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  1. Doctor3j

    Always such clarity of thought and human reason.

    The best questions I’ve ever heard. You are THE ONE.
    As I always say, you have my full support. I back you 95% Just kidding. 99%!
    In this troubled UFO and societal end times you are a salubrious, Asculepious, pillar of sanity (the wisdom of Solomon). The rest of us are very troubled and we need you.

  2. Craig Champion

    Timely and relevant thoughts on where we are and what could potentially happen next – great perspective!

    Right – regarding the CNN statement, “some believing they may be drones…” is the typical deceptive corporate media spin AND it continues to beat the drum of propaganda against “our adversaries.” Right – the reporting continues to be largely superficial and dismissive in the face of a long, rich history.

    I wonder if Daniel Sheehan would have some valuable input on the proactive issue of legally-pursuing, perhaps legislatively a more formal, official disclosure.

    Re: the question of whether the momentum of disclosure will continue…IMO, probably not, with the anemic mainstream reporting but also not with the decades of disinformation; it’s amazing how people have essentially been brainwashed to the extent that, even when presented with FACTS they are ill-equipped to actually register the gravity of what’s occurred along with the attendant implications and therefore don’t tend to ask appropriate questions. Amazing – the world is truly “Zombified.” Beam me up, Scotty…😩

    Got it – the latest dissemination of UFO information still, in all likelihood equals continued control over the narrative in order to protect the main, important technological secrets: Coverup 2.0

    Great analysis, Richard – much-appreciated!

  3. JimmyBee

    CNN is utterly corrupt. Has been for ages.

    Remember their treatment of Astronaut Edgar Mitchell?

    Remember how they faked a missile attack on Saudia Arabia? They filmed and broadcast that from downtown Atlanta, pretending to be in Saudia Arabia.

    They are disgusting and have zero credibility. I would go further and say they are absolutely suspicious. A willing partner to false flags.

  4. PressToDigitate

    That was an Outstanding Commentary!
    I like the “Combined Show” concept; formatting it for Radio, but delivered on – and to – the camera, for YouTube. If you assembled an audiovisual Opening and Closing, and “Bumpers” to accommodate standard commercial breaks, the “reach” of the Audio version could be incrementally extended, by adding new outlets beyond (in addition to) KGRA. Similarly, the video could be simulcast on other platforms along with YouTube (which it should anyway, to preclude censorship). Over the next six months, leading up to the “Perseverance” findings being released, and the two Senate-mandated Reports being returned, there is a window of opportunity to build and extend your “Brand” dramatically, in a way which may never come again. We already know which alternatives may be presented in that March/April ‘crescendo’ of the present disclosure cycle. We’ll either get “Crash Retrievals w/ Bodies”, or “Crash Test Dummies”, just like the Roswell Redux the Air Force generated. Either way, you and your Brand should be prepared. It is important to a great many people that your voice retain and grow in its prominence through this transitional period, whether it comes to a head six months from now or six years from now. Most likely, it will be a staged combination of both.

    The only other totally “clear head” left at the pinnacle of Ufology that the world has for interpretation of what is unfolding is Nick Pope; we love Nick, but he carries that stable, responsible, conservative outlook to a point of anodyne sedation at times (even with his accent). Linda has a great handle on ‘what lies behind the curtain’, but operates at a level beyond where the general public (or even some in Ufology) can grasp at this point. Grant is on a personal “Vision Quest”; Greer wants to sing Cumbaya with the Aliens around a campfire, and Bassett will buy whatever form of “disclosure” comes out of the Biden Administration, no questions asked, no matter what contrivances it is adapted to. So, it’s got to be You. (Not that you wouldn’t be our ‘First Choice’, anyway!) I’m merely stating that you should prepare to accept and engage in a greater level of ‘celebrity’, attention, and responsibility – a/k/a “Leadership” – in the immediate future than you ever imagined likely or necessary in this [formerly obscure] field. We need a strategy for a “Post-Disclosure Ufology” that is focused on the relentless discovery and exposure of Truth – no matter what ‘Official Narrative’ we are fed by the Deep State in the months and years ahead. I submit that, ultimately, the least of our problems will be that “they aren’t telling us enough”, and more along the lines of “those aren’t really ‘Shower Nozzles’ on the walls”.

    Collectively, “we” (“Flying Saucer Believers”) have had 73 years to prepare for this and to ‘get it right’. Even in the midst of the most profound dishonesty and subversion by our own government – time and time again – it appears that such preparation has been neglected, on the presumption that “they’ll tell us the Truth when the time comes”. Well, The Time Has Come, and, as you correctly point out in your Commentary above, the real Truth doesn’t appear to be in the offing, anytime soon. Yes, I think we’ll get a lot more come Spring (come a Deep State Puppet POTUS, rather), but it will still just be an updated deception on the ETUFO “phenomenon” – the story about Them that the Aliens want our Deep State to parrot for Them. I don’t share the comfortable notion that “They’re Here” is the summation of the story. I believe that *someone*, less ‘enraptured’ than the Raelians, Aetherians, or Unariuns ought to be anticipating the manifest Alien presence – with a much more pragmatic approach than to dance about, singing “Hallelujah”. It’s Your Move, Richard…

    1. Johnnyfasthands

      Yes, yes, yes and yes again, your responses confirm my thoughts too. One must, however, be mindful that pushing anyone forward to lead requires that someone to want that responsibility. I feel you have nailed it where you write about the differences of approach amongst the main players in the research field. How they are all brought together under one leader is perhaps the biggest challenge to Disclosure going forward?

