Global Revolution, the Decline of Freedom, and the Threat to UFO Research

By | February 10, 2022

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The Global Revolution, the Decline of Freedom, and the Threat to UFO Research

Richard Dolan

For some time I’ve discussed the dangers posed by the ongoing Global/Globalist Revolution not only to the future of humanity and human civilization in general, but to UFO research and even public discussion about UFOs as well. Essentially, this comes down to the increasing likelihood of certain types of UFO research and discussion being considered “anti-state,” “divisive,” “conspiracy thinking,” and generally “misinformation.” When those labels begin to be applied to anything, you know it’s time to duck and find some cover. Maybe also to fight back. 

The latest memo issued by the Department of Homeland Security certainly speaks to this danger and shows how far things are progressing even within the space of a year. It’s not long and I urge you to read it. I think without hyperbole this is something that could have been crafted by the Third Reich. One thing that comes through loud and clear is that they are labeling “misinformation” as potentially something akin to terrorism. Number one of the dangers listed is:

(1) the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions;

It’s obvious that they are the ones who get to decide what is a false or misleading narrative. Despite the fact that over the last two years we have seen many things that were characterized as false information or misinformation being shown to be completely true. But the very notion of what they are trying to stamp out is the essence of freedom of speech and conscience. 

It’s a sign of our times that this sort of thing is being normalized every day. It wasn’t long ago that a government directive of this sort would have been considered impossible by everyone in society, even from the extremes of the left and right. But here we are. 

The technologies going into place to monitor and manage human populations are becoming so incredibly advanced that they would inspire terror in most people – if people really understood what is happening and what the capabilities are.

In fact, along those lines, I am linking the latest documentary put together by the amazing Aaron and Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media. It’s an hour long and every bit as excellent as all their previous work. To those of you who may not be aware of them, they have created a large series of well-researched documentaries on the long development in our society of things like mind control, behavior modification, social engineering, the coming transhumanist world, and everything related to all of that. Their body of work is easily worth a deep dive. 

This latest film of theirs focuses not on overt, heavy-handed methods of control. In fact, that’s not usually what they deal with. But they go through the long history of scientific utopianism (more accurately, dystopianism) of the technocratic elites of prior decades to create a system of highly subtle but effective social and mental manipulation of the public. They then go into our world of today to show the technologies and policies being put into place to make that a reality go even beyond the dreams even of the crazed visionaries of the 1960s. 

Here on this site I posted a review of the 1968 book “The Prometheus Project” by futurist Gerald Feinberg. This all folds perfectly together. Feinberg was just one of this type of intellectual of that era: someone who truly believed in the desirability and even necessity of remaking the human being so that “future man” would conform with the future world being created. A world of ultra-advanced technology of course, and in which a totalitarian-level of control would need be exerted over people in the cause of creating that new world. 

Anyway, do watch the latest from Truthstream Media if you have the time, at least if you can stand a bit of blackpilling. Listening to them is never what I would call “fun,” but they are outstanding and in many ways unique thinkers for our time. 

Here’s one thought that easily sprang to my mind after watching their video. We all know that it’s entirely possible for the intelligence communities, working with Big Tech and even beyond Big Tech to a large extent, to be able to create a book about you, or a book about me, or anyone else. By that I mean a complete psychological and life profile of you, based primarily on your digital footprint. What do you read? What websites do you engage in? What are your politics? What foods do you eat? Where do you travel? What’s your daily schedule? Are you intelligent? Do you think for yourself? Are you compliant? Are you a potential threat or not? 

Frankly, this is easy for any agency to determine, once they look into your digital life. They can know all that and much, much more. The advanced state of algorithms these days makes this as easy as a walk in the park. The only question is, are they doing it to you right now or will that happen in a few years? 

Well, the only obstacles are having the necessary computing power and overcoming any messy constitutional or legal restrictions. Regarding computational ability, that’s certainly been in place for quite a while. As an example, I’ll point out something else mentioned in the Dykes’ new video. This is something called the Sentient World Simulation (SWS). I think I must have heard about this at some point in the past because it’s been an idea that has been with me for a while now. Turns out it was discussed as early as 2007. The SWS is a creation of the military that is essentially a digital copy of the real world in which they can practice the efficacy of their psyops and other operations, including implications in politics, economics, society, culture, etc. This is an incredibly sophisticated real world simulation that undoubtedly is far more advanced today than it was when it was first reported fifteen years ago. So in other words, the military planners can test their various psyops and shenanigans against this digital copy of the world and game plan the whole thing out. They can see what is likely to work and what might not. What might be some of the implications and results of the things they are planning. The implications for social engineering are obvious. Especially after all this time to test and retest their data, to refine and improve their dataset and algorithms. And think what they can do if they employ a high level generative artificial intelligence in the service of their goals, something analogous to the creative chess program known as AlphaZero, which I’ve also discussed here? 

