, unchecked by the sanction of peers, as would be the case in a free marketplace. Government just concentrates the worst tendencies and impulses of Man in the hands of a select class of ‘authenticated’ rulers; legislators, bureaucrats, diplomats, police, regulators, military, etc., giving them essentially unlimited power to abuse those not so empowered, in ways that no private criminal could even aspire to (except by becoming politicians). That’s the irreparable, fatal flaw in the argument for Government.

  2. TomTort

    Both interviews are alot more interesting and informative than I anticipated. As I listened, I wondered what would Catherine Austin Fitts would say in response to what is stated. I think that her thoughts may segway in a discussion on weather manipulation and the tie in. Just a thought.

  3. Lauren2844

    I wish certain people would Stop worrying about how their liberal friends think about their stances and the fact some of us voted for Trump. Stop apologizing to them. There insane. Let then live in their liberal dying democratic cities.. but of course they never want to live there.. look at California. All the those Democratic lovers are fleeing California in mass.. Take Mr Liberal Democrat George Clooney who had a beautiful Italian chalet in a small Italian town right on the ocean. Well as soon as the migrant Refugees massed in the thousands by his million dollar home he was GONE for good telling his pal rande Gerber “that part of Italy became to dangerous for my wife and children”. He has never been back. Total hypocrite. After screaming that Italy should let in African migrants by the tens of thousands… he’s gone. Lets take Obama who keeps claiming how racist white America is seems to love living by nothing but whites in Martha’s Vineyard. Which is 97% white 2% Asian 1% other. 😆 You can’t make this stuff up.

    1. OgronWaitress

      The best time to delete that incoherent screed was shortly after you penned it. Now also would be more than acceptable.

  4. PressToDigitate

    Both are great examples of the fact that independent Anti-Establishment thinkers on both the Right and Left are aware of the same problems, with the same culprits, merely observing it from different perspectives. I became very aware of this through exposure to both “Tea Party” and “Occupy” activists and events in Washington, a decade ago. There was probably a 70% overlap in the grievances and fact-sets of the informed, on both sides between the two. Even most of the theoretical solutions had common elements on the Right and Left. The divisions between us are *manufactured*, to keep the actual Humans largely impotent in the governance of Our World.

    The questions raised in both of the reports you have posted above (and which you have addressed recently) are far more satisfactorily resolved by Conspiracy “Theory” – as informed by Ufology – than they are by any more mundane, prosaic, terrestrial political or economic explanations. I See your two videos,


    and Raise you one 627 page manuscript of “David Icke’s Guide to the Global Conspiracy” (2007) in PDF, which invokes the word “Hybrid” no less than 413 times, 356 of which are immediately prefaced by “Reptilian”:

    Among the best bits of the two videos I’ve posted are comments by Mary Rodwell, quoting Hybrid children raised on Earth as being fully aware of their ET origins, homesick for their Reptilian or Mantid original (prior life) bodies and friends, and conversant in ETUFO details which should be far beyond the imaginings (or comprehension) of such children – if they were fully Human. I had never heard Mary put it as directly as this before. Such Hybrid testimony would corroborate the theory that the ETUFO presence is engaged in disembarking Colonists, from an incorporeal state into Hybrid Container “wetware”, through some means of technologically-mediated Reincarnation. As to why everything else in the world is being manipulated in ways which defy both political and economic logic, That’s Why.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Hey PTD, while i only heard half of the second video so far, but a friend of mine watched it all (i sent a link) and thought it was very good. ………………………………I didn’t see anything about aliens or hybrids. But maybe Yanis gets into Reptilians. They may be a big problem in Greece. 🙂

      yours truly, rita

  5. Rob Jeffs

    Being a Brit who voted for Brexit, my main reasoning was a permanent lack of confidence in EU politicians. (I think it was Cyprus that sent a criminal to act as an EU representative.) Even now, it appears that they were unable to organise a program to support the development of a vaccine or distribute it efficiently.
    I wasn’t keen on the UK becoming a state within a federal Europe and losing it’s sovereignty. I still feel there’s a better balance for the UK remaining a self-governing ‘island’, with it’s fishing rights intact.
    I’m aware of the influence of rich families and the lobbying power of multinationals. Democracy only exists as an idea overwhelmed by party politics and economics.
    These people are not super-intellectuals with the ability to plan for the future, let alone predict it.

    Bizarrely, I do believe in the benefits of one world government. I just think that it’s way too early and will eventually come to pass as the result of a very messy evolutionary process, shaped by the best and worst of human behaviour.

  6. Cat Gardner

    both of these are great videos. so refreshing to hear people explain things in a way that offers actual insight into what’s going on.

    on that note…!

    This interview with Catherine Austin Fitts is REALLY good on the whole, and there’s a particularly interesting moment starting at 54:46 where Catherine outlines her current take on TPTB and their agenda:


    totally unrelated: is this BBC podcast one you’re familiar with? they have some interviews w/ jazz musicians you might like. 🙂

    here’s one on Chick Corea:

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