Welcome to the 5G Surveillance Future … Today!

By | October 6, 2020

This show will air live at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on my YouTube channel.  The link is now ready. This talk is similar to my recent Fireside Chat, but I have images and will be focusing on a few other things. I hope you like it!

And I used Covid on the Thumbnail and not the actual title of the video, because otherwise YouTube would surely come after me. 

Anyway, stay tuned!



30 thoughts on “Welcome to the 5G Surveillance Future … Today!

  1. jimirod

    Please stay on UFO propaganda and alien stuff where weare headed in the future. Some people are curious about quiet technology having to do with (probably) the south pole of Earth. In a few years there will be a big
    event down there among other things around the place.
    We have to stay on subject – Don’t worry about the virus; someone else will take the lead on this issue.

    stay on UFO stuff

        1. deweyweber

          Nimitz Encounter video release,
          Next, Wilson Davis Meeting Notes leaks,
          Then, suspect viral world pandemic shuts down world travel and economy.
          Timing is everything.

    1. Daryl Bailey

      @jimirod – I respect your comment but I have to say that it’s a little unfair and myopic to ask that before listening to the show. Richard has far more to offer than just “UFO stuff” his knowledge of history can provide us with balanced view of both past and current geo politics and current affairs. In fact many of my favourite discussions have not been directly related to the UFO topic.
      It is becoming obvious that these topics are converging and relevant to the overriding narrative of the time we find our selves in.

    2. nsearchf

      Stay on UFO stuff? Wow, that segment clearly zoomed over a few heads.
      I don’t know, that’s like knowing an asteroid is going to hit the earth in a matter of months, but asking people to stay focused on the Mars expedition.
      Freedom vs Invasion. Take me now!

  2. PressToDigitate

    How can you be so clear-headed and aware –
    That the ETUFO Alien Presence is real, that They have been Abducting Humans in large numbers for 60 years as Their major activity here, with the harvesting of germplasm to gestate passable Hybrid Containers – who are subsequently ‘Walking Among Us’, as its principal objective; and,
    That an anonymous Human cabal of the world’s “Power Elite”, the Globalist “Illuminati”, have been manipulating society, economics, culture and politics since at least the start of the 20th Century, hidden in the shadows, serving some greater ulterior motive; and,
    That we are watching the culmination of a 50 year drive toward ever increasing Censorship, Surveillance and Propaganda, ‘farmed-out’ by the Deep State to the Techlords of Silicon Valley, now multinational corporate “Contractors”, that began as vessels to implement “Total Information Awareness”; and,
    That these same Contractors are also the leading developers of consumer-level neurotechnology, having invested Billions in it, in direct collaboration with DARPA, NIH & NSF, and anticipate the introduction of the technology in 5G mobile devices later this decade; and,
    That in the 1960s, Rockefeller interests, tasked a Physicist – specializing in ET Communications modalities – with rendering a study which advocated ‘the electronic integration of all Human consciousness into a single collective Hive Mind’ – the same Rockefeller interests that have promoted eugenic depopulation via genetics over the same 60 year period; and, YET –
    You appear painfully *allergic* to the idea of fusing these ‘reality subsets’ into the coherent, integrated picture the pieces clearly congeal into, that ‘Ufology’, ‘Conspiracy’ and the ‘Plandemic’ — are ALL ONE PROBLEM, Why?

    There isn’t a simple political solution to this, like “Implement Snowden Reforms!” or “Make the FBI/CIA/NSA Respect Constitutional/Human Rights!!” or “Defund the Rogue Spooks!!!”; and “Trustbusting Big Tech” probably won’t happen, and wouldn’t matter if they did (as satisfying as it would be to watch). We know we’re going to get a big new dose of Deep State ‘Spin’ on the ETUFO reality in April, and that it will mask and whitewash the Truth. We know that the secrecy only benefits the Aliens, and probably couldn’t be maintained without Their active involvement in doing so; therefore, whatever Their Agenda IS, its something most Humans wouldn’t be happy about if they knew. And, we know that the Censorship, Surveillance and Propaganda targeting COVID-1984 Truth as [dangerous, sanctionable] “Misinformation” today, is going to be targeting ETUFO Truth as [dangerous, sanctionable] “Misinformation” tomorrow, as They roll out the new Official Narrative of controlled Confirmation/Disclosure which our various ‘truthy bits’ would threaten to expose.

