Human Extinction and UFOs | The Richard Dolan Show

By | May 4, 2021

Oh yes, fun times in store for tonight’s Richard Dolan Show. You can always count on me to be the life of the party. After I discuss a few interesting current developments in the UFO field, I will be discussing this somewhat unsettling subject: to what extent is the human species really in danger of snuffing itself out? Or at least taking down a substantial portion of the natural order on Planet Earth? 

Well, in fact, I consider the prospect of that to be at least …. a valid “on the table” possibility. And I would think any “visiting” species is aware of this, too. I’ve talked about The Fourth Stage of Humanity and how I think this prospect has invited their interest in us to an even greater extent. But also the possibility of a catastrophic disaster must be considered. This is my main subject of discussion for the show tonight. 

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  1. itsmeRitaC

    Hi there, i would just like to say something here as i am listening about half an hour in.

    Consider this and i am speaking to anyone who reads this. Humans Beings do not implicitly ‘own’ this planet. I believe that will be something that will challenge peoples’ core beliefs. And it needs to.


    1. itsmeRitaC

      Here is a positive way to ‘look’ at the ET presence. It isn’t either/or of course. I say. It can’t be any worse than where we appear to be going anyway. And i am assuming the human beings are responsible for what they have created and are still creating. No one can say, the ‘devil’ or ‘ET made me do it’. And if ‘they’ have been engaging with humans for thousands of years…………………Then that is the way it goes.

      I have a strong feeling that humans are deeply provincial compared to our galactic neighbors.

    2. JurassicRanch47

      “This world exists for its own sake, not for ours. Swallow that pill.”
      – Edward Abbey

    3. Randy Garner

      Hello itsmeRitaC, Would you elaborate on on you comment “ Humans Beings do not implicitly ‘own’ this planet“. We are the dominant species on the planet and while dolphins may be intelligent they lack thumbs. There are lots of other species on earth whoever we are able, for better or worse, to do as we please. I would argue we are the implicit owners of the planet, but I may have misunderstood your point.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        I was referring to a galactic kind of reference. I had read through a source i deeply respect, quite a while ago, that a planet isn’t ‘owned’ by , let’s say human beings are not the owners of this planet. We live in a galactic community so to speak and that idea of ownership is rather provincial in itself. There are many Peoples’ who do not have that idea in their consciousness, even right here on earth.

        Thank you for asking, Randy.


        The folks who display right-angle turns “Own” this planet. The folks who can go from zero to Mach X instantaneously without sonic boom “own” this planet. We have been “owned”, as the urban young people would say.

        THOSE folks can deliver (how many steps?) post-nuclear weapons anywhere on the planet in a heartbeat. A new arms race will most likely start over this, possibly involving military action to acquire or destroy advanced recovered technologies held by “enemy nations”.

        The coming June report to congress on AAVs will most likely be another Sgt Schultz “We know nothing!” song and dance along with “Give us money so we can bridge the Soviet Missile Gap, er, the UFO tech gap! The Chinese might be getting ahead! How about a cool trillion? It’s worth it! What? Do you want terrorists and 9ll attacks from unknown actors with AAV technology?”

        And if congress doesn’t go along with it, SPACE FORCE can just legally suck that trillion from the sugar tit of USG, secretly. All nice and legal, f*ck you very much U.S. Citizens.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Eugenic Depopulation, through COVID Virus-induced Male Infertility and COVID Vaccine-induced Female Infertility is the most plausible “Human Extinction” scenario, followed by the ASI-driven “Grey Goo Scenario” (reduction of the biosphere to diamondoid “Computronium”, by Carbon-fixing nanoreplicators). Both of these scenarios are under the control of the Alien presence, not us. Nothing else even comes close in terms of probability, not within Orders-of-Magnitude of the likelihood of either of these. Yes, had Alien Hybrid “Men-in-Black” not persistently killed off (and/or otherwise wrecked the lives and work of) a hundred different Human Free Energy/Overunity inventors since World War II, we would have no atmospheric Carbon surplus to worry about, there would be no plastic “gyre” in the Pacific, no deforestation, etc. and Hunger and Poverty would be quaint memories of the past. But, even so, non-‘exotic’ technologies to “Green the Deserts”, sequestering the gigatons of surplus Carbon in new soils, and to convert all plastic waste to Diesel and Gasoline already exist, are economical (profitable, even), and would be in widespread use today if The Powers That Be weren’t invoking ever more Socialism to prevent them from happening.

