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By | November 19, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Two days ago I had a fantastic conversation/interview with Benjamin Grundy of Mysterious Universe. For those of you who may not know, Ben has been hosting this podcast for many years. He’s one of the best. 

Plus, he’s in Australia. So, while discussing UFOs and the new documentary I am appearing in, The Observers, we discussed the lockdown in Australia and much more. This was a meaningful discussion on all levels. 

Here is the link to my interview on Mysterious Universe with Ben. I hope you enjoy.



19 thoughts on “Interview with Mysterious Universe

  1. Bob Levey

    I’m constantly complimenting you and I wished I could add more to the conversation but I’m still pretty much a beginner in the research so my apologies for lack of historic knowledge.
    You are so right on the money in your concepts of how we should live and where we should go as a society and as a global unit, big applause!!!
    There are many who are caught up with so called experts that I just cannot hang with, they’re entitled to believe what they believe and so am I.
    I need knowledge based on some kind of facts, you present those all the time, thank you

    Your Jazz friend
    Bob Levey

  2. Sierra Neblina

    For some reason I cannot access this interview at says I have to have a subscription to something ?please advise

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      High Sierra! I don’t have a membership to mysterious universe either, but there is an audio bar on the page that just plays the interview, no problem. Can you see it?

  3. Bjofod


    Im with you, no jabs here either. For each day that pass it becomes more clear that it is about something else then covid. The video I link to here can be interesting. Stunning report, why dont we hear anything ?
    btw. Austria was in a way strongly connected to both the start of WW1 and WW2.

  4. Steven Cole

    Hey Richard, thanks for the post! It was an interesting conversation, to say the least. And I totally agree with you on a number of key points- minus the vaccination thing. When push comes to shove and we look at the global situation here, every single person I know who has not been vaccinated is either ill-informed or refusing them solely on principal because they do not like the government “forcing” them to get them. A concept which I too disagree with in principal. And please don’t feel offended by this. However… given the amount of death snd personal loss I’ve experienced through the pandemic there have been many people I’ve known that succumbed to Covid who either missed or opted not to get a vaccine. I haven’t lost a single loved one that’s been vaccinated. Furthermore, our DNA is altered every single day. Everything leaves a mark on our DNA. You of all people should be aware of the fact that they’re even looking at DNA retaining memory of EXPERIENCES. Not to mention the countless other vaccines the “anti vaxxer” folk have already had, including you I suspect. It just feels that this is a form of silent protest to the political nightmare we’re edging into, and it’s coming at the cost of lives. So many lives. Im all about civil disobedience but not in this fashion. Plus, as a vaccinated person it feels kinda crappy that folk of this mindset are essentially relying on the responsibility of OTHERS to protect themselves through herd immunity. It almost feels hurtful, or at least inconsiderate, for so many people refusing vaccinations given the fact that where I am it’s part of my civic duty for the safety of myself AND others, as well as sensible. Can you imagine folk in 3rd world nations dying from preventable illnesses hearing about privileged Americans (and others) refusing free vaccinations for a global pandemic? Talk about first world problems, I guess. That said, I have people I love not vaccinated- though the number shrinks daily- and I support your right to refuse one, as I do anybody else. So please don’t take this as condemnation, I’m just expressing a perspective from my point of view which is generally in the middle, politically speaking. Also, while I agree that we are hurdling towards a global fascist state with accelerating velocity, I was wondering, what alternatives do you think should be set forth? That is to say- clearly the world is dysfunctional as it’s running. And the change it’s heading towards seems even worse. So what alternative would you suggest? Thanks as always for your candor and treatment of the ufo topic and reminding folk that it is important to gauge the political climate along with this phenomenon’s “disclosure”.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks for this post. We will come back to this discussion. In fact, I haven’t had a flu shot in probably thirty years or more. And yes our DNA is changing all the time, but why oh why do people who used to distrust Big Pharma as a rule find it necessary now to kiss Pfizer’s a**, after that company paid out the largest settlement in history ($2.3 billion) and clearly controls (sponsors) so much content on our news media. What happened to this critical perspective? Why did no one discuss the benefits of Ivermection and Hydroxchloriquin? Those aren’t imaginary. but those drugs don’t generate profit. Why don’t health officials talk about Vitamin D deficiency? As Brett Weinstein has said, that is the lowest hanging fruit of all, so easy and obvious and yet never discussed. I think it’s because this is not about public health but control. Sorry, that’s what I think.

      1. Olof Röckner

        Your voice is so important in this subject as well as the others you are bringing up in all your videos. It puts me at ease to hear a rational voice in the static of repetitive mantras based on nothing else than tabloid news sources. We will eventually see where all this is heading. Untill then we need to think, talk, interact and discuss all angles and not cancel everyone who is concern about their health or side effects of being a guninea pig.

        Thanks for all your great content! Also looking forward to more of the Andreasson Affair in the future. It was spellbinding to say the least.

        Best regards

  5. Phaelon

    That was a very enjoyable and interesting conversation to listen to, Richard. I loved every second of it. What seems quite baffling and difficult to comprehend sometimes – is this notion, that what we are going through as a species – this technocracy/4th stage of humanity – is somehow related to an ET influence. That maybe because of the lack of – or no evidence that can really prove it. For those that are unaware of this technocratic takeover, that we are “progressing” towards – and are completely unaware of the evidence that pertains to the presence of ‘others’ – are *really* going to struggle with the possibility, that they are both connected.

