The UAP Congressional Hearings I What You Need to Know I The Richard Dolan Show

By | May 17, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I am sure many of you saw the Congressional Hearing on UAP earlier today. If not, you can watch it here. I watched it live (mostly) and then caught most of it a second time, so I have prepared some notes and visuals for livestream at 8 p.m. EDT. 

Basically, I think we can say this was a lifeless exercise in narrative control. The Pentagon’s UAP spokespersons both gave it their all to convey that there is in fact no real mystery, only a lack of “procedure” and “data” and as long as they have enough of those in the right combination, they can solve any mystery of these objects, as well as “mitigate” them with extreme prejudice if need be. 

In other words, the noble desire to destigmatize UFO/UAP basically, to them, means to explain them all as either adversarial technology or something we are working on. Sure, maybe the odd natural phenomenon thrown in for good measure. But no aliens — hell no on the aliens! 

The other thing of note is a brief exchange on the perceived need to manage UAP “misinformation” and “disinformation.” Yes, they went there. I’ll discuss this. 

A Gold Star does go to one member of Congress, Mike Gallagher (R-WI) who asked about UFOs and nukes, and the Admiral Wilson document. Yes, he did! He didn’t seem to be on script. Of course, he got only stonewalling on that. 

I know I’m supposed to be upbeat about this sort of thing — at least some people think I ought to be. After all, Congressional Hearing and all that. Well, nine years ago I participated in a mock Congressional Hearing — the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure. For whatever shortcomings it may have had, it did not lack for substance. For a full week, forty researchers brought forth issues of genuine power and substance to six retired members of Congress. Today’s hearing was nothing like that. 

Anyway, I’ll see you at the stream! 


51 thoughts on “The UAP Congressional Hearings I What You Need to Know I The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Lauren2844

    In a world where the Hunter Biden laptop is still labeled “Russian Disinformation” by a number of former CIA and DOD heads you know we’ll Never get honesty about UFO’s. When they call Putin an oligarch because he’s worth millions but Nancy Pelosi is a honest hard working senator making 200,000 a year but has a net worth of 250,000 million (that we know of) it’s become laughable. Hopefully the wheels fall off and an honest group of politicians can take over… But we all know that will never happen. It needs to crumble and be rebuilt with honesty and transparency at the for front. It’s gonna be extremely painful for America unfortunately. Biden would like to jail 65% of the US citizens in this Country. I wouldn’t doubt if he tries to make the Trump Maga movement a “Terrorist origination” that needs to be eliminated. Never have I seen a president and his team so hate the citizens there suppose to represent.

  2. itsmeRitaC

    Of course i have more to say than this, but since it just came up in your discourse……………That fear of uap disinformation goes back to the fifties when the gov’t was saying that Russia will use the ufo issue/ public interest, to destabilize our country and maybe spread stories about it. It is what i thought of anyway. It is a throwback issue with a new twist.

    And lest i forget, my first impression when the hearing began was how fast the two pentagon guys were talking and i think the congress men. I had trouble even understanding them and i have never seen a hearing where it felt so rushed before. And they had no affect either. They seemed overly disconnected from what they were saying. And the lack of press in the room was actually strange.

    There was some congressman from Vermont who was out of the ordinary, i just recalled. He kept saying “UFO” in fact.

    I noticed of course that the one pentagon guy was asked about his interest in science fiction, etc. But he sure didn’t know anything about the topic of ufos for a guy who said he has been into space and discovery all his life.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      An added comment. I will not be surprised if ‘non official’ ‘uap’ narratives, which we now know are useless because we need to be in the military to have the sensors needed for all the needed ‘data’ ……………………………..Other narratives will be Russian or China disinformation agents. Get ready. This could fall into a ‘treason’ category within the next year. I know Richard, you have been talking about that kind of thing, but this pushed it further along as a military/intel issue.

      Also, i watched some of it again last night and some of the congressmen did seem actually interested. Even that chairman had a few good questions. But i did pick up on this little mantra the pentagon guys had, that u.s. military needs higher tech sensors and i think that is gonna be costing we, the people. They were already there with their hands in the old til jar imo. Ha. It was all the good old boys yesterday in the room. 🙂

      Everything is about data, data, data from sensors and not humans. Also, Corbell was mentioned somewhere in the very beginning as like the big ufo expert. No comment on that. 😉 But everything is knowable if only they have enough new trillion dollar sensors. They were there for the money from the money givers. That is a big part of this show.

