The Goal of the Reset | The Richard Dolan Show

By | March 29, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I have something tonight that actually goes far beyond discussion of the Great Reset. This talk tonight encompasses what I believe is fresh thinking that I am still not really hearing any place else. Is it that I am totally out in left field here? I don’t think so. I’ll be happy to see you all there when this program premiers at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. 



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  1. Spyros

    I dont know what it’s going to be about..but looking forward to it/ whatever you say .

    But have you considered the somewhat mundane & crazy idea , that geat reset is designed and planned years ago for the following after events : WW3, planet x/niburu system/ earth changes , as alluded to & stated by Alfred Bielek ? (I only learned of this man last week so please forgive childish eagerness. I thought I knew everything!!)

    I don’t think he mentioned nubiru then , but did mention 2000-2030, specifically 2020- ..202x time frame where all governments would have martial law, followed by a short WW3 and that in itself followed by earth changes … Which would result in collapse of all governments. & really screw society up .

    (& That would explain their rush for when after all of this the survivors would need a functioning society) . So the great reset is a kind of a 2012 (the film) ark .

    As much as I hate it for our society, it might be wise for if any of the calamities & Extinction Level Event(s) actually happends.

    (Ok I’d still not like it. But it’s why the PTB are so arrogent & blaze about it . Only they never told us the full why ) .

    I did 1+1+1 = 4 maybe , when a new planet x video stating 2022-2028 would be its passing phase surfaced for me (coast to coast), so it would explain the earth changes more .

    I am a simpleton. I am falling for the simplest answer , so I’m sorry for jumping on, & imposing, & borrowing your platform & curve balling your argument (have no idea what your going to say , and I’m still intent & interested to watch it ) to say all this , but it’s a theory. Wackier things have happened. I think.

    I was barraged recently last week with 3 seperate videos (coast to coast, Farsight RV prime , something about a nuke/s & Al Bieleks Philadelphia Experiment time travel prophasies, dropped in my feed ) all in essence saying/pointing to the same thing.

    And Thanks to listening to you for so long (& my own passions against what’s happened last 3 years), & your deep accurate knowledge of what’s happening (deepstate / cia / wef / Davos brigade) I brought in the great reset to these 3 things , & it all made sense. “Why the Rush” you always asked, foretelling , prophesizing-, alluding to & suspecting that they know something we don’t.. (or had kept from us).

    Last week was first I ever heard of Mr Bielek . But something amazingly / annoyingly clicked about him along with your & the other information & current recent events. (But maybe CIA-big tech liberal algorithms are trying to invade our/my minds & degenerate us &;put us asleap ? That’s a possibility too )

    Alfred Bielek (National Enquirer type advert on internet it started from), Philadelphia Experiment , Time Travel , USS Eldridge, + Niburu pass by 2020-2028 – explains “why now” & “why the Rush” – Great Reset.

    And I am stunned. Hope it’s/I am all wrong.

    Bit if Carter was indeed crying , and Admiral Forestall was told something to make him loose it , them this could be it or something to do with it !! 🙁

    Ok I’ll eat & Breath. Life & work still goes on for us . Be in the Here and now. Love. 🙂 !

    Ok. I’ll watch your video in 2 hours .

  2. iam080

    Hi Richard,

    With respect to 2007 case history, to let you know – I gmailed your keyhoe account (yesterday) with information which may be helpful.

  3. Dubh Sith

    You are good at UFOs. Notice that you talk about observational evidence when talking about UFOs. This was an opinionated narrative, and you’re far from narrowing down on a p-value on the null hypothesis. I do appreciate that you went full mythological while talking about how we’ve been SO “scientific” because THAT optimizes today’s delusions. To me, this kind of thing will get stale so quickly, it already is.

    When I was 8, I live in between the runways, at McCarran Airport (now Harry Ried Airport) and my dad had a top-secret clearance. My Uncle worked for the EPA. Because of family contacts, I attended the 50th Anniversary of the UN in San Francisco and stayed across the street from Bill Clinton. My daughter recently had to travel to New York for a UN vote, then to New Zealand for more cryptic reasons… I’d say my lifetime of observable evidence can dismiss your speculations.

