By | November 22, 2019

Complete with a new thumbnail, the public premiere of the first part of my amazing interview with Phillip Lavelle will occur tonight at 8 p.m. EDT. Many of the members of this site have already listened to this riveting interview. Now on the sad anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, I think it’s appropriate to begin releasing this series. Meanwhile, expect parts 4 and beyond here soon! 

5 thoughts on “YOUTUBE PREMIERE TONIGHT: JFK Sessions Part 1 at 8 p.m. EDT

  1. AvatarSirius33

    Richard, excellent job. You and Tracy really hit the jackpot. I just got through listening to DJ’s latest interview with Joseph Farrell from yesterday which was also other link in the chain. Richard Hoagland is supposed to be back live tonight on The Other Side of Midnight after 2 weeks down with the flu. Thomas

  2. AvatarRonald Johnson

    Please see George Webb to get the real story, down to the nitty gritty Richard. I’ve not the time to direct you, as Webb and ‘McDuff/Kennedy’ are pretty encyclopedic, but this material is much more fleshed out there, than here. LHO was a very pivotal, intelligent patriot who was fragged with prejudice by the US IC. In fact, LHO cast alerts to offset assassination plots in both Miami and Chicago, just prior to the Dallas completion. The man was an intelligence officer who became a convenient last-minute patsy. Wonderful word, that; soberingly precise.

    1. AvatarRonald Johnson

      George Webb and you are both impassioned, straight-arrow researchers. You need to converse directly about this topic; it’s far too complicated for me to attempt to broker the information. Please use your bona fides, should you choose, to make the inroads to begin this dialogue.

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