      OK. I could go on but i can’t now. 🙂

      Hope you guys are much better today!

  3. Craig Champion

    What an excellent synopsis of today’s proceedings as this was quite an undertaking on your part – thanks, Richard.

    What a whitewash – AOIMSG as damage-control. Inherent in the narrative is a very limited scope of possible evaluation; “we’ve got this” – move along.

    Geez, if the Pentagon is interested in cultivating transparency then maybe they should start with our foreign policy.😆


    ​I’d say the main thrust of this hearing is that “Yes, we are covering our asses. Go suck a lemon, Mr. and Ms. America!”

  5. peter hegemer

    This has all resparked my will to be able to go through the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure from 2013. I can’t seem to figure out how to gain access to those videos. Is there any way to purchase or access the entirety of that event?

  6. Joshua Ringer

    This was a great review Richard. I understand your lack of positivity. Hopefully at the least this will create more believers

  7. AineEithne

    Excellent Breakdown, Mr Dolan – A few things to add that Deeply concern me. 1) Jeremy Corbell solidly debunked the Mick West argument that the pyramids were camera aperture anomalies and yet they used it as an argument to state they’d resolved the ‘pyramids’ issue. 2) They want to set up a Disinformation Committee to shut down the 75 years of people making stuff up and committing ‘self-serving’ acts by sharing this disinformation. Sounds like a witch hunt to me and a solid way to get around people’s freedom of speech. First amendment, anyone? NAHHH – Conspiracy theory – shut em down!!! Doesn’t matter if it’s people that I disagree with – it’s morally wrong unless people are inciting violence or harming others intentionally…

  8. Richard Brown

    Spot on analysis, Richard. The military ain’t never gonna fess up to the truth about this phenomenon. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose. And I’m sure they’re quite smug in their justification: national security and prevention of a mass existential crisis.

    I think you are absolutely correct. The military will turn the tables on everyone and say, “see, we disclosed, and there’s nothing here to see. Case closed. Go talk to Mick West if you have any questions.”

    Glad you and Tracey are feeling better!

  9. DianeS

    I would like someone to give me an example of UAP “misinformation” and how they intend to go about “managing” it.

  10. Sean Jepson

    You’ve spoken a lot about future disclosure occurring within the context of a globalist revolution and weren’t wrong, it was almost like they’d watched your videos for research! I wasn’t surprised in the slightest at the paucity of information but the cocksure way in which they feigned ignorance and refused to fully engage did trigger me a bit. It seems their reaction to being pushed wasn’t to be more forthcoming it was simply to retreat to safety even further.

  11. itsmeRitaC

    I forgot to say this one and i just told a friend and came back to post it here.

    So when Cspan reran the hearing last night, and they are very impartial over the years, on everything. The voice over guy who introduced that repeat showing, said it was uap hearing that showed that it is all of terrestrial origin. That is a paraphrase. I almost fell over when i heard that. It was obvious that is what cspan took away from that hearing.

  12. Harry Harris

    While the AOIMSG office is somewhat different in nature to Project Bluebook, it seems they are taking a similar approach. Possibly report some sightings publicly that they determined where terrestrial in nature and leave other unknowns classified. The fact that they responded that no investigation was of interest in the Maelstrom missile incident and that they knew nothing of the Wilson document says it all. Yes go to sleep everyone nothing here of interest except give us more money for defending against our adversaries.

  13. BrianRuhe

    Thanks for pointing this out, Richard – “A Gold Star does go to one member of Congress, Mike Gallagher (R-WI) who asked about UFOs and nukes, and the Admiral Wilson document. Yes, he did! He didn’t seem to be on script. Of course, he got only stonewalling on that.”

    Mike Gallagher (R-WI) comes on at 1:02:00 in the video.
    Wow, watching the other two shaking their heads and being unaware of the Malstorm incident of UFOs and nukes, and the Admiral Wilson document, is a crazy thing to witness!

