The Globalist Revolution, UFOs, and Transhumanism | The Richard Dolan Show

By | January 18, 2022

Hi everyone, 

I will be going live at 8 p.m. on my Youtube Channel for this program. I’ve put some work into it and I hope you can “tune in,” as it were. As always, 8 p.m. Eastern time and this link will be live about a half hour before I start. 

[update: it’s live now!]

Hope to see you there!


29 thoughts on “The Globalist Revolution, UFOs, and Transhumanism | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. BrianRuhe

    Globalist Revolution, UFOs, and Transhumanism | The Richard Dolan Show

    Very good live stream!

    Richard described how AI can lead to dystopian transhumanism where we are plugged in to the metaverse and lose personal community and relationships. Hang on to real community. At 50:30 Richard warns us about “the hive mind” but I think the Greys have a wholesome hive mind.

    Around 51:00 he again said, that he believes people emotions have been manipulated to love insectisoid aliens but I don’t believe that. He said aliens don’t have much emotion and we should not lose our emotions but I think Greys do have positive emotions, not negative emotions and they are better.

    Richard asks, who is behind this? He doesn’t claim to know and I respect that. I don’t know either. I think it is either good or bad aliens. Maybe the good Grey aliens feel they need this trans-humanist agenda to bring humanity along to a good transformation they have planned for us. That’s a might BIG “IF.”

    He ended by saying listen to the deepest spiritual part of your soul which is buried under layers of emotional crap. The greatest crime against humanity was to bury it. Beautiful, spiritual exhortation by Richard in his closing remarks!

    Richard recent email exchange with me is on my blog at

    Brian Ruhe

  2. Sean Jepson

    I’d just like to echo the feedback you’ve got on YouTube and say what a great video this was. Coming from a great place with great perspective and phrasing. You have an uncanny knack of unifying some of thoughts I have floating around my mind, It seems to me that we’re existing in a kind of suspended animation at the moment; punch drunk from the COVID shot and waiting for the next false flag catastrophe to give us a sense of perspective about how to feel about the last one, We’ve become used to living in chaos as you’ve said previously. All the best – Sean.

  3. whatif

    Excellent talk Richard. Thanks.

    Please don’t misinterpret any of the following questions as combative. I truly would appreciate your thoughts.

    Did you bypass the stolen election subject on purpose? Regarding Trump’s 2016 “surprise” win despite the election rigging that was unleashed that year, you said it yourself, “there was too much at stake”, Trump was threatening the globalists 100 year plan in the making. Thus, a 2020 win would result in an even larger setback if not an outright dismantling. Right? They NEEDED to install a puppet. Biden… 80M votes? o_O The evidence speaks for itself, beyond convincing, but I understand why you’d stay clear of that subject with your subscribers.

    What are your thoughts regarding covid vis-a-vis the flu magically disappearing in 2020 and the CDC now admitting the covid PCR test not discerning between the flu and covid the entire time? And the government paying healthcare facilities for covid as the cause of death and for covid-positive tests. And with the global total death count statistic not showing ANY inconsistent rise in deaths in 2020? In other words, do you really still believe covid is a life threatening virus?

    One glaring problem with your “virtual world” software hypothesis (and required human sensory interface) is that the technology is nowhere near where it needs to be to make the transformation possible. A more likely scenario is “just kill 75% of them.” Why else is vaccination their central focus? It’s certainly not to vaccinate; anyone with a modicum of brain goo is aware that not only are the “vaccines” not effective, but a lot of young “vaccinated” people are collapsing with heart problems. Think Occam’s razor. I pray I’m wrong here.

    I do believe as you do that the elites are committed. I am, however, less convinced that their plan’s completion is inevitable. More and more they appear to be panicking. The U.S. has resisted perhaps much more than they planned for. Maybe they have a special plan for us. Only time will tell.

    As an aside, I just finished reading, The UFO Deception, by Father Spyridon Bailey. Although a Christian take on UFOs, about 80% of the book is comprehensive coverage of the UFO subject. It’s amazing how thorough it is. Not knowing of the author, I was expecting less informed UFO coverage and more spiritual depth. But pretty much just the last two chapters are reserved for dense spiritual/Christian hypothesis.

    In my own view I believe Christianity and ETs are not necessarily mutually exclusive. But I do have a more open mind regarding demonic manifestation as a plausible theory. The author makes a sound, educated argument. He also rips into Carl Sagan, which alone is worth the read.