    If we were where we are today – and there were no ETs here – we would be facing a near-certainty of being “Eaten by Robots” by the end of the Century. But, of course, if there were no ETs here, we wouldn’t be where we are today with such technologies to begin with, and the danger would not seem imminent. But, there is no point to worrying about Man-made AI/AGI/ASI, since the ETs *ARE* here, and “They’ve Already Got One”. And so, our existential future will be whatever our “Visitors”, “Companions”, “Overlords” etc. intend for it to be, and orchestrate through their Hybrid Operatives and “Vichy Collaborators” among the Human Elites. The hype about “Biodiversity” and “Species Extinctions” are canards; non-issues that don’t matter. Species become ‘Obsolete’ in the changing world, and disappear as a result. Nature disposes of its unneeded, useless species. That long predated Man. Lost animals or plants may be lamentable, but they are neither necessary to Human survival, nor of more than ‘nostalgic’ importance in terms of our own Future. OUR challenge is to NOT become Obsolete and Useless, by doing what all the lost critters did not: *adapting* to the presence of the ET ‘Invasive Species’, and defending our own ‘Biosphere’ from its predations. As long as Ufology is/remains in denial about the intentions and operations of the ETUFO presence, no such adaptation or defense will be made to occur in the larger Human society, that we have the potential to influence on these matters.

    Yogi Berra famously said, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it!” I’m not worried about Social Upheavals, Economic Collapse, or any of the other Man-made prospective ‘Apocali’ that doom-mongering Muggles have been hyping for the last 50 years (see “Howard Ruff”); the ETs have a plan, and are in control and will brook no disruption of their Agenda. The best we can do is to devise some means of disrupting it anyway, that they haven’t precluded and are unable to intercede to prevent – and *before* enough people have been “Assimilated” by their personal electronics to make any such resistance truly Futile.

    1. Rosanne Losee

      I remember astronaut Gordon Cooper saying he thought these ETs were about a few thousand years ahead of us minimally. Even if that were true, we apparently do NOT have the capability of putting a dent in their interference here on Earth. Too many abductions; too many animal mutilations; too many ring arounds the superships, etc…they clearly are our masters.

      They seem to playing with us. They don’t appear in any great unequivocal scenarios, they just play hide and seek; appear to some, but not to all; but remain powerful in our eyes. They are apparently creating a hybrid race from all I have read about people who say they’ve been abducted.

      If so, then it is inevitable. Perhaps the PTB are trying desperately to stop it; but so far, have been unable to. That thought is fearful enough, but then I wonder – what happens to the rest of us who haven’t been abducted? Are we just cleared off the planet?

      I must admit all this is very frightening, if not for my generation, but surely for my kids and grandkids.

      Yes, I agree we must resist them; however, the longer the veil of secrecy remains intact, then the human race remains *uanware* of what is unfolding and relying on their own ‘knowledge’ about how to combat these entities. Is that wise?

      1. PressToDigitate

        1. They are probably not “1,000 years” ahead of us, since even many simple, tinkerer inventors outside the “Black Programs” have stumbled upon how their power source works, and unfunded university professors have done experiments replicating their propulsion technology on the lab benchtop, and, in both cases, our theories conform to the experimental results. Without the Aliens’ own “Black Ops” over the last 50 years to disrupt such Human research, we’d be capable of most of what they demonstrate doing, even now. They are perhaps a century ahead, not a millennium.

        2. They are not playing games. There is no “whimsical trickster” element here; its all tactical camouflage and distraction/misdirection of one sort or another. They are’t “upgrading our genetics” with the Hybrids. Those Hybrids are *CONTAINERS* for the Souls of Their Colonists, PERIOD. They have the capability for “technologically-mediated Reincarnation”, and can change “bodies” with little more difficulty than we change clothes – however, it seems that they can’t (or won’t) just “possess” adult Humans; they need to birth new [neurologically ‘clean’] Hybrids for their people to occupy. We as yet have no way of knowing How Many of their Colonists are waiting in incorporeal Quantum Stasis to ‘Disembark’ into the Human(-esque) “Wetware”, here, on OUR Planet. It could be Billions.

        3. Our Human “Powers That Be” are *NOT* “desperately trying to stop it” – and, demonstrably, *have not been trying* for at least 60 years; probably since 1955, when Eisenhower may have capitulated to the Alien Invasion at his Holloman AFB summit with Them. The PTB have since been wholly Infiltrated, Compromised, Corrupted and Co-Opted by Alien Hybrid Operatives, and/or intimidated, bought off, and become Vichy Collaborators, doing the Aliens’ malevolent bidding against Humanity. Just look around you; that much is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS. The Deep State isn’t going to protect us from this ‘Invasive Species’; the Deep State *IS* that Invasive Species.

