The Biggest Potential Development in the UAP Arena

By | July 28, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

Decided to do another quick video for YT. It occurred to me that we are back in the era of the United States government essentially taking the lead on the matter of UFOs, now UAP. This was the case during the old Blue Book years, and overall the government successfully maintained strong narrative control during most of that time. 

Then after 1969 that program ended and we saw private groups like MUFON and other private researchers and groups take more of a lead, to the extent that they could. This wasn’t really a problem for most of the recent period, as they were essentially ignored by the MSM. But in recent times this has become a problem. 

So now we have AARO, NASA, the Pentagon, and now even politicians getting in on the act. In a sense, you could argue that we WANT the government to be responsive to the people. You can make that case. However, I think we can all see the great benefit to them by doing so: ensuring proper narrative control. 

Suddenly the great public authorities on the matter are all official government bodies. Probably not a good outcome, considering the intertwined nature of USG and Media power. Wouldn’t you say? 


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  1. Craig Champion

    Agreed – it’s always about control of the narrative. Even the old private ufo organizations were infiltrated and closely monitored.

    Yep – keeping the conversation on, as you say, the safe side of the red-line will be the thrust of the management – “we can’t explain some of the things we encounter in the skies,” etc., vs., “yes, we have craft, bodies and remain concerned about the ongoing abductions.”

      1. elevator

        I understand, but don’t share your pessimism Richard. If it was just Grusch that has given testimony maybe, but remember several others, who have first hand knowledge, have testified to the IG of intelligence and DOD. And several more have testified to congressional committees in closed sessions….all under oath. I believe some of the congressional folks will get some of this info out to the public.

        Alien craft and bodies is startling news, but by far the most significant thing Grusch said, or actually didn’t say, but implied, was his answer to the question has there been contact/agreements between our government and Non-humans. He stated he couldn’t confirm that in a public hearing, but would answer in a closed session. On a couple of occasions he answered questions “I have no knowledge of that”. That, to me, indicates he has knowledge of contact., which would be incredibly important and even more earthshattering than craft and bodies.

        In my opinion, that news, if true, would be the ultimate reason to obfuscate, coverup and lie. It will lead to an avalanche of publicity and create a flood of questions regarding the amount of alien influence etc.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          OH I agree that what Grush and the other said is VERY significant. I do tend to be pessimistic when it comes to dealing with the good faith of the USG, which I do believe is just about nil in any area I can think of. But we certainly agree that what happened last week was very important. And provides room for further openings.

  2. Dr B


    So are you saying that, despite all that – all what was happening in the last few years – was/is for nothing?

    This talk tonight has left me quite sad really!

    I don’t know..

    But then again, you may be quite right.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Now … I am not saying there is no chance for good continued forward motion. But I’m just saying that getting the Pentagon into the UFO/UAP game officially, while in theory having some upside, definitely risks giving them stronger narrative control than ever before. I just think it’s helpful to point that out. We are still in the game.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks Rita. Appreciate seeing Mark H’s post of Kirkpatrick’s statement. I like this comment: “Kirkpatrick is either lying, or his group has not been read into the SAP USAP programs that Grusch knows of. So Kirkpatrick thinks he is telling the truth? He is due for a rude awakening and complete reorganization of AARO.”

      For my part, I don’t assume he is lying. But I do suspect his office does not have the access it would like to have or need to do this right. I know that a few years ago when the initial UAP Task Force was getting under way, how Lue Elizondo and Danny Sheehan made their views very clear that the Task Force wasn’t even remotely situated to get to the real data. AARO might be better situated than the Task Force, but how much better? Can’t blame Kirkpatrick for defending his office and his people.

      1. elevator

        Coulthart has stated he knows that Kirkpatrick is aware of the programs. He doesn’t cast aspersions, unless he has his facts.