  14. TomTort

    An excellent job on the summation on the UAP congressional hearings. Any questions of a substantive nature were answered with political spin, admitting nothing, saying nothing. In addition, I was disappointed in the lack of understanding and history that was available to those answering questions put to them. There was far too much “side stepping” with nonsensical rhetoric placing an honest answer into a “Data Bucket” to be researched and analyzed at a later time. When an enquiry on a particular point the reply was, “That Wil be discussed in the closed door session.”
    There appeared to be more than the usual anticipated “intentional ignorance” of our national security capabilities. I, also, received the impression there was more than a fair share of information which the committee should have been aware relative to our National Security. If they are as uninformed as they projected, God help us.

  15. HappyCup

    This whole “UAP” thing seems like the beginning of a bigger agenda. Besides that, it is just fine tuning the denial.
    We don’t really need the government to tell us what to think anyway.
    When we rebuild the world we should definitely not include politicians…


    Did the Wilson notes document get entered into the Congressional record or was it the mere mention of it? Not clear.

    1. MarkH

      It was entered, I believe, without objection. And it means that Greer, Davis or Wilson now under oath has to give testimony if brought to account. Consequences?

  17. itsmeRitaC

    What the heck. I will post here again. I just ran into a three minute podcast from today on a thread. The very annoying guy asking questions notwithstanding. Rep Gallagher was talking to him and an interesting thing he said was, “You see how frustrated i am here talking to you about that hearing you saw? Well, i was at the classified hearing and i got even more frustrated and there were no answers”.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        I believe i saw it on, something i never do, looked on twitter. Now i don’t know if it was on ufo twitter or …………………………….I am so not connected with that stuff. I wonder if i posted it , no, it was on twitter. I am guessing the ufo one. It was probably last wednesday or thursday though. sorry.

  18. Harry Harris

    The AOIMSG office is just another form of Project Blue book where only investigations the public gets are the ones with a prosaic solution. I do not think that this is what Gillibrand had in mind with her amendment. I thought the amendment included setting up its own office of investigations separate from that of the AOIMSG. Am I wrong here?

  19. Pyroxide_Martini

    What greatly annoys me about this is that you have an absolutely naïve government that doesn’t even realise deep sections of their own military not only already know what they are, they actively research them, work alongside various species and have capabilities that far outstrip commercial military technology.

    “Oh we’ll investigate”

    As though any of the congressional muppets will EVER be privy to ANY of that information and/or technology let alone make their “food scraps” public knowledge.

    The sad reality is this:

    By maintaining a cloak of secrecy, the deeper military “cabals” (for want of a better term) prevent humanity from rapidly advancing from a technological and societal viewpoint. The advancements that could be achieved, planet-wide, at this very moment, would be mind boggling but the greed of the few always outweighs the needs of the masses.

  20. PressToDigitate

    Control over the Official Narrative is *EVERYTHING* to the Deep State on this. I’ve said since Mueller was appointed to perpetuate the CIA’s “Russian Collusion” Hoax (which, as has now been proven, the DOJ *knew* was bogus by then), that the Deep State was desperate to remove Trump for one reason: Control over the ETUFO Narrative. The primacy of controlling that narrative is evident in the Podesta emails, and it was Podesta who first contrived the fake allegations against Trump, hired Perkins-Coie & FusionGPS to “Make it So”, and schemed how to make it a long term media sensation. When they failed with the Russian Hoax, they regrouped in Langley and tried again with the Ukraine Hoax (which, as has now been proven by Hunter’s Laptop, Trump *should* indeed have compelled Ukraine to divulge what it knew about the Biden Corruption Saga – but he didn’t). I know that Democrats here resent my bringing these illegal domestic CIA “Influence Ops” up in these discussions, but it really *IS* directly relevant to the issue of control over the ETUFO Narrative. THAT issue, far more than any other, is what separates Trump’s “outsider” vantage point from those of the Washington “insiders”, The Deep State could get any Globalist to “go along” with whatever bullshit deal they’ve had with the Aliens since 1955; but not Trump. THAT is why they’ve risked everything to remove him, ultimately by rigging the election. Ask yourself, what *else* would drive the Intelligence Community to go to such wildly illegal lengths, risking prison for all concerned? The Aliens have obviously compelled them to take such rash actions, either by threat or ultimatum, by personal mental suasion or blackmail, or by the promise of some reward, safety, or mercy to those Deep State minions who complied with their wishes (or “All of the Above”). As we know, the COVID Plandemic was unleashed in the Fall of 2019, precisely when it became apparent politically that the Second Coup (Ukraine Impeachment) would [also] fail to remove Trump. YES, I AM ASSERTING THAT THE ALIENS TRIGGERED THE COVID RELEASE *BECAUSE* THE DEEP STATE FAILED TO REMOVE TRUMP; that if he HAD been ousted by the Senate, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO PANDEMIC. THAT was the Ultimatum; the ET coercion and the eventuality the CIA was desperately trying to prevent. And, if you’ll look back in my Comments, you’ll see that I voiced this concern *AT THE TIME*.

