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By | February 18, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I was checking the most recent Keiser Report, and found the entire episode (The Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage) very interesting. But there is a particular snippet I wanted to bring to your attention, and this concerns 5G technology. You know Tracey and I have done some chats on 5G and I have expressed my fears about a 5G Planet many times, including in my most recent book. I see 5G as one of the necessary linchpins of the new global system being put into place that will (continue to) transform our civilization and ultimately our species. 

Anyway, at 22:17, Max’s guest, Dan Collins, discusses China’s global 5G dominance. This man clearly has extensive business experience in China and around the world. He mentions that China is already working on 6G development and is easily positioning itself to jump on top an array of new businesses and opportunities as a result of its 5G and (future 6G) infrastructure. 

Check the link here (note, I don’t know how to cue the video at the spot, so go to 22:17 for the talk on 5G):

Keiser Report | The Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage | Ep 1660 – YouTube

It all reinforced yet again, as if I needed any more reinforcing, the seeming inevitability of this development. There are things in this world that happen by design and by default. Often a mixture of the two. Here, there seems no question to me that much of 5G, along with so many other global technologies (AI comes to mind) are by default, in that there appears to be an inexorable nature to them. That is, they are so powerful that they are running the game, not being run. The new infrastructure itself creates its own rules and forces the rest of us either to go along or get swept aside. 

Of course, there are those (at the top or who want to be at the top) who see this playing out and are doing their best to utilize this tech for their own benefit. To that extent some of this is by design. But the force of the technology itself, that to me seems to be the driving force. 

Anyway, fascinating conversation throughout, but for those interested in 5G and future tech, a few interesting minutes start at 22:17. Btw, I don’t think Max is really at his best in this interview in dealing with all the 5G implications, but of course the conversation was very targeted. He and Stacey are quite perceptive during the first half of the show, as they usually are, in discussing so many macro-issues that concern the world. 




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  1. Debrita

    As always Richard, thank you for your specificity on where to get the info.

    ZERO5G has awesome info.

    FCC and Big Telecom Make Us ‘the Dummies’
    by Jolie Diane
    February 16, 2021 | By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., | Children’s Health Defense | Source

    The FCC and Big Telecom use an outdated and faulty testing method as the basis for their claims that cell phones and wireless devices pose no health risks.

    “Big Tech and its Federal Communications Commission (FCC) toadies have used a fraudulent test to license cell phones, wireless technology and now 5G to push a technology that causes catastrophic biological damage.

    Tech Titans have us addicted to devices they claimed were safe because these devices, especially 5G, are the vital cornerstone for billionaire data miners and the surveillance state. Totalitarians use this technology to enforce obedience, and Big Data uses it to filch and monetize our information.

    Here is the chicanery the FCC and Big Telecom use to con us into believing that our cell phones and wireless devices are safe, for adults and children: The FCC, other governments around the world and Big Telecom use a crash dummy named SAM (Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin). They fill SAM’s plastic head with liquid to test 5G safety.

    The FCC then measures the thermal change in the brain of the dummy using “Specific Absorption Rate” (SAR). If 30 minutes exposure to cell phone radiation does not raise the temperature of SAM’s liquid-filled cranium by more than one degree celsius (known as the “thermal effect”), the FCC considers the cell phone safe.

    This thermal hypothesis which has been promoted by industry engineers and physicists is false.

    To the FCC and Big Telecom, we are the dummies.

    Biomedical experts and scientists agree that measuring for thermal effects is not a valid and biology-based safety test. Our brain is not liquid, but a complex bio-electrical system that has been demonstrated to be vulnerable to damage from the pulsed and modulated electromagnetic fields and radiation emitted by wireless devices.”


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you, Debrita. Good information, and I have always admired RFK Jr. Facebook recently pulled his page, I believe. You know, the same ol’ same ol’… Misinformation blah blah, public harm blah blah. We love our Omnipresent Nannies! 🙂

      1. PressToDigitate

        The radiological toxicity “side effect” issues, *while mostly genuine*, still pale into insignificance next to the hazards that 5G implementation will pose, when functioning properly and used as intended. Its the applications to which all that bandwidth will be put, universal wearable AR/VR, and BCI that become an Existential Threat to Humanity. Popular, full-duplex neurotech, whether worn or implanted, will be most people’s mobile “phone” by the end of this decade. Even its first “App” – just taking a simple voice call “in one’s head” – as DARPA’s “Synthetic Telepathy” gets commercialized – *necessarily requires* the device to be able to *write* to your “wetware” as well as ‘reading from it’. There can be no effective protections on privacy or civil liberties or cybersecurity (“neurosecurity”) in this case; its simply impossible to control what the device (and the Techlords of the Deep State who program, sell and maintain them) is dynamically reading or writing in each of the hundreds of millions of individuals dominating the first world, who will be entrained by the technology by 2030.

