Richard on The Higherside Chats, Part 1

By | March 3, 2022

Hi Everyone, 

My bad for not making this available here immediately, but I missed Greg’s initial notice to me (sorry, Greg!). He and I did a wonderful two-hour interview, the first part of which is fully public and I have linked here:

Richard Dolan | Global Totalitarianism, Technocracy, & The Alien Agendas

The second part is for members of his site, but Greg has graciously provided me with his special members link for members of this site as well. So if you want to hear the whole thing, you can just go to the next post, which will be for members only, and you can listen to the whole thing there. 

Many thanks to Greg Carlwood for such a wonderful conversation. 


One thought on “Richard on The Higherside Chats, Part 1

  1. T. J.

    Shame on Rich for keeping this stashed away for however many days it was 🙂

    This was a great interview and I really appreciate it. I love the question he asked about your opinion on the rest of the UFO community in similar communities that are supposed to be aware of government psyops yet have been screaming at us to get the shot and hand over our liberties!! Bravo! You two knocked this one out of the park!!!

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