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By | January 12, 2024

Hi Everyone, 

It’s been a long day but I just want to put out a few videos from NewsNation that discuss the UAP Briefing from today. I have two videos attached here, and I am guessing some of you have seen them. 

In essence, the classified briefing on UAP that we heard about recently was held today on Capitol Hill. The briefing was attended by quite a few members of Congress, including Tim Burchett, who has been leading this effort. Burchett was clearly frustrated about the process. Basically nothing could be relayed to the public, which we expected. But I was glad to hear him discuss the lack of transparency and exceesive compartmentalization regarding UFO/UAPs. He compared the situation to the secrecy during the Manhattan Project during World War II, where only a handful of people knew what they were working on. He also  was concerned about the potential for information to be withheld from the public and Congress, mainly due to private contractors not being subject to FOIA requests. Something many of us have long discussed. 

I don’t recall knowing about this before, but one thing mentioned was a bill (bipartisan) that allows commercial pilots to report UAP sightings to the government without fear of retribution. Ryan Graves was also present at the briefing and talked about this. essentially stating that it would enable a better understanding of the prevalence of UFO/UAP sightings and give pilots the tools to report them.

All in all, we expected this. I do detect a note of futility when I hear Burchett talk about this. He’s got the right attitude, ti seems to me, but it also seems to me that he knows this is a seriously uphill battle. Still, I don’t think he’s thrown in the towel yet. I do think we can expect more to come, and in particular hearings at some point. 

I’ll have more to say on this Sunday. 


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  1. itsmeRitaC

    Hi, i would totally think the DOD, etc, wants that pilot information. Why not? I can think of a bunch of reasons that would have nothing to do with ET, etc. Space Force for one thing has changed the whole game imo. More stuff going on in super secret and things being tested. Wanting to know a pilot’s take on what they saw from even a psychological level.

    Well, i expected nothing and the tv series has to continue, “hearings on uap” . They should hold them on skinwalker ranch and have a ratings bonanza! I predict the history channel will pick it up. 🙂

    Not to mention that these congress people would be unknown to me, for one, anyway, if i didn’t hear them talk about how much they can’t find out about uap. Burchett was completely unknown to me personally. Maybe he was a household word out there, who knows? He is a brand now as a down homey disgruntled guy who was punched in the back by McCarthy. 🙂

  2. Christian Morales

    Things are getting very interesting. Looks like they got some good information in there. Here’s the thing with that many of our elected officials being interested in this I don’t know what’s going to happen. I think if you had one person in congress sniffing around in the 70s for example that’s easy the guy falls out of a window no problem. Now in 2024 with the momentum growing and all these elected officials sniffing around the secrecy group can’t retaliate against all of them. Ok we all know a lot more than most people. We know the truth is dark. I’m not saying all aliens are hat however I don’t agree with kidnapping and in some cases I’m just going to say it and I’m sorry but rape. That’s the word sorry… that happens… even if the aliens are good the cover up is dark itself. Listen I have a friend who’s an astronomer she left the Galileo project and she wouldn’t tell me why. I guess the FBI also confiscated a lot of data about uaps from the Galileo project Richard if you’re interested I can share that Information, but she was telling me how Donald Menzel did a lot of strange things and destroyed what she calls plates back in the 50s. Apparently they needed more space but she found some anomalies in these plates of the sky in 1952. It was actually in July same time during the Washington flybys but she said Donald Menzel was put in charge and he did a lot of shady things and destroyed a lot of potential data. She even said they call the days of Menzel the Menzel vacuum days because he wouldn’t even let students look at the sky for a period. So academia got ripped off. Bad… everyone got lied to from academia to the general public and if you speak about this your career would be in jeopardy and you’re a cook. I don’t know how the American public is going to react to this history. I don’t know if they’re going to say it’s ok I forgive you. My point is that’s why this affects national security. Uap is classified higher than everything because this truth will end America. It’ll destroy its credibility, huge impact on the military industrial complex and the federal government. Now I’m Puertorrican I moved to the United States when I was 25 10 years ago and I love America. I’ve been around the world and I’m telling you America is the place to be. I don’t want America to go to shit but I think history and the actions and all the things that have happened in the past are coming to light now. The truth has a way of coming out everyone should know that. I think that’s what’s happening and the truth comes at a huge prize that I honestly don’t know if America can afford it especially now. The only thing I can think of is blaming it on whoever was in charge in the 40s and admiring whistleblowers like Grush. We know there’s insiders that want some of this information to come out. I think the best way to describe disclose and it’s implications and how it will affect humanity, America and the world. I’m thinking.,… unpredictable that’s the best I can do… the only people who are allowed to know this secret are those the elite and I’m talking about the best minds in academia, and military industrial complex and they’ve affected and brainwashed very effectively academia and the public. I don’t think people are just going to be ok we understand we forgive you lol.

  3. Mel NA

    Yes, it is my understanding that Burchett introduced the ‘commercial pilot UAP reporting’ bill last session and, wait for it, it was defeated. Tim was REALLY upset. (Could be wrong, but that’s my recollection.)

    Regarding the link I sent about Dr. Michael Wolf….WOW! HEAVY STUFF IF EVEN REMOTELY TRUE!!! You probably have seen the video on YouTube essentially vocalizing what’s in the link I sent. This is blowing my pea brain, so I would sincerely appreciate YOUR thoughts on this “apparent” revelation – at least to me! (Aliens don’t need to use the toilet??? Heavy stuff!! Underground Area 51 is the size of Rhode Island!?)

    As mentioned previously, the last 70 years has been the same old, same old, same old, videos of Roswell, Blue Book, Roswell, Blue Book, etc., etc., so I basically tuned out. But that seems to be changing. I’m actually getting stoked! Never thought I’d see the day! Actually hope at least “some” of Wolf’s stuff has legs.

    1. Curtis Lightle

      I checked out your link. On the one hand it has a lot of interesting details and I might wonder if the detail is this good it must be true? On the other hand people are good story tellers.

      I would bet it is good information. Thanks for posting it. The cattle mutilation angle was intriguing. WTF is up with cattle mutilations? Are they still happening?

      Lately, I have been thinking they bad guys might just be right about holding back disclosure. But I doubt they are really covering up for altruistic reasons, just hiding behind the we know best philosophy and staying in power.

      Shadow Kings…..

  4. itsmeRitaC

    I think that this is well worth watching Richard. This makes most sense to me about the so called jelly fish. Even though the dastardly mick west is involved. The marine who is getting asked to speak all over the place is very impressed with his analysis. Just saying. Beware folks. It isn’t the corbel and company fan club -not that they mention him.


      Mr. Corbell is the new Tom DeLonge, or is he the new Lue? The media now goes to him for “affirmations” of “UFO revelations”.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    Regarding the analysis i just posted. They do not attempt to make a definitive explanation, but it is , for me, not anything that news nation would show. Bells and whistles and click bait not involved.

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