Richard Dolan on Spaced Out Radio with Our Own “Science Bob” McGwier

By | December 8, 2020


Tune into Spaced Out Radio TONIGHT, Wednesday, December 9th at 9pm PST / MIDNIGHT EST when our own lead RD Forum moderator, Bob McGwier will interview our own Richard Dolan on “Science Bob & Friends”. 

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Science Bob & Friends 
The second Wednesday of every month, we bring in our resident Spaced Out Radio scientist, Bob McGwier to discuss the scientific side of the supernatural and paranormal. Each month, ‘Science Bob’ will bring a guest with a scientific or research background to talk about the practical and scientific side to the high strangeness that surrounds us. ‘Science Bob’ has specialized his work in the field of Artificial Intelligence and has been leading the way using computer technology to help detect UFOs/UAPs in the skies over the United States. He received his BSEE Electrical Engineering and BS Applied Math from Auburn University, and his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Brown University.

Dr. McGwier also worked at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque starting in 1977 and was faculty Auburn University 1984-1986, Institute for Defense Analyses, Center for Communications Research from 1986-2011. Most recently, Science Bob retired as a faculty member of Virginia Tech where he worked since 2011 as Professor and Chief Scientist of the Ted and Karyn Hume Center for National Security and Technology.

10 thoughts on “Richard Dolan on Spaced Out Radio with Our Own “Science Bob” McGwier

  1. PressToDigitate

    Some issues in ‘Technical Ufology’ that ‘Science Bob’ ought to ask you ( or you, him) about on “Spaced Out Radio”:

    1. With Radiofrequency SETI an obvious Joke, given that Alien civilizations who have obviously solved the problem of hyperluminal interstellar travel will certainly be using hyperluminal means of communication as well, “Why hasn’t Ufology organized to explore the potentially *legitimate* means of electronic detection (and/or Contact) of/with ETs, which have been suppressed (along with the ETUFO subject) since WWII?” These would include Scalar Wave & High Frequency Gravity Wave Transmission and Quantum Entanglement Signalling – that we know of – all of which various tech ventures are now developing for commercial applications; together with some psychotronic approach to the enhancement of natural Telepathy. These have all been known in theory – albeit, “renegade” & suppressed by the scientific mainstream – since well before the turn of the century.

    2. We have had irrefutable scientific proof of Extraterrestrial device Implants, surgically recoverable from Alien Abductees, for more than 20 years now, with empirical Isotopic evidence, confirmable by spectroscopy, which, by the canon of conventional planetary science conclusively proves their offworld origin. These devices emit localized RF signals in at least two [widely separated] frequencies, together with a generated magnetic field modulated in an as-yet undecyphered manner. We have also known for these two decades that such devices connect to major nerves, using an organic nanotechnology, apparently to communicate in some manner with the brain of the Abductee-host. “Why has Ufology not *prioritized* the recovery and analysis of these implants on a large scale, and the decryption of their signalling – both Electromagnetic and Neurological – above all else, if the aim is to understand the nature, activities and operations of the ETUFO presence?”

    3. In 2013, Dr. Ruggerio Santilli, a maverick Physicist of some note, announced the development of an alternative optics, by which Alien craft invisible to the naked eye and other means of conventional detection, can be seen and tracked, in realtime. Wholly separate from (but commensurate with) the efforts to use ‘Night Vision’ Infrared imaging optics to do so, this new refractive optics technology has not made its way into Ufological research, beyond the hobby interests of the inventor himself. “Why have projects such as not endeavored to integrate these simple, easily replicated, alternative telescopy techniques into our efforts to better monitor our airspace, outside the government/military establishment?”

    4. From 1962-’69, alongside the development of ARPAnet, from its commissioning to it going online, a parallel project, codenamed “Prometheus”, was conducted by a committee led by Columbia University Physicist Dr. Gerald Feinberg, [discoverer of the Tachyon, author of “Life Beyond Earth: The Intelligent Earthling’s Guide to Extraterrestrial Life” ] which proposed, 50 years ago, *the electronic integration of all Human consciousness into a single, collective Hive Mind* . By 2030, 5G-BCI will be incorporated into consumer electronics, making that ‘full-duplex’ neurotechnical integration a reality. Aliens found with integrated neuroelectronics during autopsy, able to wirelessly interface with their craft for control purposes, would seem to find this integration a natural state of affairs. “Why isn’t Ufology [*desperately*] endeavoring to obtain EEG, MEG, BEAM, PET and other neurological data from established Alien Hybrid Operatives, in order to isolate a distinguishable signal differential between them, and ordinary, “organic” Humans, given the *extraordinary value* that such a discriminator will have in the future networked-brain environment?”

    5. Between SpaceX, RocketLab, Firefly and others, internationally, the launch to send a 100Kg (220.46 lbs) probe into Lunar Orbit can today be contracted for at $5,000,000, for 36 month delivery. However, by then, the retail pricing of such a launch is expected to fall to $1,000,000. For comparison, $5,000,000 was the approximate cost to produce each season of “Project Blue Book” for the History Channel. Gigapixel imaging sensors commercially available today can provide half-meter resolution of ground targets on Earth through the atmosphere, from a 200 mile altitude, in Low Earth Orbit; in five years, from a 20 mile altitude Lunar orbit, without atmospheric distortion, 10 cm surface resolution will be feasible in the private sector. “Why isn’t Ufology preparing to independently survey non-human constructions and artifacts on the Lunar surface, through a system beyond the control of would-be “Secret Keepers” and censors, by *whatever means are necessary* to deploy such a spacecraft?”

