The Pentagon’s UFO Task Force?

By | August 14, 2020

Rewind the clock a few years and tell me, who could have predicted this? 

There are quite a few news stories on this development, including this one from CNN:

Essentially, this story seems like a logical follow-up from the recent news coming from the Senate Intelligence Committee’s decision in June to have the Pentagon provide public analyses of military encounters with UAP/UFO. It’s interesting that the Deputy Secretary of Defense, David Norquist, will “help oversee” the task force. Whatever role he plays, I thought it was significant that someone that high up in the Pentagon is now being associated with UFOs in some capacity. 

You will notice that the CNN article bent over backwards to deemphasize anything to do with aliens, including this statement:

There is no consensus on their origin with some believing they may be drones potentially operated by earthly adversaries seeking to gather intelligence rather than extraterrestrials.
This statement could have been worded quite differently, of course, and still be true. How about this? 
There is no consensus on their origin, but some believe they may actually be vehicles coming from an off-world extraterrestrial civilization. 

We are clearly not even close to getting questions such as these raised in the general public conversation. But I have to think that at some point, it can happen. If it does, I think we might then see the possibility of a genuine movement take place. A movement that has suddenly decided it’s tired of a lifetime of lies and now wants genuine answers. 

Meanwhile we have the latest drip. Whether or not the Pentagon’s Task Force will provide the public with anything of value is something we will have to wait and see. Will it be another version of the old Project Blue Book, which for most of its life during the 1950s and 1960s was charged with explaining UFOs away, rather than actually investigating them. It’s obviously entirely possible that the same kind of scenario happens now, if for no other reason than that someone may decide that objects of such extraordinary capability should be classified, in which case it could be that the public doesn’t get the “good” stuff. I think we can probably assume that will happen, but to what degree is unknown. 

I’ve lately been wondering about the possibility that we might be nearing the end of the Disclosure Road. I mean this in the sense that, yes, we have entered a new normal of UFOs. That new normal includes the reality that some form of anomalous craft are traversing the skies and oceans of Planet Earth, and we don’t have an official explanation. There is also a kindasorta possibility hinted at of retrievals of artifacts of these objects. On the one hand, this part of course has not been confirmed, but we get these little hints that if we have such artifacts, we have not made much if any progress in understanding them. 

This is surely a step ahead from the old policy of ridicule and denial. But this new normal may not include much more that what we currently have.  

It seems to me that the forward motion on crash retrievals will have to stop, and very soon at that. Consider, if the Pentagon or some other high level office decides to confirm the reality of something as incredible as UFO crash retrievals(!), you could expect quite a few brilliant scientists around the world asking to examine such an artifact, or at least to read the scientific papers that undoubtedly have been written from within the classified world. In such a case, it could be difficult to keep that genie in the bottle. 

Therefore, what I expect is that the new goal posts are going to be stable for a while, perhaps a long while. That is, official admission that “someone” is doing “something” that isn’t supposed to be possible. But there will probably be a continued attempt to maintain the fiction that “we have no idea who or what these UAP are,” or something like that. Because it is only by maintaining that fiction that the secrecy game can continue. And it remains very important that such a game does continue. 

As I said elsewhere, I believe genuinely that journalists like Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal are doing their level best to get an important story out to the world. But they are hampered by virtue of the institution they write for. The New York Times, as Blumenthal himself put it in the interview on the Project Unity Youtube channel, has an “infinitude” of levels of approval that are necessary, at least for a story on UFOs. The control system remains very, very tight. So it is with all of the establishment institutions that communicate information to the public. 

You might think, how on Earth could it be possible for the establishment to allow this much toothpaste out of the tube and still be able to maintain the larger portion of secrecy on the matter of UFOs? I will admit, even ten years ago I would have thought it very unlikely to have let this much out and still retain control over the narrative. 

And yet, that is where we are today. The reason for this state of affairs has become quite clear. It is that control over the major avenues of information has become much tighter than it was a decade ago. Radically more controlled. 

What has happened to our media over the last five years, and particularly to the new digital media (Google/Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.) is that it has been brought fully into the system of information management that had already characterized the legacy establishment media for generations. And the speed by which this has happened is breathtaking. Just a couple of years. 

We all know that making historical comparisons can lead to false conclusions, because so many details are unique in each situation. Even so, who has not considered at least some similarities to the past seizures of power by revolutionary vanguards, whether they be the old Bolsheviks of 1917, Mussolini’s fascists of the early 1920s,. the Nazis of the early 1930s, or Mao during the 1950s? What we are seeing here in our world is not at such a dramatic level as these historical examples. However, it is also true that within just a few short years the conversation of what is permissible in our society has swiftly changed. Deplatforming continues, while the web becomes harder to search than ever before. We all experience this: you often have to trick the algorithm to find the things you are looking for. 

It’s all happened so quickly, but now the writing is plainly on the wall: the plan is to become like China. A society under total surveillance and total information control. 

This is why such a limited form of Disclosure can, in fact, work. When you control the societal narrative to such a degree, you can more easily “update” your coverup safely in a way that allows you to re-establish credibility on a tricky and explosive subject, while continuing to protect the core secrets that you are obligated to defend. 


63 thoughts on “The Pentagon’s UFO Task Force?

  1. TomTort

    There are so many distractions going on. I find it impossible for me not to believe there is something preparing the country for major changes, and as you state, “become like China.”
    My question is why? So many people will be in really bad shape financially and In so many other ways that, as yet, can’t be realized.
    I have made a point in speaking to friends, and just for my satisfaction, approached people I don’t even know asking what is their opinion as to what is going on and what do they anticipate. Their response is utter confusion and concern not to mention complete distrust in City and Government officials. Their biggest fear is the Anarchy that is exploding.
    I have relatives who are financially well off and they just “shrug” their shoulders not thinking much of the nonsense.
    When approaching the subject of disclosure, this subject is completely off the table.
    Mr. Dolan, I don’t anticipate your feed back on what I am writing. However, my concern is something you said regarding a publication you are postponing on False Flags. If I understand your reasoning, we are in very uncertain and frightening times.

      1. @monkjona

        I agree. And i think it can be helpful to trust that its mankind that is spilling the crates of eggs on the floor, and not Providence.

    1. OgronWaitress

      Which ‘anarchy’ is this that you’re referring to? Could it be the protests about racism currently being dealt with by police brutality more worthy of a Banana republic? As miles of footage attests. Or that caused in the nation’s polity by the actions of a sociopath in the White House literally removing post boxes in order to illegally swing the forthcoming election? Anyway, I’ll be interested to hear which it is.