    (whoops, just realized i posted this on the wrong talk, should have been for the prior one, oh well, still semi-relevant here, apologies)

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks for this feedback. there are a number of specific contemporary political issues that I have steered clear of, very explicitly so. I’m sure you and others realize, there’s only so many controversies I want to step into at one time. As far as the capability of technology to plug us all into the matrix, I certainly agree that we are not there yet. But I have a feeling it will not take long before it becomes very, very persuasive and seductive. I don’t think we have to be at the level of completely realistic immersive reality for it to be highly addictive. But of course, the technology will continue to improve every year. I’m not familiar with the book you mentioned, but I will keep my radar on it. Thank you.

  4. Ben Bishop

    Hello Richard,

    Thank you for this deeply insightful and moving talk. You are articulating many thoughts that I have had myself since 9/11 and, in particular, during the past 10-15 years.

    I am a new member and I have been thoroughly enjoying your articles and lectures over the past few weeks. I currently reside in Toronto but I had been living in Rochester from ’08-’15 while attending grad school at the Eastman School of Music. I’m now kicking myself that I wasn’t aware of what you were up to while I was living in Rochester or I would undoubtedly have attended some of the local UFO Meetups. Sadly, I do recall a fellow Eastman student telling me that a prominent ufologist lived in Rochester but they made you out to be some sort of crackpot.

    I have had at least two personal experiences, the first of which was a sighting of a craft slowly flying along the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, probably around 2:00 or 3:00AM back in 2006 or 2007. While the craft may have been triangular, it seemed to lit more as if it was a Y shape with three even arms. I was driving eastward along a road that parallels the river, 98th Ave NW, which is set apart by a strip of parkland and the object was flying a relatively low altitude but was completely visible to me just above the trees. At the time, I decided to roll down my window and noted that it was eerily quiet with no discernible noise from whatever was driving the craft. To the best of my recollection, the arms of the craft were lit in red, orange, and yellow (I wish I had recorded my thoughts back then so I could be more certain) and while they seemed very bright they didn’t emit light in the same sense that lighting on conventional aircraft do. It was almost akin to seeing one object in colour that was superimposed atop a black & white image. I followed the craft down the river to where the river curves to the north at which point 98th Ave climbs out of the river valley. At the top of the valley there is another road that heads north to follow the river but I realized I was spooked and continued eastward towards home.

    My second experience occurred when I was very young and living in the small town of Edson, Alberta, which is located just about a two hour drive straight west of Edmonton. I estimate that I was between three and five years old at the time which places this event to 1980-1983. I was awoken in the middle of the night to some sort of being standing or maybe even floating over the the end of my bed near the footboard. To the best of my recollection, it didn’t appear like a grey alien but was more colourful and almost more like a “being of light.” It did have a face of some sort as well as a body with appendages though it was quite diffuse and almost cloud-like. One thing I remember distinctly was that it was holding some sort stick or probe. The strange thing is that I thought to myself that this must be a very vivid dream but I quickly convinced myself that I was awake and this was very much real. At the time, my sister, who is little older than me, was involved in some sort of ice festival for young figure skaters and she was going as a clown. In an attempt to rationalize what was happening, I put my head beneath the covers and then decided that it must be my sister trying to fool me with this costume and perhaps a flashlight. I closed my eyes tightly and made a dash for the door. I seemed to make it out okay and I headed for the closet where the clown costume should have been hanging. The costume was still on its hanger. Following the event, I always described it as my “clown with the stick dream” to my family and I’m still quite unsettled that I can remember it in the way I do after so many decades have passed.

    I just thought I’d share those two items with you. I hadn’t considered that the latter encounter might have to do with aliens until recently. What do you make of it? Have you heard of any similar sort of event or being?

    All the best from the north side of the lake.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Ben, nice to have you aboard and I’m sorry we didn’t meet in person while you were in Rochester! As for being labeled a crackpot, well they say any publicity is good publicity. Your sighting and childhood experience are both very interesting and many thanks for sharing. best, Richard.

  5. Darlene Falcon

    The technology is closer than we think. Check out Alison McDowell’s site and photonics computing and and look up Elon Musk’s info on his neuralink (brain implant). Check out Dark Net on Netflix to see all the folks excited about adding technology inside their bodies. Check Corey Lynn’s site for her investigative reports on SEL (social emotional learning) and vaccine passports. There are a number of awesome people watchdogging the psycho leaders, and technology advances. They are doing excellent work.
    I’m glad to see you on this too, Richard. Great presentation! You nailed down everything! We all need to prepare for what lies ahead. Thank you fir your research!

  6. whatif

    They’re not going to “manage” the “useless eaters.” Why would they bother? They are going to murder them. Perhaps the vaccine is a tool toward that goal, we shall see. But the elites have already tilted their hand, and managing us doesn’t appear to be in there. One billion is the goal. Net Zero is the vanguard.