    If you two published a “Call for Papers” on these (and, perhaps other) key “Priority Challenges in Technical Ufology”, built around an online Conference to be held a few months out – perhaps on the annual “Yuri’s Night” (April 12th) – you would, if properly promoted, engage a lot of innovative grad students in science and engineering who never would have regarded Ufology as a ‘participatory’ (as opposed to ‘spectator’) endeavor.

  2. MojoJojo

    Richard??? What happened to us subscribers having access to our accounts? I can no longer get to my messages or the dashboard or anything? I think that something is broken.

  3. Kelley Meehan

    I thought your comments on Haim Eshed were interesting and I want to take it a little further in the context of his mention of President Trump. That seems a clear indication that Eshed’s source for his conclusions is not limited to private study and must have some basis in his connections to the Israeli government. He would have no way of knowing what Trump was thinking about doing otherwise.

    That brings me to the clear precedent of significant disclosure that took place in the first year of Trump’s term with the announced release of the JFK files. That turned into a fiasco. There was apparent stonewalling on the day of the deadline and release was ultimately delayed and significantly derailed. Redactions were extensive.

    Therefore the underlying assertion that Trump wanted to pursue disclosure at some point and was dissuaded carries a strong element of plausibility, assuming Trump was brought into the loop on this subject at all. It does seem that Trump’s national security handlers have no compunction about lying to him to influence his perceptions and actions as President. I wonder if that is the genesis of the Galactic Federation reference or there is more to it.

    The impact of this story in the mainstream is probably to reduce the impact of any disclosure evidence emerging from other quarters. It is hard to know if that was its intent but the mere mention of Trump and the Galactic Federation will likely have the impact of muddying the waters for a lot of people encountering this subject for the first time.

      1. Kelley Meehan

        On the other hand, even if it muddies the waters, I have seen this story driving up public interest. At some point the entire subject may reach critical mass and develop a life of its own, independent of what media or anyone else thinks is the proper narrative. This will be harder to control than political discussion, even today, precisely because the subject, once legitimized in any way, has a large residue of pop culture interest and also resonates with the actual experiences of so many people. Even if we are dealing with suppressed memories, the direction this will take on social media is unpredictable. People may not realize why they are reacting so strongly. I don’t think the existing approach to political suppression can be modified easily to deal with a groundswell of public interest if it becomes genuinely organic.

        Linda Moulton Howe’s YouTube discussion was interesting. This story justifies more research which she is working on independently.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I heard an interview a couple days ago and Eshed had said that much of his information comes from Laura Eisenhower. What a terrible source. That almost makes this a joke.

  4. itsmeRitaC

    OK. I did hear some of this. I was listening and doing other things and commercials came up every five minutes it seemed and i didn’t get too far. However, my usual comment regarding the fact that ET, by definition i would think, are not human beings. Therefore, they do not dwell within the experience known as the ‘human condition’. 🙂 Can people agree on this much? Maybe we can. Maybe we can’t. So,

    I can’t help but be a bit amused when i hear people say things such as “If it were me, and i were an ET or an Alien, that is what i would be thinking or doing.” I am sorry if that offends many here, but i have moved on to smiling quietly to myself whenever i run into that kind of discourse. Which feels better than what i had been feeling. 🙂

    As i have come to think of it, and have been saying here, it says more about the humans’ own mindset than it could ever say about an alien one. If i were ‘them’, i wouldn’t interact with those who were projecting their own alien consciousness onto me! Now i am doing it as well! I no doubt wouldn’t even appreciate being called an ‘alien’. Talk about being an illegal one!

    Thanks for being there, Richard.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    Richard, speaking of the ‘greys’ being more recent. And this isn’t what i really feel the need to comment on as i listen to more of this interview. There are the little gremlins and all sorts of lore about humans encountering beings throughout history. Legends. And i don’t think that five hundred years ago people would have been calling them ‘Aliens’. And we humans are certainly not at the pinnacle or the point of being all knowing. We are interpreting phenomena based upon our own century, just the way others saw chariots of fire. Or………….You name it. I guess there is something called chronocentric? I just made that up! 😉

    I agree with the interviewer regarding being sick of the same big five controlling the narrative. Shouldn’t that tell people something? And good old counterintel operative Luis Alejandro. The man worked at Gitmo and he actually says it on one of the first episodes of that very mediocre series. I find it offensive to be honest. And character matters to me. I believe interrogation is along the lines of that job description. But maybe he was just an IT systems administrator.

    OK. I should stop now……………………….. I was hoping that the retired Israeli ‘defense’ force honcho would come up. Maybe it will further into this.

  6. itsmeRitaC

    The Israeli former honcho sounds like he is speaking in cliche’ ufo memes from every site in existence with nothing that shows any inside information. And the Federation spoke with Trump and he only respects them and no one else. They got him to not tweet?

    I do not believe a ‘soul’ can be put into a container Richard. Also, every experience had by anyone now is always about aliens. Other phenomena exists and has always existed. Again. Laura Eisenhower was the source regarding the G.F. for the Israeli man. Not impressive to me at all. Plus.

    I consider the source. I am sorry, but i do. I can’t believe that you, Richard, as a researcher and historian do not look for who your sources are. Or else, i would have to believe that Native Americans were ‘savages’ based on many history books. And thank heavens that the Christians came to north america to get rid of them.

    And, i wouldn’t know about the mental state of the man.

    Sorry, but i just went back to this podcast now. And i am randomly posting as i listen, so this may sound like nonsense. But one last rave point. We need to stop blaming ET for all of the evils in the world. It sure gets governments off the hook.

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