      1. PressToDigitate

        You mean the Race Riots, unchecked looting and arson (and more than two dozen African Americans killed by violent BLM Rioters), without a single “Peaceful Protester” anywhere to be seen? Or the Postal Service hemorraging money, that seldom used Mailboxes serviced regularly heavily contribute to? *Name a single Mail-in voter who does not have daily postal service to their home address.* I wont even get in to why we shouldn’t accept any votes by mail, when we can’t even verify the Citizenship of those who Register and Vote in person, even with “Photo ID”.

        1. jennymemon

          Totally agree david, the MSM and all the cohorts have been trying to manipulate people by using race as the bait. Yes an innocent man was killed unlawfully by a psychopathic police officer, so we need justice for that. We do not need division and anarchy, what will that achieve? It just seems to me that so much of what is going on in US is to do everything possible, regardless of the consequences to the citizens to get Trump out.
          This is just how it seems to me, I am not American, but it breaks my heart what is happening in the US and here in the UK. How is it not obvious to people, that whether you voted for him or not, the American people as a whole did, and yet the power brokers, most of the MSM and it seems the deep state cabal went into a tailspin after Trump was elected. Your own personal politics should not matter, at this point we should all be fighting for freedom of speech, democracy, and the right to retain our civil liberties, whoever is President/PM.

          1. OgronWaitress

            “Race riots” “No peaceful protester anywhere to be seen”. I’m not interested in hearing your far-right garbage, sir. We’ve all seen the footage.

          2. OgronWaitress

            Protesting against a sitting President is now unlawful because ‘it’s trying to get him out’. Maybe you should take a trip to Belarus. Or Malaysia. Or read up on the 2nd amendment. Division and anarchy is being sown by the closing of ranks by the police/security state and the pepper-spraying of peaceful veterans is just one product. That glorious moment for US law enforcement was captured on film. Most weren’t. Unidentified police throwing protesters into unmarked vans passes you by, yet you complain about the erosion of civil liberties. Bizarre.
            That ‘psychopathic police officer’ you cite (and why did the ‘non-psychopathic’ officers stand by while he murdered George Floyd?) had a past record of brutality. Yet nothing was done. The reason is institutional racism in that PD. If you have another theory, please elaborate.
            I’ll ignore that stuff about the Deep State, cabals and the MSM for which you offer nothing but far right talking points with no evidence.

            1. jennymemon

              Maybe you should open your eyes and see what is really going on, you seem to have plenty of suggestions for everyone else, you should try looking at the overwhelming bias from the MSM against Trump, long before this plandemic. How can you even deny it? You asked for facts, so here you go, the non psychopathic officers who stood by and did not stop the killing of Mr Floyd were apparently ALL rookies. Thats what I have been told, and while that is no excuse, as we all know it is very hard in the police (or military) to question more experienced/higher ranking officers. All of the officers involved have been charged, so where is the closing of rank there? Do you think they would have intervened if the suspect had been white? I dont think so, they were scared to question or intervene because they were scared of officer Chauvin, something I hope they deeply regret. You mention Chauvin had a past record of brutality, I am not sure if that was brought to light before or after the killing of Mr Floyd. Another thing which may have been relevant is that they (Chauvin and Floyd) knew each other and had worked together. Then again, there will always be those who slip through the net, and the institutions need to keep working to make it better.
              My basic point is that the old trick of divide and rule is used on the public to great effect time and time again. They keep us fighting amongst ourselves while they do what they like. What happened to small business owners and communities in America as a reaction to the killing of Mr Floyd did not help the cause of stopping racism.
              I dont think it is my job to provide you with evidence of the deep state or cabal, you will find it if you open your eyes/mind to what is all around you. If you dont believe it, that is of course your choice, we still all have some free will, for now. The whole way they work is from the shadows at a above top secret level, so its not something that you can read in the daily news, but the evidence in our daily lives and the ever increasing removal of our rights and civil liberties is glaringly obvious, even the cover up of the UFO file is proof enough of the deep state reach. You also mention footage of brutality, but there was footage from all sides of the debate, arson, looting intimidation etc. Can the showing of selective footage be bias or manipulated do you think? Not much of the footage of the damage done to communities made it on to CNN or indeed many other places. We are all being manipulated and lied to on a colossal scale, we are not each others enemies.

        2. OgronWaitress

          Please show me the latest verified studies on the prevalence of voter fraud? Apparently everyone but you (a conspiracy theorist, no less) gets that Trump is blatantly attempting to disenfranchise/impede voters with his hobbling of the USPS. Ask mail workers how ‘normal’ what is happening is?

          1. jennymemon

            You say ‘conspiracy theorist’ like its a bad thing, the only things that make any sense at the moment are the ‘conspiracy theories’, do you believe the official story of 9/11 or JFK assasination? That the governments have no idea of the cover up of the UFO file? That covid19 is a dangerous deadly virus that we all need to hide from and destroy our lives in the process? Thank god for ‘conspiracy theories’.

            1. OgronWaitress

              I’m a conspiracy theorist myself so don’t attach bad connotations to the term but how can a bright guy Like Press to Digitate try to explain away the mess currently being made of the USPS for blatantly political reasons. It’s no better than an official ‘weather balloon’ explanation for a UFO sighting. He needs to check his apparent bias towards giving Trump the benefit of the doubt in every single matter.

  2. Andromeda107

    Its sucks but you are probably right,I don’t think we are going to get anymore information from government/military pertaining to the ufo phenomenon,especially anything on crash retrievals. If we do it will a long time from now.Its going to take something major like a craft crashing in a heavily populated area,and even the the powers that be who are maintaining this secret will still try to spin in their favor.Although for all we know if there et’s walking among us,maybe they are complicit in the cover up. If they look like us and are working side by side with the people in the usaps and the people in the usaps aren’t aware of them, they could probably easily manipulate the situation to keep cover up going.Its obvious that these beings don’t want make open contact with us,they choose to operate in the shadows,but as of why we only guess. And as far as TTSA I don’t think we are going to see any more relevant information from them anymore,but I hope I am wrong.I am not holding my breath that we are going hear anything from the pentagons task force.

    1. J-Rod

      @Andromeda107 True. They always seem to crash in some isolated area in the USA. Why doesn’t one dive bomb in a shopping centre during closing ours or better still, hover over a world landmark like the Vatican or Statue of Liberty for a few hours so there can be no denial. If we the public could witness such an event, who cares what the military spins.