    Unfortunately, it all makes sense. The Globalist Ruling Elites have been negotiating and working with the Aliens for over 65 years. They agreed to a plan, mapped out more than half a century ago, to change our world into what the Aliens wanted: a Controlled, Subjugated Vassal State, suitably dominable for efficient Colonization. We know from their own documents that universal Brain Computer Interface was a part of the plan since at least 1969, as was Depopulation through Infertility. The New World Order has always been shorthand for a One World Government, and a technocraticaly regimented Eugenic Utopia. That’s what they promised the Aliens; they’d pave the way for easy occupation. When Trump’s election up-ended the march toward this “peaceable” sell-out – and Britain simultaneously voted to bail on the EU – it certainly would have shaken the faith of the ETs in what they’d been promised out of Bilderberg for decades; then, after the first failed coup and the failed “Remain” campaign, to see the second coup fail just as a second UK vote guaranteed Brexit would happen after all, they must have felt forced to act to preserve the schedule of their Colonization plan. This urgency-driven Alien desperation belies a weakness in their position.

    So, with the Hearing, we see what I’ve been crowing about for the last five years; that the Deep State are writing a *NEW* “Official Narrative”, replacing “They Don’t Exist” with a different story, more compatible with the Aliens’ pending manifestation as *visibly* “Walking Among Us”. Not only are they burying all of the Ufological Record prior to 2004 – and everything civilian since then – in favor of a story (we haven’t heard yet) that “cushions” the announcement of their presence; you will ultimately see the whole idea that there was a Coverup, or even a “Denial”, itself disappear down the Memory Hole. We’ll wake up some bright Monday morning to a world in which the Government had *always* been forthcoming about the Aliens here, since their “full public candor” surrounding the Roswell crash in 1947. The Air Force will have never denied that UFOs were Real, and a paper trail will majicly appear that shows all of its ETUFO operations to have been legitimate and above-board the entire time since then. It will be easy to get away with when all that pesky UFO “Disinformation” has been scrubbed from the Internet, and all of the known Ufologists disappeared online and/or in person as well. Queue Greer’s “Benevolent Aliens” to show up, gift us with Free Energy/Overunity and Anti-Gravity technologies, cure Cancer and other diseases, and generally ingratiate themselves with the local apex fauna, in all the ways the Global Elites arranged for them to do.

    By then – I suspect between 2030 – 2035 – the Human population will be in a nosedive due to COVID Virus/Vaxx Infertility, and most of the affluent/powerful people on the planet will already be jacked-in to the Metaverse Hive Mind, and suitably reprogrammed to the needs of the Colonial Administration. IVF Clinics, popping up like Starbucks, will be how the Approved Affluent reproduce from then on (while those, generally non-affluent, who are not so Approved, simply no longer reproduce). But their “Reproduction” comes with a catch: IVF is The *Invasion Vector*; and – just as all the Hybrids our people have ever encountered – IVF is a part of the process of producing those GMO “Containers”. For there to ever have been any Hybrids, at all, ever, means the ETs are here with “Souls-in-a-Box”; since that removes all practical as well as theoretical constraints on their *numbers*, all of this, the Infertility and the mass-market IVF and BCI to come, are just as would be expected, if Colonization were their Objective.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      ” The Deep State could get any Globalist to “go along” with whatever bullshit deal they’ve had with the Aliens since 1955; but not Trump. THAT is why they’ve risked everything to remove him, ultimately by rigging the election. ”

      If team Trump decides he will run again in 2024, they should definitely recruit you! I don’t even know what else to say at this point. You are a guy with a very vivid imagination and strong political leanings in a certain very far direction. Quite a combination! 😉

  21. Dante Petrilla

    The UAP rebranding of UFO is an attempt to rewrite UFO history in the minds of the next generation. Thank you for continuously reminding us that UFOs existed prior to 2017!
    I’m interested to know what you think about Daniel Liszt’s comments re supposed whistleblower Elizondo. I think he makes a lot of good points.
    Keep up the good work, Richard!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      The last I heard from Daniel, he was still accusing Elizondo of being a dishonest CIA stooge. I stopped paying attention to him after that.