      2. D.A.


        For my part, I also don’t assume Kirkpatrick is lying, but rather presume that he is with a relatively high degree of confidence. I believe you are correct in that AARO (as well as it’s predecessor, the UAPTF) has more or less been stood up as a paper organization, which likely has not been given proper access to information on most of what is happening with respect to UFOs, past or present, and especially with regards to illicit and illegal reverse engineering programs; however, unless Kirkpatrick got his PhD out of a box of cracker jacks, he must be fully aware of what is going on—or at least a hell of a lot more aware than any of us could even pretend to be given his position—and he has been prevaricating behind a veil of carefully woven sophistry during his public briefings and interviews about UAP from the start, just as Moutrie did before him and Gough does now. To think that he (Kirkpatrick) is oblivious to what is going on, and therefore speaking more out of ignorance or naïveté than deception, is not realistic.

        It is now a matter of Congressional record that Kirkpatrick is at least aware of what has been going on behind the scenes, because Grusch testified under oath that he briefed him on the reverse engineering programs just before he took over AARO. So, not only did Kirkpatrick not follow up with Grusch about the most explosive allegations in the history of our country, if not mankind, but he never even as much as hinted that these allegations might even exist in any of his public briefings or interviews. I don’t know about anyone else, but that makes him complicit in my book.

        Off hand, I don’t know if the annual AARO updates are merely congressionally mandated briefings or actual official hearings, in which Kirkpatrick would be under oath. Either way, one of the following scenarios must have occurred: 1) he wasn’t asked the right questions in the AARO briefings/hearings (public or classified), in which case he still wasn’t being forthright to committee members (or the public) with what AARO really knows; 2) he was asked the right questions, but only in the closed-door sessions, where he briefed committee members about what he really knows, at least with respect to what Grusch previously discussed with him, in which case he would have had to admit to the committee members that he was derelict in his duties—if not outright guilty of malfeasance—by not following up with Grusch’s explosive allegations. This scenario would also mean that he lied (and continues to lie) to the public with his canned statement that AARO has not uncovered any evidence that UAP are, or might be, extraterrestrial, in nature, irrespective of the phony word gymnastics that he and other bureaucrats are engaged in with respect to the definition of ET and what it implies (which is the real reason Grusch uses the term “non-human”); 3) he was asked the right questions in the classified briefings/hearings, but flat out lied under oath to the committee members about what he really knows, and by extension the public; or 4) Grusch lied under oath. Kirkpatrick comes off looking good in only one of these scenarios, and I suspect the Vegas odds are against number 4.

        Furthermore, in his public briefings/hearings, Kirkpatrick has never provided anything more to the public other than running tallies of the total number of UAP reports, and a video or two, which provided just enough visual stimuli to placate the masses, while still providing the likes of Mick West enough wiggle room to rationalize it away. Moreover, the only cases Kirkpatrick has ever described in any kind of detail are those he believes AARO was able to resolve with a prosaic explanation. Keep in mind what the “R” in AARO stands for. Outside of the Mosul orb, which I am sure Mick has explained away as a balloon or a video artifact, what other evidence has AARO produced with regards to the unresolved cases? Nothing. All of them are hidden away from public view due to their classification, or—as Gravor stated under oath—unnecessary “over” classification. Unfortunately, over classification IS necessary for those not inclined to tell the truth. The way I see it, we have three choices with regards to UAP of non-prosaic origin (i.e.; those cases AARO refuses to discuss): 1) they are human in origin—meaning they are advanced tech that either belong to us, another nation, a breakaway civilization, or humans from the future; 2) they belong to another intelligent species from another planet, this planet, another dimension, or some combination thereof; or 3) they represent some combination of human reproduction vehicles and non-human craft. That’s it. AARO is nothing more than Project Blue Book 2.0, and before a certain young intelligence officer upended the apple cart, the UAP narrative they were pushing was likely heading towards another Condonesque type report conclusion. Wash, rinse, repeat.