    But, we know what must be done to build ET detection equipment, to capture more of Their devices and determine Their means of communications with Abductees, and Hybrids and each other, to monitor Their probable bases on Earth, undersea and on the Moon, and Their comings and going in Earth and Lunar orbits, to isolate the genetic tweak of Hybrids, and means of identifying Them, and likely ways of establishing direct electronic communications with Them. In so doing, we would acquire our own direct and incontrovertible imaging of Lunar Anomalies, Orbital Traffic, and Physical Technological Artifact samples, sufficient to “Kick Down the Door” on Public and Scientific acceptance of the ETUFO presence, reliant on nothing to be released from government. We also know how to build and deploy independent physical transport conduits for Alternative Media, able to deliver *Inherently Uncensorable* live/linear streaming content throughout the Anglosphere, to an audience of tens of millions, by mid-decade.

    Organizing to make this all happen is the easy part, once you’re willing to give the ‘Go Ahead’. Its this tiresome pantomime charade about “not crossing the streams” between Ufology, Conspiracy and Plandemic that is exhausting our time, capabilities, and opportunity; our chance to intervene toward altering this terrifying trajectory the world is on right now. Another two years of this ‘contemplation’, and it will be too late for us to make a difference.

    P.S. I’ll just leave these right here: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/duckworth-amy-coney-barrett-ivf-procedures

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Greetings my friend…. you ask me: “You appear painfully *allergic* to the idea of fusing these ‘reality subsets’ into the coherent, integrated picture the pieces clearly congeal into, that ‘Ufology’, ‘Conspiracy’ and the ‘Plandemic’ — are ALL ONE PROBLEM, Why?”
      my answer…. I move a little more slowly. Give me a bit of time and maybe I will arrive there more forcefully. We shall see!

      1. PressToDigitate

        I heartily anticipate your forceful arrival:

        [Macarthur on interplanetary war, 1955: “The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the Earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.”]

        Mac knew “war” when he saw it. His grasp on our ability to “unite in a common front”, not so much…
        And, therein lies the problem: ‘They’ figured out both about us.

      2. itsmeRitaC

        How do we build ET detection equipment? Do you know? I saw Invasion of the Body Snatchers, both versions. I could tell by the lack of affect exhibited in the duplicate humans that were taken over. And i see that quality in people like Mike Pence for example, in fact, i see it in lots of those guys. I am wondering if Pence is a container hybrid aka pod person? If so, then i should be hired to detect them because i would also suspect Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi and that is just the beginning. Heck, i can do it without the special sun glasses.


        1. PressToDigitate

          We may disagree on many things politically, but not on those people. Nancy Pelosi reminds me of the Reptilian “Diana” on “V”, and I can’t look at Mike Pence without imagining “Exeter”, the Alien running their infiltration project on “This Island Earth” (one of my favorite UFO movies):


          Yes, the strange, disconnected, emotionless way in which many present and former Washington politicians and bureaucrats present themselves, and the obviously contrived, sterile, scripted dialog they parrot does not suggest that they are entirely natural Humans. I have been pointing at the dangers of probable infiltration for a long time, and the variety of ways in which policy has been moved in directions that the ETUFO presence would certainly benefit from. Richard has repeated a quote from some General, maybe back as far as the 1950s, on the possibility of [passable] Hybrid Infiltration, along the lines of “My God, If that were true, they could be walking the corridors of the Pentagon right now, and we’d never even know it…” I wish I could remember the name of the General, the year and the context.

          As to building an actual “Hybrid Detector”? Yes, I actually *DO* think we know of some ways to design real equipment to effectively do just that. If the proper organization came into being to focus on the problem, it could probably deploy such systems within 12 months. The very genetic “tweak” they need, to make a useful “Container” (as opposed to ‘Snatching’ ordinary, garden-variety Humans for their use), provides the key; and, no, such detection would not need to be based on DNA analysis, meaning it could be performed remotely, and in realtime – without the knowledge of the subject (or any tissue samples from them).

          1. itsmeRitaC

            I agree that there are many who do not appear or behave as though they are natural human beings. How about G.W. Bush’s wife? Or Donald Rumsfeld who looked as though his face was morphed together in a strange way and what an evil whatever he is/was.