        Perhaps you might change your mind after viewing this. It seems that some pretty serious people are coming forward with evidence-based questions that people like Mr. Elizondo, Mr. Mellon, Leslie Kean, and other luminaries of the last 4 years WILL NOT ANSWER.

        I come to you and listen to and watch you and Tracey because in many ways your journeys have been similar to mine about ten years behind me. But now, we are both back at the beginning after four years of thinking we knew where we were going, that dominoes were falling towards disclosure.

        At this point for me, the questions aren’t about UFOs / UAP. The questions are about the narrative we have been so carefully fed by government and mainstream media. We have learned to distrust them and what they tell us BASED ON EVIDENCE. The government, TTSA, the MSM and the whole cast of characters on the stage have given us very inconsistent and even wrong information. Was it inconsistent and wrong intentionally? Unless these people start answering questions, we must call their whole narrative into reasonable doubt.

  22. D.A.

    Hello Richard,

    It’s been a while since I have chimed in. I hope all is going well for you.

    Regarding Tuesday’s hearing: at first blush one walks away from it even less impressed than last year’s briefing on UAP’s, but that was not to be unexpected. What have we learned? The glowing triangles captured in the sailors’ night vission goggles are presumed to be nothing more than drones, and we are now up to 400 or so unexplained sightings by military personnel. Pfffftttt….

    The stonewalling of Gallagher’s questions was infuriating, but what that exchange did do first and foremost was lend additional credibility to the Wilson document, Nuke incursion(s), crash retrievals, historical accounts, ET bodies, and ET in general…and it brought them out into the open. If I recall correctly, he mentioned getting his information from several credible sources, presumably from the inside. Let’s just wrap our heads around that little nugget for a second.

    On Monday, I opened up my web browser to news links on the Ukraine, gas prices, inflation, mass murders, baby formula shortages, COVID, and Donald Trump. By Wednesday, my screen was inundated with links to UFO articles from virtually every type of news media outlet in existence–and then the rest. That’s a good thing.

    I suppose one can look at today’s salient world events in one of two ways with respect to UFO disclosure: 1) it will hinder the process by taking public attention off the subject and relegating it to a remote corner in the beehive’s collective mindset, or 2) it can expedite the process by taking public attention off the subject, and then allowing those in charge of the information to slip it out into the public domain under the radar with, if not minimal, at least reduced fanfare.

    With that said, the answers that were provided during the hearing were unacceptable, but now that the issue has been thrust to the forefront of the public domain without the attached stigma that has plagued its past, there needs to be a public outcry for disclosure. The door has been opened, and now there is a foot securely blocking it’s closure. There’s no going back. The fallout from this hearing (and subsequent followups) will no doubt not only open up public discourse on the subject, the likes of which we’ve never seen before, but it will engender an influx of investigative research not just from every ufologist with a blog and a news letter, but from every type of mainstream news outlet and investigator there is…not to mention everyone with any kind of social media footprint. In the not to distant future, mainstream media reporters’ attitude will go from “I can’t go there because I will be a laughing stock” to “I need to go there if I am going to get my Pulitzer!” The editors’ attitudes will go from “we can’t print that because we’ll be considered a laughing stock” to “get as much information on everything UFO (and ET) as possible, and find me something the other guy doesn’t have!” Eventfully, baby formula will be back on the shelves, Russia will lose their war, Putin will succumb to a series of Polonium cocktails in the guise of cancer, and gas prices will fall, but UFO’s will never go away. UFO’s will be to every publisher as what Spider-man is to J. Jonah Jameson, Jr, only not in a pejorative way. And no, I am not channeling Stephen Bassett.

    Just like the aforementioned baby formula and gasoline, ufology experts are going to be in huge demand in the coming weeks and months, if not sooner. OMG. Is that the History Channel calling you right now, or is it Tucker Carlson on the phone? You better answer it–just don’t forget about your humble flock on the way up.