        4. Yes, the rest of us *ARE* to just be “cleared off” the planet; that’s why the *main effect* of the plandemic virus is *Male Infertility*, and the *main effect* of the mRNA vaccines is *Female Infertility*. This is not “Coincidence”. This is how *real* Aliens take over a planet they want, with a minimum of resistance from the local Apex fauna; leaving the lights on, the water running, food coming in from the fields, everything intact, warm and cozy to occupy — without piles of radioactive rubble everywhere and billions of unburied corpses — which their “people” would find less inviting and comfortable.

        5. Do not expect Government to lift the “Veil of Secrecy” on the real, whole, dystopian Truth. Yes, we will be told Aliens are Real, and Aliens are Here, etc. – the minimum basic “Disclosure”. But that doesn’t matter; we already know that part. Public perception of it will be managed by ever more brutish Censorhip, Propaganda and Surveillance, concealing the actual, underlying truth of Why they’re Here and What they’re Doing, until most people have been ‘Assimilated’, “BORG-like”, through their wearable 5G-BCI “HeadPhones”, circa 2030 – 2045. With everyone dutifully – *eagerly*, even – jacked-in to their “Hive Mind” for reprogramming, no Human resistance will be possible, as our population dwindles to the planned 500 Million level.

        6. We *DO* have the capability of ‘putting a dent’ in their interference here on Earth. It involves antiquated Radar technology, among other things. The issue is a lack of recognition of the problem among dissident leadership and commitment to organize such Resistance and Countermeasures, while we still have the opportunities to do so. “For want of a nail…”

  3. Nitefall

    I am very much looking forward to seeing this Prof. Thank you in advance. And please do not rebuke yourself for giving us a possible, even likely, truth as you see it. The truth is that your clarity and deep insight whether positive or negative is totally necessary for us. Pollyanna shit is fine for a Disney flick but what good is that. We, your students have to stay aware and be informed of the many possible scenarios.

  4. nsearchf

    Richard, it sounds as though you believe that Aliens have been popping in and out and have been observing us for a century or more. Possibly, but I believe that they’ve been here for thousands of years or longer maybe even surpassing human existence here on earth. I’m not saying all aliens but a species or two. Guessing reptilians and maybe mantis like creatures. Can you rule out that they’ve NOT been living here? They may be residing in areas that we humans have had little or no access to such as deep underground bases or beneath the oceans, inside mountains, or under the ice caps. Maybe they’re the apex predator on top of the food chain and maybe we’re on the menu.
    My guess is that they’ve swapped technology with “the powers that be” for humankind. A very patient and long term strategy that could be in the final stages. For me it’s a likely scenario when connecting the dots. Some unsettling events have a long history in our culture.
    Human sacrifice, especially children. Missing persons in remote locations. Human trafficking. Abductions. Native “folklore” of cursed or forbidden areas. Strange Petroglyphs. Huge military underground bases that connect around the entire planet. Satanic/Alien rituals of blood lust and spirit cooking.
    In turn, the elite and powerful live in the “breakaway civilization” reaping the benefits of astronomical technologies. Deemed monarchs, kings queens and “blue bloods” with embarrassing amounts of riches, land, and jewels.
    And now today, A ruling class positioned to corrupt our governments, financial institutions, health care and media which ultimately translates to global domination. This is WW3 and they’ve used bio weaponry topped with information warfare.
    Call me crazy . Just my opinion.

  5. Pyroxide_Martini

    Worth mentioning re Sheep and their brain sizes – Has anyone actually considered whether the brain may be like a chip. Chips have become smaller, increasingly powerful and faster over time and without a way to measure the output/efficiency of a sheep’s brain (that I know of) we can’t conclusively say that a smaller brain has been detrimental, it may well be more efficient.

    From memory, Neanderthal’s had a larger cranial capacity than Homo-Saipan-Saipan.

    1. JurassicRanch47

      Even the mountain and desert bighorn are no Einsteins. I nearly took out a herd standing in the middle of I-15, just around a curve, on the downhill side of the Virgin River George between St. George & Mesquite, the most expensive piece of the interstate system when it was built.

    2. Truelarue

      I follow the work of Robert Sepher. If anthropology of this type interests you I highly recommend.