      1. Dubh Sith

        That’s the second time you’ve seemed to project optimism on me. To be clear, I don’t expect people to see the error of their ways before it’s too late. I’m viewing that as a tragedy. But watching people’s heads spin because they soaked up authoritative narratives is entertaining. Optimism implies a preferred destination. I don’t think you even want to speculate on where I think that should be. I might pick the most entertaining. Possibly you’re right; maybe I am optimistic.

  4. PressToDigitate

    Yes, to all of it; BUT –
    The future trajectory we’re on is not just ‘Bad’, its bad in some very specific ways, which *could not have arisen* but from the machinations and orchestration of *many* Alien Hybrid Operatives, strategically emplaced within the National Security State, and among the Global Elites, for the past half century (or even since WWII or before), goal-directed to achieve the precise outcomes we’re seeing all around us, right now. From Feinberg’s “electronic integration of all Human Consciousness into a single, collective ‘Hive Mind'” objective, handed down within weeks of ARPAnet going online in 1969, to the ubiquitous, immersive 4-D “Metaverse” of Silicon Valley & Hollywood, that most people will be jacked-into with full-duplex neurotech, circa 2035 – when, coincidentally, organic Human procreation ceases – ALL OF THIS, that your editorial correctly laments, reeks of Alien manipulation of our society for their own ends. It matters not that most of us *want* “light, fluffy Aliens who are here to ‘Help’ us” – that isn’t what we’ve got, and the Space Wogs don’t give a damn about our expectations of them.

    With, presumably, our Intelligence Community, Military, Deep State, Aerospace Contractors, Academia, Technology Sector, Mass Media (and, doubtless, International Banking) Infiltrated and under non-Human control, or controlled by “Vichy Collaborators” in league with the ETUFO presence, we must think outside the lines if we intend to change this dystopian trajectory. We must abandon the notion that governments are negotiating on our behalf with the Aliens, in good faith efforts to find the best solution for Human Continuity. They are, instead self-serving vassals of a Colonial Occupation, wittingly, or unwittingly, molding the world to Colonial requirements. We see this in CRT and Intersectionality, in the Agenda21/30 “Rewilding” plan, in the Eugenic Mass Democide the Plandemic was contrived to implement, in the organized mass migration and dissolution of borders, in the destruction of traditions of faith, in the systematic dismantling of national cohesion and military capacity, in the “normalization” of Transgender and Transhuman, in the comprehensive negation of laws against violent or fraudulent conduct (as well as the supposition that “hurt feelings” somehow constitutes “violence”), and in many other ways.

    Many on the political fringe – a great many, arguably the most well-armed 10 – 20% of our population – already realize that the Establishment has been Infiltrated by “people” with a strange, “Alien” mindset. Although, in such numbers, it can hardly be called a “fringe” position at this point. These people generally know little about Aliens of the ETUFO presence, and tend to ascribe the bizarre thinking of the proglodyte political chattering class to ‘infiltration’ by corrupt sociopaths in the pay of the CCP, or some sect of Jews from Central Asia, or a Jesuit Cult, etc. But infiltrating Communists, whether domestic ideologues or paid foreign agents, would not have the strategic cohesion, internal security, preternatural persuasive abilities, and prescient perspective over decades that are clearly in evidence, and required to have achieved the success that they have to get us to this point.

    We are not now living in a future of abundance from Free Energy/Overunity technology, with Mile-High skyscrapers and Flying Cars, long past the needs for Homelessness, Hunger, Pollution or Disease, in a World Without War, with greatly expanded Consciousness, Intelligence and Lifespans, only for ONE reason: Only because our Alien Overlords have prevented it. That “Tomorrowland” future, which we were on track toward in 1969, and *would have achieved* on our own, culturally unmolested by the Abductors and their spawn, was *cancelled*, by our Visitors, because they have their own plans for this Real Estate, which don’t include *us*, except to tend the grounds and machinery, after they’ve moved in. In the Brave New World Order, the remaining 500,000,000 Humans will be the “Gammas”. The push toward putting everyone on a regular medication – your “Monthly COVID Boosters” – is just Huxley’s “Soma” taking flight.

