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By | July 14, 2019

Yesterday, I mentioned on this website and on my Youtube Channel that I had recently interviewed Dr. Kit Green and would be publishing a full transcript of that interview. I’ve just communicated with Dr. Green about this, and can now say that he and I both misunderstood each other. 

First, I will emphasize that there will be at the very least a statement, most likely in article form, possibly jointly written by the two of us, or possibly by me alone. But Dr. Green emphasized that he did not intend for our recent interview to be published in transcript form in any manner.

That isn’t what I had thought. My understanding had been only that he did not want the interview to be replayed in audio format, but that text would be fine. I was wrong about this; Dr. Green considers our recent interview to have been a warm-up, so to speak, in preparation for a more in-depth interview that we will do later this summer. 

I do wish I hadn’t made the statement that I did, but did so because I believed he and I were on the same page with all this. Chalk this one up to miscommunication.

In my view, however, all remains well. I have nearly completed transcribing our interview, which was about 70 minutes long. This will be for my notes at the present time, but I assure everyone that a comprehensive article will come out on this information. 

One thing that I think is very important, and I don’t think Dr. Green would object to me saying at this time is that he “absolutely” confirms the authenticity of the eleven-page “alien autopsy” email thread that was leaked in June. Much of our conversation centered over the information contained within that email. The other fact of note at the present time is that he emphatically does not believe the being in the Santilli film is an alien. He was quite definite on this. 

There is a great deal more that has to be said on these and related matters, and I am confident it will come out, but I am going to do this in a manner that Dr. Green is comfortable with. Give it a little time. He and I will be getting together for another interview and I believe the result will be worth the wait. 

Richard Dolan
Rochester, NY
July 14, 2019

29 thoughts on “Update on Kit Green Interview

  1. MarkH

    Hi Richard, I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Don’t worry about this set back it will all work itself out in the end. How difficult it must be to live in Dr. Greens world with so many secrets you cant talk freely worried he may slip up, and with everyone always looking for a slip-up. He must always have his guard up. He probably realizes, when you talk people listen. Sincerely Mark.

    1. Scott Madsen

      Arrrrg! To hell with ethics and integrity! I want to see dead Aliens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just kidding… As always you have taken the correct path Richard. I respect you for your character and intelligence, that’s why I follow you so closely. I believe you are the best researcher and one of the leading minds in UFOlogy.

    2. BrianRuhe

      Oh! If it’s not an alien is it a robot? A typical grey bio manufactured robot? Is that a way of getting around calling it an alien? I plan to make a video about the Wilson leak and your work helps a great deal Richard. Thank you!

  2. rob dennis

    Hi Richard, it happens. I’ve been in similar situations, walked way from meetings thinking we are on same page an on revisiting finding out we were not. its a simple misunderstanding. Look forward to the interview.

  3. Gaspar74

    Ugh. I guess it’s a good thing it didn’t get published yesterday. That probably would of really hurt the relationship. Keep up the great work Richard I’m not so sure that others would of not published info like that. That speaks volumes to your character and how strongly you value important relationships and people in general.

  4. Suzie Russell

    Commiserations Richard … we’ve all been there at one time or another … I’m sure we all understand your disappointment and frustration! We can wait … as you say no doubt it’ll all come out eventually!
    Enjoy Manchester and Copenhagen

  5. Robert Arthur

    Disappointing Richard but understand you having to be cautious with Dr. Green. In addition, I am certain it will be worth the wait, thank you for the update.

  6. Scott Santa

    We’re with you Richard! See … you tread carefully with sharp intuition and a TON of knowledge. That’s why you’re the best at what you do. THIS!

  7. PressToDigitate

    More important than anything Green might say would be the reasons for his not wanting to be quoted or heard *now*, as opposed to *at some point in the future*. Exactly what is he waiting for? What is likely to change between now and then? More FLIR Videos? Something from ADAM on debris analysis? How would any of that affect what *he* has to report on from his own recollection, of things in years past? What’s wrong with this picture?

    Indeed, unless someone wants to make a “deathbed confession” or release documents after they’re gone, what reason would *anyone* in this field have for holding onto any key documents or information they have? Its one thing to save up notes for book you intend to write, versus all this cageyness that looks like some form of Kibuki with “unseen players” – somewhere. We need to unmask all the “unseen players”, because the secrecy itself demonstrably endangers our national and global security.

    Its this silly Kibuki dance between former Insiders (or Insider ‘wannabes’) and the shady Majestic world itself, that needs to be dissected for us to learn anything useful about what’s really going on. Alien craft or bodies that someone saw decades ago is no where near as important as getting a handle on how this corrupt bureaucracy works today, who’s responsible, and what that tells us about the Alien presence – and Agenda.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I understand your sentiment, but these guys are lifers in their world. That is, the security-cleared guys like Green and Puthoff, and they ain’t gonna break their oaths any time soon. I am amazed that they say as much as they do. What I perceive is indeed a sort of dance they are doing. Saying as much as they can, and it’s more each year nowadays. I think we will continue to get new data this year and next. Just my thought.