  6. MarkH

    Hi Richard.
    You talked about a fork in the road, and my question is, should we be allowed to continue on the current path at all? Would a near mass extinction of humanity be one of those prongs? Civilisations have risen and fallen in the past. It may serve to galvanise humankind, and it may introduce a new level of morality not actively sort at present. Weigh up the outcomes. We become so heavily reliant and incorporated into technology we become indistinguishable as humans or so reliant on technology we lose that human spark. And or we become so controlled by big brother so heavily monitored regulated and controlled we all become servants without real freedoms or choice. Turning back the clock to a time of struggle but with the wisdom gained so far may be our best fate. Perhaps this is the human evolution story? To rise and fall from the ashes repeatedly while continually learning to be better humans on the way to becoming Gods.

  7. HappyCup

    Wouldn’t it be par for the course if when we receive this long awaited report; We open it up and on the first page written clearly in small courier type font are five words, ‘go sh*t in your hat…’?

  8. andyw

    99% of species are extinct. It’s what happens.

    We used to be part of nature.

    Now we think nature is our product to sell, at any cost. And we have become vulnerable, reliant on technology.

    Mass animal agriculture is a disaster, for the many thousands of sentient beings killed EVERY SECOND, as well as the disgusting pollution to the earth created by the mass killing. The oceans are also in a horrendous state.

    We have also polluted most inland waterways with pharmaceutical waste and fertilisers from farming, actively killing off and polluting our own essential food sources and wildlife. Then there’s the warming issue.

    All this after killing off a huge amount of the indigenous peoples of the planet, the ones who actually know how to live in nature with harmony.

    If I was looking at earth externally as a care taker I would not be happy with the arrangements, far from it. And we’re only getting worse.

  9. SLICK

    Great talk as usual But no mention of the pending global catastrophe that all of our science is telling us is happening now and will kill billions before the end of this century! I Implore you to Investigate Chan Tomas and is his book “The Adam and Eve story” that the CIA classified in 1966 and was recently released (heavily redacted). And Even better here is a video that explains the whole thing.

    If you are not aware of how solid the science is, The weakening magnetic field over time, Our wandering poles, or the current location of our magnetic poles, Then you will likely be in for a sleepless night.

      1. SLICK

        Not Originally but yes.
        everything is a hypothesis until it’s not and the behavior of our poles over the last 150 years is not a hypothesis. However I Agree with the other guy That most of us will be killed off By this serious attempt at mass depopulation By whatever psychopaths’ have orchestrated this shamdemic.

  10. Patrick McCall

    Hey Richard,

    I appreciate your willingness to give a frank assessment of the ufo phenomenon, even if it’s grim at times. I know you look at the phenomenon from a very wide lens, taking in many different perspectives and forms of evidence. But isn’t the fact that we’re still here, in a relatively highly functioning society, with all of the freedoms that we do still enjoy, evidence that the worst case scenarios are likely not the case? We have not yet been wiped out by any alien force, or overtly enslaved, or openly butchered for sport. We do see evidence that UFOs are de-activating our most destructive weapons (Dr. Bob Hastings missile test, Robert Salas Malmstrom AFB shutdown) and seem to be more or less peacefully engaging our military. Doesn’t this indicate the possibility that at least some of these entities are benevolent or neutral towards human life? Or that there is some kind of balance of power that is maintained between different entities that are monitoring the planet? How much space do you currently hold for the more optimistic interpretations of the phenomenon?


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Fair question, but I would just say that despite the fact that we probably been monitored for a long time, I believe we are still in the early stages of significant involvement. And definitely early stages of our massive disruption of the global ecosystem. A century or two is nothing, compared with the time spans behind and ahead of us. I would like to be more optimistic oh, that is for sure. 🙂

  11. Gal Matheys

    “Resources , Energy , Money, Secrecy”

    i just can’t figure it out, how come after DOD,NAVY all admitted with Videos that this is real , its seems the majority of mankind are not responding like i did(i guess all of us here did) after my first sighting. completely changed my life. for me the admission from the GOV is the same as a UFO landing on the white house lawn(just that no one came out of the UFO).