    Keeping people OFF of government recommended medications, out of the Metaverse, unjacked by the neurotech, and, perhaps most importantly, at this point, ‘unchastened’ in their reproduction, is the the only hope our species has of maintaining a revanchist or irredentist remnant enclave in a future world dominated by Hybrids in which that portion of Organic Humanity remaining integrated with “the System” constitutes only a menial lower [slave] class. Fifth Column Quislings within Ufology want to welcome these “Visitors” with open arms, and pretend that the Millions of people violated by them over the last 67 years didn’t happen, that [at least Hundreds of Thousands of] passable Hybrids aren’t working among us (in this country alone), and that the current C19 Eugenic Bomb (“Wuhandromeda”) that has claimed Millions of lives, is not their fault. But that’s what all of the information we have is telling us.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I probably agree with this. You know that. Saying such things publicly would be hugely problematic for me, for the obvious reason – for starters- that I’m just making allegations without anything that would satisfy a demand for proof. I understand the frustration on your part and anyone else who wants me to go even further out there. I’m not saying it won’t ever happen. The key would be to put the scenarios out as hypotheses, theories. I definitely agree with every word of your last paragraph.

      1. William May

        Boy, Richard, really heavy discussion going on here. I haven’t been very worried about the future until lately. I think Biden is doing the best he can under the circumstances he has been faced with. For a while there I thought two news agencies were trying to start a civil war in this country.
        In order to have a civil war you need a clear alternative direction, like a bunch of states that want to secede and start a new country. What we have is a bunch of upset people with no answers or clear direction. I think we are still a long way from a digital world dictatorship. The digital world is fragile and becoming less trustworthy every day. A few surgical EMP strikes could bring the whole thing down. We should never have allowed our infrastructure to become so dependent on it. Of course we are having huge inflation because we need vast amounts of money to fix our domestic problems and that makes the dollar worth a lot less. In the 60s gas prices bounced from 19 cents to 40 cents, averaging around 30 cents a gallon. 30cents in the 60s would buy as much of anything as 3 to 4 dollars will now. 2 dollars an hour was about the same as 20 dollars an hour now.
        What worries me and I don’t really understand, although you did an excellent talk about the history of the Ukraine and Russia, is why Putin decided to start this war. The people of Russia were doing better than they ever had in history with Putin as their leader. The rest of the world was accepting Russia as a pretty good place to live, much like the rest of Europe. That’s why the people have kept him in power for 22 years. Now the rest of the world is looking at Putin like he is Hitler. He is directly responsible for the death of thousands of Ukraine citizens, women and children. He has lost thousands of his soldiers and the world is enraged over this. He has put Russia back to the dark ages except he has nukes. If he uses one tactical nuke over there it could set off a massive retaliation that could make a large part of the planet uninhabitable. It is crazy. Why don’t we know better than war in this enlightened age. What the hell is wrong with us?
        I really like your little talks Rich. I think you are a pretty smart guy. Take care

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Thanks, Bill. By the way, I just finished listening to yet another analysis of Russia-Ukraine by Scott Ritter. Anyone remember Mr. Ritter? They should. He is by far the most insightful analyst in the West out there on this, at least in my opinion. This is a 90 minute interview that surpasses anything available in the west from any source. for some sanity and clear minded on the situation, I recommend listening to this.

          1. William May

            Thanks Richard, I will check in out. I don’t believe the news is fake but they are biased. I watch BBC a lot.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      I would say, PTD, that hybrids could happen without ET being on the planet. Just ‘designer babies’ is a kind of hybrid in my own thinking. I sincerely can’t get into the ‘fear narrative’ or ‘threat narrative’. And imo, this is a big time threat position ET wise. So who needs Independence Day scenario, which is what had been debated a la Carol and Werner? A threat by any other name……………………………………… 😉 Actually, i don’t think Carol ever specified what form the false flag would take.

      And i agree with your advice in the first sentence of last paragraph. And i have been that way , anyway, just because it is how i roll. 🙂 Those things, to me, are primitive consciousness with high tech. When i read ‘transhuman’ as it is often described, i think of it as ‘sub human’. Remember, i just thought of this, “We are Devo”?