        Lou and Sheehan may have been correct, at least technically, when they said the original UAP task force (and now AARO) wasn’t situated to get any real information; however—and this is a BIG however—they weren’t aware of the fact that at that time a certain young intelligence officer named Grusch was assigned the very task of looking into such information. And anyone smart enough to read in between the lines of Grusch’s testimony would realize why he was so successful in his investigation of the reverse engineering program(s) where others, like Wilson and AAWSAP-BAASS have failed, and/or had no chance of succeeding, and that was the fact that many of the people that had come forward to Grusch about what they know, especially at first, were people he personally knew, and who trusted him. He was the right person at the right moment in time. It’s that simple. If anyone else had been asked to look into reverse engineering programs four years ago, right now we’d still be debating the validity of the Mosul orb with Mick West and Michael Shermer.

        So yes, I can put at least some of the blame on Kirkpatrick. If he is not flat out lying, he is prevaricating about what he truly knows. And in my book that is a liar.

        Just my humble opinion.


        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I think what you say about Kirkpatrick makes sense. I don’t really think he is consciously lying. We humans are complicated and complex creatures. Often we lie to ourselves so well that we forget we are lying. Most of the time, we kind of have to. Kirkpatrick is in a very difficult situation — I don’t know anyone who would want to be in his position. He is formally charged with investigating UAP but is undoubtedly hamstrung by many limiting factors and must know this. So when Grusch and Congress basically call him out on BS of course he is going to be defensive and ticked off. It’s very hard for any of us truly to delve into the recesses of our own souls and give them a good look. In my opinion, unless we make a real breakthrough (which is very difficult and usually requires a crisis), we at best only get occasional glimpses into the darkness.


        The government and military clearly lies to itself. Why should we think they’d be any different with us? In a continuing and well-planned fashion? These guys are big on planning. They spend billions on just planning. Grusch isn’t any kind of wild card. He’s a character in a story using well-known and loved plot devices.

      4. itsmeRitaC

        Hi Richard, so. It seems there is a conflict of fact regarding a few things, but the one that i think would be the most provable one way or another……………..The last sentence of Kirkpatrick letter says that none of the witnesses at the hearing were involved with AARO. I am paraphrasing.

        Contrast with Grusch saying, in his opening statement at the hearing, that he was involved with AARO. That just sort of jumped out at me. Why can’t the two men be in the same place at the same time and discuss that openly? Hey, that would be a show that you could do!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Also,

        I am confused at this point. Those two public senate ‘hearings’ , Kirkpatrick being the main ‘guest’ in April hearing. So, that group, the Gilibrand one, is only involved with AARO? I know, i am like the only one who doesn’t ‘get it’. 🙂


  3. Adrian

    Just FYI. The hearing made the main evening news on our national TV station (RTE) here in Ireland with about a 2 minute slot. I believe this is a first. Although it started quoting the word “threat” and ended saying that NASA could not confirm any knowledge of NHI however it did show some of Grush’s and Fravor’s testimony so all in all its a start.
    The night before the hearing I told a friend that if it didn’t make the evening news on RTE and BBC next door then I would consider the hearing a failure and that is what I expected. You tend to become cynical when you are in this game as long as I have been. I am currently eating my hat.

  4. Christian Morales

    It’s a war. Grush took this to another level. Kirkpatrick responded to the hearing idk if you saw that Richard. He was furious. My understanding of the situation is that when you get into the program, the higher security SAPS that work with reverse engineering alien tech and it looks like they might even have some deals. Richard if you know anything about deals, I’d sure like to hear it, even if it’s just hearsay. As I was saying my understanding is that this knowledge is dangerous. This is the knowledge that makes you a target from people
    Very powerful in the DOD, MIB, CIA, whatever you catch my grift. Tim Burchett mentioned Havana syndrome and I did some research and it turns out most
    People getting Havana syndrome are all
    In defense, and private aerospace corporations. 🤔. This could be aliens or the people that have alien technology not sure, or it could be working with the technology and trying to understand it. People in the CIA have gotten it, some politicians, DOD, private aerospace defense scientists. It’s very interesting. Also people in skinwalker ranch have gotten similar brain injuries. If it’s the aliens perhaps they don’t want us to become to powerful when we are working on their technology, if it’s us, perhaps we are doing it to the people talking to congress or putting these secrets out. I’ll stop speculating now but one thing is for sure Havana Syndrome and the details are as classified as ufos. Ridiculously classified higher than anything else. DOE has all the secrets!