  8. Robert Rust

    Enjoy your travels Richard and Tracy! We will anxiously await the news from abroad and Dr. Green’s comments.

  9. Stephen Early

    I love what ever you do for us members. Kit Green is very important to this subject and to many other areas. These things take time and we all know that .

    Have a safe trip overseas to you both. Tracey you will give a great speech overseas.We the members will be behind you 100 percent.Come back safe.

  10. Alan Davis

    I’ve been following you for twelve years plus Richard and you continue to strike me as a man of good conscience and integrity. Stuff beyond our control happens and I’m confident you will make good on this. Best regards to you and Tracey.

  11. Drew Streitberg

    Do you suppose he got a ‘tap on the shoulder’ after certain individuals/organisations who monitor this site (and likely his phone) said “hmm… no… lets have a discussion first”

    It wouldn’t be difficult to monitor either btw and not at all conspiratorial or perhaps he just got nervous and wanted more time to consider things before officially going “on record”.

      1. Drew Streitberg

        It is an interesting thought, “once the genie’s out of the bottle” or “if you open Pandora’s box” – you really can’t back away from certain things and even if no one has had a “quiet word” to him. Perhaps he had 2nd thoughts. It is a scary prospect – as you know – if you’re in, you have to be “All in” and that doesn’t just affect you, it affects your family, your co-workers, friends, etc.

        It is also worth considering that weight of what an individual might know. They might know something so fundamental to our beliefs that it might shatter a long-held belief system or paradigm and that always brings me back to the ol “Peter Parker/Spiderman” Comic quote “With great power comes great responsibility” although from a philosophical viewpoint the “responsibility” is only ever perceived.

  12. Dean Williams

    Good on you, Richard. You’ve done the right thing, and that is why so many of us look to you as an honest and discerning person. It would have been terrible if a misunderstanding had caused a rift between you and Dr. Green. He is a valued person in our desire for knowledge in this field, as well as, I’m sure, a valued person to his colleagues in his own realm. We surely don’t want him compromised in his work.


  13. serpico71

    After I listened to you prep the transcript with a video, I immediately thought, we’re not going to see this transcript. And I don’t even see myself as a paranoid, gov vs me person even though this note may sound like it. I also thought it was odd to allow an ‘official’ transcript and not use his voice, but on the other hand I would think someone like Kit Green wouldn’t want his audio words and interviews clipped and spliced all over YouTube. I personally think it was pulled after your video yesterday spooked someone, because it spooked me, but I have no REAL reason to doubt it was miscommunication like you said..

    I think my question to you, Richard, is, were you given information that you are now NOT at liberty to share with your members and/or the world? or will this information now be placed in your box titled, ‘information I’ve been given because I’m close to these people, but unfortunately can’t share?’

    PressToDigitate, above, summed up my feelings, that this Kibuki Dance is ridiculous. With that said, I’m sure this ‘Soft Disclosure’ has a well thought out structure and timeline, and we all have to be patient. BUT, we are loosing our patience. I know these beings exist, as do you, so the frustration and anger is from people who are looking at the obvious and saying we have the right to know what our governments know about life elsewhere. If you have been lying to us since the 40’s, then say that you have been lying to us, but don’t lie to us about lying to us. People want to know. But KNOWING has very very serious implications too, I get it. And, with a million signatures on a petition to storm Area 51?? It just tells me people are informed, frustrated, getting angry, and seriously wanting the truth, and this fever is getting closer and closer to the point of critical mass. You said, if there was disclosure and the people learned of the crimes and tactics used to keep it a secret, they possibly would storm Wright Patterson. You may have underestimated when the people get frustrated and which base they will go after. It’s Area 51! And disclosure hasn’t even happened. Would they actually do it? What if a 1000 people tried? 2000? It’s scary to think about. Do you think that won’t happen? This is NOT what happens when you try to disclose the TRUTH. This is the result of HIDING IT from your people. Controlling this narrative will get impossible.

    Actually at this point, from what I’m feeing, we’re going to get the truth or we will get a major ‘distraction’.

  14. Bobby Kahler

    nice back pedaling! too bad Ringling brothers are out of biz! but seriously , this is a common technique employed by disinformation experts . Richard Doty/Linda Moulton-Howe comes to mind, and there are many such examples. you did the right thing by respecting your Sources’ request, even if they had a change of heart about spilling their guts.
    which is why the TTSA is not to be trusted implicitly -These folks are trained professionals at disseminating LIES..
    back to the “fearmongering TTSA, “unidentified”. yes absolutely they are . Elizondo says as much in nearly every episode. and its Pysch 101. fear motivates to action. very basic.
    TTSA is deliberately trying to scare folks into action. Complacency is a poor motivator.