      1. arizonatribe

        It sounds like that should be the case, but you’d be surprised how easily public sightings can be dismissed or forgotten.

        I’ve lived in Phoenix for the past fifteen years and there have been multiple public sightings in that time. Most every one has been near South Mountain or over the Rio Salado that runs through Mesa, Tempe, and partly into Phoenix itself. Sometimes these even occur during the day and are recorded, however most have occurred at night.

        In addition to the famous Phoenix lights sighting from 1997 there have been highly public sightings of a smaller triangular craft in August of 2004 and on July 4th, 2006 over Tempe. The latter was one that my wife and I and two friends witnessed, and there’s even video captured of it. That one occurred minutes before the yearly fireworks show at Tempe Town Lake and several thousand people were gathered in the area ready to look up at the sky and see the fireworks, and suddenly three orange glowing lights in triangle formation materialized just north of the lake and a few hundred yards from the eastern Sky Harbor air traffic controller tower. It lasted about a minute (at most) video was captured from apartment balconies miles to the south and even by someone standing in the crowd. That video showed up on the nightly news (I believe the next evening?) and the commentator summarized what happened, that they reached out to Luke AFB and were told it was just a trio of flares.

        Our friends never talked about it, and although we spoke to each other and family about it for a few months, we stopped talking about it ourselves for twelve years. No one I’ve ever met or worked with speaks of the Phoenix lights (97, 04, or 06) nor any of the smaller craft sightings that still occur nearly every year over South Mountain and Rio Salado.

        No one ventures any answers from any official outlet other than flares (that’s always been the official response if there even is one). Whether we’re happy about it or not the dead end forces Phoenicians to move on with their lives, and we all do so. Myself and I suspect many others are still very curious and pursue the topic however we can, but I can say with 100% certainty that (a) public sightings are not enough to change society, and (b) we don’t need official confirmation and blessing to get to the bottom of it.

        If a personal sighting or one you read about from someone you trust is enough to spark curiosity and drive you deep into the subject, then (IMO) the process will take it’s course in a productive way. This subject has tremendous transformative potential because of how we individually research and ponder it. But I don’t believe there will be a day where our society goes through that process together due to any public event (unless it’s because the event is truly terrible and frightening and can’t be contained).

        1. J-Rod

          @arizonatribe you are correct. It’s a throwback to the Greer “Unacknowledged” terminology. Even if we saw a “hover over” , I suppose it would be news for 24 hours and then it’s, back to work, paying bills and school. The government commentaries are what we want but this will not prevail. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. Doctor3j

    This was so great, almost a historical declaration. It really got to me.
    This is a very high level of depiction of our plight. The idea I take away is we are helpless. We have little or no influence no matter how brilliant we are. DISENFRANCHISED. We are really slaves on a new “plantation.” All we have is ourselves; as in this site, which came along for us none too soon. We are left to be mere spectators as in a sports show. They don’t want our input. As in sports rooting we feel like we are engaged; but its all illusory. We have no impact on the game.

    We shall never surrender. We know the game. We enjoy what tidbits of celestial /cosmic knowledge we get. Our hunger/ curiosity is us. Its our essence. I am sapient; therefore, I am curious.
    We are in an asymmetric warfare scenario. Like the Afghanis we will survive against all these irresistible forces.

    And the cruelest of all is they continue to keep the forbidden knowledge from us.

    1. J-Rod

      @Doctor3j Sir, you are correct. Unfortunately the brilliant probably don’t have access to what is being harboured here. I’m gonna go out on a limb , knowing full well the hellfire that is about to hit me….We will NEVER know the truth. We can’t. It is very, very clear, the custodians of this WILL NOT (and CANNOT) relinquish. We’re powerless. There’s been a few “hit-runs” by groups in getting some footage declassified and others, a document or so leaked . I s’pose in context, we’re getting crumbs but it’s better than watching the rich man eat all the cake himself. LOL. “We have no impact on the game.” Only a fool would think he/she can. How does one negotiate the military/governmental maze of mirrors to find truth? I know impossible when I see it. I firmly believe that hope only exists in those who are working within these programs to get the hard evidence out: no grainy footage, no disguised voices, no obscure stills of shapes or lights , only the bona fide. My lifetime hope is that someone , somewhere might feel their conscience is getting the better of them and think, “Stuff what I’ve signed, it’s going to cost me, but this is wrong and the world needs to know.” We can only dream….and it’s free!

      1. PressToDigitate

        It is impossible for Human “Insiders” to have maintained the Coverup this long as well as they have. Those keeping the secrets, and running the deep black uSAP programs *cannot possibly* be Human, but *must certainly* be Alien Hybrid Operatives. There is no way around this conclusion at this point. Humans lack the rigor, the discipline, the intelligence, the cohesion, the loyalty, the focus, the organization, the coherence, the continuity, and the motivation to have kept the Coverup all these years. Human perpetrators could not have withstood the deliberate inquiries by ADSECDEF Mellon and JSC/J2 VADM Wilson, and others; they would have been forced to yield to legitimate authority. Its open and shut. We’re fighting the Aliens themselves to tell us about their presence and agenda, which is why they won’t do it, at least not in this context.

        1. J-Rod

          @Press This is a very good line of reasoning and it can explain everything as to why we don’t know. If this is truly the case, it is indeed, alarming. Now I know what Carter was probably crying about.

  4. itsmeRitaC

    I think your article here is very pithy Richard. I agree. The difference between my perspective and what i have come to think of as ‘yours’ is that i don’t want my disclosure to come from the institutions and people who have not exactly had dissemination of ‘truth’ as its prime motive. I literally see those ‘guys’, usually all male. an observation, particularly with that history channel series, as so alien to my inner sense of humanity and world view that they appear to me as aliens themselves. I am serious.

    I will also throw in that i personally, and others have mentioned this as well, find that that show has about half an hour of content taking up an hour. The continual recapping of what happened before a commercial is too much to sit through. It is so apparently a time killer for a lack of new information. I have learned nothing from the ones i have watched. But i digress.

    And i am not impressed by men who make cutting edge space based weapons for fun and profit. I have no problem with people who want to make money, but i do have a deep sense of caring about ……………….Life and creativity. I think people involved in Darpa projects are dark. Maybe these guys are the ones who are the pod people. They come off that way to me. And actually, i am not into that kind of retro thinking. I am being a bit tongue and cheek here.

    I am saddened deeply if this is what the field has come down to. it feels like paranoia to me, and that is my profession as you know. It isn’t even creative as it comes off as the fifties sci fi movies.

