RD Interview on The Rundown with Kristan Harris

By | April 8, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I will be doing a live interview with Kristan Harris who hosts a program called The Rundown. I met Kristan during one of my rare public appearances in 2021, at Pine Bush, New York. Kristan is extremely well plugged-in to the events going on in this world and we had several private conversations. So I am sure this one will be worthwhile. 

It’s only for an hour. Hope you find it interesting. 


18 thoughts on “RD Interview on The Rundown with Kristan Harris

    1. Thomas Fattorusso

      Rich please speak w john ramirez CIA ret. Before he drops outta sight it seems his revelations on the air force NASA etc. ” patches” alone prove the concept of how dumb the elite think we are that they can prance theses things in front of us on the rockets and unit designations and they happen to be right! Guys like ramirez point this out brilliantly he Is also an experiencer so I really believe he should speak with you as you are one of the few people who can gently but firmly push him ask prudent questions with depth etc he is a treasure trove of info I think or a total nut but I don’t buy that nor do I think its a money grab
      Here’s hoping u speak
      Also makes me think Icke is not a complete nut either ,,,,,the way ramirez ties reptilian and special family lines into his Slides that is truly worrisome

  1. rightangle

    Ah yes, the old MJ. The guys who came up with laughed because it was a nod to the other agents spreading “mumbo jumbo.”

  2. Steven Cole

    Great interview!! While I don’t subscribe to all of your beliefs, I do think many are spot on and thank you for being brazen and ballsy enough to share them with the world!

  3. Craig Champion

    As another thought regarding what may be black-budget ufo craft; it’s possible that the rifts between the various military agencies is responsible for why non-US Space Force craft are deployed and chase after some of these craft that utilize alternate propulsion systems. Institutional infighting and a lack of overall cooperation, coupled with the ongoing ultra-secrecy associated with the latter agency (perhaps an aspect of the Dolan “Breakaway Civilization”) may perpetuate the norm, as in not engaging in wars such as Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if bases are off-world (for instance, the side of the moon that remains out-of-visual purview). Just sayin’…

    Anybody got any of these purported “anti-aging” pills? I’ll probably need another few lifetimes in order to grasp the ufo phenomenon…😆

  4. 6EQUJ5

    Hi Richard,
    I really disagree; we are not dangerous to (ET). They are most likely just watching us and if the laugh maybe laugh at us a bit. If we were a real danger to them (it) then we would be gone.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      My opinion is probably a minority one, so you are probably in better (larger?) company than me on that matter. Still, I do think we could easily be rocking some boats if unchecked, and that is why I think one or some groups are interested in managing us.

      1. Bernard Pelletier

        I agree with M. Dolan. It’s refreshing to hear a view that isn’t misanthropic and space-brothers. The space brothers cult was invented by aliens. Unfortunately, it has become very widespread. And it is essentially transhumanist–very evil stuff. It goes hand in hand with totalitarianism, plutocracy, and organized crime. And yes it does go above the human rulers. The Cabal agenda is the same as the alien agenda. There is a film called Disclosure by LA Marzulli which includes an abductee filmed in 2016 who was told by aliens that soon there will be genetic modification of humans thru vaccination.

        But I don’t agree with him calling the exterme left ”progressivist”. It is certainly not progressive nor liberal. It is totalitarian and plutocratic and criminal. The mythos of the ‘liberal left’ is just tthat. Many people are cemented with the idea that the left is necessarily liberal and progressive, and use the words ‘leftist’ and ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ synonymously or interchangeably. That mythos and great deception was achieved by the ultraleft thru pervasive societal propaganda and brainwashing. The left always had plutocratic, puritanical, elitist, and totalitarian factions (for instance, it was capitalist elitists, Marx and Engels, who invented communism), but as it is now, it is 90% radicalized, desensitized, plutocratic, puritanical, and totalitarian.

        And the idea that a human pilot would be killed by the speeds or accelerations of UFOs is nullified by the fact that they use anti-gravity.

  5. Andromeda107

    Really good interview, I have listened to it twice. Kristan had some of the so many of the same thoughts as you Richard, especially about transhumanism. You guys meshed really well together. No doubt I am going to listen to the interview a third time. Also Richard I think some of the reversed engineer crafts are being used out in space . I think whoever is running the black projects, there main goal is to operate the crafts in space.

  6. Dubh Sith

    Far from providing sound analysis, he seems to have fallen for (or helped perpetuate) every Republican targeted political scam in recent years. It seems like there is a concerted effort to politicize the UFO topic, which will ensure the only thing people know about UFOs will be which side of the latest manufactured crises they should support. I hope that pattern doesn’t continue.

  7. TomTort

    Very good interview. It is always good to hear when you are interviewed because you bring a fresh perspective to topics previously discussed with additional information allowing me the opportunity to re-explore the topic. I find re-exploring a topic brings on a fresh thought process eliminating any faulty conclusions I may have had. I would love to have heard your past conversations with Edgar Mitchell, but I am sure those were never recorded.

  8. OgronWaitress

    You pose two awful possibilities for mankind’s future: alien dominance or Globalist dystopia. Personally I’d take the former every time.

  9. OgronWaitress

    Richard, that was another great bit of listening. But I’d like to gently take issue with you regarding your frequent references to progressives believing in the ‘perfectability’ of man or society. Would you firstly define who ‘progressives’ are in 2022? Because I see many many points of difference that exist between liberals, the soft-left and democratic socialists? Utopian ideals don’t belong in today’s world and I see no evidence that the Left are actually promoting them at this time. I also don’t recognise the picture that you paint of progressives wanting to ‘destroy the family’ simply by redefining what a family can be in the wake of social changes in society over the past 100 years? These ‘anti-family’ and ‘utopian’ barbs I most often hear deployed disingenuously by the stokers of Moral Panics, whose work is never done. According to the script, the Left are more focused on failed revolutions and utopian reboots of society than dealing with today’s problems. I’d say that actually the Left has its hands full just stopping capitalism from imploding in on its many inefficiencies and contradictions. Impeding nascent fascism in Europe and North America is also the height of pragmatism in the work of the Left. Centrists have never stopped fascism, only accommodated it. So, please, Richard, don’t throw the ‘progressive’ baby out with the Globalist bathwater. We want the same as you.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks very much for this perspective. Whereas I do think there is an underlying element to the long history of “Progressivism” (not all of it bad and much of it very good of course), I do see the fundamental direction coming out of the 18th century Enlightenment (of which I am an admirer) but which included the poisoned pill of this idea of the perfectibility of man, or of society, if only we “progress” from the old to the new. The new always being better than the old. I agree that sometimes the new IS better than the old, but not always. Also, I do take your point that not everyone who identifies on the left or as a progressive wants to destroy all the old institutions. I imagine we can agree there are degrees — many degrees — of how people feel about that. So I appreciate your corrective.


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