  7. Lauren2844

    Please Let Trudeau stay firm with the truck drivers of the world..PLEASE! Cause once Canadians start starving and see their children starve…. Trudeau will be swinging from a beam with his favorite black face on.
    Nothing brings on uprisings like true starvation.. not I’m Hungry… No. No. Starvation. When that happens.. rules.. laws… Social cohesion ALL goes out the window.
    Richard get to a last stand state with your love ones. Idaho in the Summer, Spring, Fall. Winter in Florida or Texas.

  8. Craig Champion

    Great question as to what the agenda might be as far as these stealthy, hovering craft, not to mention outright abductions; thanks for keeping this question alive. Consideration: to entrain human thought into more of a “hive-mind” might save the planet, thereby preserving the formerly more-destructive humans as part of the overall, global ecological niche.

    Got it – community remains critical in order to retain fundamental human qualities. Geez, Richard, you nailed it – spiritual awakening is the supreme goal.

    Many thanks!

  9. Steven Cole

    Great stuff as always! Question- have you checked out “Closer Encounters” by Jason Reza Jorjani? It’s new and really has some wild, well researched theory and concepts in it, some of which I haven’t even thought of, let alone read about. I’d love your analysis of this one, it’s all encompassing and written a bit like a dissertation- well written actually- and really is like nothing else I’ve read- snd I’ve read a LOT- on the ufo phenomenon. Thanks as always 👍🏼

  10. HappyCup

    You seem to have a way of stepping over enormous piles of BS and getting right at the heart of this issue specifically.
    I would say that this particular presentation is exactly what every American should watch and understand right now. I would say “global citizen” but that’s the kind of talk that got us here in the first place.

    Honestly, people just not knowing what’s going on is the number one problem in my opinion.
    It took a few years to sluff off the negative propaganda regarding nationalism and capitalism the academic world infects us with but I really understand the value of it now that we are facing their abolition. The fact that it has taken 30 years to fully overcome the first 20 years of “education” I was forced to endure illustrates just why it is so difficult to clue people into our current predicament. Let’s hope most people are at least where I am and are capable of understanding what you are saying here.
    It is so important we all understand how fear is being used to enslave us and allow this “global revolution.”
    Once we understand it we can fight it.
    Thank you Richard.

  11. itsmeRitaC

    People must think technology is God. And i don’t mean a guy with a beard in the sky. I think my cynical view of all that is techy serves me rather well as far as ET threat scenarios go. Btw, since it has been said here that the ‘Threat’ scenario isn’t playing out…………………………………….There are ways to discuss such a scenario without casting Will Smith as a fighter jet pilot.

    Just a quick comment. I don’t find technology at all fascinating or even addictive. I am starting to think my DNA code was manipulated when in the womb. I think the ‘good guy’ ETs made me find the silicon valleyite , microdosed mindset to be quite pedestrian and narrow.

    I am not attempting to be popular here. Sorry about that folks. I do *know* that everyone has the right to create their own paradigms and connect a billion dots in whatever ways reflect their own beliefs about the nature of infinity.

    But one thing i will never allow is for ET to steal my precious bodily fluids! I am counting on our brave space force to stop that from happening. 😉 They can take my immortal soul, but not the fluids!


  12. iam080

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Are you aware of the Beekman Place Manhattan connections of James V Forrestal?

    As I’m sure you know, there are circles within circles of power. Both foreign and domestic adversarial plutocrats exist. At least during the 20th century onward, there seems to have been internecine intelligence-community conflicts which powerful human groups have papered over.

    Who controls the golden goose and keeps it out of public hands?

    I think your latest show highlights the quickening pace of change which has, for a long time, been led by plutocratic investment strengthening control & manipulation & against the interests of a common good. Without a fairer, more humanised rebalancing of societal interactions, all our individual spiritual, intellectual and systemic development will remain suppressed – corrupted – for benefit of the few over the many.

    = The maintenance and enhancement of a secure plutocracy.


    My analogy of modern technology is that its a bit like a fast flowing sewerage pipe (or busy intestine). Depending upon your constructed perspective and/or weight upon the throne / hierarchy, such pipe (or body part) could be considered the greatest expression of Humanity or an utter shit show.

    In terms of civilisation, modern tech is a product of our Humanity and should serve a function which reflects collective need. If it doesn’t function properly, there’s big trouble in paradise. To focus purely on technology without consideration of other aspects of society is to ignore the blockage of a greater whole – posing damning repercussions down the line.