    What’s with all the disruptive video cuts? The audio is continuous so why do you feel the need to do something like add these stupid clashy video effects? It detracts from your message. You’re not Russell Brand and he looks stupid when he does it, too. I pretty much quit watching him because of that, and I’ll stop watching you, too, if you keep that up.

    Now to the content– You make the great conclusion that “The government is taking over the narrative and they’ll probably rigidly control it,” but then you seem to stick up for Grusch (and in turn his puppet-masters, Mellon and Elizondo). So what? The kiddies will be happy that “the conversation moved forward” and other bullsh*t excuses they’ll have to give themselves for falling for the OP, and getting NOTHING. Except that most of them, those millions and billions who are are NOOBS who ONLY know what the government and their media lapdogs TELL them actually think they’re GETTING something. They’ve never read a book about ANYTHING, much less UFOs.

    Mr. Grusch isn’t a whisleblower. He isn’t risking his job, and he isn’t telling us ANYTHING that wasn’t previously known, told to us by much heavier hitters than Gruschy-boy. And the death-threat claims (unsubstantiated) are a really nice theatrical touch. The best Grusch could ever aspire to is being “controlled opposition.” He’s a team player with the OP. If anyone wanted him dead he’d be a stain on the sidewalk. Grusch is there to give the illusion of a controversy. Many of the things he says are obviously true and NOT new, which is WHY he ISN”T a whistleblower. He is a fake, risking nothing to do the work of his superiors. This is theater.

    Want to worry or be upset about something? At LAST year’s hearing they threatened to make us all national security criminals for our research and communications. Remember THAT? “We’ll discuss that in closed session.”

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh my goodness, man! can you cut a brutha some slack? 🙂 I wanted to do something different and cut a faster video. It’s extremely common, as you know. Now, regarding the good Mr. Grusch, I think he definitely (technically) IS a whistleblower. There’s a reason Leslie and Ralph designated him as such in their article. He qualifies. As for being controlled opposition, no doubt. He’s not taking gasoline and matches to the system, at least not intentionally. All these people out there — everyone prominent in the TTSA and related efforts — they are all establishment. They are not revolutionaries. That is not the same as controlled opposition, which implies they are secretly working in a deceptive way to corral the public. I don’t believe they are trying to do that, and I don’t believe Grusch is. So apparently we disagree. Still love your comments. 🙂

    2. itsmeRitaC

      I don’t know AG. I do usually mostly like your comments here. 🙂 Grusch could be a ‘glich’ that happened. I really think it made kirkpatrick pissed off. Now, maybe it is spy vs spy vs spy (my uncle read Mad Magazine and i saw those pictures). I mean, i just saw a photo of Grucsh in cammo standing outside his plane in Afghanistan with that big smile on his ‘mission accomplished’ face and that just turns me so off. I know some of those guys and what they were involved with. Of course i can’t speak about him. But he wasn’t any Pat Tillman that is for sure. And i know they were in different arenas. I also think Pat died ……………………………….i won’t get into that here. Anyway,

      He may be a wild card. Things like that happen. As Richard said, these are people who are not revolutionaries. And. Regarding being a whistleblower. I recall Snowden getting very specific about how it is impossible to go through all of the proper channels because they do not want intel to come out. And they began to watch him for that reason. I mean, who could Ellsberg go to with the pentagon papers? I can name more. None of them got support from insiders. But it could be that Grusch is the kind of person who believed he was doing his job and believed that it was for definite reasons and he began to realize that people did not have the same goals, which were likely directly stated, and that became a big conflict within himself. Etc.