What I am saying is that the sophistication and ability to data crunch is at an absolutely incredible advanced state within the world of the military and intelligence communities, and you can bet that they’ve got the ability to data crunch you and me. The technological capabilities are clearly there. 

Think about all of your online activities. Do you think, just as a possibility, that some algorithm, in reviewing your history, might just have a red flag or two next to your name? If you are smart, if you are independent in your thinking, if you are critical of official narratives, if you believe a few things that some power hungry bureaucrat might think of as potentially dangerous? 

Up till now, people in western societies have lived with the expectation that we have legal protections against an arbitrary hammer coming down on us simply on the basis of our beliefs. 

The technological capabilities to do a full Minority Report about you clearly exist, and it looks like the legal hinderances are rapidly being peeled away. The DHS memo is just another indicator of this. 

We are moving into a new era, one in which enemies of the state are being identified by something as simple as spreading “misinformation,” let alone having oppositional ideas to policies of the government. These days, if you have anything like an active opposition to the Davos-directed mandates flowing through national capitals around the world, then you are clearly on the verge of becoming a genuine thought-criminal or worse. 

Let me talk a bit about the dangers to UFO research as a result of these developments. I’m a UFO researcher so this matters to me. For the last several years we have seen a remarkable opening up of discussion on the matter of UFOs, or UAP as they are often called now. It’s certainly been refreshing and was definitely a surprise to most of us when it began. 

But where has it led us? What has actually been discussed and what has been left out? Well, that’s easy to see, quite frankly. We’ve had a lot of talk and debate over whether or not these UAP actually constitute something anomalous. After all this time, we haven’t even gotten a genuine confirmation from any governmental or military authority that some UFOs are definitively anomalous — that is, not part of our civilization. Yes, a few statements have gotten us a bit closer to that red line, but we’ve still not crossed it yet. 

Beyond that red line are several others that remain very far away. Most definitively is the red line that leads to the acknowledgement of a longstanding cover-up about UFOs. That is, a conspiracy. Anyone who has studied UFOs with any level of sophistication can easily see that this is the case. That the governments of the world, and especially the government of the United States, have lied to the public for generations about this. That there is deeply hidden knowledge about this reality, buried under many protective layers of public and private structures of power that simply will not ever voluntarily give this information up. 

In fairness to them, they undoubtedly feel that they can’t do this without catastrophic results happening. After all, how easy can it be to tell the world that you’ve been complicit in an eighty-year long concealment of arguably the most important reality-shattering development of modern history? Especially today, in the midst of a top-down directed global revolution in which “conspiracy theories” are practically being made illegal, how do you then admit that the greatest of all conspiracies – the UFO cover-up – happens to be real? No, that can’t be an easy thing to admit, not without significant repercussions that would undermine and potentially threaten the very revolution you are actively engaging in? 

Which means that UFO research will likely be very carefully monitored and, dare I say, regulated, by the State. Certain things are now permissible to say about UFOs. “There may be something out there that might need an explanation,” or “there may be something out there that we can’t explain.” That remains safe for now. 

But how about some deeper realities of the UFO phenomenon? The likelihood that there is acquired technology and even bodies? The certainty that there is literally an extra-constitutional group that guards and manages this secret with a bodyguard of lies? The obvious truth that this phenomenon represents a massive infrastructure that belongs to someone, whether human black budget or (I would say almost certainly) alien in some way that has expended a vast amount of energy and their own version of money to establish a global presence that witnesses around the world continue to observe every day. Witnesses however that continue to be ignored and shuttered away from relevant public discourse. 

Who is behind this phenomenon? What are they doing? Why are their craft seen hovering over neighborhoods in the dead of night at extremely low altitudes? And what do we say about the countless individuals who have highly credible accounts of their own encounters with the beings that operate these craft, many of which involve apparent forcible abduction? 

These are serious questions that demand serious public inquiry. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that practically no one is asking them – at least in a widely disseminated manner. And I do think that these types of questions increasingly will be marginalized by the appropriate algorithms and authorities so that most people continue to be oblivious to them. And as the draconian culture of repression continues to descend over the world, leaving less and less light for free human beings to discuss these matters, we are likely to see more and more overt methods of repression directed at the UFO subject. 