      It seems to me, and anyone can tell me if i am way off, that so many people talk about all the techie developments as if they are so wonderful and transcendent almost. I just don’t think that way. I am not in that area of life work of course. However, it does not impress me as i don’t see it as an evolutionary step since it is limited by the consciousness that created it, to steal from Albert E.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        No one ever responds to some of my most frequent comments. Oh well. If the idea of ‘projection’ onto data and scenarios is not going to be acknowledged with regard to ET narratives, not to mention ‘motives’, then i don’t even think a sincerely authentic discussion will happen on the topic. I guess not acknowledging personal political backgrounds and world views that are cast upon all of the dots that get connected via each one’s own biases and beliefs about the nature of reality make things a lot ‘easier’. Maybe that is why no one seems to consider ‘human’ consciousness and psychology all that much whenever i hear most anything or read anything regarding *how* people interpret whatever is discussed regarding ET.

        Sometimes i feel exactly the way i feel if i read or hear MSM. I believe that first starting with Self Awareness is crucial to understanding *anything*. What i see so often that i am seriously disheartened, again and again, is projection of all human ‘evils’ upon those other than humans. And i am sorry , but it is no different than blaming ‘demons’. And i see that enough around ufo communities as well. It sounds like fundamentalism to me. However, i am a minority, so i won’t be of consequence. But so what? I will still say what i think and feel as long as i don’t get ‘cancelled’. If folks don’t relate, i guess it isn’t my ‘place’. 🙂 Obvious. That is also disappointing. But not. It won’t stop my own interest in the subject as it has been with me forever.

        Also, just because i am not on board with evil hybrid/ET thinking, doesn’t mean i am a new agey, waiting for ET to rescue me kind of woman. That is just lame. And again, very fundamentalist. Angels and devils.

        okay. over and out.

  5. Annabell

    Thank you for an excellent discussion on the The Great Reset.
    Everything you said about what Humanity is facing is very supportive of your Followers. I think people that are against the Reset are trying to be brave – my heart is broken over it. Humanity is not valued by the C___l ! It feels like Suddenly we Humans have no value. The children in this time span must be confused. I am seeing online news that some feel TGR is already defeated. I’m not so sure. I know that most people will never give in to the Nanny State and will fight to their death before they will be controlled.
    Looking forward to more discussions on this topic.
    Again, Thank you.

  6. itsmeRitaC

    “The moment we no longer have a free press, anything can happen,” Hannah Arendt warned. “What makes it possible for a totalitarian or any other dictatorship to rule is that people are not informed; how can you have an opinion if you are not informed? If everybody always lies to you, the consequence is not that you believe the lies, but rather that nobody believes anything any longer. This is because lies, by their very nature, have to be changed, and a lying government has constantly to rewrite its own history.

    On the receiving end you get not only one lie—a lie which you could go on for the rest of your days—but you get a great number of lies, depending on how the political wind blows. And a people that no longer can believe anything cannot make up its mind. It is deprived not only of its capacity to act but also of its capacity to think and to judge. And with such a people you can then do what you please.”

    Excerpt from Chris Hedges article today about being suddenly ‘disappeared’ from youtube.

    I am listening and thinking about how nothing is that different in essence. The changes in technologies are what is new in all of this. But it has gone on in my lifetime, before there was even an ‘online’.

    Who believed that the u.s. is god given and exceptional and that the ‘reds’ are/were monsters? I see that thinking often enough in the ufo community. Still. And that mindset predates the ‘web’. Certainly Hannah predated all of this. IMO, what we are seeing is the same kinds of mindsets and operations with far more vehicles for manipulations, etc.

    No doubt i will continue listening and have another comment to post here. 🙂 Thanks Richard.

  7. TomTort

    I have mentioned the 4 top Conspiracy Theories to several people, The Kennedy Assignation, 911, The pandemic, and the Alien cover up. It is when I get to the “Alien cover up” that I see eyes roll. The Pandemic gets a strange reaction, but when the word “Alien” is heard, people really get turned off. I think there are too many of us who take science fiction movies as just entertainment and don’t realize there are hidden elements of fact presented to them without their realizing it.
    However, many people have “a bad feeling” about the PANDEMIC but, in general, realize something is not quite right, yet are not sure if they can say for certain their suspicions are correct. On the other hand, there is a much higher percentage of people who have researched the facts and have concluded the public is being screwed and may have something to do with the “New World Order.”
    What I find interesting is the fact that a large segment of whom I have spoken to are certain the world population is being manipulated but are at a loss as to why and for what purpose. Some have referred to the George Orwell novel, 1984 and the novel “Brave New World,” to explain what they think is evolving.
    The typical statement I hear is, “There is nothing I can do except live my life and hope for the best.”
    There seems a sense of hopelessness in their attitude and a resolve to accept the changes with some hope things won’t get out of control. I, also, find that there is a great deal of concern for the next generation. I have jokingly stated to some of those who feel helpless, “Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.”