      1. PressToDigitate

        Thank you, Johnny!
        I don’t believe the key is necessarily in uniting the existing Ufology leadership, as much as it is in staking out a leadership position based on the best available strategic analysis of the most reliable evidence, and then corralling the largest following among those who come to see the logic of a well-articulated common set of such conclusions. I haven’t even been attempting to explain my deductions on the ETUFO presence and its probable nature, objectives and intended outcome to any of the others on that list – and for the reasons that I observed above. None of them – but Richard – are following the parallel issues ‘outside’ of Ufology, in the Conspiracy and Transhumanist arenas, well enough to make the logical connections and see “The Big Picture”. Those who *might* would not necessarily even find such outcomes objectionable, even when led to concur that they were, in fact, playing out in realtime before our eyes.

        No. The only viable path forward, as I see it, would be for Richard to head up an Institute, part Think-Tank, and part Research Center, which could attract sufficient clout to its Board, Staff – and Donors – to have a serious go at tackling some very specific issues that might provide leverage. These include things like Signal Analysis of Alien Implants extracted from Abductees, the Direct Detection and characterization of underwater traffic at Sycamore Knoll, Ultra High Resolution Magnetometry over Mt. Shasta & Dulce, and a number of other things. A good deal of litigation should be filed, both FOIA and otherwise, as well. I’ve referred to this as the “Kick Down the Door” approach; and “a ‘Take-No-Prisoners’ Ufology for the 2020s”.

        Otherwise, I think Richard’s assessment, above, is spot on: we will get no closer to a real, full “Disclosure” than we are now for the next ten years or so. By then, the public will be so controlled (and, jacked in with neurotech) that it won’t matter – which, I believe, is the Alien strategy and intent. By 2045, Earth will belong to the (ET) ‘Morlocks’, and the (Human) ‘Eloi’ will remain only as their Slaves, Servants – or Food.

  5. starfleet

    End Of Disclosure? Disclosure has been drip fed for decades. Not by some Government or Military officials, as only a very few actually know the full picture. That award goes to the syndicate of aerospace and corporates that together have been operating and controlling a highly classified project since the closing down of Bluebook. The drip feed has been to selected Military, Government officials and highly selected journalists. ( Including a few well known UAP researchers)
    And who is the “establishment” you refer to? Is it the Republicans, the Democrats, or both? Both CNN and the NYT are left leaning organisations. You could hardly call them the “establishment”. Fox News? More to the right. Are they the “Establishment”?
    I would propose that the highly classified U.S Military Space Program, which has been operating since the late 80’s, is and has been using exotic propulsion in their vehicles for years. My understanding is that some advanced technologies already perfected, engineered and implemented in the late 60’s. Many of the “artifacts” that have been mentioned have not been understood and probably won’t be for years.
    So, many of the UAP’s that have been sighted by civilians and the Military are likely to be “ours” and some of them are likely to be extra – terrestrial. The problem is that these observers do not know what’s what.


  6. J-Rod

    I have a few questions for commenting. They are serious and not meant to derail anyone’s train of thought. “If they can get another century out of this secrecy they’ll take it.” – But wouldn’t the progressive custodians of this secrecy die along the way out of age or ill health (or go fishing) , thus providing an opportunity for a new breed of command to be ushered in, or do people of a uniform all drink from the same waterhole? Could it be possible that someone alive 70 years ago in this field has/had the same mindset/agenda as a person in position today or one that will be around in another 90 years time? Is there a script? Finally, if “little or no progress” has been made then how can one make money out of nothing and where’s the power threshold? LOL.

    1. whatif

      These are excellent questions. Essentially:
      1. As the gatekeepers die, why wouldn’t the secret die with them?
      2. How is political/military power derived from research that hasn’t produced science of any significance?

      The answer to #1 is certainly centered on the power sustained by maintaining the secret. However, this assumption of power is tricky. You might assume it suggests some kind of technological gain has been made from this secrecy. If so, the answer to #2 is simply that they are lying. But secrecy itself is a form of power. Considering our adversaries know full well we possess these artifacts, it is in our best interest to conceal everything we know and don’t know about them. It’s better to keep’m guessing. So it’s not so simple.

      I tend to lean toward the claim of “little or no progress” as truth. Time is just not on our side. Statistically, considering the age of the universe, the prior owners of a downed spacecraft are likely many millions of years more advanced than we are. Millions. It is highly unlikely we could make any sense of their technology without their help. We may even be mentally incapable of understanding it. So “little or no progress” makes the most sense to me, unless of course they have helped us understand.

      This train has no brakes.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Their technology is not “beyond our understanding”; in fact, even in the clear, in the private sector, among independent research inventors, outside of the Black Programs world of uSAP contracting, Humans have reached both theoretical definitions *and* experimental confirmations of Zero Point Energy/Free Energy/Overunity, and Anti-Gravity/Electrogravitation, and the Space Warp; of Hyperluminal Communications by Scalar Wave, High Frequency Gravity Wave, Quantum Entanglement Signalling and Quantum Teleportation. There are no aspects of the observed “Magic” of the ‘Visitors’ that Humanity could not develop, on our own, by the end of the decade. But its actually worse than that, not one of these wouldn’t *already* have been made useful and available worldwide, had not Alien “MiB”, Alien Hybrid Operatives, and their Human Collaborators not been aggressively *Killing our Inventors* (and otherwise disrupting/destroying their work) for the past 100+ years in these selected fields.

        So the idea that ‘Human Elites’ are hoarding it all for themselves, or delaying it for their own benefit is bunk. The suppression *could not* have occurred without the unique power of Alien “psychic mental suasion”, exactly as has been invoked to maintain the Coverup, by identical MiB, over the same time period.