The global revolution does not allow for divergence of thought. It does not allow for dissent. It does not allow for questioning of official narratives. A safe ufology that allows itself to be defanged, tamed, and domesticated will certainly be permitted, just as global culture is in the process of defanging and domesticating all other cultural and ideological threats. But genuine questions that challenge the structure of power, that seek to shine a real light into the darkness of our current era, these are things that we can expect action against in the coming period. Action that is likely to become increasingly repressive as time goes by. 

We have entered a world in which dissent will not only be intolerable, but in which mass mind control seems to be making it almost a thing of the past. The atrocious education of the latest generations, raised in totalitarian schools, given no privacy or freedom, living behind facemasks for the past two years, unable to play and learn in unstructured environments with friends in the actual physical world, psychologically broken by a culture of fear that emphasizes safety over all else, enmeshed within a toxic digital culture that divorces them from reality, given little to no economic hope other than the promise of Universal Basic Income, who have been subjected to heavy-handed corporate and state-sponsored propaganda for their entire lives – how in God’s name can they ever actually learn to be independent thinkers? The fact that any of them are able to break through and engage in any independent thought should be considered a miracle, and indeed they are so few as to be actual miracles. 

This is the world being created. It’s taken a few generations to make, and we are seeing the result now. As the recent video by the Dykes makes clear, you don’t really need guns and bombs and tanks against the people, although those are handy to intimidate them with. But no, the real methods of manipulation and control are digital. They seem to be enough to do the job. 

But you might be asking, is resistance really futile? For my part, I would never say that. We are currently seeing a widespread reaction against the overreaching dictates of many national governments, a true uprising of ordinary people who haven’t forgotten that freedom is something worth preserving, worth standing up for, and worth fighting for. It’s inspiring to see, although I think it’s crucial that we do not forget that we are in a long term war here. This is a war, a revolution, that is not going to stop in 2022. It’s going to be continuing for many more years and will simply mutate into many different forms as the years go by. We can’t forget that we are being played by a military-intelligence-corporate-financial system of elite power directed by a very small group of people who are convinced they know best for you, and that you need to be engineered to fit within their dark vision of future humanity. They will continue to do everything possible to game plan their best outcomes until they get what they want. So while we should support every little victory we can attain, we should never think that even winning a temporary battle means the end of the war. 

To create a true sanctuary for yourself, a true bastion of freedom, I would say this. You have a soul. I believe this. Inside you is an irreducible part of yourself that cannot be hijacked, that cannot be controlled. But the key is first to know it’s there, which so many people seem to have forgotten. Next is the conscious cultivation of that part of you, since it’s the part inside you that knows the truth. The problem is, we usually bury and clutter the path between that truth and our conscious mind with piles of garbage. 

Some of that garbage is from ourselves, our emotions and thoughts that naturally come from years of living and which prevent us from looking deep within ourselves. Let’s face it, that’s usually not fun to do. 

But I believe that a lot of that garbage comes from the system in which we all live. The corporate-state sponsored digital world that bombards us every day with meaningless and destructive messages that cause us to live in fear, to surrender our precious sovereignty, and to seek the protection of the State from the very problems that the State itself creates. 

It’s time to look within, start shoveling, and reclaim our humanity. It’s not too late to reject the system of digital control that is seducing and enveloping so much of the world. I don’t think it’s ever too late for that. And I do believe it’s probably our last hope for reclaiming our humanity. Because freeing ourselves from this system of psychological control and becoming strong, free-thinking people is the most secure way to maintain our freedoms. And it’s really the only way we will ever have a chance to shine a light on the destructive nature of the control system that is spreading its tentacles around the world and into our very being. This concerns my area of UFO research, but it really concerns everything. 


February 10, 2022


25 thoughts on “Global Revolution, the Decline of Freedom, and the Threat to UFO Research

  1. Peter Squire

    Outstanding twenty minutes Richard. There’s no way I want to live in a minority report future where free thinkers are oppressed.. If humanity fails to win this struggle against the Davos clique fascists I think everyone will end up walking around like pre programmed zombies. The only pleasure that’ll be permitted by them is breathing if they win and that will be monitored or regulated.

  2. jason wetzel

    This is very good content, Richard. I have been asking “normal” people which would make them more upset, if they found out that aliens had been flying around for 70 years, or that the US Govt has been sitting on advanced tech for 70 years. And so far everyone says the latter would be much more upsetting. I find it interesting… especially since the truth is likely BOTH! Anyway, keep up the good fight.

  3. elevator

    I agree with many of the sentiments expressed in your post above and also agree that digital incursions into our private lives is a threat that needs to be taken seriously, spoken about and have countermeasures taken to mitigate the outcomes. But, the choice of living in a society requires one to observe some societal norms, ie, a social contract, which, ideally, contributes to the well being of all individuals in that society. Freedom is not as simple as defiantly claiming one has the “right” to endanger other members of society so as to maintains a sense of one’s personal freedom. We as a society have laws, created by our elected representatives, that we are expected to observe, with penalties prescribed by those laws for not observing them. The laws range from refraining from smoking in public places, wearing seatbelts etc. to refraining from acts of violence against other members of society.