  8. SunPower

    I don’t know if this is still said: “When ET disclosure comes it will devastate human religions and destroy human society.” But you seem to be saying religion is/was a controlling factor, okay most conventions of society are. But how would two separate ant colonies interact? They certainly still go to war against each other with specially bred (genetically enhanced for purpose) soldier ants. They have done for thousands of years in an unchanging manner. The ant hill society is unchanging and would react slowly to large scale earth changes and not be able to prepare for the unforeseen future. And how would a human set of overlords be able to control an ant hill of 9 billions when they previously employed continuous lying for years for this purpose and now they’ll use genetics and chemical markers? Sketchy planning in my opinion. I don’t think these changes are occurring organically either.
    IMO, AI will never understand the color orange or humor. The speed of change toward a nebulous future is stagnation. 2 million years of evolution can not be bootstrapped by a human into something superior to itself.

  9. Matthew Palmer

    Richard, I know this is a topic you have been discussing consistently for some time now. I definitely agree with many of your points and see much of it as inevitable. Like you it is not something I am enthusiastic about in the least.

    One aspect I have always struggled to envision however is an end game. If large scale control is what is desired, I can certainly conceive of this being aided through the aspects of transhumanism and advanced technology that you speak of… in the western world. However, consider how many people on this planet still live in desperate poverty. The countries where this is the case tend to be some of the most populated on earth – West Africa, large parts of India… for perhaps millions of them, daily life probably consists of subsistence farming, building shelters, surviving a myriad of communicable and infectious diseases, and sourcing enough clean water to drink. Add to that the fact that large swathes of them are probably not significantly influenced (at least currently) by advanced technology, surveillance etc. I often wonder how control of these numerous poor people would be ‘beneficial’, for want of a better word, to any elite persons, and/or how they would go about it. I think it is easy to forget sometimes how large this planet is (relatively speaking) and just how difficult it would be to literally control everyone.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      thanks for the comment, Matthew. Well, one of the interesting things about Africa, at least in the Eastern regions of Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, etc., economic growth spurred by Chinese investment is some of the highest in the world. 5G networks and highly advanced digital infrastructures are going into place with great speed. Standards of living seem to be improving dramatically. I’m not saying poverty is being solved there, but from what I have read it seems to be lessening — just as the digital surveillance system there, too, is being swiftly put into place. I agree with you that there are A LOT of people in this world and the system we are seeing being put into place will take some time for a truly global implementation. But it’s happening. The technologically advanced nations are getting it first, but I do think the rest will follow in due time. Maybe another generation, maybe two, in order to gather up and collect the stragglers.

  10. Lynn Burns

    I have often thought about this quote from Joseph Campbell since his “Power of Myth” series.

    “When you see the earth from the moon, you don’t see any divisions there of nations or states.
    This might be the symbol, really, for the new mythology to come.
    That is the country that we are going to be celebrating.
    And those are the people that we are one with.”

    Was he being a bit optimistic? Perhaps he couldn’t have conceived of a the impersonal mythology of Technology.

  11. itsmeRitaC

    I came back and am listening further.

    One point. What recent ‘psychology’ in general has been all about is the misguided worship of ‘brain chemistry’ since it means a drug type ‘anti’ therapy. People are victims of brain chemicals, which they blame on genetics. As if they have a clue. And people are highly addicted, at least in america, already.

    Since this particular probable road our ‘world’ has taken is highly, highly unsustainable, along with solar cycles, major earth changing events, etc, i personally don’t think that this line of ‘development’ will go past the next decade. But i may not be here. Who knows? 🙂

  12. Max

    Richard//I’m fascinated by your conception of civilisations changing in phases, and how there’s always been under control in terms of God or humanism and so called liberalism as we approach our contemporary civilization.