    Much appreciation and thanks to you and to some of the members on this website, that have brought these two concepts together.

    I think an interview/discussion with Patrick M. Wood – in exapnding on this topic, would also be worthwhile and interesting.

    Even though it is slightly off topic, I also think an interview/discussion with David Paulides, would be of a benefit to us members as well. Unless there’s an older recording that I’ve missed.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. ccarter

    Great interview! Is there anyway to get the rest of the podcast for your members here? I would love to hear the rest of it. Thanks for everything you do!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      That interview was everything we talked about. Ben and I did have a few more things to say afterward, but none of that was recorded. He is a great guy and a fantastic interviewer.

  7. Simmo1

    Thanks for this discussion with Aaron. I actually got metaphorically slapped in the face by you both by one short part of the conversation. From about the 51.00 mark you’re talking about the trajectory of technological development and its negative consequence for mankind and Aaron says words to the effect of “if we hadn’t developed the silicon chip you and I could be speaking telepathically”.

    That resonated very strongly with me as I’m currently reading a blog post series from Chris Knowles at the Secret Sun about the murky beginnings of the computer age (

    This is a quicker but no less useful summary:

    His intro the series goes “By far the most popular series in the history of The Secret Sun was 2016’s Lucifer’s Technologies series, which looked at the explosive growth of computer technology following World War Two and argued that its birth may be a little weirder and more troubling than what you may have been told in school. The things I found about the creation of the transistor and microprocessor – and the men behind their creation – not only changed the way I saw high technology but eventually led me to realize that this world is powered by sorcerers and not scientists.”

    Chris Knowles rejects the mainstream story of the development of the transistor and largely accepts the Colonel Corso version of seeded alien tech. His particular thesis appears to be a variation of the more recent contention from Jacques Vallee, Grant Cameron, and Diana Pasulka that the Roswell crash was not an accident but a “gift” of technology. He goes further to hypothesise that the gift of technology was induced by magical ritual by (I don’t know who yet, I’m not finished with his series lol).

    But there are other examples of technological gifts brought about by occult or consciousness techniques. Tyler Durden in American Cosmic uses consciousness techniques to induce the inspiration for extremely lucractive high technologies that have made him very wealthy. Other occult researchers have drawn attention to Jack Parsons from JPL engaging in magical rituals just before the dawn of the space age with the implication that he received inspiration for space technology from the Others.

    Personally, I’m increasingly open to magic/occult/psi/consciousness techniques being a key way to get the intellectual property for next generation tech breakthroughs. But I’m left wondering “why?” Why would the Others give us these gifts. My working assumption was that they were helping us grow up and grow out into space. Because they’re good friendly people.

    But a lot of them definitely aren’t good and friendly. How do we know if we’re being given tech for the right reasons? We don’t really, we just assume it.

    So your conversation with Aaron smacked home because it showed an alternative explanation. That tricking us into relying on computer technologies has successfully suppressed our natural faculties. Not just psi abilities like RV, but potentially our mental and spiritual connection with the rest of the universe. This week Joseph Farrell had a conversation with Dark Journalist where Dr Farrell pointedly highlighted that COVID lockdowns prevented people from gathering in places of worship, minimising their spiritual practices, especially *group intention*. Group intention is a legit form of psi practice but we’ve lost track of how effective it can be in our dumbed-down de-spiritualised world.

    Ultimately, I suspect the end game of this world’s TPTB, and their off-world allies/masters is to keep the population of Earth in a mentally and spiritually suppressed state, and the “gift” of computer technology has been instrumental in focussing our attention (and intention) in the wrong places.

    Anyway, thanks for fitting in that piece of the puzzle for me, it was like a revelation.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you for this comment. Lots to say about it but (a) I have admired Christopher Knowles for many years; he is extremely smart and insightful and always worth reading and (b) I think I agree with the gist of what you are saying, in that our reliance on advanced tech could easily be a trap, designed (at least in part) by those who know how to use it to control us. Oh, and Farrell’s comment sounds like a big yes to me. I agree.

  8. tecnoir

    This was such an amazing interview. Thank You Richard! The synergy of ideas lead the conversation into many interesting directions. Ben is a such great interviewer also!

  9. GrannyChanie

    This was a great, albeit a bit troubling, interview. I could not disagree with any of your points, but I wish that I could. We are going down a very dark path and unless humanity wakes up (not to be confused with woke!), I fear we will be unable to reverse the damage. Putin had a very interesting and sane discussion with the equivalent of the Davos crowd, but the Russian equivalent. He compares the situation going on in the West to the prelude to the Bolshevik Revolution. It’s a long talk, but well worth the time.
    Thank you, Richard. Please keep up the fight for knowledge, truth, and freedom!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you for pointing out the Putin statement, which I was not aware of but which makes perfect sense. It’s so remarkable how the western media has turned Putin into such a monster. He’s extremely perceptive, I would say brilliant, in his assessment of the West.

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