      I would also love to know why Corbel and Grusch kept looking at each other. It was really obvious and no one else was doing that. Corbel would sit and very obviously be nodding his head and Knapp seemed to look away. But they were featured in camera. It may have been a comfort kind of thing. But it was like Jeremy was answering along with him, in his head.

      I wonder how this happened that these guys are such VIPs. It was evidently not easy to get into that room. Oh i saw Dan Sheehan and it seemed no one knew who who he is.

      So the big question……………Was that actually James Clapper sitting right there near Jeremy and George or a doppleganger? I saw it right away, but there is much controversy on his true identity going on. 🙂 Anyone who knows for sure?

  6. SunPower

    “Suddenly the great public authorities on the matter are all official government bodies. Probably not a good outcome, considering the intertwined nature of USG and Media power. Wouldn’t you say? ”

    Agreed. So 80% of all the studies that have demonstrated a person will drop into the suggestive alpha brain pattern from the alert beta brain wave pattern (30 seconds after switching on a TV, phone, computer or ipad screen) were government funded. The USG knows why this pattern shift takes place, whether it is frame rate, subtle cycling of blue spectrum light or patterns woven in to a mix of red/green light, (human eye can’t see it so brain interprets it as color brown) but they’re not going to tell you. Are you saying you don’t trust these guys to have the people’s best interests at heart, RIchard?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      hahaha. Klass got everything wrong, including the curse. Never really understood the value of delving into the UFO mystery. He needed to talk to John Mack who pointed out that we are born into a world of illusions and never truly get out of all of them. We do our best to slay one dragon after another, that’s it. The journey is the biggest reward. And by the way, we HAVE learned much more about the phenomenon than people of earlier eras. In other words, we are making progress and will continue to do so.

  7. JurassicRanch47

    “Pleased to meet you. Have you guessed my name? But, what’s troubling you is the nature of my game.”

    Now comes asymmetrical warfare. It’s how the establishment keeps being the establishment. Who gets primaried from challengers with deep pockets? Systemic entropy is deployed to stall off the opposition. Maybe the public will lose interest, like with Assange? Will the relatives of potential witnesses find their lives becoming complicated? In the Godfather, Tom Hagen had them bring Frank Patangeli’s brother from Sicily and sat him up front at the Senate organized crime hearings. It was all it took…(“This committee owes my client an apology!”). Coppola saw the film as an analogy for big business

    There is an entire criminal empire behind this. UFOs, anti-gravity and zero point are just part of it, but are crucial. They are so deeply intertwined with the federal government and global finance that it may be impossible to extract them. There is strong evidence that it was up and running before 1947, but they really upped their game then. As a functioning organization, there is some reason to trace it to the Taft, Harding(the Ohio Gang & Teapot Dome), Coolidge and Hoover years. They may have tried to take FDR out in ’33. FDR had to cut them in for the war effort. Enter Sec. of War Henry Stimson. They consolidated global power at the end of the war, and were definitely present in OSS. OSS leadership became CIA leadership. Journalist Danny Casolaro bumped into part of it (“The Octopus”), and it got him killed. This group may have been behind the Spanish American war. They may have been supporting the Panama Canal, and got contracts to build it, but turned against Theodore Roosevelt when he started his anti-trust campaign. Why wouldn’t William Randolph Hearst be part of it? How could he not be? It’s controlled by the wealthiest families in the nation. They made sure TR never got nominated again, but they made big money building his imperial navy. They have grown as the military-industrial complex has grown. These families nailed down power in the wake of the Civil war and ruled the Gilded Age… the steel trust, coal trust, banking trust, railroad trust, Standard Oil…. W.H. Taft’s father, Alphonso Taft, attorney general for the Grant administration, was part of the prior generation’s proto-conspiratorial group. Their graft was so bad that it killed a third term for Grant. Grant apologized to the nation for his second term that was riddled with corruption. They were driving the opposition to Andrew Johnson(maybe the most working-guy president). They plundered the South during Reconstruction. Gen. William T. Sherman hated them. The trans-continental railroad and the Credit Mobilier were theirs. They drove the demonitization of silver(“the Crime of ’73”), the biggest post-Civil war issue. Alphonso Taft was a co-founder of Skull and Bones at Yale in 1834, and W.H. Taft (president and chief justice) belonged, as did Taft’s Sec. of War, Henry Stimson. This group got contracts to build the Hoover dam and worked over Nicaragua and the Philippines. Stimson personally oversaw both those beatdowns, and decided that neither nation “was ready for democracy.” He pissed off Gen. Smedley Butler. Butler ratted them out in the ’33 failed coup, but no one was prosecuted. Both Taft and Stimson served as governors of the Philippines. This group had a ready power base in the Philipines to move on Asia as Japan was moved out. They have been among the Atlanticists since the beginning. CFR is theirs. By the end, Ike knew these guys conned him. Enter Richard Nixon. The Birch Society hates these guys worse than commies. Give it a name.