    You say that we Humanoids have been around this for millions of years and then becoming homo erectus and neanderthals and then Cromagnon 200000 years ago as hunter gatherers, but that things changed with the agriculture revolution 10000 years ago,

    You say that we that humanity is has always been violent and has always protected itself through huge barriers with battlements around their, their villages, towns and settlements.

    We see this conceptualization in spiral dynamics.

    And, indeed, I think there is a transhuman agenda and it’s not a transhuman agenda from the point of view of genetically modified or artificially modified human but from the point of view of ET manipulation.

    Of course, we’ve been, I believe, influenced by ETS for 1000s of years.

    At the same time, I think there’s evidence of the existence of other civilizations on this planet, that have been less mechanical, less materialistic and more spiritual in their ways.

    I think, glimpses are seen in the great pyramids and also in the Bosnian pyramids, which are 30,000 years old

    . As you go further back in time, it is customary are to believe that people live as groups, in so called hunter gatherer times, but in fact, after living as previous civilizations without battlements.

    TheYounger Dryas stadial, cool period between roughly 12,900 and 11,600 years ago occurred after a comet struck the planet causing an enormous flood

    The Göbekli Tepe is an archaeological site near the city of Şanlıurfa in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey with enormous stones with wondeful inscriptions and astronomically aligned

    Graham Hancock believes it is a sign of avlost previous civilisation marked by the number of pyramids w found all over the planet

    I think that shows a propensity for humanity to go towards peace rather than violence. I

    think we are actually programmed for peace and not for destruction.

    We have a triune brain, but that true and brain is
    The frontal cortex. And what is called the angel lobes of the prefrontal cortex has a faculty for deep spiritual insight

    we have a propensity more than anything else towards spirituality.

    And I feel itvissuch shame we do not understand the nature of spirituality.

    We tend to see God as being a hegemonic structure, a way of disciplining people and perhaps that was the case to some extent, and in the Old Testament to Hebrews were controlled by a disciplinary God.

    But We have ancient wisdom or esoteric wisdom, which is a different way of thinking and different way of being and this shows there is a basic core of truth inherent in the universe.

    This has been worked on in many, many different universities around the world, particularly Institute of Noetic Sciences, Princeton University, and Duke University.

    Such people includes Ingo Swan and Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff, and also people like Rupert Sheldrake, and more recently, Ervin Laszlo, have talked more and more about the nature of consciousness, and a way that consciousness can actually change the world.

    We are not materialistic entities. We have complete connection with the total universe.

    In fact, as Ervin Laszlo says, the universe is a self referential Akashic quantum living field where everything is maintained, at the expense of everything else

    The universe gis an organising field of information, where attractors come together as living forms, with a purposeful intent, which goes far beyond our veneer of so called capability.

    Humans are very much subject to the functioning of the universe.

    Although we may be in a time of severe dystopia, we still have the universe which is far vaster and far more significant than who we are.

    I’m sure there are extraterrestrials or ultra humans, who are much more capable of understanding and being with the universe and having the own kinds of kinds of technology

    . But I think above and beyond else, for a civilization to actually develop itself andto become planetary or even part of a solar system group of planets are part of a group of stars. It has to go beyond materialistic mind capacities.

    We have to realize that there’s such a thing as a law of karma.which is inbred in the universe.

    The universe is structured on a core base of enlightenment and it is a loving universe

    We currently stand on a teething ground, where humanity is just beginning to raise itself in little steps into Sapiens, and we’re not even at Sapiens capacity, yet.

    We only use the one part of our intelligences.

    We are not using the science of consciousness in any way.

    So there’s lots of things that are available to us that we are not understanding or, or expressing

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you for this very interesting comment. It is another fundamentally different way to understand who we are, and I definitely appreciate your putting it into words, as do the rest of us I am sure.

  13. Robert Duvall

    Of course, Richard, I am going to take this entire conversation in a different direction.

    In recent years (since 2017) I have learned things about history that have eluded me since the beginning of my journey back in the early nineties. We all have our journeys; we all have our own ideas regarding where we are right now and how we got here. When it comes to unraveling this MESS there is nothing that does it better than the historical records of old. Personally, I don’t give a shit about what the governments or the deep state apparatus are up to, because they will not win, nor will any of these globalist changes work out for them.