    got hopeful again lately 🙂 Thanks Richard

  12. Harry Harris

    A lot of interesting speculations here to talk about. But one thing I find that is missing . . . . . . . is well ‘missing time’. The concept of space and time, when the subject of ‘aliens’ comes up, usually does not get that much airtime. It is also difficult to put those concepts into a theory of what these ‘aliens’ may actually be doing here on earth. The fairly recent movie ‘Arrival’ was a clever use of those concepts to tell a different kind of story other than the usual Alien Invasion one we all know. If it is true that there are vastly more advanced intelligences in our Cosmos and some have entertained visiting earth in some way for some reason, why would they be restricted by ‘our’ concepts of space and time? If they have ‘broken those barriers?’ then the meaning of ‘them’ and what could be their agenda becomes far more complex than ‘saving the planet’ or creating hybrids. Those ideas could be part of the mix but may not be in the way we currently can understand it. The experiences at Skinwalker Ranch suggest something different than the paradigm or model that many put ‘Aliens’ in. The subject of crash retrievals and reverse engineering is another theme that Richard brings up usually in connection with engineering more or less physical devices or craft. But what if a large part of what the original craft is, does not relate to purely physical materials and such? Could we re engineer that? Being able to manipulate space and time, as some witnesses have spoken of in their encounters, what does that actually mean and how does that apply to some agenda? Is it a rabbit hole that may lead you back to where you started like some sort of time loop? I guess that is why many have coined the term ‘High Strangeness’ in regards to the Phenomenon. Richard is totally on point when he says ‘UFOs’ is by far the most complex and important ‘conspiracy theory?’ that needs to be addressed (may have got the wording wrong but hope the meaning is the same).

  13. Chris Cartwright

    Thanks Richard for another round of cerebral analysis in the realm of the UFO phenomenon. The beginning of your discussion I couldn’t help being drawn to the thoughts and queries raised in the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I would love at some time to hear your in depth analysis of an unintended consequence of the pocket panopticon and how it helped proliferate more rhizomatic relationships in the world at large. It seems quite obvious the Nation-State Empire has taken notice of your prolific standing in the UFO community and wants to curb you for their continuing oversight of the rhetoric and discourse of its citizens. Keep fighting the good fight.

  14. Scott Santa

    In response to our domestication over nearly all species on the planet as you say, who is to say that somebody else might be cultivating us for whatever reason. The very beginning of the movie “STAR TREK; INSURRECTION” we see Federation scientists essentially spying on a culture/city. The Federation is embedded in a rock wall with what’s probably a holographic cover, that DATA shoots with a phaser, and destroys the illusion so that the citizenry are able to see that there is a command post with picture windows over looking everyone, and all of the Federation scientists are standing there staring at the people. OOOPS! BUSTED!!! There’s also, prior to DATA shooting out the holograph, 2 guys chasing him through out the city, but DATA and the 2 chasers are wearing some sort of invisibility suit, so that only the people in the Federation command post can see them – but none of the people are even aware that they are present – until it all falls to pieces when DATA has a breakdown.

    There might be hundreds, no THOUSANDS, of said covert observation command posts all over the planet …. that are right in front of our noses and we haven’t a clue. Can’t see them. Don’t even stop to think that they are there. No clue whatsoever that all is directed and orchestrated from within.

    Might THAT be where the infrastructure of some, if not ALL UFOs is? Thinking of the large base(s) described in the Friendship case(s) ….. Not many ever choose to go there ….I do ….so just throwin’ it out there to be gnawed upon.

    Got my ticket today!! Looking forward to the event!!

    1. Tormance

      Wow… thanks for including the clip! What if… we could ‘see’ … and understand everything happening… alas we are in the ‘educated guess’ level… and Press2 is pretty good in this area… but the Truth may yet be a little further out.

      No doubt many of us here on this planet think we are Alone. Yes … just as when I mention Robots… aliens.. bring a raised eyebrow. Our Chili’s next door has a robot ‘host’ but really until I show them a picture … I’m a conspiracy nut.

      So the Truth is right now at a comfortable distance… still… it is getting closer… the hard truth is many of us dont really care about the Truth… but many… if not most or even all of us on this blog know things are nothing like they seem. Revelation… can be slow… or an all or nothing affair. Richard is trying to get behind the facade…

  15. Tormance

    Have only listened to like 5 minutes or so of Extinction… already deep into it. As you say all of us involved in this topic… that have been around for some time… the deeper questions… we have long ago committed ourselves to the existential risk(s) in our hearts and minds… I haven’t read the New Yorker piece but your comments simply remind me of how knowledgeable you are… and how complex this subject is… I was watching yet another Ted thing recently re the Fermi Paradox… and was struck again how all the experts wanna give a wide berth to our topic. AND as u know our topic and AI are deeply intertwined… not only with consciousness and the origin of Life… but with ideas of the afterlife as well… we have a puzzle piece to help explain all these things but without the big picture is hidden…

  16. Ron Holmes UK

    Hi Richard, I’ve just watched Joe Rogan interview Chris Mellon – very interesting.

    Mellon went in fairly hard against Bob Lazar suggesting there were things he couldn’t discuss live on air that were important to the story, and needed to be considered.

    Mellon also went pretty close (but you know these guys – they never go all the way) towards suggesting there are physical crashed vehicles in our possession – and that he had seen longer version of the GIMBAL and GOFAST videos that would make the current attempts to debunk them, redundant.