  7. jennymemon

    Richard, this was very interesting, thank you.
    My spidey senses are killing me at the moment, I have a very real feeling that you have been privy to information from either an insider or you have heard on the grapevine. I suspect it is information that, at least for the moment, if not forever, you can not share with anyone. There was something about your tone or demeanour or just something, that seemed almost prophetic? You more than anyone know what disclosure means to this community, so what you discussed is a huge deal. I can only hope, that if you are correct about how things may be planned to go by the power brokers, then they will be faced with a curve ball in the shape of accidental disclosure. The scenarios are too numerous to mention, but I do not rule it out. There is always the wild card, something that they overlooked, a chink in the armour. That is my hope anyway.
    I know you wont but if my theory is correct about you not being able to say part of what you know, please reply just ‘yes’ to this comment. I swear, I will not annoy you with any further questions, I just need to know!
    Cheers X.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Jenny. Thanks for that comment, but I can honestly say that I am not privy to any ultra sensitive insider info. Yes, I have had conversations with some people who are plugged in better than most, but I can say without reservation that the thoughts I express are my best hunches, best guesses, best attempt to analyze.

  8. robert9905

    The claim they are antigravity drones with other capabilities is just apologetics. Unless that explanation fits what persons are seeing on shows like Contact, Unidentified it will not work. Lots of mistrust in the media exists. For example I have to turn to FOX News, and YouTube to find out the Portland Protests were violent. I also no longer support the position George Floyd was murdered. I watched the police video of what happened and he was complaining of breathing issues when no officer was choking him. He likely died of a drug overdose. https://thewatchtowers.org/or-did-george-floyd-die-of-a-drug-overdose-fatal-fentanyl-a-forensic-analysis/

    No matter how much the drone explanation is explored its a dead end for them. Luis Elizondo once told in a news interview that We may not be alone. Today persons are turning to YouTube and the internet not CNN. From now on UFOs will be placed in the unidentified category which allows for skeptics and myself to unite with the views we prefer. The drone explanation only provides skeptics an emotional escape from the idea ET is here.

    Persons have to test what they hear on the news. Truth is truth and a lie is a lie.

  9. Ed Klatt

    99.9 % of the American public has absolutely no idea any of this is going on, nor do they particularly care. They are simply too preoccupied with the things in their lives that impact their daily survival, like pandemics, economic insecurity, school closings, riots, rolling blackouts, heat waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, and now in a election year, a veritable avalanche of politicians and media sock puppets babbling ceaselessly at them 24/7 about how their lives will be ecstatically enriched, if only they vote for the latest mentally challenged bozo on TV. They simply do not care. Under the circumstances, who can blame them? The only thing that will absolutely get their attention is the President of the United States announcing on prime time TV, that we are being visited by an extraterrestrial civilization. That’s it. Otherwise, all of this is sort of like some well intentioned, slow motion science fiction movie from the 1950’s. TTSA, the NYT, senate committees, and the USNTF/ONI guys can all do their thing, but actual disclosure is at the sole discretion of the president. That is where the ultimate power and legal jurisdiction lies. I am 100% convinced of this fact. “October Surprise”, anyone?

  10. itsmeRitaC

    Richard, this was quite gratifying to hear from you. I wrote about this in a post under your ‘brain’ related video from the day before this one i believe. And i am taking the time to bring up some thoughts i had as i was listening to this one. So i am stopping and starting when i get the time and writing down ideas i am getting here…………..

    When the insiders say that these are “off world vehicles not made on this earth”. It occurs to me that this is very carefully constructed language. What exactly is an ‘off world vehicle’? It could literally mean that it is operating off the planet itself and it isn’t ‘on’ the planet. Like a space probe or satellite. No? And not made on this earth? That could mean a lot of different things. Like it was made anywhere but on the planet itself. Given what Gary Mckinnon learned, i think this could all be true and still not actually ‘say’ that an ‘alien’ civilization made these vehicles themselves. I would really be interested in your thoughts on this, Richard.

    Also, as far as TTSA is concerned, and i am thinking about the people i see in the ‘Unidentified’ series………..If you have come to this conclusion that you are speaking of right here, then do you suppose that they are blind to this point of view? They could be unwitting dupes, so to speak, and that is just hard to believe given how experienced so many of these men are. I don’t understand how they could possibly not know. It would appear to me that they are a big part of rolling out the ‘new normal’. It all began with them, didn’t it? Again, i could be off here because i am not nearly as informed as you are.

    Another issue i keep coming back to is that whatever is being put out there in our media about this is being digested by the militaries of the world. It is what the u.s. wants ‘them’ to think is going on here. I have no idea what message they want to send out. But i can think of a couple of ways it would be used by the u.s.

    Somehow the term ‘plausible deniability’ came to mind a few times when i was listening here. That is regarding this latest narrative. And I think you posed great questions here, btw. But it seems this is all a reboot. So they need not answer to what happened prior to the tic tac video. And. i still honestly don’t understand how the interviews and testimony with those who were involved in the Rendlesham base case are not as impressive as a fighter pilot twenty or thirty years later down the road.

    OK. i will end this here and i am very interested in any response you want to offer.
    Thank you!!! Rita

  11. Nitefall

    Hey Prof great to see you! I had to stop at the CNN comment about the UFO subject to make this comment. CNN when it comes to credibility gives shit a bad name. They are not journalists…they are announcers…and are either liars or are too stupid to recognize lies. Still, they are human so they totally deserve our sincere contempt.

  12. itsmeRitaC

    Uh oh. Someone just told me to turn on fox news and carlson had nick pope on. The headline is that the pentagon is forming a ufo task force to analyze and detect ufos that are a national security threat.

    I think the writing is on the proverbial wall. I feel like vomiting right now. I wish i weren’t so right about these things………………………………………………….