    When I studied and analyzed the involvement of UFO in our nuclear weapons effort and began to really understand what exactly was going on, I knew the one thing that was missing was the actual context for it, the basis that would say whether it was for our good or going against us and therefore a threat. So rather than publish which would have been dangerous anyways given the bastards who run things, I decided to find that context through deep ancient studies. It took me a few decades to learn how to study history. I did things like visit the vatican to remove the veneer they tend to put on everything, analyze all academic theories regarding the agricultural revolution and compare those to what was in the records. I read all of Sitchin’s work and the mainstream interpretations of the Cuneiform writings for analysis and comparison, did other major cultural historical studies and compared them all to each other looking for areas of agreement and overlap, know what needs resolving, and I am absolutely considering Mauro Biglino’s work as it is way more pertinent than 99% realize.

    There are aspects to what I have learned that would blow you away – well maybe. Probably though.

    I emailed you. It is time we talk about history and what it means. It is time we share thoughts and try to understand each other’s approach. What are we really studying? I think it is time to visit that question. I sent you my phone number. You might not know this, but I am no longer in Washington State, I am now in New Mexico. It has nothing to do with UFO. Zero.

    Let’s talk man.

    PS – I finally got to NY. My daughter is attending NYU, a special part of NYU. I thought about you while there, but the time spent was pretty intense and it took me weeks to recover. I probably will go back at some point, so maybe we can arrange to get together. Take care, my friend.

  14. itsmeRitaC

    One last comment here. Yes, there will indeed by those who ‘don’t fit in’, in the ‘future’. I would say that has been the case throughout history , past and in the present so i would imagine that will continue onward. My guess is that it can make life difficult as it always has and may end up in imprisonment, which is also the way it has been.

    And i also believe there will be those who ‘see’ behind the transitory illusions, to the deeper historical themes that are occurring. It has been the case throughout history and no doubt will continue.

    That ‘party of the future’ with all those digitally enhanced humans or hybrids (i think that is implied but i am not sure), is not one i would want to attend anyway. So it wouldn’t be a loss for me.

    Much of what i am hearing you say, if i am not misunderstanding, is a type of reality i have seen going on already. And on another note, which just came to me as i write this.

    About fifteen years ago, and i spoke about this with a couple of other people back then, there was a “metallic, grey” kind of energy i began to sense/feel. It was subtle – like it was within the atmosphere. In fact, i made a connection to ufos sort of innately. And that is when i began to feel the need to check out the field again. I wanted to see if there were updates on the topic since i hadn’t kept up with it for several years. In fact, that is when i came across your talks online – from those European ufo conferences.

    Well, i had forgotten about that! 🙂

  15. Annette Brooks

    Hello! New member and glad to be here. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your personal views and hypotheses on the great reset. With undergrad degrees in philosophy (emphasis on modal logic, existentialism, and epistemology) and clinical psychology, and career-wise, becoming a C-suite executive in the communications/tech sector (now retired), I’m keenly interested in technology, especially AI/singularity, social constructs and psychological influences, and political science. It’s fun to openly listen to different viewpoints and compare and contrast, and yours are exciting and thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing them!

  16. Peter Squire

    I for one am like you Richard in that I’ll never support this great reset global revolution although it seems to be inevitable.

    One good thing for the future anyway is that these NWO globalist b@stards cannot reset will be the next ice age… That’s when planet earth will have have the last laugh against the globalist psychopaths like Bill Gates and Co.

  17. Helen Overton

    Thank you for the information you are sharing. So few people speaking out and this may well be due to their knowing they will be censored. I am just one of many who seems to feel something is just off with the world and we are heading to a dark place. Appreciate your thoughts.

  18. Katie Foster

    If anyone has ever experienced abuse, especially Pathological Narcissistic Abuse, then the NWO becomes very understandable and predictable. The Gang in Charge aka the PTB are NOT doing anything altruistic. Their only wish is to further their own wealth and power. George Carlin said it best, “They Do Not Care, They Do Not Care!”

    The correct response to this gang of NPD’s is to familiarize oneself with their Psychopathy which includes lack of empathy, antisocial values sprinkled with criminal behavior including lying, stealing, and cheating.

    The Big question is: Are we mature enough to stand up to the NWO NPD’s?

    For further information on Pathological Narcissism, Dr. Les Carter, is an excellent resource.

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