Unidentified, Unforgettable: A Coast Guard’s Encounter with the Unknown

By | September 16, 2023

Hi Everyone,

Going through my typical day of research, I came across a particular case and, well, the feeling came over me to do this quick little video. 

You can read the full case at 

The US Coast Guard encounters a UFO at sea in 1973. The object is extraordinary. Photos are taken — and confiscated by “Men in Black” types. And here we are talking about not having enough “data” for the UAP phenomenon. 



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  1. Perry Mittelstaedt

    Just so people know, NUFORC now has a searchable database, at least for MUFON members and MADAR operators. I am both. Let me know if the enhanced search capabilities work for all. I just found out about this through Fran Ridge, the founder of MADAR. Cheers, Perry

  2. Allan Lavigne

    I’ve never believed in the “Fermi Paradox” which postulates ” If Fermi’s math about how many advanced civilizations there should be in the universe is correct, then where are all the Aliens?”
    All I can share from my personal, investigations, and research, and that of other investigators over many decades is “Are you kidding? We’re tripping over them.
    There are more civilizations visiting this planet than in a “Flash Gordon” episode.”
    When NASA shares, as they did this week that they need MORE! data to resolve the UAP/ UFO question, they are simply kicking the answer down the road.
    As Richard noted in his video tonight, we have 80 years of data: photographs, film footage, videos, multiple signal platforms such as Radar, Sonar, Infra Red, Electro Magnetic spectrum, Satellite data, and many physical artifacts like the “Uba Tuba” material, the Meta Material that Hal Putoff analyzed, and dozens of implants recovered from abductees.
    I’ve been reviewing some old A.P.R.O. files, and one titled “Special Evidence” among other things, catalogs signal intelligence data going back to 1954.
    It notes radar confirmation, plots altitudes, speed, electro magnetic effects, and even Psychological, and Psychological effects.
    Still, there is no signal intelligence data that well ever prove anything to beyond a reasonable doubt concerning what these craft are, where they come from, or who if anyone, occupies them, and NASA knows that.
    NASA and A.A.R.O. ‘s academics are disingenuous about their desire for transparency, and for resolution of the phenomenon, while the Pentagon uses UFO crash debre as paper weights, steals the American public blind, and terminates anyone who comes close to their Golden Goose.
    Do these Visitors have dark clandestine purposes for being here? Who can say?
    Or, are these Interstellar Post Graduate Students trying to earn their Doctorate in “Astro Biology” from their home world ?
    Or maybe they simply can’t get enough of the Strawberry Ice Cream here?
    There is likely as many reasons to visit this planet as there were for early European explores to sail to the New World.
    The question “Is Humanity alone in the Universe?” has been thoroughly answered. for the satisfaction of anyone who makes even a casual effort to research what is all around them.
    It will never, nor does it need to, convince everyone else, anymore than does everyone need to believe in the Moon landing.
    NASA and A.A.R.O., and any government entity that ends every single paper they pen on the subject of UAP/UFOs with the disqualifier “There is not now, nor has there ever been ANY CREDIBLE EVIDENCE linking this phenomenon, or UAP/UFO’s, with exterrestrial life.” is only stringing the general public along. They simply aren’t that ignorant.
    This well only be resolved when the 40 “Legacy Program” witnesses throw off the threats of retaliation, as did Grusch, and many before him, who risked the same threats, and delivers humanity from it’s long slumber to take its rightful place with it’s interstellar neighbors.
    The only spiritual enlightenment necessary to ascend to the next level is the truth that has been criminally hidden from this planets population by greedy and corrupt men.

    Allan Lavigne
    Former A.P.R.O. Investigator

  3. Elizabeth Wright

    Fantastic presentation, Richard. I get despondent that things will ever change when you see the lengths they go to to hoodwink the public, like the latest NASA Report. (I’ve given up talking to my family about it – they believe the MSM.).

    Discovering and obsessing about digging up a more accurate understanding of our reality is a human survival trait that has made our species more likely to combat the dangers of the world. I guess that’s why , like a dog with a bone, some humans can’t, or won’t, ignore the phenomenon. It’s a worrisome and uncomfortable bone that puts us at odds with our families and mainstream society, but still we can’t ignore it. We seem to make progress into the truth then constantly have the door slammed in our faces. How do you cope with the ongoing stress ? I guess Tracey & your professional network must be a huge support for you, but it must get you down sometimes…

    I understand now what you were saying about the dangers of letting go the past and starting again. It makes it easier to manipulate & control the present, if there’s no past to reflect on, or analyse. Your work is vitally important, and, luckily, you do it brilliantly.

