“THIS PLANET WILL BE THEIRS.” Interview with David Jacobs, The Richard Dolan Show, Dec. 10, 2018

By | December 10, 2018

I’ve been looking forward to this interview for quite some time, along with many members of this site. And I must say, David Jacobs does not disappoint. This is an engaging interview in which he lays out his research into alien abduction, explaining why this is so dangerous. In addition, he discusses the practice of hypnotherapy and how to do it the right way — and the wrong way. Some time is spent discussing the FREE study in extraterrestrial encounters, which not surprisingly he is very critical of.

What comes across with Dr. Jacobs, other than the careful nature of his research, is his humanity. To my mind, he is someone who cares deeply about humanity, what it means to be a human being, and who is facing what appears to be a presence that is not only inhuman, but anti-human in many important ways.

One of the most interesting interviews I’ve ever done. I hope you enjoy this. And be sure not to miss the special members-only second part of this, available on this site.

7 thoughts on ““THIS PLANET WILL BE THEIRS.” Interview with David Jacobs, The Richard Dolan Show, Dec. 10, 2018

  1. AvatarCarolyn Padgett

    Just heard this after I commented on part 2 I didn’t see this first.
    When Dr. Jacobs comments about what he said to abductees such as are you standing or laying on the table, did you walk to the table, if so did you go left or right? That seems a bit leading to me on a certain extend. Why not let the abductee see their surroundings and allow them to adjust to what they are seeing and allow them to say what they see which I’m sure some of this is done by therapists.

    I like what Tracey said with her session with Barbara Lamb where Barbara only repeats back what Tracey said to her….if I heard that correctly? I don’t want leading of any kind. I am curious to know if after several sessions if a few bits and pieces become clear.

    Also I’m wondering if hybrids can be delivered normally like human babies in a regular hospital and be raised normally? I’m only asking because during one of my experiences that these Et’s showed me a huge window (what looked like a window) and images showed up that showed my mother chasing me around as a toddler of around 2 or 3 yrs old, and I heard these ET’s (never saw them but heard them in my head I assume, but possibly heard them with my ears because I didn’t see them but knew they were around me) I heard them say we’ve always watched you. So why would they be watching me? So confused on this.

    I wonder if the “change” is an upgrade to humans or AI type humans? Scary to me.

    I have had experiences where I’m on a table and only saw Bright white light and felt like I was being done to me on some level. I wasn’t scared because all I remember is the bright white light and laid back down when they told me to when I woke up as something was being done. I wasn’t scared I just felt like I went back to sleep. In the morning my first thought was angelic beings….but why? I’m not religious at all. I assumed possibly the white light was angelic or did they place this in my mind? So I second guess everything in this area.

    But I truly feel with all my being that we do not have free will at all after these events or I don’t remember being asked to be a lab rat. Either way it not good.


  2. AvatarJoseph Mastroianni

    Look – there is a logic to all of this if we could set aside our preconceived notions about the way technology or biology simply has to work. And we have these notions despite vast ignorance – exactly what makes DNA replicate? Exactly why do galaxies gravitate and make us believe in dark matter/energy?

    The logic is simple. We create machines to do those things for which this human form is limited. We can’t lift steel girders 100s of feet into the air with our own muscles, so we build cranes. We can’t yell across continents, so we harnessed electromagnetic energy to make radio. And we can’t calculate all that quickly – so we invented computers.

    Each of our machines does something we otherwise cannot do.

    Why would it be any different with us? If humans are a creation – a creation of a biblical God who got bored one day and said, “Let’s make people out of mud, that’ll be fun.” Or the creation of aliens who hybridized us in a 2001-style setting and made homo sapiens from other primates – and might be continuing that evolution:

    In all cases – why is it not logical that “he/she/it/they” created us to do things otherwise undoable?

    Don’t set aside a theory that suggests that despite how technologically advanced “they” may be – we could very well be “designed” to do things otherwise undoable. Maybe it takes a civilization 1,000,000 more advanced than us to create – us.

    But if so – we are here, doing this, because there’s something about us important to “them/he/she/it.” And it’s not that we’re some meat-based video game.

    We’re here to discover things otherwise undiscoverable. We’re the latest in the chain of creation.

    And who knows – maybe “they/he/she/it” is actually us, 1,000,000 years from now who have perfected time travel.

    Or maybe it’s all a cosmic accident.

    Either is equally likely – not.

    1. packin phishpackin phish

      I like your thought processes here with this post. If we (human race) could all learn to ask questions like this, then maybe we do have a fighting chance to finally live in peace and harmony together. Hopefully, war will be a thing of the past as we learn how to master & evolve from this material existence. Our future is exciting with so much data & research finally seeing the light of day. which seems to be from about every field of study.
      Be good!

      -packin phish

  3. AvatarCarolyn Padgett

    Also just note from my last reply,

    I also wonder if several of these experiences are just maybe 1 or 2 events and not multiple and I’m remembering various parts of just maybe 2 experiences instead of 5 ? I think I heard you two talking about this. I stated in one reply to another topic where I remember being outside at night because I couldn’t see anything until the light hit me and then I see dirt and some grass within the circle of light… then remember nothing else. I wondered if I was remembering being taken or returned? That I don’t know. Was the time with the white light (as stated in my last reply on this page)and laying down also part of that event or another experience?

    I have to honestly admit that I don’t know. What if my mind is remembering parts right now and that’s the way they want it? Just tossing that out there.

  4. AvatarKit

    Jacobs makes major points.

    1)The abduction phenomena is either worldwide mass hysteria, a product of dysfunctional Human minds, or it is really happening as described by abductees. Either way, you would think it would be a subject of intense scientific interest and study. But its not. Instead it is ignored or ridiculed. Showing any public interest in it either way is a threat to one’s science or academic career. Not showing public interest in it either way is a threat to Humanity in general.

    2) If the abduction phenomena really is a “planetary acquisition,” by aliens, they work hard to keep it a secret. Secrecy implies a weakness in their process. If Humans really have no defense, there would be no reason for secrecy. All the more reason to drop the ridicule and apply scientific minds to finding out what that weakness is.

  5. AvatarMilburn Francis

    Richard and Tracey, emailed you guys an Intelligence Estimate based on David Jacobs´s written work, interviews and presentations – not only the ones on this site.

  6. AvatarJoseph Shirk

    Clif figured out what’s been going on here for 70 years. Welcome to the real world…

    Clif is only just piecing together the meaning of his linguistic tea leaves. As of now his intuition of our situation has developed significant overlap with mine. This was not the case a year ago. Give him time.

    I consider this an important independent corroboration. Like Dr. David Jacobs, his assessment is that it appears hopeless. It’s hopeless only if we continue to live in the dark. There is more to know…

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