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  1. Dubh Sith

    He’s definitely a fan of AI. Someone in the field can provide clarity in some places:

    * AI is already used to manage us. Most of the psyops surrounding the last three elections involved AI to learn ‘cognitive distortion traps,’ where you could be cognitively swayed and compromised. Now AI is used to predict opinions and cut them off before they happen.
    * AI can dominate chess because it is a finite, deterministic, zero-sum, perfect information game. That is what calculators are meant for. How are they in a universe of endless possibilities? They have no idea.
    * Consciousness is not what a machine can do. An “experience” is not derived from a statistical equation. It can’t ever desire anything about humans. They will do what they are programmed to do.

    AI can become ever-self-improving but never “smart” enough to deal with a sentient being. A sentient being can just stop playing the game. On the other hand, how many use their awareness?

    I’ve noticed that psyops only work on those who can’t spot them. Hint: No cognitive exploit works without your permission. It is always your responsibility to monitor your rationality; check for fallacies. If you do that, you’ll hear the lies and manipulations.

    And I should temper all that by including that in my version of the universe, wires are conscious. They’re just having the experience of a wire. I’m pretty sure nature picked organic processes for consciousness for a reason.

  2. intranuclear

    Thank you Richard for this interview.
    I was totally intrigued by Paul’s views of pretty much everything, although his ET knowledge seemed far less than what I expected, but perhaps understandable based on what his experiences with his father were.
    Fortunately he mentioned his email in the interview and in fact I emailed him just now as I also wish to be involved in those DMT experiences as I also have done quite a bit of research but like you, have not indulged in it.

    I hope he replies.

    Thanks again!

  3. Mcampbell

    Paul’s idea of asking the phenomena a question you could not have the answer to is something I decided to try a while ago. I have come to believe that not all beings are truthful and some you just should not remote view at all. I saw in an interview, Deep Prasad, a physicist and experiencer, mention that he would love to ask the beings some questions he wanted the answers for. Not being a physicist I thought I would see what answers I could provide to him. I tasked these questions to a very talented remote viewer I’ve know for years and has proven herself to me. She also tested extremely well at the Monroe Institute class recently. My friend uses her guides but many different entities can step forward with answers to our questions. Our first question- “Did you unify general relativity?” Answer- “Yes, a long time ago.” Question- “What about quantum mechanics?” Answer- “More recently.” Question- “How recently?” Answer- “ Within the last three thousand years.” Question-“ If so, how did you do it?” Answer- Entity provided a visual image of looking from above down at what appeared to be a big tornado shape object but not windy. Down standing inside the middle is a really evolved being who has a similar to our Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad. It came in with more energy than the average entity my friend has experienced. At the bottom of this vortex, this being was sitting suspended in this twirling time. It was as if what this being did was in its mind. It traveled so far back to the beginning of it all and said, “Everything that has happened is both past and present and future, because it already always exists and we are creating more. We are still at this middle point in time where there are already massive advancements that have been made. It’s just that we’re residing back here. If you want to look at it linearly, over on one end of the vortex we have the beginning of time and over on the other end we have current time, yet the vortex that spins is not actually a linear thing, but more of a mindset that that you can have. The being said that humans are involved in this process and we have so much more elevating to do. We have to bring up the Schumann resonance much higher than it is. We need to accomplish this as a whole and be consistent about it. All of the humans on earth create the frequency and we have been peaking out lately and we are not ready. That was all from that exchange. I understood it to mean that if your frequency was high enough you could tap into the vortex field and extract the information you want to bring it back to your current earth time. Such as answers to unifying general relativity. This was very interesting if it was true.
    More recently I tasked my friend with remote viewing the UAP hearings and found that the whistleblowers were being truthful, Clapper looked calm but was giddy inside and could not believe this was finally happening. The disturbing part was that Corbell has had his life threatened and he needs to be careful. I say prayers for his safety because he is doing this for the right reasons. Just thought you’d like to know what some of your members have been up to. With all the uncovering of information and control mechanisms taking place, it’s a challenge staying positive, but if that entity is correct than that is exactly what we humans need to be doing. Laura Campbell contactee

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Ok, wow. that is INTERESTING! I can’t say I followed 100 percent of it, but what I did glean was interesting. I wonder what any of the scientifically sophisticated members here think of this? Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Andromeda107

    I must admit I don’t have all to those same fears you have about AI Richard. I think AI can significantly make our world better any many ways,for example when Mr. Hynek mentioned AI using lasers to target insects on crops.No more using harmful pesticides would be so much better for us and the environment . Also AI is something we would need to map out space ,should we ever make it space, or should I say be allowed to travel into space. I am not saying AI is not without its risks, I but just don’t have such a negative perspective about AI as you do. Also DMT sounds fascinating . I would love to experience it in a control setting. Great talk , Mr . Hynek has a very interesting mind.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, Paul is VERY smart and interesting. And of course I agree that the ongoing tech revolution, including stronger AI, can offer many coveted benefits to human beings. at least in the short term. We still do not really understand the long term implications of all this. But yes of course. That’s why many people are calling it addictive, seductive, and using adjectives like that. Basically like a new drug. My biggest concern frankly is that the transformation is happening so fast, I feel it’s going to be filled with winners and losers, just like any Great Change.

  5. Kelley Landaker

    i would like to see DMTx protocol that used people who can raise and maintain gamma brainwaves for extended periods. give dmt to tibetan monks who have this skill and they will report seeing herukas like vajrakilaya which is their main deity/entity practice.

    has AI mind created its own egregores-entities to worship?
    since the first shaman took drugs, many egregores haunt humans up to the present day.

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