  13. itsmeRitaC

    Oh, sorry. It was the news from earlier in the week……………………………….it sounded like something new just happened. I am still expecting ‘code infra red’ to be next on the warning list. Well. It must have just really hit me that this is not a good development. I mean……………….New fears. Bigger ones. ‘Threats’ to national security. This really actually is a new ‘step’ in our ‘history’ and i think it is a dark turn.

  14. Ed Klatt

    Did anyone see Trump’s Father’s Day interview with his son? Towards the end of the “interview”, junior asks when will we be told the truth about Roswell. Trump’s response: “I have to think about that one.”
    What? What’s there to think about? I thought it was just some secret balloon stuffed with crash dummies. Also, by speaking publicly about Roswell in the context in which he did, and by not voicing a full throated denial, or at least the requisite skepticism, did he just declassify it?
    Worried about a “new normal”, or the lack thereof? Wait. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    1. J-Rod

      @Ed Klatt Trump knows how to work the room. His Reality TV status will hold him in good stead. Don’t hold your breath. If he loses….next disclosure President. lol.


    So Nick Pope is helping out with the “UAP are a threat” narrative. I expected it of him. Mr. Pope is not on my “trusted” list.

  16. D.A.

    Richard, you asked some great questions regarding Stage 2.5 of truth acceptance; however, I have two more questions which may, in my opinion, be as important, at least with respect to what will, or will not be, ultimately disclosed to the public. Those questions are: why is limited disclosure occurring, and why now?

    Like many others, my understanding of the arcane UFO phenomenon, and our government involvement in it, is at best vague and based primarily on speculation, assumptions, and biased opinions, so please indulge me for just one moment as I try to articulate my perspective on it the best I can so that you might understand why I feel the above questions are important. Also, please let me know where I am clearly wrong in my thinking.

    It is well known that Project Blue Book, and it’s two predecessors, Grudge and Sign, were formed by the government (and run under the aegis of the military) to muffle public awareness, curiosity, and concern about the UFO phenomenon, and to ultimately hide our military’s impotence against such advanced off-world technologies, should ET’s presence ever prove to be hostile. With that said, it would not take a huge leap of faith to assume that other military-run UFO programs, not otherwise divulged to the public, were also created and tasked with the mission of secretly investigating possible UFO incursions into military (and civilian) air space, land, and water bodies, so that threat assessments to our national security could be made–even if nothing could be done with those assessments to realistically bolster our chances of defense against those incursions.

    It is also believed by many people within the UFO community, myself included, that at around the same time that the military-run UFO programs were created, an entirely unrelated, ultra-secret, autonomous UFO program was also created at the behest of President Truman and others in positions of authority for an entirely different reason, and without official congressional approval or oversight. This program, which was run by a very small elite group of individuals from different backgrounds within the government as well as subject matter experts from outside the government (presumably known as the Majestic 12, or MJ-12), was created based on the closely held fact that UFOs were absolutely real, had off-world origins, were visiting the earth on a regular basis, and had from time-to-time either crash landed, or left behind artifacts, and/or possibly intact, operational, crafts, which were secretly recovered, or taken possession of, by the U.S. government (and possibly other governments). This ultra-secret program, which included military aspects but was not technically run by the military, likely had roots going back to as early as 1941 with the recovery of an alien craft and beings at Cape Girardeau, MO, and possibly one or more other craft outside LA in 1942 (in addition to the more well-known recoveries from Roswell/Plains of San Agustin, NM, in 1947, and Aztec, NM, in 1948). The ultra-secret program wasn’t so interested in investigating run-of-the-mill UFO sightings, or uncovering the truth behind the UFO phenomenon (which they already knew), as it was with reverse engineering the recovered artifacts and crafts that were in their possession in order to exploit advanced alien technologies for military use. No doubt, this program was also tasked with the job of collecting and recovering new artifacts and vehicles, as well as keeping what they already had in their possession, and what they knew about them, out of the public eye (and the hands of U.S. adversaries) regardless of the costs, both literally, and figuratively with respect to the civil liberties of anyone on the outside, who wittingly, or unwittingly, stumbled upon the truth; which dovetailed quite nicely with the military program’s own, albeit somewhat more benign, secret agenda.

    Of these two UFO factions within the government, the military based program–at least the publicly divulged portion of it (Grudge/Sign/Blue Book)–was created in direct response to outside pressure from the public. Conversely, the ultra-secret, non-military run, UFO program was created in response to internal pressure to maintain technological superiority over our advisories (and friends) during a very anxious and tense period of the Cold War. Though all secret government programs are highly compartmentalized and stove-piped by design in order to maintain utmost secrecy and control within their respective areas of influence, the ultra-secret program in particular went to much greater lengths to maintain secrecy–in some cases going far beyond what can be considered ethical, or even legal. As a result, not only did the public not have any knowledge of the the ultra-secret UFO program, or even the secret military-run UFO program, but the government in general, including the military, likely had little, or no “official” knowledge, of the ultra-secret UFO program–though, I suspect the ultra-secret program was indeed always very much aware of what the secret military program was doing. This schism within the government, and within the Pentagon in particular, has been evident for years, and was clearly illustrated by the Adm Wilson document affair.

    Does all of this seem somewhat plausible so far?