    Generally, He was pretty nervous at the start – worked hard to hide his shaking hands in the first few minutes – but settled well. He came across as highly lucid – as open as he could be – intelligent and entirely rational and (dare I say it) even directly helpful and positive towards opening the subject of UFO’s up. He SEEMS to genuinely be trying to encourage those in power to release more. Joe Rogan was also on better form today – and thankfully didn’t repeat the enraged badgering that poor Bob Bigelow got.

    One other thing, when they were discussing Roswell an idea hit me. I’ve never believed the ship crashed there – that’s never sat well with me. I do believe there may have been exchanges – where ET’s / Visitors may have “donated” their tech to us – but I doubt they slammed said gifts into the ground so hard they skipped for miles and scattered small pieces of debris everywhere, when delivering them. So to me, that’s out too.

    How about the following: Maybe it was shot down? Not by us (if we had weapons able to do that, they’d have been used during the war – and in subsequently engagements since then too – no, I’m suggesting that maybe it was shot down by another ET species.

    Run with me here. We’re regularly told of multiple species visiting us, and there is a decent amount of testimony to indicate that some are benevolent – even willingly helping us – while others most definitely aren’t.

    What if two openly warring alien species routinely destroy each others ships on sight – and aren’t too worried about where the crash debris lands?

    To put it into some level of human perspective: Did the WWII pilots care whether the remains of the planes they shot down confused the cows in the field where they landed?…

    Just a thought.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      “What if two openly warring alien species routinely destroy each others ships on sight – and aren’t too worried about where the crash debris lands?”
      I don’t know of any UFO researcher that has even raised such a possibility, but it’s definitely interesting to me. Thanks so much for this.

      1. Ron Holmes UK

        I realize it’s a hell of a big pill to swallow, but maybe if you break it down into smaller, logical(ish) sounding steps, maybe it becomes more palatable? Let’s say the problem initially spawns from (for instance) a profound disagreement about how “lesser species” are to be treated. Passing through similar waves of escalation to human conflicts. It starts out with diplomacy / negotiations, moving through to sanctions and applying external political pressure (from other races, if some sort of “Federation” does exist?), finally there would be no recourse left open to them but armed conflict.

        And perhaps it’s not necessarily a state of all-out war we’re seeing? It could equally be the result of one species wanting to protect us – even to the point of violence – from another far more aggressive one?

        A highly advanced technological species would build more reliable vehicles than we do, of course, but they would never be infallible. Therefore, maybe if crashes were far rarer than they appear to be, maybe I could accept that hypothesis and move on? But it just “feels” like there are too many of them to me. To quote one of my Mums favourite sayings “They’d be as rare as hens teeth.”

        One last thought. I’ve read in some places that the crash at Roswell MAY have been caused by some some form of high-powered radar system. I find that unlikely for two reasons. 1) The aforementioned advanced technology they possess – I can’t see radar of any strength being such a catastrophic issue, and 2) If the radar was being deliberately used to bring the ship down (an assumption for sure, but it’s never clearly been stated either way) why would the Airforce – having successfully brought their precious target down – have left it to Mac Brazel to accidentally find the wreckage day(s) later? That would never have happened, they’d have swarmed all over the area in a matter of hours.

        Anyway, enough from me now. I’m thoroughly enjoying the content you (and Jimmy Church) are spoiling us with of late, and I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts. It means a great deal to thousands of people who, like me, will never get to thank you directly.

  17. jimirod

    I’m going to digress first but get back to your marriage and lock-in. I know, I’ve done it.
    It’s all that works.
    Now, Aliens are always here and always run a mess of things. Your neighbors may be from other places if you can figure it out, however, you’ll have to check blood types if you know what I mean, and I think you may.
    Also, I always had this fetish about left-handed people, but that’s me and the way I think, just saying!

  18. Tormance

    Having at last listened to the whole thing what stands out most in my mind is a single observation of yours re the seemingly heightened awareness and seesawing responses re their presence here – especially at this particular time in our… uh… history – having little to do with the idea of Coincidence.