    The selfish, ignorant notion of being anti-mask and anti-vaccine is a false and morally wrong hill to die on in pursuit of freedom. There is a detectable thread that runs through many of those who scream for freedom from covid restrictions and those who wish to limit the rights of citizens to express their freedom to use the vote. Bogus restrictions appear with no apparent justification other than that they affect minority communities. They cry out loudly for personal freedom to not be forced to take a vaccine, which nobody is forcing them to take, and yet they want to take away a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her personal reproductive health. They are rabidly banning and burning books, often classic literature, to take away a child’s freedom to learn about his world and culture. They want the freedom to carry and own firearms and weapons of mass murder, without any controls on the sale and possession of such weapons, even though citizens who wish to drive a motor vehicle must be of a certain age, take and pass tests and be licensed.

    The hypocrisy in their position on true freedom is stunning in it’s lack of self awareness.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi. I agree that every society needs a high degree of consensus for it to function properly, safely, and with freedom for its members. I suppose where many might disagree is in the efficacy of masks, which I am sure you have learned have not been demonstrated to slow the spread of the virus, particularly in schools but really everywhere. All one has to do is to compare Covid results in a wide range of nations that have had different responses regarding that policy. Ditto in the total refusal (until the last week) for most governments even to acknowledge the importance of natural immunity in preventing the spread of disease. Ditto the argument about forced (mandated) vaccinations, particularly now with the advent of Omicron, which has shown to be able easily to bypass vaccinations altogether. One can also easily argue that the psychological/developmental cost to children having to mask far outweighs any alleged benefits of masking. And then there is the obvious cost of wrecking entire national economies in the cause of shut down. It’s estimated that half of all American small businesses will never recover from such measures. And why the heck have governments specifically avoided obvious and cheap treatment measures such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquin, and other medicines to deal with this. I fully believe my mother would be alive if she had been given access to them. But of course they don’t make any money for pharmaceutical companies. To say nothing of the total lack of advice for people simply to take Vitamin D, which we KNOW is highly preventative for Covid. All that tells me that public health isn’t the real motivation behind these measures. And finally the obvious motivation of nearly all national governments to use the pandemic to push an agenda having little or nothing to do with public safety. These are not difficult arguments to make. All I am saying is that there have been grave costs in the implementation of these “health” measures that do not reflect actual public health but seem much more designed to centralize power and digital control over the lives of citizens. Keep in mind that more than half of Trudeau’s cabinet are graduates of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program. This fact came directly out of the mouth of Klaus Schwab himself–the author of The Great Reset himself. The obvious goal is to implement a global transformation of society. I understand that you may disagree with the points I have made. But to argue that such points are invalid seems to me to be unwarranted and even wrong. Anyway, that’s how I see it. Thanks for your comment.

      1. elevator

        I have not seen any prohibitions against anyone taking ivermectin, or hydro whatever if they wish. Certainly Vitamin D i readily available to all. Most of the serious studies have concluded that none of the above are as effective in preventing covid as the vaccines. The vaccines have definitely shown that while they don’t prevent the omicron variant, they are effective in limiting the symptoms being nearly as serious as the unvaccinated. There are studies all over the spectrum regarding masks. There is no doubt the last two years have seen a drastic reduction in influenza, which is directly attributable to wearing masks. I noticed you chosen to ignore my point that a large % of those screaming about freedom are more than willing to curtail the freedom of others as regards the cases I offered. The US economy is performing at a rate that hasn’t been seen in over forty years. It is certainly not ruined. The # of small businesses that go under every year is always high and is not an indicator of how the economy is performing in general.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          actually, natural immunity via prior infection is more effective than the vaccine for future protection, by a long way. And the US establishment has failed to acknowledge this simple fact. And ivermectin and hydroxy have both been practically blacklisted in the US, as you must know. Plus, they are treatments, not vaccines. Why they have been practically excised from public discourse is well worth examination. The drop in influenza by the way could easily be attributed in large part to over diagnosis of Covid at the expense of flu. After all, flu cases dropped to such an extent that many experts don’t believe the statistics. Something is fishy about all that. On top of that, the destruction of freedom positively a bad harbinger and is a higher price than anyone ought to have to pay. And the economy? Performing well? I’d like to join whatever universe that amazing economy happens to be in, because I clearly don’t see it. Finally, I am not aware of how people are “screaming” about their freedom and by doing so curtailing the freedoms of others. I do think the shoe is very much on the other foot in that regard. Moving our society toward vaccine passes or QR codes is not something any of us should want. We are already dangerously close to a genuine social credit system. This would be the method by which to bring it in. Just my two cents.