    As with everything else, both of these programs likely evolved over the decades, albeit within the same overarching governmental framework in which they were initially created. Having done its job, the publicly divulged military-run UFO program, Project Blue Book, was summarily dropped by 1969 with help from the Condon Committee, which was clearly formed as a means to officially sum up, and as you stated, “rubber stamp” the government narrative that UFO’s didn’t exist, and that all sightings had prosaic explanations. Meanwhile, the secret military-run programs that were created to investigate UFO incursions into military (and civilian) space continued under such names as AATIP, and likely many others; and even branched out into other para-scientific areas of UFO research under the overarching AAWSAP program (and likely others), which included privately controlled studies and investigations, such as those performed under BAASS. Though top secret, these military-run programs and studies were, and still are, officially, and legally, sanctioned by the government on a very limited need to know basis.

    On the other hand, having been created under the auspices of the Executive Branch as an autonomous entity from its inception, the ultra-secret, non-military run program was given free reign to grow into an ultra-powerful, illegally-sanctioned, deep state entity, which very few people have had official knowledge of over the years, and even fewer have had access to. POTUS, who was instrumental in it’s founding, is not even read in to the program anymore, and probably hasn’t been since the Eisenhower administration. Many people within the ufology community have expressed the opinion that this deep-state UFO program is likely under the control of the private sector of the military industrial complex, but I don’t believe that for one second. I firmly believe it was, and still is, under the direct control of a small faction within the U.S. government, likely within the civilian DOD and intelligence communities. The nuts-and-bolts operation of the program may be run by a secret network of defense contractors, but no way is any government entity going to give up ultimate control and power over what is perhaps the greatest secret in the history of mankind–a secret of such monumental significance that any nation having the ability to unlock the advanced technology it conceals would be endowed with unimaginable power over any other nation on the planet…a secret of such profound meaning that its disclosure, if not done properly and at the right time, could have an ever-lasting, deleterious effect on virtually every aspect of society and the human psyche going forward. Admiral Wilson may have met with representatives of a private defense contractor, but I believe that was arranged only to maintain plausible deniability within the halls of the Pentagon. Those representatives who met with Wilson that day were more likely speaking on behalf of someone else in the government than they were on behalf of their own company, someone in the government who might very well have been working three doors down from the good Admiral, himself, and who may have been two pay grades below him, or perhaps even someone he had on occasion eaten lunch with in the cafeteria while discussing which pitcher the Washington Nationals were going to start that night. That’s just the way it works in the government.

    Now, regarding my two questions about disclosure: why and why now? Clearly something is afoot, and information is being leaked out apparently from people within the military-run UFO faction–perhaps with the blessing of the deep-state faction…or perhaps not. The newly minted, publicly disclosed, UFO task force may turn out to be another Project Blue Book, like you said, but unlike Blue Book and it’s predecessors 70 years ago, this time around, there is virtually no outside pressure from the public clamoring for the truth about UFO’s. In fact–with the exception of a select few individuals who make up the ufology vanguard, which is led by people like yourself, the late Stanton Friedman, and others–the public has, as a whole, been effectively UFO-neutered for decades. The government had won the Flying Saucer war against its people; it’s over–it has been for quite some time now. The government had invested decades, and who knows how much money and resources, into programming mainstream media, academia, the science community, and ultimately the general public into a mentality of mass denial and ridicule that scoffs at the very notion of UFO’s. So what gives now? Why even take the risk of bringing this subject back up again, especially in a light that could very well expose everything? What is the point? You had mentioned that this may all be the result of a push for more openness, but by whom, and why? The ufology vanguard has always pushed for more openness, so that hasn’t changed; and the general public has long since drank the Cool-aid, said “thank you” to the government, and then asked for another; so why would the government’s position on even the smallest amount of disclosure change now? As you also mentioned, it appears that the public is being systematically reprogrammed by the government (with the possible unwitting help of mainstream media) to once again accept that UFO’s are real–clearly not the alien hypothesis part of it (not just yet), but definitely the hardware part of it (at least for now). But why?

    I have postulated a few potential, albeit, naive (and some far out) reasons as to why partial disclosure may now be occurring.

    1)Alien Visitation. Assuming there are distinctly separate UFO factions within the government, are those in control of the deep-state faction aware of something that is going to happen in the near future involving a possible alien visitation of consequence, which they have no control over, such as the one alluded to in a report that Bob Lazar stated to have read while working at S-4 ? If so, could the deep-state faction–with the help of the military-run faction–be slowly raising public awareness of the phenomena in a controlled fashion in order to prepare us for what might already be headed our way?

    2)Reverse Engineering Failures. Are those in control of the deep-state programs coming to the realization that their current methods of reverse engineering are not working with respect to exploiting alien technologies, and as a result, have allowed foreign adversaries, who have their own reverse-engineering programs, to leapfrog over them, thus forcing them to plant false flags in order to garner support, and ultimately obtain more funding?

    3)Commercialization of Space. Is the pending commercialization of space flight forcing controlled disclosure as a means of preemptive damage control against something that may be inevitably witnessed in space, or on the moon, by civilian space travelers or astronauts from other space faring nations in the not too distant future? Does the recent formation of the U.S. Space Force play a role in any of this?

    4)Program Infighting. Again assuming there are different UFO factions within the government, could the military-run faction be fed up with being the red-headed stepchild with regards to funding, resources, and knowledge about alien technology? After all, the Army had to negotiate an outside deal with a private entity (TTSA, no less) via a CRADA to get their hands on just a few small fragments of potential alien tech. What does that tell us? Has the military been on the outside looking in, and now wants to get in on what the deep-state program has, or perhaps even seize control over it? Are they using groups like TTSA, and the release of recent UFO incursion evidence from their own program archives, as a means to create their own false flags in order to rile the public sector over the continued lies and secrecy about UFOs; hence, forcing the hand of the deep state faction by threatening their control over the phenomenon? Was TTSA actually created for this very purpose–unbeknownst to Tom DeLonge, who is beginning to appear more and more like a side-mark in a confidence game, who has been put in a corner by himself with a box of crayons, a coloring book, and a juicy cup? If this is the case (and it may very well be the most plausible scenario, given that much of what is now being disclosed is coming from the military side, as filtered through TTSA and mainstream media), then I wouldn’t expect any more disclosure than what is necessary for the military faction to attain their end goal–whatever that might be.