  4. Nickolas Caldarera

    I think the NASA official said we need to get better sensors to track UAPS. Uh, are you kidding me. The stonewalling proves we are in a toxic relationship with our government. The Satellites with mind blowing technology and sensors. We have no fourth amendment. The NSA and CIA have Satellites look through your house window. The can see with crystal clarity what you are eating for dinner. The listening devices on Satellites pick up everything with clarity. The technology the military planes have in tracking and spying on our enemies- the boots on the ground, plethora of different spy planes, space station, space shuttle, NORAD, Navy Fleets with their plethora of trackers, nuclear submarines, and etc. Our military and intelligence agencies know a lot that will blow any one of our minds away. Human men and black are CIA. No doubt in my mind. The data that these jerks must fill an underground warehouse at Wright-Patterson. I so tired of getting abused by fellow Americans running our government. Richard thank you again for another compelling UFO story.

  5. Andromeda107

    It amazes me that these men in black show up, not in any type of military attire,having complete authority to silence these military men. When they show how do they identify themselves to the commanding officer to make him make his soldiers under him sign an affidavit commanding officers to never speak of what they witness. These men in black have to be showing something to convince the commanding officer over the men to keep their mouths shut. These men managed to make 143 soldiers stay quiet . Where are men from ? under whose authority are they operating ? Is is possible that some of these men in black are hubrids? And why aren’t these men in black showing up anymore to threaten people? Really great case Richard

  6. D.A.


    Observations are absolutely considered data (i.e., qualitative data), which can be quantified, verified, and validated, just like pharmaceutical companies quantify, verify, and validate subjective data that is evaluated in pain studies–which are a hell of a lot less verifiable than data associated with UFO observations– using a scaled matrix to determine the efficacy of analgesics. And guess what? That data is absolutely accepted by the most scrutinizing scientific peer review entity in the world–the FDA. In a nut shell, the whole “lack of verifiable data” excuse is bullshit.

    As I said numerous times, the need for more “data” or “scientifically verifiable data” is just a trope used by the USG to skirt the fact they’ve been hiding UFOs the hole time and now need to justify why they’ve never identified, or acknowledged, UFOs before the AOA brought them to the light of day and repackaged them as UAP for the whole world to see (and accept); never mind justify why they’ve never determined their true origin. In other words the AOA caught them with their pants down. Unfortunately, the Scientific Community (SC) is just as guilty as the USG, if not more so, because they should have always known better, but didn’t. The SC simply fell in line, just like the MSM did, and they should be embarrassed for doing so–which is why many of them are still fighting tooth and nail against disclosure of any kind to this day. The likes of Neil deGrass Tyson and Bill Nye are setting themselves up to look like the fools they are in five years from now. Of course, they will gradually change their tune as more information comes to light, so in the end they can say “see…we knew it all along”; and a fawning MSM will then tell them how smart they are. Tools–all of them. As the Fortean statement goes: “People with a psychological need to believe in marvels are no more prejudiced and gullible than people with a psychological need not to believe in marvels”.

    The good news is they are all back-peddling right now, trying to find solace in the fact that their new-found excuse of needing “verifiable scientific data” (which the MSM has taken hook, line, and sinker) is working, leaving the door wide open so that eventually one of them (after they soaked enough funding out of the USG) can suddenly obtain “verifiable scientific data” that some UAP are of non-human origin, which someone will no doubt race to publish in a scientific journal to show they were the FIRST to discover, and/or prove that alien life exists. You’ll see. Mark my words. NASA has the most to lose, prestige-wise anyway, so my bet is on them. Of course, as I’ve stated numerous times before, scientific data, regardless of how verifiable it is with respect to being valid, cannot prove or disprove anything in the absence of baseline data, which we have in a filing cabinet at Wright-Patterson AFB, as well as parked in a hangar bay. With that said, how can anyone deny that authenticated radar data showing anomalies performing maneuvers that no man-made craft can perform, which was visually identified and VERIFIED by highly trained Top Gun pilots as solid craft of unknown origin, is not considered verifiable data? That’s what I want to know. And though such data cannot prove that the craft belong to one ET group or another, or are from another dimension, or another time, it sure as hell proves they are not human in origin–at least not of this time.

