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By | July 9, 2020

I woke up this morning with a message on my phone from a researcher friend who told me that my Twitter account was placed on Restricted mode. And also that the Twitter accounts of Grant Cameron and Dr. Steven Greer were also in Restricted mode. There was no warning in my email from Twitter, no reason given. 

Restricted mode is not the same as deplatforming or suspension. As far as I can tell in the context of Twitter’s ever-shifting goalposts, it seems to be a kind of warning that the account user might be suspect or dangerous. To get to the person’s feed, you have to click the button that says “Yes, view profile.” 

Here is a screenshot from earlier today. 

By the time I tried accessing my account, it was no longer in Restricted mode. Grant’s and Steven Greer’s remained in Restricted mode for the whole morning. I don’t know when they regained full access, but both accounts are fine now. 

I tried to find out what happened but good luck trying to get answers from Twitter about anything. There were theories that perhaps a troll or debunker wanted us out of the way and complained about us. Or that it was Twitter’s upper management taking the step that UFO info is harmful misinformation. Who knows? 

When I checked with PursuingX, who helps me with a lot of my social media, the truth is that we couldn’t figure it out. 

So there you have it. A one time glitch in the Matrix, or a foreshadowing of things to come? My concern is that it’s the latter. I have a hard time thinking that this wasn’t coordinated. Grant, Greer, and I have something besides UFOs in common: we are all very prominent supporters of the authenticity of the leaked Wilson-Davis notes. A number of people made the same leap, and they could be onto something. 

Just another warning for me to get all my digital property downloaded and backed up fully. Believe me, that is a major project for the near future. 

Wishing everyone well. I’ll be back with more commentary very soon. Seems like there’s always drama in our little world. I want to avoid the drama as much as possible and stick to the phenomenon. I suspect that is why most of us are here. 




17 thoughts on “Twitter Problem Today

  1. Andromeda107

    The first thing that came to my mind was that your account was restricted because of the Wilson documents, that has to be at least part of the reason. And for all three of you guys account to be restricted at the same time, is very suspicious.I glad its back up and running.

  2. Peter Squire

    Get off twitter and get on @Parler.

    Twitter has become woke central. They have just suspended the very good Stephan Molyneux for no reason.

    1. PressToDigitate

      He’s right. Also GAB and MINDS, which are much larger and even more committed to Free Speech.
      Also, as YouTube just banned Dan Dicks’ channel “Press For Truth”, there is no question that a new wave of Censorship has begun. He’s one of the best journalists in Alternative Media, and not ‘offensive’ in any way. If they’ll go after a nice guy like Dan for questioning the narrative, you aren’t safe on YouTube either. Back up *everything* to BitChute, Brighteon, Banned.Video, and others, ASAP.

  3. Ed Claytor

    Hum if I was one of those “conspiracy” types. I would say you recent activity has got someones attention.

  4. Headhunter01

    Allright!!! Even more proof you’re (we?) are on the right path? We’ll look for you and Tracey until we find you man, even if YouTube, Twitter and What-have-you-not shuts you down! We’ll go back to the pigeons if we must…The more adversity the more coles on the fire! Getting closer and closer and more and more toothpaste! Carry on and keep on fightIng that good fight man!

  5. PressToDigitate

    I believe you’re right to be concerned that this is an indication of the future censorship of Ufology as “misinformation”. We need to be prepared for the fact that “Disclosure” *may not come in the ways we’ve imagined it*. It may come after a total clampdown on information, free speech, and political dissent – sort of like what we’re witnessing unfolding in realtime. I wish I could get you to ruminate on *Worst Case Scenarios* (short of the ‘BSU’ one). Like, “WHAT IF the Deep State were infested with Aliens, your next new phone will be a neurotech ‘Drone Yoke’, and COVID-19 will have Planned Parenthood running hundreds of IVF Eugenic Birthing Clinics around the country five years from now, cranking out Hubrid babies to millions of grateful expectant couples left Infertile by the plandemic?”