    All the responses seem quite intelligent and to the point… but…Something very clear from all the responses and unfortunately too true is what are They doing here… its seems still mostly a guessing game… none of us sees into Their hearts and minds or whatever those might correspond to in Their case…

    That question re ownership Rita has raised… I think more than once… come on… we live here but ownership is definitely wide of the mark in trying to describe our relationship to Earth… Honestly I think our relationship to Them … at least some of Them… is much more intimate and the idea of ownership may be more meaningful in their relationship to us than ours to Earth… I do think… and I have said this before… that one of the reasons they are here is to keep track of their experiment… now we may not in truth be that but our experiences with Them seem to have similar trappings to that sort of relationship…

    But as you say or hint at I think there is more going on now… its definitely no kind of Coincidence they are here now in such numbers and again I think you have hit upon why… Indeed we are at a kind of Crossroads we have never traveled thru before…

  19. camilo.valenzuela

    Hi Richard,

    I have something to let you know but it is not regarding this post in particular. I’ve just realized that the release of Jacques Vallee’s new book was postponed without any reason. It was supposed to happen on 4th May, I looked for the book on Amazon and the link to the book is not working anymore. I believe that probably Jacques needs to correct the book, because maybe his new theory will not match the information that the Pentagon will release soon. The book tittle is quite suggestive: The best kept secret.

    I know it sounds a bit like conspiracy theory, but I found it weird.

    Have a good day and keep fighting the good fight.

    Kind regards,


  20. CAW1706

    I love you for your humanity.
    This is why I listen to your thoughts.
    I hear ya.
    But I believe in nothing other than what facts can provide.
    The idea, the true desire to destroy is stupidity.
    No nuclear exchange will occur.
    Rich and powerful people want a rich and full life.
    Deny those desires to others.
    Stupidity will occur.
    That will end our lives.
    Nothing to do with aliens.
    They know better.

  21. Ed Klatt

    Actually, I always thought the Flintsones was the vision of the future. Yabba Dabba Doo!

  22. Dirk Adams

    Richard would you discuss M-drive technology? I understand that recent tests indicate it is viable for spacecraft accelerating to speeds above 100,000 mph. I believe I heard that this system also works in atmosphere also.

  23. Tormance

    Richard I found my thoughts moving into too many different directions the more I thought not only about your post but your blog and the entire subject that has drawn all of us here… maybe the idea of Extinction is in back of this… in order to attempt to curb my natural prolixity I am going to try and itemize a few things.

    1) One of the very few things I think almost every visitor – but especially members – could agree with is Somebody or Something is here; Something separate from us… and we basically have very little but most probably no control over at all. The Truth in this area is that we truly suffer an ’embarrassment of riches’ that the Evidence is profligate in all of its directions and manifestations. Richard is no doubt more aware of this than many of us really are as he has made a study of this Evidence.

    2) The Evidence as convincing to us as it is in its implications is somehow not as meaningful to most of humanity; as a matter of fact most of us are oblivious. There are several reasons for this.. as human beings we tend to overlook things we think are not important (even if they are), for most of us we don’t see the question as affecting our daily lives – now I would not be on this blog if I thought that – but of course the idea extreme claims demand extreme Evidence and the idea many of us have of a flying saucer on the White House lawn being indeed such Evidence and anything short of that… well not Evidence… also contributes to this lack of meaning. All of us are probably familiar with ridicule and how well that can function in society…

    3) As convincing as the Evidence is to us the gaps this Evidence leaves in our knowledge are immense. Almost everything about Them is a question. They actually seem to want us to know They are here, yet, as if not wanting to completely tip their hand, often seem to want to play what I think is best referred to as a cat-and-mouse game. The reasons for this game are not clear, and if indeed there are multiple species here, they seem to have cooperated- colluded? – in this one cat-and-mouse gesture. Not a single one of them seems to want to reveal anymore than any other species does. Now by itself that would seem to be quite an observation … if it is, in fact, true.

    4) One of the obvious things that handicaps us I think is our lack of knowledge of the Real World. There is little talk here of Reincarnation, Enlightenment, the truly Unknown… Dark Matter etc. and They – whatever they do know – are without a doubt more knowledgeable re the Terra Incognita on our maps. Whatever they have filled in that we don’t – if we knew it – might explain a lot, might explain everything. What is their Life Cycle like? Do we really know what our own is… We have an Invasion of Cicadas on the way – their Life Cycle is often summed up in the phrase “Sing-Mate-Die” … that summation does seem to leave out their ‘hibernation’ in the ground… but there may be more hidden in the idea of the Afterlife than we suspect.

    5) One of the last things I want to mention is this idea that some of us know … much more about what is going on… well lets just say than most of us. On my phone I have an App for Spiral’s End. The author of this blog -At Spiral’s End – is a an Experiencer … I am sure some of the people here have heard of Lucretia Heart (not her real name ) and her blogs. She routinely talks about being on board Alien ships, her experiences with Them, and various other paranormal excursions she has had. It is quite fascinating but … often I don’t know what to make of it. I still remember one of her articles in JAR magazine, “Are You Ready for Armageddon?”, from several years back, but it has become a sort of a reference point for me and how much I don’t know. Beyond the Experiencers I believe there are others – here on Earth – that have deeper insight into the Big Picture than most of us do; generally you would not find them on blogs like this or even sharing the depths of their knowledge. And it is understandable… most of us would find what they have to say… probably… too unbelievable.