            However, i must say that i don’t think it is an alien takeover in these many, many cases. And this may be controversial and perhaps Richard will be uncomfortable if i put this in here, but the majority of these types are also very ‘religious’ and i have found that such people, usually fundamentalist (Comey Barrett for example) are very pod like.

            The lack of affect and repressed emotional reality is evidenced in these people and i have seen this in many who are members of these types of religious groups. To be honest, they are aliens as far as i am concerned. I could say ‘they ain’t got no soul and they tend to be very, very ‘white. Also, there is the fact that people are over medicated and that is about humans making money in big pharma.. That isn’t the fault of aliens.

            However, since all things are possible, i can’t possibly say that your theory is incorrect. I know it would seem that within your world view, you are applying occam’s razor. However, i am not naive by any means, and i don’t believe that ET have the mind set of Erik Prince or Dick Cheney or Hitler.

            I think that there are many who are interested in all of this who are projecting and and too psychologically unaware to even realize it. I find it very sad and a profound disappointment. I wonder about their underlying motivations which makes me demoralized to be honest. I don’t know which is more disturbing. Questionable motives or myopia.

  3. PressToDigitate

    RMD – FYI:

  4. Author

    Surgeon’s wear masks during an operation so that they don’t cause disease. I think masks are safe and polite to use outside.

    1. whatif

      (whoops, I fat-finger upvoted your comment and now feel obligated to correct it)

      I’m sincerely curious. Since the morbidity rate of Covid is statistically comparable to that of the seasonal flu, do you plan to wear a mask outside for the rest of your life?

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        I sure don’t! 🙂 thank goodness it’s not mandated where I live, or else I don’t know what I would do. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Indoors, I get it, okay. But outside? Sorry no sale.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard. I came on to check out this one and only got about twenty minutes in and now i need to get back to work! But i will run late to comment lest i forget. I just heard up until the cult of personality political leaders of the past – it sounded exactly like what i have been saying about our own president of late. I wrote it here in fact the other day.

    They, including his inner circle (the covid positive set), behave in a very cultish way and appear to be a religion unto themselves with the super human Trump as the symbol.

    Over the weekend i told a few people that if Trump comes out of the hospital on Monday, which he did, then it would be symbolic of Christian mythology. Or i should say a subliminal messaging for those of that religious persuasion. On Friday he was crucified and in three days he has risen. I was correct. I was told that Tucker Carlson actually began his show the other night with a resurrection reference regarding Trump leaving the hospital. I am so tired of being right all the time!!!!! 😉

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      My point was that fascism and totalitarianism do NOT require a cult of personality. I maintain that people get really hung up on that facet and lose sight of the more salient features of total control.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Uh oh. I was doing other things while listening and i didn’t get too far, so i didn’t ‘get’ the fascism part of it.

        However, my observation about Trump is still what i have said and it has become glaringly apparent. I don’t need to think that means ‘fascism’. It is just not healthy and bizarre to me. I heard what you said about cult of personality and as you see, i didn’t say anything about fascism in my comment because it wasn’t my point here.

        I admit i didn’t even know a cult of personality was associated with fascism. I am ok with showing my lack of knowledge. I actually think more about the ‘banality of evil’ sort of thing when it comes to this area.

    2. nsearchf

      It isn’t about conservatives or liberals or who the US president is or will become.
      You can’t see the forest for the trees.

  6. TomTort

    Glad you spent the extra time on the U-tube broadcast and I hope others do as well.
    You brought up some very interesting topics. I am pleased you addressed the covid19 issue. I, however, think when addressing whether the virus is artificial there is a “wall” of apprehension and very few people want to commit to the possibility.
    Why can’t this topic be discussed openly?
    I honestly think there may be repercussions, globally, if it were announced as being the case. Is it plausible to think this topic could lead to a world war. Tucker Carlson is one of the few who actually had a “qualified” person to emphatically claim covid19 is a created virus.
    I understand if you don’t want to commit to a position because it is a real “Hot Potato.” I wonder if this is a classified topic and no person in their right mind would dare get involved.

