RDS April 2, 2018. The Dangerous War on Fake News

By | April 4, 2018

Governments have promoted dis- and misinformation very deliberately throughout human history. Since the end of the Second World War, the U.S. has led the way in this matter. And yet, we are now told that “fake news,” specifically in the form of alternative media (and primarily “alt-right” media) is the great new danger facing the public. In fact … no … that’s not the great danger, not at all. The real danger is that so-called fake news is the latest opportunity that the power structure is using to fight alternative narratives that they don’t want you to hear. Richard spends the first hour discussing how the war on “fake news” is a real threat to you and me, much like the war on so-called hate speech (another pernicious concept). The second hour finds Richard discussing why the UFO research community should be very concerned about the war against “fake news,” as UFO researchers themselves can easily be next on the chopping block. Because as bad as things may seem, they can always get worse. Finally, Richard wraps up with a discussion of some very, very strange cases of encounters with apparent non-human beings. Such encounters are very likely an important reason for UFO secrecy in the first place.

2 thoughts on “RDS April 2, 2018. The Dangerous War on Fake News

  1. sunbinder

    Very informative. Would like to see the actual trend on the whole fake news clamp down as it actually progresses. Are there any analogous historical precedences of this nature, afterall things do repeat themselves when we don’t progres socially. I am a little ambivalent, though, on the concept that thoughts not to be taken as seriously as physical interactions. If we are to move forward in the mental realm, shoudn’t we develop some form of greater awareness and understanding of the rules of ‘mental engagement’ that goes beyond what we currenrly do? That is, shouldn’t we realize the power of thoughts and learn to control them towards benevolence, rather than rely on typical laws enforcement against malevolent ones? Finally, I assume you are aware of the proliferation of books and material elsewhere on paranormal encounters (such as those found here, at http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com)? How would your contributions differ? BTW, how exactly do yousee youself? I’m interested to know, because in some respects, you are very much an activist – though also an historian – adding some sardonic sense of humour into the mix, it can be refreshing. But, I’d like your perspective too. Best to you and yours, in helping us raise ourselves higher. Regards.

  2. Kit


    Nice presentation. No government should ever assume the power to decide what is true and what is not. This is Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth.” So who decides?

    As Richard explained so well, fake news, hate crimes and hate speech are all ideas designed to prevent reasoned discourse, criminalize thought and to make your decisions for you. I would add social justice to the list.

    Stanford Hoover Institution economist and author, Thomas Sowell, explains that social justice is not justice at all. Real Justice is a process, not an outcome. The process has been developed in western culture over several centuries and has reached a refined stage. It consists of rules, rules of evidence, innocence until proven guilty, cross examination and others that make up jurisprudence. This formal process is followed to fairly determine the guilt or innocence of the accused. If the process is followed faithfully, we say that justice has been done, regardless of the outcome.

    Social justice is an outcome, not a process. Guilt is a foregone conclusion, determined by whatever group can most powerfully intimidate it’s opponents. No one is ever found innocent in social justice. Social justice is nothing more than mob rule. It obliterates reasoned discourse and arbitrarily criminalizes thought. It calls itself justice but it is the exact opposite of justice. It is just one more propaganda weapon like fake news, hate crimes and hate speech, used to obliterate personal Liberty and personal responsibility and to replace them with a regime of global authoritarian control.

    So who decides what is true? You do. For your own peace of mind, you must learn how to evaluate information as accurately as possible. The schools don’t teach it anymore but there is help available. For starters, look up “The Trivium.” It really is possible to think clearly. Its up to you. It can be done. Do it.

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