    All evidence seems to be pointing in the direction that eventually the stupidity will end, and Steve Bassett’s disclosure with a capital “D” will at some point happen–maybe not how he had envisioned it, but it will happen. And when it does, we will need to keep in mind that it was made possible only by the zeitgeist of UAP acceptance that was created by the AOA, and no one else. Whether one wants to agree with my AOA theory or not, we all owe a great debt of gratitude to the likes of Jay Stratton, Chris Mellon, Luis Elizondo, and Hal Puthoff, among others, including George Knapp, for reasons I had already provided you in an email last week. And if you happen to see any of these individuals at the upcoming conference in Vegas, please let them know we are grateful, and are aware of what they had accomplished.


    PS: We shouldn’t forget, or dismiss, the impact that Skinwalker Ranch, and/or other UAP phenomena hot spots identified by AAWSAP-BAASS, might have on future disclosure either. Oh…and just in case you don’t already have a copy of it, I forwarded you a pdf copy of the Library of Congress’ UFO bibliography that was commissioned by the AFOSR to support the Condon study, which lists everything UFO related up to 1969.

  7. D.A.


    One more quick point regarding verifiable data, which I alluded to in my previous comment on this matter. If I recall correctly, Kevin Day of the USS Princeton had been recording anomalous radar returns of the Tic Tac UAPs for nearly 2 weeks prior to Commander Fravor’s squadron being vectored to get visual confirmation (or verification) of the objects. And over the course of that 2-week period, Day and his colleagues had shut down and rebooted the radar system several times to ensure the radar returns weren’t caused by system malfunctions or artifacts, which they weren’t. Essentially, Day had verified the instrument was properly calibrated and working properly several times, and yet was still recording the same repeatable radar returns. So based on that, we can make the following statements about the data recorded of the Tic Tac UAP incident:

    1) Multiple recordings of similar radar return data (i.e., repeatable data) were obtained on multiple occasions using a fully calibrated and standardized, multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art (SOTA) ship-based radar system. The fact that the same radar returns were captured at different times on the same instrument after numerous re-calibrations is a form of verification that the radar returns of the anomalies were true and accurate relative to the performance of the radar system. In other words, the anomalous targets that were detected were not radar image artifacts or false signals, but true target returns. The target returns of the anomalies demonstrated movements that not only outclassed the capability of any current craft made by man, but defied the known laws of physics.

    2) Subsequent radar recordings of the same objects were made by an independent AWACS radar system. The fact that the same radar returns were captured at a different time on a separate radar system is a form of verification that the radar returns of the USS Princeton were true and accurate, irrespective of the relative performance of either radar system.

    3) Independent visual confirmation, and corroboration of the radar returns of both systems were made by at least three separate pilots and their respective weapon system officers (WSOs) of two separate flight teams on two separate occasions. These were highly trained Top Gun pilots and WSOs, who by the very nature of their job and training were considered foremost subject matter experts in aerial target identification. Not only did each individual pilot and WSO confirm and corroborate what the other pilots witnessed and identified as real-world targets, but they verified the radar returns of two separate SOTA radar systems, confirming the radar returns on both systems were in fact true and accurate. All pilots described the objects as not having any aerodynamic control surfaces or propulsion exhaust, and performed manuevers that could not be matched by anything man made, which again corroborated the radar data.

    4) A pilot in the second flight team recorded an IR image of the craft using a SOTA weapons pod FLIR on their F/18 Hornet; which not only verified the eyewitness accounts of both flight teams, but that of the radar images of the USS Princeton and AWACS. The videos also recorded telemetry and heat signature data, which do not match anything that is man made, and defy our understanding of physics–again verifying the data recorded by radar.

    And yet, the data from all of these independent sources is not verified enough to make even a presumptive binary determination of whether or not a flying 40-ft-long Tic Tac, which could outmaneuver our best fighter jets, was of human or non-human origin? Really? Seriously, at some point the bullshit has got to stop. I previously likened the whole “not-enough-verifiable-data” trope to when King Arthur meets the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. At some point the Black Knight will run out of ways to “verify” King Arthur to death. Let’s see…what appendage will the Black Knight throw into the windmill verification fight next? I know, they’ll start using the term “statistically significant data”. That should delay things for a while. Then after that, they’ll likely use the need for “peer review” corroboration, etc., etc., etc… And only after they delayed it to the point that they cannot put it off any longer, NASA will step in to save the day, and chop down that evil windmill, while at the same time creating a new narrative to deflect attention away from the decades-old UFO CR&REP and USG culpability in the coverup.

    As always, just my humble opinion.


  8. HappyCup

    I tried telling the IRS that I didn’t have enough data to justify paying taxes. Surprisingly, they did not accept that answer.

    It’s looking like the “no data” excuse has been exausted. I’m thinking they were just hoping to get one last HOORAH out it before the whole world called BS.

    Times, they are a changin’.

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