          1. elevator

            I don’t remember saying the economy is amazing. By every measure, except inflation, the economy is performing better than it has in many years. Why won’t you accept the truth? Because you say it’s not, doesn’t make it so. Of course there are still problems and inequities ., but to not acknowledge the numbers is just being stubborn. I have not heard of either of the treatments you mention being “blacklisted”, whatever that means. Most serious medical people don’t believe they are effective treatments. Can they help at all ? Maybe, but I believe anyone who wishes to acquire them can do so without any problems. It is ironic that when numbers, such as those regarding the flu, don’t fit with someone’s agenda they are suspicious. Are the numbers suspicious that over 90% of people who are hospitalized, or die, from covid are unvaccinated? Coordination among nations? It seems that there are certain steps most governments would take in the face of a pandemic. Because most have taken similar steps doesn’t mean it’s coordinated, just the right thing to do. I never said people screaming about freedom were curtailing others freedom. I said that many of the people who are are so vociferous about the vaccine issue and personal freedom do not have a problem with taking away a women’s freedom to choose abortion. many of them also wish to restrict homosexuals the freedom to marry, or adopt children. Or, as I said before. They are trying to take away one of our most precious freedoms…the right of certain people to be able to vote.

            I’ve always admired your research and honesty in the past Richard. Even we we have disagreed previously it was an honest give and take. But, I can’t help but be disappointed and saddened that in your attempts to discredit my points, you have misquoted me, or exaggerated what I said. It is not something I would have expected after so many years of following your research. and methods. It’s as if in your zeal to prove your global elite conspiracy theory that you have become a different person.

          2. Morrill Moorehead

            I’m a retired pathologist. I agree with Richard on all this COVID stuff, but the worst of it is the way medical science has been hijacked by one doctor with Big Pharma breathing down his neck. Suddenly medical science has been replaced by medical truth by decree. It’s unscientific, to put it politely. The normal route of open discussion between hundreds of MD’s and PhD’s who carefully check and correct each other data and logic has been replaced by an 80 year-old MD who has never treated a COVID patient. His lack of medical experience has led to an unconscionable disinterest in treating sick COVID patients EARLY in the course of the infection. Instead, he forces most doctors to send patients home and tell them to come back if and when they’re having trouble breathing. By then the early treatments do no statistically significant good. This late-stage of infection is when the studies that “proved” that Ivermectin has no value were done. If medical science were free to speak out against this insanity, many studies would have been rushed to try Ivermectin early in the course of COVID-19 because the correlative data from countries using it suggested it works well. But our doctors are literally under orders to follow the guidelines of this new Top-down approach, or lose their jobs. This is no exaggeration at all. My son-in-law practices medicine locally and my daughter is a PA.
            As for Vitamin D, there was plenty of scientific literature showing that low Vit. D levels were associated with increased COVID mortality and morbidity, but the top-down medical dictatorship of Fauci (or perhaps the corporate group pulling his strings) appears to have been afraid that any any early treatments that saved lives might hinder their goal of vaccinating everyone on the planet. “Vaccine hesitancy” was their big worry, it seems, not saving sick patients with early treatments that do actually work. People of color living far from the equator are known to have lower vitamine D levels because the pigment, melanin, in everyone’s skin blocks the ultraviolet rays needed for Vitamin D conversion. Therefore, one might interpret the blatant long-lasting lack of mainstream news outlets discussing vitamine D could be interpreted as racism. And it almost certainly would be called racism if anyone belonging to the “deplorable” political party were in charge of COVID response rather than Big Pharma and their aged puppet.
            Regarding abortion, there are two sides to consider if we are looking for hypocrisy or fairness. The unborn human is possibly entitled to as much protection as the mother in most normal circumstances. It’s debatable in many circles, but it’s not an easy question with an obvious answer to anyone without preconceived religious views. And speaking secularly, if the large majority of humans using abortion clinics in the US do actually belong to any certain race of color as some reporters tell us, then abortion as it is used today could be seen as racism at the mild extreme and a slow racial genocide at the opposite extreme.
            We all desperately need to stop watching mainstream media (both sides). It’s a for-profit scam on both sides of the political aisle. It’s not just Fox vs CNN and CNBC, they’re all pushing a biased agenda, cherry picking stories, spinning facts and sometimes using misinformation that they believe is true due to political bias blinders.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      “They cry out loudly for personal freedom to not be forced to take a vaccine, which nobody is forcing them to take, and yet they want to take away a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her personal reproductive health. They are rabidly banning and burning books, often classic literature, to take away a child’s freedom to learn about his world and culture. They want the freedom to carry and own firearms and weapons of mass murder, without any controls on the sale and possession of such weapons, even though citizens who wish to drive a motor vehicle must be of a certain age, take and pass tests and be licensed.