  7. TomTort

    I have listened to this lecture twice and plan to listen again. You bring up a number of good points and scenarios of what the future could bring. I agree!
    I must point out on numerous occasions, humanity has bounced back thru history from very rough times. I submit that sooner or later there will be an inspiratorial individual or group who will want more than what the ruling class demands of them. I must admit that this sudden realization may take quite a bit of time to come to fruition, yet I believe it will come to pass.
    The writers in Hollywood having written fiction and dialogue of optimism have suggested hope for humanity no matter how bad the situation. Granted, movies are mearly entertainment, yet there is a reflection of optimism in their creativity.
    Take for example the movie “Spartacus,” there is a scene indicating Spartacus as one of the few who wonder, “where does the sun go at night, what is wind,” etc. Even in his tragic circumstances, he alone is still capable of desire for something better and the curiosity to know what we are all about. It is my contention that sooner or later humanity can work it’s way back to a reasonable, temporary contentment, yet with a continuous drive to better their circumstances. We as a species are survivors with a sense of optimism, but are realistic and understand that life will always be a struggle.

  8. Craig Champion

    Personally, I’ve always appreciated Richard’s remarkable social conscience. I’m always dumbfounded as to how the vast majority of the population is in a kind of perpetual (socially-engineered) hypnotic state. It’s refreshing to hear an intellectual render their thoughts on the state of humanity. Being a part of this site with so many intelligent people interacting on these topics enriches my life…

  9. RGen

    Hello Richard, and thanks for your thoughts on this topic.

    As C19 spreads its way into every type of forum I find a resounding fight between those calling for complete government take over to “fight this thing!” and those preaching caution in giving up yet more liberties.

    One particular thread I was following discussed the issue of QAnon and censorship. It was amazing to see the number of people asking for this material (as well as other “hurtful” material) to be taken down. The distinction of what was “fake” and what was true was easily seen through their eyes. Furthermore, many were all too happy to have corporations decide for us. As you note, these corporations are bidding business our MIC cannot, openly.

    The saddest part wasn’t about whether QAnon was fake or real, and I believe we can all agree upon that as not being the true issue, but that many/most could not take that censorship to the next logical step; What gets cut next, who decides, what if there is even a grain of truth?

    It is apparent to me we are losing a vast majority of our population to the path of least resistance, and leaving critical thinking and free thinking behind.

    Many of those around me now know of the Bilderberg group, yet, seem disinterested and detached from any implications. It is easier for people to scream “But Trump,,,!” or “Yes, but Biden,,,,,”. I suppose the Kardashians could remain on top for only so long.

    So knowledge alone won’t cure our ills, but hopefully we can plant a few seeds here and there. I am hopeful the upcoming generations will regain some ability to sift through information and arrive at a reasonable idea of what might be true on their own. That is, of course, provided we are not on information lockdown.

  10. Nitefall

    Excellent talk Prof. Thank you! Great info…..but geez Prof…don’t sugarcoat it, give it to us straight (sorry could not resist; it’s called ‘name the flick’). Seriously if I wasn’t so old and decrepit…I would move to the distant countryside and form a self-sufficient commune like Yogananda told us to in the early 50’s. Anyone know a way to shield from electromagnetic waves? Oh …and toss the cell. No more toys.

  11. Tormance

    Jesus. I just watched this thing… my son will very soon watch this with me again… no doubt these are Last Days … if not … The Last Days.

    I read and listen to lots of stuff… as I am sure many of us here do but this exposition of yours… nothing I have come across to compare it to… a great … even courageous job!!

    And Press2D… I always read your comments with much interest… and appreciation. They are always astute and full of… well Exeter & Pence … was absurd & ridiculous … but quite funny. ..

    One of the things I liked most about this exposition of yours was your attempt to address the complexity of the situation we are in…many forces and currents arrayed about us… Spectacle and Vision and Prophecy confound us, Terror stalks us & Freedom hangs in the balance… again… do we not still carry the Torch .. and the Inner Fire… Always… and indeed anti-human is much to the point in too many ways. And just what are we to do… the old fashioned idea of Resistance… pick your battles…

    We are moving into a quite singular time – a point you came back to several times – and indeed how strangely prescient both Brave New World & 1984 are to everything going on around us… but the note you end on is good to remember. Not only have we come thru a lot… but no doubt we have strength and courage … we cannot guess..!!

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