    Today, as I linked in a previous Comment you haven’t seen yet, the U.S. Army sent out an official email declaring as “White Supremacist” such thinking as “We’re All One Big Human Family” and “There’s Only One Human Race”. According to reports, ‘The message named the “U.S. Army Equity & Inclusion Agency” and “Assistant Secretary of the Army — Manpower and Reserve Affairs” as authors.’ The apparent Deep State/Illuminati putsch to render ‘Xenophobia’ as socially ‘taboo’ as possible certainly seems to have ulterior motives that have nothing to do with Police Brutality, Racial Equality, or any form of ‘justice’ among Humans. Declaring planetwide nativist thinking in our basic identity as *Human Beings* to be socially unacceptable is obviously indicative of an effort at ‘inclusion’ beyond ordinary, conventional, organic Homo Sapiens; a preparation for ‘diversity’ beyond other Earthlings. With most everyone wearing masks in public – and likely to be for the next year or so, who will notice if their next “diverse, inclusive” undocumented immigrant neighbors aren’t merely “illegal”?

    “E take nas naj…nah sus gah nilpa…”

    [PS. Try the Free Speech alternatives GAB, Minds and Parler – and bring the rest of the High Mucky-Mucks in the field with you…] 🙂

  6. TomTort

    Mr. Dolan, I am sorry about the problem. It is very discouraging to realize freedom of speech is becoming a thing of the past.
    I look forward to all of your presentations. Do not get discouraged.

  7. Scott Santa

    How pathetically a blatant attempt. I’m not and never have been, AND WON’T be on Twitter. I’ve enough shit to wade thru via other social media platforms …. – Yeah, a back up is definitely in order Richard.

  8. jennymemon

    Absolutely a warning shot across the bow. Grant and Steven have been heavily involved as have you, in all the Wilson stuff. It is a sign they are getting nervous and you are getting too close to disturbing the hornets nest! Its a tough time for you all Richard, we are mindful of that. There is much power and protection when you are on the side of righteousness, like you said time will tell what they want. Love to you all X.

  9. deweyweber

    What’s next? An FBI raid looking for element 115, er… I mean documents?

    One of my favorite sayings:

    “You only catch flak when you are over the target”.

    You and your fellow panelists scored direct hits and someone or some group felt the heat.

  10. Redspan

    Hi Richard,

    It’s been a while since we spoke last summer. I hope you and Tracey are well. You certainly seem to be!

    My subscription lapsed but I have now renewed for another year. I am intrigued by the developments in the past few weeks and by the interview that explained It’s exciting to know that such technology is being developed.

    This cancel culture and no-platforming is sinister. It’s mostly driven by the left-leaning biases in Silicon Valley but it’s been adopted everywhere. I’m sure you can remember when discussion and debate were the norm. How things have changed. I don’t think it will last, at least I hope not. Diversity of thought is essential for a healthy society.

    When it comes to the things you cover, I guess there are other forces at work, but am I right in thinking that the burden of secrecy has grown too heavy for some? Has the balance of power and influence shifted?

    All the best,

  11. Craig Champion

    Possibly an AI algorithm?

    Yes – everything should be backed-up. I doubt that we’d be able to access the three-letter agency’s remote hard-drives in Utah and Texas if something was lost!

  12. cosinaphile

    whar RD , GC , SG and anyone else who has been messed with by a platform
    any of the social cancer ones, like Facebook \instagram\twitter\you tube is simply not used their service and these researchers who have thousands of followers should encourage others to abandon these dangerous manipulative sites

    perhaps an open letter to the entire community of ufo open minds and to the managers of these platforms of the intention to abandon them and encourage others to use \create another platform until a comittment from the social platform overseer to allow freedom of thought and an end to the microaggressions and de-platforming of open thinkers

    i personally dont use any of them …. they are a terrible development in human interaction and thought sharing and should be treated by all thoughtful people as radioactive waste , a danger to a free mind , a free voice , and free thought

    left wing fascism and right wing liberalism has no place in the marketplace of ideas , it is a plot againt us managed from on high… the only remedy is to go in th opposite direction

    just an… o p i n i o n


    UFO Drama I can handle. Keeping the channels open is paramount. Let me know if I can help.👍

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