[RDM] The Past, the Future, and the Aliens

By | October 24, 2021


Hi Everyone,

Okay, FINALLY settling on a space that I think I like — the thing is, the old venerable Collab Room (where most of my videos have been shot over the last few years) is going to be used for other things and I have been trying to decide where I like to do this best. I think for now this is my solution. Hope you like it. 

Anyway, my theme for this talk is one that I find very interesting. Many of you know I’ve really gotten into studying human origins and pre-history. It’s helped me with perspective on the matter of UFOs and aliens, and also on the matter of the current transformation of our world.

Several important ideas in here. Main ones are that

  1. we are witnessing a tidal wave of transformation going on right now that is likely eliminating the last of the traditional, alternative forms of community that have existed in human society for thousands of years. 
  2. What we are seeing instead (despite public attention to concepts such as diversity) is the creation of a kind of mono-culture that is suited to serve one thing: the 21st century technocracy that is enveloping everything in its path. 
  3. Indeed, the culture wars we see going on around us are nearly fully explainable as the fight between those who promote the new culture and those who resist it. 
  4. This system probably requires totalitarian control, simply because there is no way such a swift and total transformation can be done purely democratically or peacefully without massive resistance. 
  5. This may be a completely inevitable transformation. Just saying. 
  6. Then there are the aliens. They are clearly here, and are well aware of this Great Change. The question comes down to: are they micromanaging, or are they managing just enough to get what they want out of this process? This would be happening with or without them, so to what degree can we say they are guiding it? Ultimately I think we need to have a real understanding of their psychology and society to get the best sense of what they are trying to do. Meanwhile, the fact that they are clandestine and seem to be infiltrating is enough to form some ideas.

There’s much more in here, hopefully with some nuance. Would love to know what you all think. And I hope you enjoy.