      The hypocrisy in their position on true freedom is stunning in it’s lack of self awareness.”

      I appreciate the part of your comment that i quoted here. I am not in support of the ‘jabs’. I have learned far too much over time to consider this and i agree with Richard about that issue. However, i find it interesting that at least in the u.s., those who are most vocal on that issue, unfortunately imo, don’t care about a woman’s reproductive rights and usually they are very much in support of all things that give them more fire power. And never protesting the wars of empire or torture. So i can’t say they would be, in general, exactly my hope for the future. I disagree with Richard on this perspective and am surprised to be honest, if he believes that.

      Therefore, i find myself, and a couple of other friends who are actual real live ‘lefties’ (not Dem or Rep either), rather alone regarding the whole covid situation. I voted Green for the past four presidential elections, btw in the u.s.

        1. itsmeRitaC

          I apologize if it sounded that way. I don’t think that is true about you Richard. In the interest of true disclosure here, i was stopped in mid post by a phone call that was a sort of dust up over the movie “Don’t Look Up”. I was supposed to discuss the movie for a poly sci prof friend’s film class. He considers himself a ‘leftist’ and i suppose he is in the intellectual/marxist way. Anyway, i told him i couldn’t watch more than the first ten minutes of it so i won’t be part of that class and he got really annoyed with me and said that he knows that it has been criticized from a leftist perspective and implied i was standing on ceremony. I told him i couldn’t even stand the director’s style and i could tell it was insultingly contrived. That really pissed him off and then i was a bit off center when i got back to my post here. 🙂

          Oh. I can see where i don’t make sense when i mention you. I said i didn’t believe that you would believe that the trucker’s were the hope for the world, or something like that. My feeling is that the uber libertarian mindset lacks empathy. At least, that has been my own observation. And somehow, and i see it with people like Tucker Carlson, gov’t sucks except when they are talking womens’ right to control their own bodies. I know where he stands on that one. And by the way. These pundits are always complaining about our ‘national borders’ and all the illegals coming here. That is all. No discussion of the u.s. policies with those countries south of the border and the real factual reason for this issue. I will bet watchers of those programs have no idea. So i think people were dumbed down quite a while ago without any tech needed. And i know that is true of all main stream news and certainly any alternative news that is not ‘The Grey Zone’ and those few websites.

          Now i have done a rant here, unexpectedly. I do think it is worth noting all the money that goes into the DOD. Even just the trillions that we are told about. That is indeed part of the problem. And don’t get me started about space weapons. I would appreciate it if you did a podcast focusing on the uber militarization issue of full spectrum dominance. I see that even the ufo community folks are often quite enthralled with these things and quite frankly, think these weapons are to be super impressed about. Yes, this is a profound sadness and disgust for me, rita. And i am speaking in general here. But i have seen it in enough places to have come to that conclusion.

          However, i don’t think new agey ufology is the answer. And i can’t be bothered with that either.

          Rant over Richard. I do appreciate you. I must, or i wouldn’t be posting here. It is actually a rather singular for me to be doing. 🙂

          1. Richard Dolan Post author

            Lol no worries Rita. I would take issue with one thing you wrote here: “My feeling is that the uber libertarian mindset lacks empathy.” I would say libertarians may not be dominated by empathy, but then again is that actually the most important quality a healthy society needs? One might easily counter that self sufficiency and some sense of self empowerment and responsibility are actually more important. But every libertarian I know does have concern for others, just not at the expense of their own immediate circle or family. I’m not sure that’s an awful thing. How much impersonalized, generalized love for humanity can a human really have? Isn’t the most important love the kind of love we can actually give to those people we ACTUALLY know and love? In my opinion I would say yes.

  4. Todd Flowers

    Outstanding article Richard !!! Thanks for all you do !!!
    Still waiting for a “Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down ” T- Shirt ✌🏻😎

  5. J-Rod

    All we need is one whistle blower (in a project) to usher out a few pics and vids and we’re in the money! What are the chances before we’re all dead?

