This Week’s Fireside Chat Scheduled for Tomorrow (Monday)

By | February 16, 2020

HI everyone,

After doing a public livestream today (instead of yesterday which is my normal routine), I think it’s best to do the weekly Fireside Chat tomorrow instead of today. I’ll have lots to discuss. 

Have a good evening!



6 thoughts on “This Week’s Fireside Chat Scheduled for Tomorrow (Monday)

  1. Dennislogan.927

    Waiting to see if you’re wearing a collar -less shirt, so you brother.
    I had a thought, I am certain that the Mayan calendar is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. It was the point of know return for global warming. It was a warning we didn’t heed from history, a message for the future. The Mayans knew they wouldn’t be here in our time. But they must have been shown the future by ET and we didn’t listen. Now we are faced with harsh measures to try and save the world. But Earth will survive us in a thousand years she will recover from our attempt to destroy and become a paradise planet we were given. I think that ET will help us and maybe show us a better way. ET has been giving us signs for decades, maybe were ready to listen.
    Richard, your work is important and that’s why I’m here to support you and to be of some small measure of help. You must prepare yourself to be the guiding voive, both you and Tracy, for the truth that we aren’t alone. We have a bigger family than we know and it is you that can bring the family together.
    Dennis Logan

  2. Bruce

    Your quote from Tom Delonge ” – – – and how to build our own defense system against it, should there be more”. This is very scary; what do ‘we’ know that considers us to consider building a defense system? And, what is ‘it’. And what is meant by “should there be more”; more of what?
    All of this was glossed over in the hour long ‘UAP Crash Retrieval —‘ video. I think Tom Delong said something very significant! Please consider looking into this further.
    More about my background later.


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