RDS 04-16-2018. UFOs, Fake News, and the Future of Free Speech

By | April 17, 2018

This episode of the Richard Dolan Show aired on KGRA radio April 16, 2018. Segment one discussed the inherent shiftyness of the establishment news media in how it has covered the UFO subject since matters broke open somewhat in December 2017. Not “Disclosure,” no not really. More like damage control, in my opinion. The rest of the program moves more deliberately into the concept of fake news and what exactly it is. Is it untrustworthy material from the so-called alternative media, or is it the spin and control that emanates from the established media sources themselves? Matters are surely confusing today but look on the bright side: as bad as things are now, it can always get worse. Our future promises management of our news and information from intelligent bots. What could possibly go wrong with that? No one knows truly where this will all lead, but my suspicion is that it will entrench, at least for some time, the four-class system of humanity that currently exists. Oh, you say you didn’t know there were four classes of people? Well then, listen and learn.


One thought on “RDS 04-16-2018. UFOs, Fake News, and the Future of Free Speech

  1. Kit Nelson

    Kit’s survival strategies:

    1) Make it your primary goal to find out what is you love to do the most. Then figure out how to become self sufficient doing it. Helping people do this should be the primary goal of the education system. Its not. Therefore, this is a do it yourself project. Unless you need formal training for some profession, leave school as soon as possible and educate yourself in the things that interest you the most.

    2) Learn a hand trade, making things, building things, fixing things.

    2) Only use the internet to search for primary source information or for how-to instructions.

    3) Rid your consciousness of pop culture, TV movies, current pop music.

    4) Read books.

    5) Move out of big cities and welfare states.

    For fascinating look at the differences between what is taught in public schools today and what was taught in the past and is now still taught in elite boarding schools of the top 1%, see any book or video by John Taylor Gatto. Start here:

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