[Members] The New World Order–In 1976

By | August 14, 2019

Yesterday during the most recent Intelligent Disclosure I made a brief reference to something I had intended to insert into the visuals but simply neglected to at the last minute. This program was concerned with the recent news about how the FBI created an Intelligence Bulletin earlier this year concerned with the dangers of “conspiracy theories.” I’ve linked the video above (which of course is on my Youtube channel). 

One of the “anti-government” conspiracy theories of concern to the FBI apparently has to do with discussion over the New World Order. The implication in the document (never openly stated) is that this is a false conspiracy theory, or at least a dangerous one. My point in the presentation is that it appears to be an entirely true “conspiracy theory.” 

Toward that end, I intended to bring a few screenshots of a book from 1976 titled The Rockefeller Files by Gary Allen. It’s one of quite a few conspiracy-oriented books from the pre-Internet era, but it’s certainly not the ravings of a madman. It’s a pretty well researched book, frankly, with good analysis of the financial power of the Rockefellers. 

One thing mentioned in this book, and I have no idea how Gary Allen got this information, concerns the phrase “New World Order.” On pages 61 and 62 of this book, Allen mentions how the four Rockefeller brothers (David, Nelson, Winthrop, and Laurence) had a phrase they were currently using to describe the international oligarchy they were creating for themselves and their peers. It was “New World Order.” Here is the link to his speech to Congress on …. September 11, 1990. 

There was also a speech from around the same time by Brent Scowcroft, Bush’s national security advisor. I have the date of this somewhere in my notes, but since I am doing this post at an airport, I trust you will forgive me for lacking the exact citation. But here is a Youtube link to his speech.

Most people attribute the phrase to these two individuals, but here is Gary Allen writing about it 15 years earlier.


As you can see, he is quite clear in this. Now, GHW Bush was always close to the Rockefellers, rumors of any alleged rivalry notwithstanding. Here is an article demonstrating what I mean.

Now, maybe it’s just a crazy coincidence that Bush used the precisely same phrase that the Rock Bros had been using for many years at that point, or maybe we can assume there is something deeper going on. That there was a specific agenda in the works, and that Bush knew precisely what that phrase meant and for whom it was designed to benefit. 

Perhaps I am wrong about this, but I think it’s a fair statement that this is something of genuine public interest and not mere “conspiracy theory” to discuss such things. Much less something dangerous, violent, or terroristic.