    The kind of so called disclosure from these counterintel folks, etc, does nothing to open up peoples’ minds and beliefs. It looks and feels like more military grey metallic nothingness. It does not inspire me nor does it do anything to create a desire to explore further and i believe that is no accident.

    But obviously the military industrial complex and more have control of all this as do these men who seem to have taken the lead in this most recent delving into ufo ‘disclosure’. It is so obvious to me…… it is literally as obvious as knowing that there were no weapons of mass destruction.

    And since you actually used the term ‘limited’, i am going to say, once again even if it is tiresome already, that limited hangout is the term i would use. I don’t believe that men who make billions making life destroying space weapons have my best interest at heart. I don’t doubt they care about people they know and their families. But i also think that is true about most people who i find lacking in some basic human values. These men come across as lacking spirit and emotional connection. And they stand to only make more money because of course they want more information for their photon laser weapons . The military always says that the high ground controls the planet. Space is the place from which to blackmail the planet and get the hell off of it for those same billionaires.

    If people can’t ‘see’ the problem here then i personally believe we are even more blind and devolved than i would have believed. The powers that be seem to have taken away the intrigue and interest i had in the subject.

    I will go back to the Ariel Phenomenon site and see what those great young adults who were children when they had their close encounters. are doing lately and still waiting for that documentary to come out. They sure don’t seem to be drone people who are trying to take over planet earth. They are uplifted and more aware because of their experiences. .

    I really think the idea that humans can wrap their minds around the psychology of aliens is just plain hubris since there is barely an understanding of human psychology. Believe me or not. The projections regarding the motives of alien consciousness i have read and heard in the past couple of years in particular actually stun me.

    We are looking at nuts and bolts of space craft, how can this be used to make more advanced weapons in the u.s. because other countries and planetary beings are all a threat now. Where is Dick Cheney when we need him. Btw, he had lots of access. Maybe he will get in on it if his heart transplant is holding up.

    People in counterintelligence ……………………..and what was that Naval department director who formally announced the authenticity of the short videos that were released? I believe it is the department of disinformation. I am too tired to look it up, but it was like the dept of propaganda. Literally. It was actually even more surreal than what i have just written.

    I think this field seems to have gotten so insular that perspective no longer prevails and i guess since i am not a metallurgist or chemist or engineer, i am less than enthralled with pieces of metal.

    Finally……………..Anything that reinforces the us versus them paradigm which includes destruction of worlds or cities or whatever as the law of all universes is ……………………………………………………………Part of the problem and profoundly primitive.

    This was long but heartfelt and if i knew where to publish this kind of stuff i would do it. Maybe i will write a piece and find the right place. Btw, I think the loss of Michael Glickman is sad. We exchanged emails at times and he published an article i wrote. He was very much an out of the box thinker who believed in human evolution of consciousness. His insights and work with crop circle geometry in many dimensions was important and possibly something that could touch people in ways that could bring awe and openings within thought and inner senses. Not fear and more of the same fear based downward spiral.

    And one very last opinion. I never thought TTSA was going to bring breakthroughs. It is about entertainment and movie/tv projects, etc. Show biz. That is what it read like to me. Good for them. But i am still waiting for more than the couple things that came out almost three years ago. Actually, i am not waiting. I did not expect much more from them. And they have their history channel show and i am sure they will keep finding another military man who will tell the experiences that i have read and heard about for the past thirty years or more.

    This was much longer than i anticipated and it was a long day for me. Sorry if i sound unfriendly. It was not my intention. I just feel the need to be real and sincere.

    Peace out, rita

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks, Rita. I get where you are coming from. As you have gathered, I don’t have the highest hopes, either. Still, I maintain that there are some good players in this drama, working within definite constraints. Things makes much more sense to me when I see our system as a modern version of a Soviet style system. Then it becomes much clearer.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Hi Richard. I would really like to hear or read more about your references in the last two sentences. And i am no doubt not the only one who would be very interested.

        One question if you get to this. By the term ‘good players’ do you mean people who just want the ‘Truth’ to come forward for its own sake? Thank you!

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          What I see, and was trying to convey at the end, is that the power group that actually controls this secret will in all likelihood never truly be forthcoming about this subject, except insofar as they have to give up some information to appease the people they have to appease. It’s a very sophisticated defense strategy, it seems to me. They might be able to do this indefinitely, for all I know. And as for good players, I think that anyone with any bit of power in this game is probably not thinking about truth for its own sake. My opinion these days is that ideals are for people like us. In other words, people out of power. Having said that, I do think there are some “good guys” in this, having spoken to a few of them and thinking that I have some understanding of them. They believe in the truth, but are very much realists in the sense of understanding their very limited area of power in all this.

    2. PressToDigitate

      I don’t believe we need to know that much about the Aliens’ “psychology” to see what’s going on here.
      Since you put this in feminist terms, let me tell you what I find most compelling as evidence of their a) Presence, and b) Intent. The passionate, heartfelt testimonies of the *Thousands of Women who have been Clinically Raped* – and, often, *forceably Impregnated* against their will, *with Alien Spawn*, and then had those babies forceably *ripped from their wombs* – tells me, pretty much, *ALL* I need to know about the psychology, morality, intentions and agenda of the principal ETUFO presence on Earth since Roswell.

      1. It fully justifies *ANY* level of “militarization” of the Space Environment, both Earth Orbital and Cislunar, and demands the deployment of capabilities to protect the entire Solar System from hostile intrusion.
      2. It renders most discussion of other “Friendly Aliens” irrelevant at best, and a distraction at worst, unless evidence can be shown – which hasn’t come to light so far – that these Other Aliens are somehow willing to intercede on our behalf to prevent such atrocities from continuing, and are protective of us in some way.
      3. It tells us that “Interdimensional”, incorporeal beings, regardless of their ascendance, love, wisdom, or intentions are also of no consequence to the present dire circumstances with respect to the Grey Abductors, since the grotesque violence being done to untold numbers of Humans, the world over, *at scale* for more than 60 years is ultimately *physical* in nature. Whatever psychotronic and quantum technologies They have, which appear magical to us, and even involve the very grappling of the Soul, and its Afterlife/Interlife processes that we refer to as “Reincarnation” in the natural environment, their ‘game’ is still about Human *Bodies*, walking about, here in good, old-fashioned “Visceral Reality”. Phantasmagorical Specters aside, its a 4-D problem; higher dimensions are not required to either comprehend or deal with it.