    5)Coincidence. Could all of what is happening right now with respect to partial disclosure be just a coincidence? One could easily argue that coincidence is clearly the most plausible explanation, especially given the seemingly unlimited level of access that the public now has to information through the internet, social media, and the 24/7 news cycle, but the probability of something happening due to mere coincidence decreases as the number of coincidental events increase. All speculation aside, a lot of seemingly coincidental events have occurred over the last few years regarding this matter, irrespective of the manner in which they have been conveyed to the public, indicating that a pattern exists that goes well beyond mere coincidence in my opinion, so chances are very good that something unusual is definitely happening with respect to disclosure.

    6)If It Looks Like A Duck. I am convinced that something is up with UFO disclosure. And whatever it is, it is being highly controlled and manipulated by someone at a very high level for a specific reason, so it’s clearly not just a matter of our government suddenly having a change of heart and deciding to come clean for the sake of transparency. How much will ultimately be disclosed? No one outside of a select few knows the answer to that. You are absolutely correct, however, in that this current spate of disclosures–whatever the ultimate government end-game is–will absolutely come to an end long before answering all of our questions or slaking our insatiable curiosity about the UFO phenomenon. Secrecy is often a necessary evil in the games we play, so even if what has been divulged to the public so far represents just the tip of the iceberg regarding what is about to come out, I don’t expect full disclosure to occur any time soon, if ever–unless of course ET decides to land on the front lawn of the White House with anti-matter guns cocked and loaded.

    Anyhow, those are my thoughts on it. Thanks for wading through my seemingly endless discourse, and please let me know where you think I may have went astray of the facts, or erred in my rationale.



    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      D.A., thank you for this extended commentary and analysis. The first half of what you wrote sounds like the thesis of my two volumes of UFOs and the National Security State. Your analysis in the second half of this is something I am clipping and saving and going to reread a few times. I think I will want to come back and provide additional commentary. Thank you very much for this.

      1. Scott Madsen

        Mr. Dolan,
        I’m always impressed with your perspicacity. You are fighting the good fight, but is it already lost? The people are still asleep.

        I believe:
        1. The elite establishment (I’ll call them the Elite) want to control the development of UFO based technology for themselves.
        2. Current disclosures are opposed by the Elite.
        3. This election is all about control, power, and ultimately our freedom.

        Do you share my concern about an increasingly authoritarian and secretive government maintaining control over over such incredible and potentially dangerous technology?

        There are only a few more pieces of the control grid that Elite need to be implemented. This is what they are trying to do:
        – Demoralization of the American opposition, including unequal application of the law.
        – Eliminate physical money
        – Impoverishment of the middle class, leading to dependency on the Government
        – Government control of medicine
        – Control freedom of movement, tracking of all vehicles/force self driving cars
        – Government control of energy pricing and distribution, including gasoline
        – Elimination of ammunition and firearms

        Richard, you recognize and describe what I have been increasingly concerned about for years now; The plan by the elites to impose tyrannical controls on our lives. The fact that people are so easily manipulated and distracted by bread and circuses from the things that are important. Daily lies and misdirection are just normal now, the free press is no longer free. It is truly evil and almost physically painful to watch.

        I hate to say it, but it seems obvious to me that the turmoil we are now experiencing is part of a struggle to push back against a President who is standing in the way of implementing the control grid and Chinese style communism. You hear it over and over again on the radical left, “we have to tear it down to re-imagine it”. People with any understanding of history know what they intend.

        It is especially concerning that an authoritarian structure might use all of the data collected on individuals to punish or even eliminate them. We all have online histories that could be crunched to determine who is a potential opponent. History tells us that authoritarian states will eliminate their potential opponents with a bullet, in the Gulags, or forced labor camps. I believe the current ‘cancer culture’ is a small foreshadowing of this horrific future.

        After watching this video, I immediately felt depressed about the prospects for my daughters to live in a free and prosperous world. But it also made me angry, and gave me determination to keep on. Your confirmation of my thoughts adds to the other voices that have warned about this trend. It needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Of course the left will call it a conspiracy theory.

        Thank you for bravely speaking the truth. I too am trying to fight the good fight, and I’m planning for the future. My daughters are now in college. I trained them to use reason and facts, and to push back against the prevailing cultural non-sense. They have terrific debate and reasoning skills and I am very proud of them.

        We are currently planning a move to Idaho from the outside suburbs of the SF-Bay Area. I’ve lived here all my life, but we had to board up our protected little town because of these nuts. Only a few miles away the downtown of a small city was ransacked and looted. At this point its time to get out of population centers.


        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Thank you, Scott, for the comment here. In general terms, I agree with pretty much this perspective. Sometimes I go back and forth between the “design or default” argument. In other words, to what extent are the things going on in this world, which you accurately delineated, by design (eg consciously created by elites) or by default (eg. as a natural consequence of the technology and system we have created). I personally think both factors are important.

          As for President Trump, I have some sympathy with your position, but not total agreement. I will use this space to give my quick “Trump Take.”