  6. OC

    “The Global Revolution, the Decline of Freedom, and the Threat to UFO Research”

    That agenda is so well crafted, so all encompassing that it appears to me no one human or
    even group of humans could possibly control it or manage it with the success it’s having.
    At best the controlling elite are being given a “script” on what to follow for any given situation.
    AI or aliens or AI and aliens, something a lot smarter than us, like a Grand Master chess champion
    playing against grade school kids.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Quite possibly true. There’s no question that the response of most of the nations of the world to the Covid pandemic seems entirely coordinated, and that coordination comes from Davos. Some might say beyond this there are the ETs, others might argue that highly advanced generative AI are game planning the scenario through the Sentient World Simulation software operated by the military. But yes, I agree, they seem to be many moves ahead of the rest of us. I do think the current crisis in Ottawa might have been unforeseen by them and is causing one hell of a ruckus behind the scenes right now. It certainly appears so far that there is absolutely no intention of compromising with the protesters at all, so this appears to be a critical moment of the last two years. I’ve likened it to the Gettysburg of the Covid pandemic, the critical battle that may determine the future for the next few years.

  7. deweyweber

    Thanks for fighting the good fight! To all those seeking insight into what is driving the big reset recommend The Man Behind The Curtain – Inside the secret network of George Soros by Matt Palumbo. The quotes attributed to Soros as well as the books he has authored illuminate the psyops being used by the ruling class.

  8. skyleaver

    Re: Your recent podcast with Tracey on BC UFO’s…

    UFO Battle near Kelowna, 2007. This was a big deal locally. (I live about 30 miles south of Kelowna) Unfortunately I was out-of-town at the time so I missed it, but I did meet LMH shortly after this incident occurred when she came up to investigate, and gave a lecture at Okanagan University at the same time.
    With my compliments…

    PS: Really nice to hear you again Tracey. You always bring an added extra-special dimension to the proceedings.

  9. Marilyn

    I really don’t know what to think about this dialogue, except that it represents so many things wrong with the U.S. today, and I wonder if I should even be in this forum. I joined hoping to listen to “rational” discussion about the UFO phenomena, something lacking in our society during my lifetime. And it’s hard not to wonder, when one observes a billowing column of smoke for decades, if there is not a fire somewhere. So, I was hoping to find out some new information and I am still open to that.
    As for the “trucker” event, I no longer believe as I did, at first, that these were some distressed working people protesting over-regulation in Canada; no, this is very well-financed and well-organized and there is a lot of money behind it, probably mostly coming from the U.S.
    Personally, I don’t think that vaccine requirements or mask mandates suppress “freedom of speech” or restrict personal freedom without reason. So, yeah, I agree with “elevator”’s post that the masking thing seems like a strange “hill to die on.” Except, as a political strategy, and then it makes more sense.
    Children do suffer from having the schools closed and having to try to learn remotely, especially poorer kids with fewer resources at home, but as far as mask wearing goes, the little ones are better about it than the so-called “adults.”
    As for “natural immunity,” a young healthy well-nourished person will probably have more resistance to disease, and more ability to survive any infection. But the whole thing about a novel virus is that there is no natural immunity to it, and not everyone will recover from it, especially old people or those with health issues, and Covid can also impact healthy people badly and young people have died of it. The native Hawaiians and native Americans were strong healthy people who died en masse from “ordinary” European diseases.
    Yes, workers and businesses suffer from mask mandates or closures of venues and the economy suffers, and that’s a bad thing, but better than sickness and death, up until the time we got the vaccines. I also don’t believe that the Covid statistics are inflated, if anything it’s an undercount. Yeah, the vaccines may become less effective with emerging variants, but they still work. Yet, I use vitamins and supplements and sometimes refuse to take medications that my doctor tries to give me. I surely don’t believe people should be “forced” to take the vaccine, and OK, if a person wants to try an alternative medicine, that’s their choice. Yes, I remember when we didn’t trust Big Pharma. I also remember when the internet was full of hopeful promise as a new frontier and not a cesspool of pornography, misogyny, and divisive hate speech.
    We are all, already being tracked, pretty much everywhere and all the time, and have very little personal privacy anymore, so I agree with that point. Are we ready to give up our cell phones and the internet? Corporate elites and the governments they control often abuse any crisis, especially social unrest and war, for their own purposes, to exert more control on the populace. Hence the need to preserve our freedom, democracy, and the rule of law.
    As for the truckers representing “freedom” I must ask: Freedom for whom and to do, what?
    Need I point out that black people in the United States were deprived of physical freedom and security (think lynching) and denied the right to vote for a very long time, and under segregation and Jim Crow also denied the right to go to certain schools, sit at the front of a bus or stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, or get in a swimming pool, and still suffer a lot of abuses and loss of freedom, even today? And, women did not get the vote until 1920, you know? As a male friend pointed out to me, “you women benefited so much from that because now you have Majorie Taylor Greene.” Almost funny.