    An insular, blithe attitude of – Let them eat cake – processed by the sewers leads to revulsion. ie. there are breaking points in every cistern of control. With 8 billion people on this planet, there is a human flood of misery that may not be perfumed away.


    Like many other rational minds, I’ve also come to the conclusion that in order to preserve Life our species must engage in a peaceful transformation with better engagement of one-another. Without a change of collective mindset which bypasses powerful vested interests, the technological creations of our species will likely destroy much of the Earthly biosphere sustaining us. Where (long predicted) resource collapse does eventually trigger devastating conflict.

    In that context, Fakebook’s Metaverse entertainment technology is a Pantomime to mask seriously damaging events happening in the real world. My sense is that tipping points are being reached, that is, time is running out – and with an advanced computational basis, those in power know it. The promotion of such powerful men and their families actually caring for local community, state or national interest, seems to be false.

    IMO Based on current trends, further over the horizon delays to Disclosure simply pushes our species closer to a self-induced Doom. That is a “security” consideration which appears to have been wilfully ignored over many decades of misleadership.

  13. Helene Beaumier

    Hi Richard,
    I would like to add a suggestion here that noone on the ufo chatrooms seem to consider…
    That WE have the power to change the course that is set before us by being mindful of our thoughts and focusing on peace.
    It has been shown through quantum physics that human consciousness affects how reality arranges itself at the molecular level, and it’s a reality that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I think that this is the reason why they have been feeding the fear mongering scenarios in the recent years, because it keeps history on the course that they want.
    I believe that we are at a fork on the road of humanity’s history, where we go either more community oriented, more in tune with nature in an organic way (without necessarily going back to bronze age, we can do this all the while keeping the useful technologies and dumping what no longer serves us) or as you see it, a technocratic totalitarian enslavement of humanity where we are basically pods like in the matrix.
    How we think and where we send our energies will determine which path we take as a whole.
    I have been “plagued” my whole life with supernaturally events, hauntings, visitations, unwelcomed entities following me in life and through dreams, never knowing why exactly this happened to me except for the fact that hey, my aura emits more energy than most and so it feeds those paranormal elements.
    But I have come to realize recently that there must be a reason for that, and this is it. I have the energy to tune in and create reality, all humans do but I think some more than others and I think Tracey is exactly the same.
    We have to meditate, be mindful not to go into negativities and focus all our energies on peace and a positive future.
    Please tell her this, she will probably understand.
    I’m not a new ager, I like to be realistic and sometimes the facts add up to a weird place, and given the life that I have lived and the things I have seen sometimes that weird place makes a lot of sense to me.
    Excuse my sometimes badly synthaxed sentences, I’m French 🙂

  14. Marilyn

    Hello Richard,
    I am a new member, and I have read many of your books and followed your research for a long time. I look forward to exploring your site.
    I noticed in the video, that you connect the idea of “globalism” with “progressivism” and even threw in a mention the “Build Back Better” bill.
    The Build Back Better bill (dumb name and inept messaging) has features for providing universal pre-K and affordable child care, paid family leave (or did they take that out?)–stuff that already
    exists in most other industrialized Western
    democracies and can hardly be considered bizzare or radical.
    “Globalism” has become a popular right-wing conspiracy theory, a replacement for the world-wide “communist threat” that died with the end of the Cold War (think of Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove and the “poisoning of our bodily fluids”)– though “socialism” remains an ever-popular whipping boy, despite government subsidy of the military industrial complex.
    The creation of more “perfected” humans is not only a feature of left wing “progressivism.” 20th century fascism was also very concerned with the creation of a “new man” and a “new order.” So was Marxism. Yes, the revision of human nature is an ever-popular totalitarian project. Even the Biblical Deity commanded Abraham to walk before him and “be perfect.”( I don’t know exactly what these ideologies wanted the “new women” to do, but I would bet it still included housework.)
    You no doubt know this as a historian– war, economic shocks, and epidemics/pandemics such as the Black Death in Europe lead to outbreaks of irrational behavior and social anxieties.
    Note the rise of antisemitism, currently.
    As for super intelligent A.I.s and everybody getting plugged into the matrix, I wonder if any of those A.I.s could figure out how to help out with housework? But, maybe if we are all plugged in, we won’t care anymore if things get a bit messy, or, maybe, Mom will still come down into the basement to tidy up in the real world.
    I surely agree that we need to try to care for one another in our communities and back away from hatred and division. At least, get out of the house and go for a walk, or take up gardening and offer some of the extra produce to your neighbor. Thanks for your contributions.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Marilyn, thanks for writing and being here. Yes, part of my main point is that progressivism has had a longstanding and largely undiscussed marriage to high level capitalist and financial interests. It’s not just the folks on the left who are contributing to the coming transhumanism (and authoritarian globalism), although much of current progressive ideology in my view is supportive of these types of developments. But the main thrust, far more powerful, is coming from the global capitalist elite. Personally I support many mainstream social safety net systems. I just think that not only has the system been hijacked, but so have most of our public talking points. I don’t think that calling some of this a right wing conspiracy theory does justice to the matter. But I thank you for voicing your opinion. I think it’s something important to talk about.