          First of all, I firmly believe that Trump was demonized from the beginning not for his character flaws, which were only a pretext and a way to get people worked up about him. Rather, the real reasons were his opposition to the never-ending wars, about which he was very vocal as a candidate and which is why Republican neocons hated (and continue to hate) him just as much as Democrat neocons. The other main reason is that, as crazy as it may sound, Donald Trump took the same position on globalization as Ralph Nader had taken twenty years earlier. Anyone who doubts this can do some quick research. Opposing globalization is the third rail of establishment politics, and Trump the candidate decided to tap into the widespread disillusionment, destruction, and fear that globalization has caused much of the population — just as Nader did back in the 1990s. Who would have thought that a fresh anti-globalist critique would come from the right and not the left? But in fact one could sense such a critique for years by mainstream analysts like Lou Dobbs, who has been talking about this for a long time.

          So, it’s those two things that triggered the animosity, in my view, from a very controlled media. Even Fox has never been totally onboard with Trump, although by now the main commentators are. But the rest of the global media is irreconcilable.

          Having said all that, I would caution against arguing that Trump is a Q-Anon-like warrior against the Deep State. I don’t mean to imply that you are saying this. I just want to mention this because it does come up and I just don’t find it persuasive. While I continue to see signs of independence Trump is seeking from the old establishment, I also don’t see any evidence of “4-D chess” by him. If he really wanted to promote the agendas he talked so much about as a candidate, I believe he could EASILY have done a better job. But his personality, while working for him as a candidate, frequently works against him as a President. He needlessly alienates people (yes, he is often willfully misquoted by the press, that is obvious, but even so many of his problems with the media and the public are of his own making). The constant tweeting often comes across (rightly) as petty. And most to the point, I don’t see Trump as having any plan truly to implement any of the infrastructure ideas he used to discuss. Granted, he gets no help from either side of the aisle, so there’s that.

          I will also say this on behalf of Trump. Unlike every previous President since 1977 (Obama, GW Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan, Carter), Trump has NOT initiated military actions that resulted in the destruction of an entire nation. It’s kind of amazing. For those who want this more explicit, here we go. And frankly I am missing MANY nations, these are just barebones highlights.
          Obama: Libya, Syria, and Yemen.
          GW Bush: Afghanistan and Iraq
          Clinton: Kosovo and former Yugoslavia (NO ONE discusses this)
          Bush Sr: Iraq and Panama
          Reagon: Afghanistan (following Carter) and Panama (setting the stage)
          Carter: Afghanistan

          Dedicated students will be able to add to this list, because I am sitting here in my house going strictly from the top of my head. It’s quite remarkable, in fact, that Trump’s foreign policy has been this restrained — compared to his predecessors.

          By the way, going back through time, we can see that Gerald Ford’s two and a half years (1974-1977) PROBABLY resulted in some serious mischief but I just can’t remember. Did he oversee the bloodbath of East Timor? I think so, even though that was really Kissinger’s pet project. Even so. Then of course you go back to Nixon, who promised to end the Vietnam War but did a hell of a job bombing Hanoi in 1972. LBJ, of course, was the greatest psychopath ever to occupy the White House, bar none. For any doubters, listen to my interview of Phillip Lavelle on the JFK Sessions.

          Back to Trump. Even though Trump is not even half the neocon of all recent Presidents, that is not to say that Trump hasn’t drunk at least some of the neocon Kool-Aid. On Trump you could put down Yemen as at least partly his responsibility, although we all know that was initiated by President Obama. Just recently, we see the neocons have pushed him into serious actions in Belarus (color revolution well under way there) and NATO escalations with Russia (which no one in the West discusses honestly). So no, Trump is not immune to the neocon agenda, not at all.

          Making things worse is the fact that it has become impossible for Americans to have a reasoned talk about the issues that Trump has raised. They remain valid and important issues, but everyone is too triggered to discuss anything but ideological symbols.

          1. itsmeRitaC

            Hi Richard. I saw that you have done a kind of geopolitical analysis of Trump so i had to read it of course! 🙂

            I mainly agree with you. However, while campaigning last time he promoted torture as a useful means of obtaining information, and everyone with a partial brain knows that isn’t true. And as far as on moral grounds, i wouldn’t expect Trump to have a problem, but i am just dealing with actual facts on the ground. I was waiting to see if Trump would object to the ‘Putin paid bounty hunters to kill u.s. soldiers in Afghanistan’, based on the fact that it was intel gained through u.s. torture…………..I guess that wasn’t a problem for anyone in general.

            Personally, i have thought Trump had exhibited psychologically unbalanced behavior since the late eighties, and the Central Park issue was a very direct example of this to name one situation. I also just heard the bragging about Trump’s illegal hit on Soleimani in Iran last year. I won’t get started on Venezuela and the resurgence of Eliot Abrams the great. Or Bolivia. Or, or, or……………………….Many of the countries you mentioned here………….Well. What is left?

            Wait for Lebanon which is in u.s./israel sights now. And how about Trump’s love affair with Israel?????? And UAE? And Trump wanting to go after Iran for not holding up their deal with the u.s. after Trump broke it? I guess Christian Mike Pompeo was too busy declaring Trump to be the jewish savior to tell Trump that makes him look like a total putz. (I am jewish, so i can say the ‘p’ word).

            I also think that Trump would probably test around 100 on an IQ test. That is the median score. I do not think he is even basically ‘bright’. But then i thought that about George W. And what do you think he was doing, standing in front of that church holding the upside down bible? Seriously? I never got anyone to tell me what that was about. If anyone here reads this and has an answer, i would appreciate it.

            The best i could figure is that he was saying we need to read our bible more. I know a lot of his schtick is directed at evangelical christians. And i will add that someone should tell him there is separation of church and state since one of the big complaints about the Dems, which i am not either, btw, is that they didn’t even talk about god during the virtual convention. I probably don’t even agree with that because i would wager someone was telling us to ‘pray’ for someone somewhere. But i digress.