        If the foremost expert in Interstellar Communications at the time, Dr. Gerald Feinberg, hadn’t made this electronic ‘Hive Mind’ a priority for the ruling elite in his 1962-’69 study, we might be tempted to think of the 5G, BCI and ETUFO issues as separate things. But he was quite explicit along the lines that ‘other [alien] cosmic intelligences probably had such a thing, and so we’d better gin one up, too’. That “long range goal for mankind” will be completed before 2030, along a timeline Ray Kurzweil reliably predicts. Its a *Drone Yoke* for Humanity, required by an Invasive Species for their own safety and convenience, in managing the local apex fauna while being – at least initially – vastly outnumbered.

        ATT or Verizon or T-Mobile could deliver Plutonium Suppositories to every subscriber’s physical mailbox, with instructions on the proper techniques for rectal insertion, and the radiation hazard would *still* represent a lower order of danger to Mankind than the mass market uptake of wearable 5G-BCI is certain to bring over the next few years. If we didn’t already have absolutely certain, definitive, “ironclad” evidence that the Aliens use Implants on Humans, which interface with the Human nervous system, perhaps we wouldn’t make the connection between 5G-BCI and the Alien Agenda. But, We Do – and by the time anyone takes it seriously, a critical mass of Human leadership will already have been “Assimilated”, BORG-like, into service to the Invasive Species’ Colonial governance apparatus. Hell, it appears very much as if they have been already, without even waiting for the sleek, stylish, trendy “iJack” version to hit the Apple Store shelves, in time for Christmas, 2023…

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I do agree with your point here, sir. The societal ramifications are going to outweigh any other considerations. Privacy will be gone forever, the coffin nailed and welded shut. And the Alien connection which you discuss frequently … well, you may indeed be right. Certainly, the managers of our society, be they alien or human or some mixture, will have the means of total mind control and manipulation of the rest of humanity to a degree far greater than they already have.

  2. Andromeda107

    I find it strange and very interesting that the US is so far behind China,and not just china also Taiwan when it comes to producing chips, especially since were are headed into AI age. I find it very hard to believe that the US will take semi-conductor chips. Some things just don’t make any since when you really think about, in my opinion there is no way some type of chip and 6g is not being worked on in the US, especially in the black world, they are just being quiet on it.

  3. Pyroxide_Martini


    A significant emerging industry in the future will be “personable stealth” technology that enables an individual to essentially disrupt monitoring of their person. Consider a wearable device that emits a field that disrupts surveillance technology. It could start with facial recognition by emitting a distortion field around a person (think that black mirror episode and “non-people” being viewed as static) but it would evolve into complete stealth technology (one-day) – masking multiple spectrums & digital. The ability to become and remain anonymous will become a highly valued commodity.

      1. Doctor3j

        We better start ordering some of those alum foil hats while we still can. They were a symbol object of terrible ridicule against our brother who first made them. They used to degauss steel ships in WW II to defeat German magnetic mines. Now I’m gona have to get my head degaussed soon.

  4. TomTort

    If there is a good source for information, I do believe Catherine Austin Fitts is certainly that. Unfortunately, the more information that comes out the more irritating it gets.
    It is like this Covid19, there are legitimate sources who are trying to tell us what is going on, but it appears before “it” hits the fan, some “source” tells us, “Don’t worry, just wear a double or triple mask and we will be fine.”
    It is interesting that WGN news in Chicago stated a report that would not rule out covid19 came from a lab. This report apparently came from an intelligence source.

  5. deweyweber

    The state of the US infrastructure is not baffling (20:58). Simply put, the ruling class does not use the public infrastructure that we use. They helicopter over urban streets to private airports (think Teterboro) where they fly private jets to their destination, where they helicopter or ride a limousine to their private estate. Consequently, they simply have no urgency to fix something that will not benefit themselves or their fellow billionaires. I’m not faulting their luxury, I’d love to live that life, but I do fault their failure to take action to fix our infrastructure.

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