      So, yes, Rita, I do see a “feminine perspective” to this problem – in those most victimized by the ETUFO presence (and who are generally ignored by Ufology). “Women Impregnated by Alien Rape (with Their Babies Stolen)” is a topic that Ufologists all run from, as just too “Icky” to deal with; and, yet, its probably the one that holds the keys as to what’s really going on, more than everything else we talk about, combined. If MEN were having unwanted Alien Foetuses made to gestate *inside their bodies*, following Clinical Rapes – on an ‘industrial’ scale – You Can Be CERTAIN that our society’s entire approach to the ETUFO presence would have been completely different these past 65 years. So, you see, having a deadly cosmic “Space Force” may not be such a bad idea, after all, if our Women really count for anything around here.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Well i have to say that #ME TOO is going to need to expand its scope! But i have to say that ‘militarization of the space environment’ is not a very ‘feminist’ perspective you see. Just as i don’t feel that women being allowed to be more active in the military is a positive step for women.

        So, the end game for the greys is basically invasion of the body snatchers? And what makes them the most powerful entities of all? And if we are just trying to figure out ‘their’ technology, how would our space weapons defeat theirs? And how do the alien hybrids behave in the world? I would imagine it when i see and hear someone as robotic as a Mike Pence perhaps? There are many in ‘power’ right in the u.s.a who seem to be missing that inner self.

        take care

        1. PressToDigitate

          See, Rita, We do agree on some things!
          Do you remember the classic Flying Saucer movie, “This Island Earth”? If not, search it and the name “Exeter”, the leader of the Alien expedition to Earth in the film. *Dead Ringer for Mike Pence!* Or, better yet, just watch the movie; its one of the best ’50s Sci-Fi films:

          But then again, as for national politicians who “seem to be missing that inner self”, the most striking example I’ve ever seen was that speech tonight by Kamala Harris. Something was just creepy about it, like she was an Actress playing herself, or something; like there’s nobody there behind the mask.

          The militarization of space may not be a feminist *solution*, but it is the only *plausible* solution to the victimization of Human females from space. If “diplomacy” could have solved the problem, or “thinking happy thoughts”, those approaches have had 65 years to work – and haven’t. We *have* figured out their technologies, at least the ones that matter; its a question of building responsible countermeasures to defend the planet – something that should have been done, long since. Despite many fantasies to the contrary, I don’t believe we have any “Secret Space Fleet” out there, yet, protecting us from “the Bad Guys”; the evidence there isn’t is that They are here, unperturbed, continuing to forceably breed Humans for their own purposes.

          As to how the Hybrids behave, we need to learn a lot more about that than Dr. Jacobs and a handful of other researchers have been able to gather from their interactions thus far. I believe that we can look at our Intelligence Community, and the Techlords in Silicon Valley, since before 9/11, and get a good idea as to how Alien Hybrid Operatives think, since those are the places they will undoubtedly have infiltrated the most aggressively since the 1950s. The leaked internal Google presentations “The Good Censor” and “Selfish Ledger” are excellent examples of where they are leading BigTech to subsume us all into a well-controlled “Hive Mind”, for inhuman purposes. There is even a lecture (I’ve posted previously) pinpointing the exact *moment* that the CIA, in effect, ‘creates’ “Silicon Valley”, and the context in which it is done strongly suggests a link to the ETUFO presence.

          But how can you not admire Lt. Gen. Nina Armagno, who just gained her third star when becoming Staff Director for the U.S. Space Force yesterday? She is the only officer (of any gender) to have commanded both the Eastern (Cape Canaveral) and Western (Vandenberg) Ranges for Space Command, holding an “unprecedented, flawless record with over 48 successful launch campaigns valued at more than $19 billion” – according to the USSF website.

  5. starfleet

    The announcement of a new UFO taskforce is not unexpected. Just like the announcement some time ago by Trump of the new Space Force.
    Both these so called “new” projects are legitimizing already classified programs that have been operational for decades.
    These “announcements” are part of a soft disclosure that has been and is taking place via the mainstream media. Very soon the issues of UAP research, reverse engineering, crash retrievals will be understood and accepted by all .

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I agree with what you have said here SF. However i don’t quite see who this outcome benefits except the weapons contractors, etc. Even if all of the population accepts it, without even ‘understanding’ it all………………….So for me, personally, i see no real upside. And it has been obvious to me for years, btw. It is just more proof that i have been correct for a long time and that isn’t exactly uplifting for me. Well, i wrote a long post here already.

  6. whatif

    I think I agree with you regarding the boundary that appears to have halted further expansion of disclosure within the government and the MSM (same thing). There are definite limits. Why, for example, would anyone in the know risk publicly admitting to prior knowledge of “crash” retrievals or even military encounters? Doing so opens a HUGE can of worms that quickly leads to other questions that have dire (perhaps criminal) consequences. Why would the government do this when the simpler, safer, time-tested strategy of admitting nothing still works? There is nowhere near the amount of “public pressure“ necessary to effect a change. I’m not sure what form of pressure that would be, but it would likely involve a lot of cash and/or the threat of physical harm or death. So probably not “public pressure” as one might expect.

  7. PressToDigitate

    You are right about the parallels with prior Fascist, Nazi and Communist implementations of Totalitarianism. I do not believe that the “real bits” of Ufology and Conspiracy are unrelated or operate in isolation from one another; none of it can be understood looking at it that way. Its not *two* separate ‘sets of mysteries’ (“buckets of crazy”) covered up by officialdom, its one integrated problem. As David Icke and a *very* few others have been saying, all along, at the top of the ‘Illuminati pyramid, its *always* been Extraterrestrials. I feel compelled to restate what should be obvious: This means that THEY Have Been In Charge, which is why the Coverup exists, and how it has remained as effective as it has for so long. No, the MiB Ain’t From Around Here. Its only when we come to terms with this *Hard Truth* that we can determine an appropriate course of action for [what is rapidly becoming] “Post-Disclosure Ufology”.
    It is entirely possible that the Fascist, Nazi and Communist movements were merely [failed] experimental initiatives in Human societal control, orchestrated by teams of Alien Hybrid Operatives. If so, they all failed for lack of neurotechnology; a mistake the present initiative – “Progressive Technocracy” – is certain not to be limited by. Socialism (of any flavor) cannot work because it endeavors to contravene Human nature; so, if you need a totalitarian social order for other reasons – say, the comfort of a privileged “class”, OR a privileged Invasive Species of Aliens – its obvious you just need to *alter Human nature*. You have not yet read that .PDF of Feinberg’s “Prometheus” (1969) that I sent you. In the context of this discussion, it brutally clarifies the real problem we’re up against. Retail mass-market consumer 5G-BCI will be ‘altering the nature’ of billions of Humans by 2029 (as they set out to do, 60 years previously). BORG-“Assimilation”; a *Drone Yoke*.