  15. Marilyn

    Richard, thank you for your reply. Sorry, I didn’t mean that what you describe as globalism is only or solely a right wing conspiracy theory, rather, that the global capitalist elite, uses those ideas for its own purposes, to manipulate people and events, just as it uses progressive ideas. And you are right, our system has been hijacked.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, no problem Marilyn. As someone who thought he was of a lifelong liberal persuasion, I have to say I feel totally left behind by liberal politics of the last ten years. We could see this coming a long time ago. I remember first hearing the phrase “politically correct” in 1986, being used unironically by a fellow progressive. This was before it became used pejoratively by the Right. Even then the concept struck me as neofascist. But that was only the beginning, it turned out. What was once a genuine working-class movement moved into something very different and alien to me. I now believe that the left has become very much part of the globalist elite game plan, some of them wittingly, others not. I still believe in the old ideals: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, anti-war, and basically support for the little guy, especially those without multiple university degrees. As a young person, I always saw the cultural Right as against those things I believed in. I don’t know how accurate my attitude was, I suspect it was more biased than I realized. But now, they are the ones (in my view) who are standing up for freedom of speech and conscience. Is it because of principle, or mainly because now it’s their turn to be on the back foot? Do people REALLY have the principles they claim to have? I have really come to wonder about that. As for conspiracy theories, btw, I proudly claim the title of conspiracy analyst. I think conspiracies happen all the time. 🙂

      1. Marilyn

        Hi Richard,
        I appreciate your thoughts on this matter. I find myself “without party” in terms of the two mainstream American political parties. I have been registered “no party” for many years, something I don’t mention to my Democratic or liberal friends, but will mention to my Trumper acquaintances, those that still talk to me. I suppose I consider myself a “social liberal” in the tradition of John Stuart Mill (utilitariansim) and I do want to preserve our Republic, what’s left of it.
        I also consider myself to be a feminist, rather a moderate one by today’s standards, an old second-waver. (In my early days of feminism, I remember that I wanted to be able to apply for credit card in my own name.) My partner is Jewish, originally from New York, and his father was a labor organizer. I usually stay away from any sort of internet chat forum because of the hostility from trolls who attack feminists, but the attacks can come from both the left and the right these days, and be quite vicious. I took a chance on this one because of my life long interest in the UFO phenomena. I just couldn’t resist; I have followed your work and I look forward to your new volume of UFOs and the National Security State, which I will buy immediately, so get to work! As for the right wing supporting freedom of speech, I am not sure I agree with you there, but I think, for example, that conservative speakers shouldn’t be “cancelled” on campus and that sort of thing. But so much that’s happening on the right, I would not even describe as neo-fascist, but as just plain old fascism, racism, white supremacy, etc. There is a lot of money behind it, coming from the corporate capitalist elite, for example, the current campaign to ban books in school libraries. Yes, some on the left are neo-fascist; I guess they are trying to invent something new. I am originally from a rural area in California, and about half of my family and old friends there are now avid Trumpers, and I still love them. They have a right to their opinions, but I don’t want them to get sick or die, because I care about them, not because I want to deprive them of their freedoms. I am an agnostic, but practice what might be described as earth-centered spiritually, so I am part of the “flowy robe crowd” of Californians that you mention. That made me laugh, and it’s so true! I usually avoid the robes, but of course some people think the robes are the best part. Well, this is more than I have posted anywhere for a few years now. Thanks for your work and have a nice day.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Thank you, Marilyn. I have a feeling that many of us here, including you and me, would actually have a very positive and productive conversation about all of this if we were in a room together to talk things out. I really believe that. In earlier years, I had conservative and liberal friends, and in fact most people I knew had them. While I STILL have friends on both sides, things have become very precarious. It’s so polarized now and the fact is that everyone on this site and (I believe) most people outside this site, share much more than we disagree about. Disagreements should not be the end of the world. I will say, however, that I do believe a full-speed-ahead global revolution is underway using both corporate-financial AND “progressive” means to achieve it. The entire process has helped to bring me to a place of spirituality I never had previously in my life. Crazy. Anyway, I am grateful to have you here.

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