  23. D.A.


    I made my previous comment on the hearing prior to listening to your commentary on the matter first, so I apologize if some of what I stated seems out of context. I have limited time, so I can listen only to bits and pieces of your video at a time. With that said, I find it easier to comment as I listen, while something is still fresh on my mind.

    With regards to your talking points starting at 5:47, I understand your well founded skepticism regarding the DoD’s apparent posturing on the reality of the UFO phenomenon, and how they are likely just setting us up for the same-ol’, same ol’, prosaic explanations, which based on history indicates you are likely correct; however, one thing to consider this time around (if you haven’t already), is that in the past–and please correct me if I am wrong–these types of hearings, which were clearly held to debunk, mystify, and discredit the entire subject matter under a veil of ridicule and stigmatization (no doubt to keep what they knew a secret), were held in direct response to public outcries on the UFO matter based predominantly on public sightings and other accounts of UFO’s. Correct? It seems quite evident to me, however, that despite the ongoing efforts made over the last 20 years or so by people like yourself, Basset, Grier, et al, on the subject, the most recent wave of government UFO disclosures (and let’s be honest, they were disclosures, albeit small incremental ones), were based solely on military sightings, and were promulgated from somewhere within the Pentagon, not outside it, and for some yet unknown reason. The UFO phenomena was put to rest for the public decades ago, and if you believe in Newton’s first law, a body at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by a force. Some force within the DoD set this in motion. And even if that disclosure faction within the DoD is but a small piece of the big puzzle, it is still large enough to have been able to crack the shell of what has been an impenetrable egg, so there must be a pretty big player (or two) within the Pentagon that is behind it. And with all due respect to the likes of Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo, both of whom I respect immensely, this goes well above them, and the positions they once held. In my humble opinion, this is not ending here; it’s just beginning. If nothing else, maybe those within the disclosure faction of the Pentagon knew that all they needed to do was leak out a little bit here and a little bit there in order to get the snowball rolling–only there is a good chance that snowman at the bottom of this hill is going to have a disproportionately sized head.

    Again, great job as always, and I look forward to listening to the rest of your commentary on the matter. Hopefully, you don’t mind my long-winded comments.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, it’s easy for me to overlook the basic fact that these Hearings happened AT ALL and that is not a bad thing — despite the foot dragging and ongoing obfuscation. Ordinary people aren’t hearing the debunking from these Pentagon people — they are only hearing basically an admission that UFOs are real, sort of. So there is that. One of my very elderly aunts just messaged me and said she wanted me to be proud because “I was right all along.” That made me smile.

      1. Simmo1

        Replying a few days later to this, but I think worthwhile. I’ve been seeing a LOT more mainstream media coverage about these hearings than any other recent UFO event. And a lot more social media engagement from normies. The topic is being treated with more curiousity than I’ve seen it in a long time. Yes, there’s some people still taking the piss, but they are a minority now. The “Like” emojis outnumber the “laugh” emojis by at least 5:1 now, if not as much as 10:1 in some places.

        This is good. AOIMSG is showing themselves to be no more capable or honest than their Air Force forebears but the public is moving in the right direction.

  24. Garry Scheuring

    Definitely a lot of bureaucratic speak. However, I was thrilled to see the Wilson Memo added to the Congressional Record. They also have to come back with info on Malestrom(sp?) Air Base incident. While it was not enjoyable to watch, I think some of their responses will come back to haunt them in future testimony with more aggressive committees. Some of the Reps were definitely out to begin painting them in a box.

  25. Sharon Volk

    Hi Richard,
    You mentioned you would post some links below…..I am not finding any. Are they posted in another location on the website?
    Thank you

  26. Steve Ridley

    Pretty much how I thought it would play out. Nice to see someone had the balls to bring up the Wilson memo, even though the whaaaaaat??? never heard of that before! answer was very predictable. Their body language totally shows they are well aware of the Wilson notes. Any hard question like that and something like that will be the answer every single time. Hell, bring in Wilson for the next hearing and see what his thoughts are. That won’t happen publicly though.

    These public hearings are a complete waste of time. The public will learn nothing from them. They’re just going to hide behind methods and sources and not talk about anything publicly. Honestly, it’s fucking maddening. Just like how Elizondo hides behind his security clearance every time someone asks him a direct question. He isn’t even in government anymore, so why he needs a clearance is beyond me.