  10. Harry Harris

    Ok, 900,000 deaths and counting due to COVID and many hospitals/staff are exhausted treating COVID patients while other illnesses are back logged for treatment. You are 10 times more likely to die from COVID if unvaccinated and become seriously ill from the virus vs being vaccinated. Your personal freedom choice could mean another persons illness or death. Your personal freedom choice of being unvaccinated still allows you to go the hospital if getting the virus with its ill effects and then pleading please save me . . . . . save me. Kind of hypocritical. You would think that the trucking business would be well aware of spreading any disease by going from destination to destination. With a virus like this you would have thought there would be some common sense here. But no, instead the bad government must step in and make the decision for you as you believe your personal freedom is above others. Yes, personal freedoms are important but also believe that personal responsibility is just as much. I have read one article after another from persons railing against the vaccine, masks and mandates etc. but hardly one mentions the death toll or the huge costs it is having on our health system. Wonder why?

  11. Greg

    Hi Richard,

    Here’s my take: The individual and the group shape each other. Shakespeare masters the common language of his culture, he writes masterpieces with his individual stamp of genius, and his plays then shape the culture going forward. In biology, organisms change the environment and the environment selects in (or out) organisms until, in climax ecosystems, there’s maximum diversity combined with maximum stability. Even the universe itself (paraphrasing John Wheeler): “Matter tells spacetime how to curve, and spacetime tells matter how to move.”

    If there’s minimal interaction with each other, we get atomized individualism. Look up the Ik tribe for a real world example; the mutual hostility and distrust is so bad, they can barely manage to have babies. If the individual is maximally submerged, we get the Borg. So for human flourishing, we need something in-between, a unity-in-diversity that we can see in a championship sports team, or in the legendary Skunkworks.

    In general, humans are served best by self-organizing systems driven by voluntary interactions. Reasonable people can disagree about the instances where coercion is appropriate. Regarding the vaccine issue, the disagreement strikes me as being more over the facts of the case rather then the underlying principles. Few people who are convinced that the vaccines are harmful would want to take them; few people who are convinced that the vaccines are beneficial would want to refuse them. People may well agree that, with respect to a serious disease, a highly infectious person should not be allowed to infect others. The debate is whether or not an unvaccinated person (treating those with or without immunity as separate cases) is in fact highly infectious with a life-threatening COVID variant.

    This is one of the few forums willing to consider the influence of ET’s on this and other controversies roiling the world. If politics is downstream from culture, then culture is downstream from human psychology (thank you Greg Nyquist). But human psychology is not alien psychology. So if there are aliens interacting with us, we may be facing distorting pressures on top of what we would ordinarily be doing to ourselves. So, we need to get a handle on the exopolitical before we can fully appreciate the full dimensions of our political problems.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Greg, thank you for your thoughts here. I think I must admit that I wasn’t fully appreciative of how rare it is for a website or forum to try to honestly analyze the extraterrestrial component of our world. I know there are other UFO and ET related websites out there, and I know this is by no means the largest. But we do seem to have a unique approach. And by we, I really, truly mean all of us here. I’m not trying to knock other researchers by any means. We all do what we do best. Some people will report UFO related news, others will discuss certain aspects of the phenomenon, and all of this is valuable. But I’m always grateful to the people the try to take a few steps further back to see larger patterns. That’s why I love the members of this site.

      1. Greg

        Thanks Richard,
        I think you’ll be heartened by James Howard Kunstler’s latest (2/18) column (Clusterf***.com). Those of us on either side of the political aisle would do well to read RFK’s book exposing Fauci, et al. I think we can all agree that RFK is not a member of the alt right. Rather he harkens back to Democrats of an earlier era, the ones who exposed corporate and government malfeasance. The sort of Democrats who would have realized that the unholy alliance with Big tech and Big Government to censor dissenting opinion is the very essence of fascism. Jefferson once said, “Error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is free to combat it.” Mainstream media has been tying Reason’s hands.

  12. Shaun Watson

    Thanks Richard, quality content as always!  

    In this almost post-covid world with the ‘Great Reset’ and top-down revolution, and the subsequent business transformations that are taking place (I’m witness at my place of work), the language being used by the CEOs and business moguls, some of which were appointed during the pandemic, appears to be following suit from the WEF and the Davos crew.  Phrases like: “Reimagine” and “Reinvigorate”, for example, keep appearing, phrases that few people would use in everyday life.  I think this suggests an unprecedented level of top-down coordination. 

    Also, has anyone else noticed that Davos is only one letter off Davros….. just sayin’……. 🙂

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