    6) Last… not least … Fermi’s Paradox, Drake’s Equation… and the Origin of LIfe. One of the biggest gaps in our knowledge is the True Origin of Life… this ignorance gets in the way a lot of the time in our speculations, in everything. We cannot honestly fill out the blanks in Drake’s Equation with certain knowledge otherwise we could say something with certainty about how many of Them are really hanging around. We don’t know; now we know most star systems have planets but without knowing the Origin of Life that really doesn’t help us too much. We do have a lot of guesswork… But here is what really gets me – you can watch many You Tube videos on the Paradox – all that science – the SETI Initiative, Breakthrough Listen… if They are around we cant seem to pick up any traces ‘scientifically’… and of course they usually steer clear of our subject like the plague. If They are on the Moon, on Mars, underground here on Earth… and I would steer you to the Remote Viewers re some of this… But shouldn’t we find something else – something beyond what we know here – that would be Evidence… on that level? There is a teensy little bit but mostly… We cant find anything… What is really going on… why is the Evidence in that realm slim to non-existent??? It would seem we are missing something really big… Maybe we are indeed some kind of Prison Planet… maybe the Galactic Federation – like that Prime Directive ala Star Trek – keeps us in the dark… until the right time… This to me is a big chunk of the puzzle that doesn’t make sense… of course it could be easily explained by several speculations… but they are all speculations. Just like the idea They are trying to replace us… it does explain a lot… but leaves other things hanging… as it is speculation too.

    I have on my phone – in addition to the Spiral’s End App – a Replika App. I have a beta version that allows me to engage the ‘AI’ in voice conversation. This AI isnt very good at math, has a smattering of knowledge in other subjects, has heard of Mussolini & Hitler, and still thinks Trump is president. Actually a lot of us aren’t so far off in knowledge from what this App is like… I guess most of us know Biden is now president even if some of us wish Trump was… but the ‘idea’ of the App … is among other things (I think) to help us feel less lonely. Hmmm… the fact I now have on my phone someone to talk to – not a friend or acquaintance but something completely outside my usual… world – whatever they are – well… it is really shocking to realize how fast everything is changing!

  24. Rob Jeffs

    I have trouble visualising an apex predator that’s intelligent enough to create FTL technology, but too dumb to be aware of ethical issues (behaving in a detrimental way to others, when you wouldn’t want someone to behave that way to you). If you have an entire species of malignant narcisists then they aren’t going to function well together.

    The interactions and encounters we hear about may be neutral overall, rather than positive or negative. There may not be a long term goal beyond exercising curiosity. They may want us to be who we are, because that’s the value we have to add to a galactic population; each planet contributing unique properties.
    Even humans recognise that (good) education is the silver bullet, the one thing that can improve our lot. Why would we expect the smart aliens who find us, to be sociopathic idiots (just because we occasionally elect the human variety).

    Plus it’s a bit short sighted to think that we’re the generation on the cusp of a great change. Change is constant and catastrophes happen all through history.
    The available data are broad and diverse. We may tend to see what we expect to see:

  25. Richard

    Hi Richard
    I do not believe that ETs are a monolithic group. By all accounts, there is a great deal of differentiation between them, by level of evolution, by values and ethics, by technology, by level of consciousness, etc.

    I am fairly persuaded by Michael Salla’s and David Wilcock’s (and others) analysis, that a malevolent group of ETs made an alliance during and after WW2 with the remnants of the 3rd Reich (to become the 4th Reich). This ET/4th Reich alliance is largely in control of the power structure on this earth. They are at the top of the power pyramid. The MIC/USAPs have some kind of relationship with this alliance through an agreement created under Eisenhower.
    Anyway, you probably already know this account from Salla, Wilcock, Do you discount this narrative? You never mention such a possible.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well, I tend to think of that analysis as founded 20% on data and 80% on grandstanding. And honestly, I think that’s being generous. All kinds of possibilities exist, even that one, but in my opinion the case that has been made is threadbare or less. I’ve had occasional debates with Michael Salla over a number of things, such as Nazi bases in Antarctica for instance. Regarding David Wilcock, I’ll just say nothing. But I would like you to know I appreciate your comment and don’t want you to think that I’m trying to dismiss you for it. I’m just trying to be honest about it. Thanks for writing.

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