    And anyone getting super excited about his book, just pump the breaks for a moment and realize that whatever he writes and whatever pictures he publishes, EVERYTHING has to be vetted by the Pentagon. The book will not be earth shattering and considering how he has no fans in the Pentagon, I don’t think his book will reveal much.

    Personally, and I can’t back this up, but I think the Air Force or whatever task force was established back then in the 50s had a lot of this figured out , stamped a big ol Top Secret on it and slammed the door on anyone who tried to access it. And when Reagan was elected I’m sure he was like you go build those underground bases and reverse that tech and put it to use somehow.

    I think those gatekeepers are part of what Richard calls the Breakaway Civilization which I think most definitely exists and I do not think anyone can reign them in unless their assets on Earth are compromised.

    And considering China just finished building their first aircraft carriers and they have to steal foreign state secrets to compete militarily and Russia is like third world country except for St. Petersburg and Moscow and they can’t even invade their neighbor properly without looks like morons, they are not the creators of what the US Navy is seeing.

    But perhaps some are otherworldly and perhaps some are American. I do think some are ours because they’re always around strike groups and it’s always American strike groups. America isn’t the only country in the world with a navy. What better way to test standard military reactions with Breakaway Tech – do it in your own waters and against your own military. if something happens to one of those tic tacs or whatever the hell they are, and it crashes or malfunctions, well then Breakaway Forces can retrieve it without going into foreign waters and causing international issues.

    Sorry for the disjointed rant and language.


    1. Steve Ridley

      I answered my own question. The reason Elizondo holds a clearance still is because the “principle advisor to US Space Command” as per his lawyer whom we all know. That’s massive. That’s fucking massive news about Elizondo.


  27. Simmo1

    I share your sentiments regarding the ignorance and arrogance of these two senior bureaucrats. It struck me as the same kind of hubris we get from Scientism: we can solve life’s mysteries within the existing scientific paradigm if only we work hard enough. There’s no need to expand our horizons, or even be humbled by what we don’t know.

    The phenomenon has from time-to-time shown that it has a sense of humour, even a malicious sense of humour. I hope these guys soon given a dose of humility and wonder

  28. David Rody

    I had the same reaction. Thank you for your comments, as always. I wonder if there will be any leakers in Congress after the classified hearing…

  29. jhjfbks

    Our tax dollars at work. I wonder how much of the vote in the next election this will garner. Lots of show … little work and less information.

  30. Bjofod

    Looking at the white ceiling and brainstorming.

    I start getting convinced that this planet now is under alien control. Who they are and where they come from does not matter. Hopkins and Jacobs work have showed us the top of an iceberg wich is a breeding programme to put their people in leading positions all over the place and in all important industries.

    Once they are found by investigators, they are out of the programme. Only the ones not beeing found are allowed to continue.

    The aliens are the ones that benefit the cover up the most or even only ones so they are behind it.

    Thinking in this direction and many things make more sense. For me anyway. It is the only way i am able to connect all that happens and have happened and have it make logical sense.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Oh, i think there are many more ways to connect the dots that aren’t the plot of the first X Files movie. 😉

  31. Steve Ridley

    I was wondering, do you think that with the admission of the Wilson notes into the public record, does that 100% legitimize them? Would admitting them pretty much prove they’re genuine?


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      What legitimizes the notes (beyond a normal reading of them) is that they have been referred to indirectly for years. By myself of course, since the very beginning of 2007, but also in places like CNN back in 2009. For example:
      Now, that does not refer to Wilson by name, but Mitchell’s reference is OBVIOUS. Here is the relevant statement from that article:

      “Roughly 10 years ago, Mitchell claimed, he was finally given an appointment at Pentagon to discuss what he had been told.

      An unnamed admiral working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff promised to uncover the truth behind the Roswell story, Mitchell said. The stories of a UFO crash “were confirmed,” but the admiral was then denied access when he “tried to get into the inner workings of that process.”

      The same admiral, Mitchell claimed, now denies the story.”

      It is shameful and worse that so many so-called UFO authorities have run away from this document. But to answer your question, it doesn’t hurt. I’m glad it was mentioned, that’s for sure.

  32. Steve Ridley

    There is no doubt that what was written in those notes shows exactly how things works when it comes to recovered craft, usaps and secrecy.

    The sceptics that still refuse to accept what is in those documents are just in denial of the hard truths of the reality of the UFO phenomenon.


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