            I also don’t think he knows most of what is going on around him. When asked about Qanon he seemed to be positive, but in my opinion, i don’t know if he could tell you one of their theories, although i can’t believe he missed the pizza pedophilia extravaganza.

            And while i am at it, i think he avoids the mask the same way he refused to use sun glasses when staring up at the total eclipse a couple years ago outside the white house. It is his media personae as super hero. Nothing can effect him. Not even cryptonite.

            Do i think there are factions that have been out to get him for the past four years. Of course i do. I never bought into the whole Russiagate propaganda. And i do think the msm pretends that they don’t know he is attempting to be sarcastic or funny when at least it is obvious to me.

            As a political science prof. friend recently said to me, “There is a faction of the ‘elite’ that does not trust Trump’s ability to manage the ’empire’. And that is the bottom line as to why they have been against him. Although quite frankly, i don’t know what he has done very differently than a Dem would have done in that regard. Except he does make the grotesque face of the u.s. more apparrent and that is one thing i do like.

            What was it that Qanon said………………… Trump is waging a war against the interdimensional pedophiles or was it cannibals? I sure hope he remembers to double tap!

            But to be transparent for anyone who might read this post……..I have no belief in american exceptionalism. And one more confession. I am not a ‘patriot’. I am a humanist.

            Thanks for keeping the discussion going Richard

      1. D.A.

        Lazar had mentioned that during his time at S-4, he was never formally briefed on the specific work he was doing, or on the overall mission of the organization for which he was doing that work for, but was–as a form of self-briefing–given an opportunity to read several reports, which provided some cursory background information on the propulsion system he was tasked to study, the craft it came from, and where it came from; as well as previous efforts involving reverse engineering alien craft, and corroborations with ET, their presence on earth, and their hand in mankind’s development. He also mentioned that he was provided a brief overview of other programs involving reverse engineering (presumably at S-4), which included studies of time distortion, tech weaponization, and metallurgy, but I don’t recall if he had read them from a report, or was provided that information verbally. He had stated that he did not know if the information in these reports were factual, or just planted disinformation for the purpose of tracking sources of leaks, so he took them with a grain of salt. He did say, however, that the portions of what he had read involving the technology that he was studying were absolutely factual, so he had no real reason to believe that the other information was not true–he just couldn’t attest to the the fact that it was true–which, if nothing else, is testament to his character and veracity.

        Regarding the aliens: the reports claimed that they were from Zeta Reticuli, that they have had a presence on earth for tens of thousands of years, were involved in human development and modifying the human genome, had previously corroborated with the U.S. government, and that on one occasion in the late 1970’s, were involved in an incident, which resulted in several security personnel and a scientist being killed. This altercation ultimately led to ET’s departure (at least this particular group of ET’s), along with the proclamation that they would return. The supposed date of their return was given, but it was in a six-digit numeric format that was not familiar to Lazar, and unfortunately he didn’t recall what the numbers were. There was also a spiritualistic element to some of the information Lazar had read–in particular, ET referred to the human body simply as s container. Container for what? The report didn’t say, but the implications are quite obvious.

        There is also supposed transcripts, or portions of transcripts, on the internet of a hypnotic regression session Lazar supposedly had with a therapist at one point, presumably in an attempt to try to remember more about what he had read, and experienced at S-4, which delves even further into these areas, but I do not know if these transcripts are legit. (Richard, or someone else who contributes to this site, likely has better insight into this). I’ve attached the link to these transcripts, so you can draw your own conclusions:


        In my opinion, the questions given to Lazar in the hypnosis session seem at times extraordinarily suggestive and leading, particularly with respect to religious aspects and Jesus, and they start to go down the rabbit hole regarding human hybrids, who were planted on earth–a couple of which supposedly ET lost track of. I don’t recall Lazar ever mentioning this session, so I don’t know if that’s because the transcript is a total fabrication, or if that it delves into areas, which Lazar himself is uncomfortable with discussing, or is dubious about claiming as fact. Or, I may have just missed, or don’t remember, him referencing the hypnosis session in any of his interviews.

        If you want to play a quick game of connect the dots: Lazar also mentioned that during his time at S-4, an apparent breakthrough was made in one of the other areas of study there. Due to the heavy compartmentalization that was employed at the site, he was not privy to what the breakthrough was, or which group made it. What is very interesting, however, is the fact that of those other areas of study, which included tech weaponization, time distortion, and metallurgy, only one has ever been talked about, or even mentioned to any great extent, in context to anything else outside of Lazar’s story over the last thirty years, and that is metallurgy. Could the breakthrough that Lazar had mentioned have involved a particular effect that a given wavelength of electromagnetic energy had on a fragment of metal taken from the hull of an alien craft? Could that particular piece of metal have been composed of layered magnesium-zinc-bismuth? Could the wavelength of electromagnetic energy be within the terahertz region of the spectrum? Could the effect that it imparted on the metal involve mass loss, or some other previously unknown electromagnetic resonance phenomenon? Could the breakthrough he mentioned somehow be related to the same meta-material that is now being studied under a CRADA between TTSA and the Army?

        Also, a while back, didn’t someone on one of Richard’s shows mention something to the effect that sometime in the late seventies, President Carter was seen sitting at his desk with his head in hands and openly weeping just after being briefed on a particular incident involving UFO’s? What possible revelation about UFO’s could have lead a man, who admittedly believed in UFO’s and had seen one, to openly weep? Perhaps being briefed about a particular incident in which several human beings were killed by ET could have been just such a revelation. Just a thought.

  17. D.A.

    Richard, Thanks for the kind reply. I have not read either of those books yet, but plan to purchase them in the near future, and look forward to reading them.

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