    THAT is what “Full Disclosure” is waiting on. That’s what it *HAS* to wait on, if, as it appears, the Aliens are really in charge. The Surveillance, Censorship and Propaganda we see in online ‘Social Media’ are just “practice” – a grim foretaste of what Humanity will undergo, once everyone eagerly jacks-in to the Hive Mind with full-duplex neurotech, later this decade. When They can delete, downrank, shadowban, and otherwise “edit” *within the Memories and Thoughtstream* of everyone [who isn’t living under a bridge somewhere], there can be no “dissent”, no “dissidents” – and, certainly, no “democracy”. Anyone – like *us* – who may be less than obsequious to the Alien Colonial Regime, will simply be neutralized by [an ET-ASI] automatically, “tweaking our algorithms” (or, is it “adjusting our chakras”, I keep getting those two confused…). As I’ve said many times, Humanity is going to perceive ET “Disclosure”/”Arrival” and AI “Singularity” as *One and The Same Event*; or, at least, That’s The Plan, circa 2029. It will come to most people *through their HeadPhone*.

    There are 7.5 Billion people on this planet who need to have the epiphany that that’s what’s coming, *BEFORE it happens* – but none of them will, until Richard M. Dolan first arrives at that “Grey-Pilled” moment of awakening (as you seem to be). Granted, that Grey Pill is harder to swallow than the Skittles from “Mac & Me”, and we all want to be at that rooftop party on the skyscraper welcoming the overhead Mothership, or to be the one releasing that “Dove of Peace” at the Aliens’ official desert landing ceremony, but perhaps some warnings from our fictional imaginings should be heeded, after all. But, for those reluctants among us who hesitate to swallow that ‘Grey Pill’ of Alien Reality, they have nothing to fear, it will shortly be offered in convenient ‘injection’ form, I understand by the end of this year, or early next, readily available at a Walgreen’s or CVS pharmacy nearby, courtesy of Uncle Sam.
    Somewhere between “Surrogates”/”Gamer”, “Children of Men”/”Childhood’s End”, “Invaders from Mars”/”Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, “They Live”, “1984” and “THX-1138” is our present Future. Clyde is presently reading “Silver Screen Saucers”, “Hollywood Vs. the Aliens” and “Saucer Movies”, and what is *actually* happening is not nearly represented in the history of Sci-Fi. Curious, isn’t it?

      1. PressToDigitate

        You know the scene where ‘Ruby Rod’ tries to get a response out of ‘Corbin Dallas’ for the rapt galactic audience on “Fifth Element”? (*just* before the bad aliens show up to spoil the party…)


      The slow drip of delaying disinformation (“We have no IDEA what’s going on and we need to form task forces and committees!”) isn’t nearly as dramatic as the disclosure we have always imagined, personally and culturally.

    2. arizonatribe

      I watched that and was concerned that the link to IG Farben and Anthony Stoussi were false. My eyes lit up when I heard the name IG Farben mentioned early on (if you get a chance, check out the book “Hell’s Cartel”), but flinched when they mentioned incorrect dates on when IG Farben was broken up, who was at the helm of the company, etc.. IG Farben was broken up in the 50s and the companies that succeeded were companies like Bayer and BASF, not Moderna. Anthony Stoussi also had nothing to do with either company.

      Be careful with that video because there are some booby traps in there that are meant for people who aren’t being thorough to fall into. My suspicion is the average skeptic’s fact check on this video will google “IG Farben”, see the link to Nazi Germany, and then be even more emotionally convinced that Moderna is bad news.

      I’m not sure what the agenda is behind this video and why they are putting out blatantly false claims, but it’s more disturbing to me than the perspective the video is trying to illustrate.

        1. arizonatribe

          Please divulge what you know or point me at the specific information sources where you gained your knowledge. All the information I’ve found so far indicates Moderna is a company less than ten years old.

          I found a write-up on the stifling atmosphere within that company that caused a very high turnover rate (even among high-ranking positions), but nothing else negative. The uniqueness of their intellectual property is in finding a reliable way to make messenger-RNA based solutions work, and their CEO ran a tight ship (using an iron grip) on their way to hitting certain milestones. This was a high-stress environment for many people who worked for Moderna, but supposedly it was because of the fear their innovation would be stolen, and so it resulted in a very compartmentalized atmosphere that engineers and scientists usually hate, until they hit the watershed point that prototypes and patenting provided them.

          I see no evidence for the link between IG Farben and Moderna, and absolutely no evidence that Anthony Faussi ever worked for Moderna (much less served as first CEO; such a position is highly public information). In fact, I’m not sure you have any of that information, but rather you latched onto the information I gave you previously (about Bayer and BASF succeeding IG Farben) and dismissed it as the sort of “boring” common knowledge that I just wouldn’t be interested in.

          It’s really important that topics within the field of politics, finance, and ufology be approached with a dash of skepticism and a willingness to investigate (and fact-check), simply because there are a disproportionately high number of unethical people in those arenas who do not want a light shined on their actions. Various strategies exist for them to create a ruse, and it’s important to look deeper to find the vein of truth wherever (or if) it can be found.

          So I am happy to be proved wrong and would not find it boring for you to point me in the direction of the Bayer —> Moderna link. I’ll read whatever you are willing to share, and report back here that you are correct if the facts lead to that conclusion.


      1. whatif

        Exactly. On the one hand, the video’s message is generally correct, which is to say the elites seek to tear down Western civilization in their bid control it. They have been extremely successful in achieving this goal. On the other hand, the video predicates this message on fragile ideas, falsehoods, and utter tinfoil hat nonsense like references to the movie They Live. An average, educated American would dismiss this video as nonsense given the references, which if not obviously ridiculous, are easily shown to be with a rudimentary web search. This is a classic psyop maneuver: stigmatize an inconvenient truth by associating it with lies. Sound familiar UFO people?

    3. Todd Flowers

      I can’t tell you how many times I have thought of “They Live” in the past two years or so.
      Also I follow David Icke and agree with most of his theories.
      Love reading your comments !