    1. Bobby Kahler

      to incite movement. familiar with the principle of a cattle prod? in which direction, to what end…? its all speculation. but if i step back from the trees to see the forest, (RUN FORREST, RUN!) id guesstimate that they are trying to generate enough fear from the masses, not to generate bigger military spending, but for the public at large to demand some real investigation, and disclosure. if the ufo topic is on every elected officials voicemail email,etc it would behoove them to serve their constituents. But…then the guys that pull the strings behind the curtain, can always construct a distraction. its tough to worry about ufo/extraterrestrial questions when there is a food or a gas shortage…im wondering what WOULDhappen if millions of folks stormed Area 51 or wherever the ‘evidence’ is stashed away….. its up to folks like you,, sir,( and your lovely wiife- hi Ms. Garbutt) with your vast knowledge, experience and connections, to uncover the buried Truth . A question in closing: Do you think the Airfarce/military has taken any action, or designing a plan IF millions show up for the facebook event? if i were you, id rent a motor home stacked with books/product to sell….heeheehee. keep fighting the good fight sir. the truth is there!

  15. miket52

    Dr Green and others
    Dr Green is a top- notch government spook. He has by all accounts been around the UFO thing for most of his professional career. When someone with his knowledge and background offers you an interview, and you are in the business of doing UFO research interviews, it is impossible to refuse. But the minute you allow someone in that position to dictate how you can use that information, you become an insider. These people have no intention of you ever telling any story except the one they want you to tell. The minute you give them control, they have you.
    Insiders are part of the secrecy problem. Once a disinformation specialist has their hooks in you by promising more confidential information, that will be the beginning of the drinking of the cool aid. You won’t be able to resist the stories or tell if it is fact or fantasy. You become the avenue for the deceit. Anyone who has put themselves in the position of gaining and relaying good inside information about this subject has a responsibility to do just that. Vetting inside stories is a near impossible task for one person.
    Any information one gets from one of these long- time operatives needs to vet this information in public. If not, it becomes one person’s interpretation, or opinion. Public multi person vetting is the only way you can get to the truth. No one person can have the insight to vet the information because that person has no way to do so. ( most of the time) You have to look to the source of the information to base your vetting. If done in this way, the person seeking the truth will without a doubt be manipulated by the professional dis-information specialist every time. Once out in the public, many with other insight will come forward to verify, or not. There is still no guarantee you will get to the truth, but there is a better chance of it. Make no mistake, the long -time key people like Green are doing a job. (once a spook, always a spook) They are paid to do what they do and have no problem doing it.
    There are many out there that think the lecture circuit is just a way to make money and talk about their interests. They don’t really need to do much research to do what they do. Their knowledge presented in lectures, books, and tv shows is based on other book they have read and You Tube videos. This is all well and good but many just talk in riddles, I’ll get back to that in a minute, ( they never do), I can’t tell you the details because I have to protect my sources, some of the things I know to be fact would scare you, and on and on never really telling you any thing new. Thank god there are not many of these types.
    And then there is the old standby stories and phrases you hear over and over. If I hear the Rendlesham Forest story or the words Homesapien-sapien one more time I think I will throw up. ( I love you Linda). But I cringe every time I hear it coming. I realize there are new people to the subject that need to be educated, but we sure don’t need anymore talking heads on the lecture circuit to regurgitate the same old stories or talk about blue chickens.
    We are lucky in the UFO community to have Richard Dolan, Linda Howe, Jim Marrs, Stanton Friedman, and many others that seek the truth. But how many generations is it going to take to get there. Probably forever if we don’t demand the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Behind closed doors Congressional interviews just represents more secrecy. What are we to do so WE can get the truth, as well as our great grandchildren. Because at the rate we are getting information we will be lucky if even our grand kids get the truth in full. Actually, It is my opinion we will never get the whole truth, because the Entities in charge don’t want us to know everything. At least not yet.
    It is undeniable that the greatest story of this century so far is the TIC TAC UFO story. Why, because it was published by the mainstream media. The Wilson notes could take over that spot if the media would report on them, and, Wilson or Davis would confirm the notes to be authentic. But none of that has happened.
    There are tons of YouTube news type channels reporting every day. If you have authenticated information, that is the place to take it. People like Tucker Carlson love UFO stories, but you have to have the proof to get them to air your bit.
    Over the last 50 years I have read hundreds of books on this subject. There is little doubt of the reality of ET existence. There are several branches to the tree of secrecy. They don’t talk to each other. As a matter of fact, I believe they are in competition with each other. In competition for the black money and control of the technology. The controlling power for these groups is a government faction. This faction will never give up the secretes voluntarily. It seems that some of the technology is starting to come out. This in of itself may disclose some of the hidden secretes. But until the mainstream media gives coverage of the subject, we stay where we are on the subject. In order to get mainstream media coverage, one of the competing factions will have to give the go ahead as they did with TTSA.
    Disclosure, what is it? Well, most of the population already believes what most of us believe. So, I say Disclosure has already happened. Now we just need conformation.
    Don’t hate me, just saying

  16. Paulie1st

    Well done Sir – I have complete confidence that you know how to handle this situation.
    Have a good, fun trip to Europe.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks, Paulie … I’m writing a piece on this soon, probably in the next few days and we will have much more clarity soon. Btw, every time I see your name, I think of Goodfellas.


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