Tracey’s Lecture in Copenhagen: Remote Viewing, ET & Beyond

By | November 22, 2019

This is Tracey’s lecture from July 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark: “The Final Frontier: Remote Viewing, ET, and Beyond.” It is very similar to the lecture she gave a week earlier in Manchester, UK (for those of you who saw that one). Still, here, she provides a really crisp and clear presentation which is very nicely recorded. Her argument is that the human mind is the true final frontier, and experiences like remote viewing, precognition, and even her specific apparent ET contact attest to this. Also, in this one, you can clearly see her slides which show the specific remote views — a very powerful element to the lecture for sure. 

6 thoughts on “Tracey’s Lecture in Copenhagen: Remote Viewing, ET & Beyond

  1. AvatarDrew Streitberg

    Re: Others

    A bonfire is more noticeable in a sea of candles – I think this is what happens when you engage in remote viewing (or other deep meditative practices).

    From an occult perspective, there are many warnings about “staring into the abyss” because you never know what is staring back.

    I suspect we open gateways unknowingly and/or we become a beacon and other entities can hone in on your signal – much like you have a unique IP address for the internet – we, ourselves, likely have unique energy signatures.

    I had similar issues which I’ve previously raised. Its one of the key reasons I stopped those practices. I think we need the equivalent of a “firewall” and a VPN to mask ourselves better when practicing RV and/or deep meditation.

    I sincerely believe the issues I discussed with you via email occurred due to inadvertently gaining unwanted attention from my RV and meditation practices. They appear to be able to lock in on you, back-channel your signal to a time/space co-ordinate. I don’t think its immediate though, it almost appears to be like a “trace” program – it appeared to take a couple of days to lock in and likely (or possibly) requires you to keep practicing each time, the trace gets closer to the source until they can lock in on a target.

    Just my thoughts/observations

  2. AvatarDavid Attardi

    Very nice presentation. I will speak with you next time at our Rochester meeting. I won’t get into it here or with everyone, but this was very helpful. See you guys when I see you guys… Doc

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