  8. Clixis

    I wonder if we understand the level at which we are being covertly manipulated. I say that because so many times when developments look promising, they suddenly start to go haywire and no on seems quite sure why. It’s not just in UFOs but other things as well – I’m thinking of Catherine Austin Fitts, for one. The great things you were working toward end up a muddle of failure and confusion. Usually you can find a reason, something to scapegoat, but it doesn’t explain everything. Some of these failures are accidental, but you wonder how many aren’t. One thing is sure. Manipulation is more effective when people don’t know they are being manipulated. The scapegoat is a patsy. It works best if it can get us to blame the wrong people, or better yet each other, and start to question everything. Sounds familiar? But I have no doubt that Richard, and others on his mission, are having a good effect and are influencing events more than is apparent. I’m glad to be along for the ride.


      CLIXIS wrote:

      “One thing is sure. Manipulation is more effective when people don’t know they are being manipulated.”


      “Men believe themselves to be free, simply because they are conscious of their actions, and unconscious of the causes whereby those actions are determined.”

      — Baruch Spinoza

  9. PressToDigitate

    On “How can we take legal action to pry open a lifetime of secrecy about UFOs?”
    Please consider my past recommendations regarding the ‘Lawfare Strategy’ of an Institute, with emphasis on the False Claims Act, Derivative Shareholder Liability, Divestment Boycotts, and Challenging Secrecy Agreements.


      It’s also time for individual researchers and activists to consider suits for intimidation, intrusive overt and covert surveillance, character assassination campaigns, sneak-and-peeks, and obvious lies and perjury committed by government agencies in response to FOIA inquiries and past lawsuits. A pattern of egregious criminal behavior is obvious.

  10. Jim

    Really enjoyed your summary and analysis, Richard, and it brought some thoughts to mind that I have been considering for some time.

    As I have been following the developments in the media , this game being played by the Pentagon still seems like the same one it has played since the 1940’s; drip, drip some tantalizing little bits of information at first, then when momentum builds, the message inside the Pentagon privately becomes , “Get these people off our backs, tell them something, and hopefully, the heat will die down”. Using the CNN network, and creating the drone explanation is nothing more than the weather balloon version of the 1940’s updated: something along these lines, “They are not alien craft, just some drones being flown remotely by “pranksters”. ”

    The same, tired insulting tactics, just the same old, same old.

    I don’t believe the government will ever just hand over information; it will need something like a massive class action suit to generate enough of a firestorm to force their hands. Consider how the FOIA process has been de jure and de facto all but eliminated in terms of getting meaningful disclosure of what the government and specifically the Pentagon knows.

    As to this “task force” idea, this is also the same game of the past, creating a group, filling it with insiders and Yes Men/Women, and then as a final step, issue a report that the objects are just drones (and weather/astronomical phenomenon) and then we move on. Call me skeptical and oh, yes, cynical (another way to marginalize dissent also copied from the past). My heavens, haven’t we seen this before, so many times?

    Jim Crowell

  11. SunPower

    Whenever I see a picture of the Pentagon I want to inscribe L A T V S at the points. Maybe that will help. Maybe draw a big circle around it. You know, like building the Large Hadron Collider mark II around the Pentagon for 75 Billion dollars during the Covid pandemic – because we’ need to discover the undiscoverable that’s why.
    Thank you for the analysis, Richard.

  12. Anthony_Ian

    Great article Richard!

    However there’s one BIG aspect of this you haven’t included: the phenomena itself. The phenomena itself is not on a government payroll or timeline; the phenomena itself is not beholden to the MSM, the power brokers or the Elite. The sightings continue and there’s nothing, apparently, any human or human institution can do to stop it. Every day hundreds or perhaps thousands of sightings and contact experiences are happening throughout the world. We are rapidly getting to the full-saturation point in which every human alive has either seen an “anomaly” or knows someone who has. In fact, we may already may be there. This alone may be hastening the “disclosure”. Very soon now the old line, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” doesn’t work any more. Denial of the phenomena would be like denying the existence of the moon.

    It tickles me to imagine that somewhere in a highly secure facility, someone in a cold sweat has done this math and is now feverishly trying to mitigate the public reaction to the inevitable. That might explain the slow drip we are witnessing now.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      True … these operators never seemed to know that they have been debunked over and over! One thing that NO ONE has ever done, to my knowledge, is to analyze the changes in world culture that have occurred as a result of the UFO phenomenon. Usually cultural historians, when they treat this at all, look at the development of UFO culture as a result of other factors (but never UFOs themselves). But the interesting thing to do is to put the shoe on the other foot: how have sightings continually affected global culture and consciousness?

      1. Anthony_Ian

        … And that may be the whole point. Valee, Mac Tonnies and many others have said that there’s an element of “theater” to the UFO phenomenon, and there always has been. “Affecting global culture and consciousness” might be part of the mission — getting us ready.

        I personally would love to see such a study, too.

  13. PressToDigitate

    When I said that the Conspiracy and Ufology worlds need to be integrated, with “data fusion” from both, on our end to adequately understand the whole picture, I’m not speaking hypothetically or in the abstract. I’m not talking about Jordan Maxwell analyzing the deep history of it all. I’m talking about today’s scandalous Deep State, managing both the coups against Trump and the controlled Disclosure – together. PLEASE take the time to watch this documentary, just released on Infowars (and whose producer, Millie Weaver, was just summarily arrested on contrived, phony grounds within hours of its release). It is a clear window into how the ETUFO Coverup & Disinfo efforts operate within the Intelligence Community – and how its no different than the [illegal] domestic influence operations the CIA has used/*IS USING* to swing the upcoming November election – against Trump. It shows how “the Rubber Meets the Road” (or, perhaps, more appropriately, where Ufology & Conspiracy circles are concerned, how “the Flubber Meets the Toad”)… Great film here, fire up the Popcorn!:

  14. arizonatribe

    I get the impression that there’s a bit of a chess game taking place between TTSA and the Pentagon, and this keeps like another part of that relationship. TTSA calls “check”, and then the Pentagon blocks it, performs a “castle” (burying their king deeper inside the DOD), and so on.

    Right now, the “Unidentified” TV show narrative seems to be an example of TTSA capitalizing on the fiction the DOD wants to maintain: if the DOD wants to claim “yeah we had AATIP, but it wasn’t important anymore and we shut it down; nothing to see here”, then the counter move by TTSA seems to be “Oh really? Nothing out there looking into the UAP issue. Let’s raise the alarm bells, accumulate military sightings and create the narrative to Congress that no one within the DOD is looking into UAP at all”.

    Then the logical count move of the DOD is to append a new organization to investigate the phenomenon. It is my impression and agreement with you that this will at worst be another AATIP and at best be another Project Blue Book.

    In my opinion, the next counter move is what Joe Schurman is working on with TTSA to create a public mobile app to alert users to active UFO sightings, and help people triangulate on a sighting. That and perhaps what Bob McGuire is working on. The reason why I think this is crucial is it raises the bar for what the new Pentagon “AATIP” must aspire to: if the new task force proves to be as inept as Project Blue Book (appeared publicly at least) while TTSA and others are providing better public reporting and dialogue and linking in analysis A.I. to help debunk hoaxes, then it forces the new task force to at least pretend to do a good job.

  15. Semore

    All of this was started and is being pushed by TTSA. I’ve listened to their podcasts on Spotify. What caught my attention was LE talking about this app they are developing called the Vault.

    This app will connect citizens with foreign governments, law enforcement, military, aviation and many other systems, classified and non, all under a newly created A.I. that will combine information from eyes on the ground with these systems. The idea they put forth is being able to see UFO events in real time.

    I get this feeling though… What if they are lying? What if all of this is to get enough people to download and use the app so they can have the ultimate hive mind type of mass surveillance system? It’ll be like a suped up version of Google but with military capabilities. I hope I’m just paranoid and they are honest in their endeavors.

  16. Phil

    It’s absolutely true that the revelations over the past three years raise some big questions. To me, it seems that there has been a clear shift in posture from denial to admission, or at least a partial admission. Initially the story of the tic tac left open a wide back door which allowed a possible reversal or denial of the story. It now seems clear that no reversal was needed as there was no public outcry. In fact it seems that the Navy overestimated the public response and has provided even more certainty rather than hose the story down. My interpretation, or guesstimate, is that the Navy is the keeper of information and has planned this gradual disclosure. I am less inclined to think that it has occurred by accident or factional differences, yet this remains a possibility.

    The thought that runs through my mind is why disclose? and why now? What has triggered this change in posture? Is there a deadline to some future event?

    No doubt that whoever is controlling this information, has sufficient knowledge of ufo lore to understand what our big picture looks like. That picture must certainly resemble what Richard describes in his briefings, one that includes the 70 years of secrecy, abductions and even the spiritual or consciousness aspect of the phenomenon. This is incredibly controversial stuff. If disclosure is not by accident, then it is likely to be very well planned, and the “keepers” are possibly ready for the significant consequences.

    Something that I have read about and also been told in person, is that there are entities who are instructing human contacts to discuss openly the reality of the alien presence on earth. The only apparent reason for these contact events is to inform humanity of this reality. This message contrasts with the secrecy that other alien groups seem to operate under. Perhaps there is pressure and even a time-line of disclosure which these other alien groups have demanded. After all, these different e.t groups are not unified and they may dis-agree on the interactions with humanity.

    My instinct tells me that this disclosure has ultimately been planned, even if those involved are not aware of the bigger picture. I feel somewhat optimistic that more toothpaste is on its way.

  17. BRX237653

    “When you control the societal narrative to such a degree, you can more easily “update” your coverup safely in a way that allows you to re-establish credibility on a tricky and explosive subject, while continuing to protect the core secrets that you are obligated to defend.” -RD

  18. chris gaffney

    In a strange way its similar to how the Vatican stole the Christ narrative
    I grew up in Dublin Ireland . at the time the church and state were one and the same.
    I was in my early years I was educated by Christian brothers, some of whom were good men however I distinctly remember as a young boy being punched several time by one of these so called men of the cloth.
    I knew at the time there was no way that man represented Jesus Christ …he just was a member of a gang of thugs that stole the narrative and message of Jesus. When I would go to mass I would realise that the man at the alter was a thief.
    Its happening again . the wrong people are controlling the narrative and most people won’t even know
    The drip continues

  19. robert9905

    Google is the tougher target to go after. Politicians are the weaker target to go ofter. An movement is beginning among the Southern people to punish those politicians not in harmony with the US Constitution. Then Google can become an easier target to hit.

    I feel the only way out for the Pentagon is to place UFOs in the unidentified category. They have to treat them as an admitted threat to national security. There is no way they would blame another government, or are own for the craft.

  20. Scott Madsen

    This is amazing and completely unpredictable. This is a triumph for everyone who has been working and struggling to wake up the world. Sure TTSA should take a lot of the credit, but without all of the researchers past and present who put their souls into into bringing the out the truth this wouldn’t have happened.

    Richard you are one of those people. Great job! I am so excited about the next phase.


  21. jennymemon

    Maybe you should open your eyes and see what is really going on, you seem to have plenty of suggestions for everyone else, you should try looking at the overwhelming bias from the MSM against Trump, long before this plandemic. How can you even deny it? You asked for facts, so here you go, the non psychopathic officers who stood by and did not stop the killing of Mr Floyd were apparently ALL rookies. Thats what I have been told, and while that is no excuse, as we all know it is very hard in the police (or military) to question more experienced/higher ranking officers. All of the officers involved have been charged, so where is the closing of rank there? Do you think they would have intervened if the suspect had been white? I dont think so, they were scared to question or intervene because they were scared of officer Chauvin, something I hope they deeply regret. You mention Chauvin had a past record of brutality, I am not sure if that was brought to light before or after the killing of Mr Floyd. Another thing which may have been relevant is that they (Chauvin and Floyd) knew each other and had worked together. Then again, there will always be those who slip through the net, and the institutions need to keep working to make it better.
    My basic point is that the old trick of divide and rule is used on the public to great effect time and time again. They keep us fighting amongst ourselves while they do what they like. What happened to small business owners and communities in America as a reaction to the killing of Mr Floyd did not help the cause of stopping racism.
    I dont think it is my job to provide you with evidence of the deep state or cabal, you will find it if you open your eyes/mind to what is all around you. If you dont believe it, that is of course your choice, we still all have some free will, for now. The whole way they work is from the shadows at a above top secret level, so its not something that you can read in the daily news, but the evidence in our daily lives and the ever increasing removal of our rights and civil liberties is glaringly obvious, even the cover up of the UFO file is proof enough of the deep state reach. You also mention footage of brutality, but there was footage from all sides of the debate, arson, looting intimidation etc. Can the showing of selective footage be bias or manipulated do you think? Not much of the footage of the damage done to communities made it on to CNN or indeed many other places. We are all being manipulated and lied to on a colossal scale, we are not each others enemies.

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