  8. itsmeRitaC

    A couple of other thoughts here. 🙂 The Grusch testimony, if your prediction is correct, could end up like the Roswell debunking op. So if Grusch comes out with his claims and no evidence, and then if i go along with the idea that it is all kosher on his part (and i think he could be telling what he believes is true, but……….i wouldn’t trust the big shots in those agencies), he gets discredited in whatever ways. Then it is a way to ‘debunk’ a lot of his implications. I find it disconcerting that in all this time, this seems to stand on one man’s second hand testimony.

    Also, how does the public find out if any of the congress folks are actually following up in scif ville? It was said that they need to know exactly how to ask their questions and they don’t all have the clearances that are needed in the first place. For me, i really need to know that Grusch is telling far more to congress and i assume that all interested in the public would want to know if facts were given, etc. Or else it really means nothing.

    I also don’t forget, and tell me if i am wrong here, that things are also said with a focus on the impact sensational statements have regarding other governments, etc. I never think this stuff is really just for me, average citizen. And…………………………………………..

    I have been talking for the past four years about how this whole , more recent narrative has been controlled by the PTB. Just saying. 🙂

  9. itsmeRitaC

    Sorry to be so vociferous on this thread. 🙂 But, i heard John Greenewald from the other day. I hear things low key from him that i honestly do not hear getting any one else’s attention. And i don’t bother with 99% of the people who talk about ufos. 90% of it is show biz out there in podcast land.

    However, i did not know that Grusch had been hanging out for quite a while with Jeremy Corbel and Knapp. And Corbel has said, often enough, and that i had heard myself, that they are the first ones Grusch talked with about his information. And it was not post Dopsr. And i had to look that term up. I mean, if one isn’t an intel agent current or former, it can be impossible to know what these terms mean. Sigh. And there are photos of his attending ufo conferences with these guys as well back then. In fact, Burchett has said that Grusch lost his clearances? I did hear him say it in fact, recently. And i think it could be connected. Who knows?

    And Greenewald said something that i had posted right here in recent times, but i thought it was just me. I often do :-). That perhaps Corbel and Knapp have gotten clearances in recent times? I actually think it is a real possibility. OK. I will leave it there. And i do not think Greenewald is a debunker at all. I do find his analysis helpful and he was responding to some good questions that were coming up in his feed. That is how it all came up.

    I still think a lot of what is going on is not kosher. Not even kosher for Pesach. (there will be three people who know what i mean here.) LOL

    Thanks for reading all of my rants here Richard!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      John lately has been more levelheaded about certain matters, which is good. I have always liked and respected him. Was very unhappy over his dense position on Davis-Wilson but I assume he has come to his senses. Regarding Grusch-Corbell-Knapp, yes it’s interesting how that all worked. George and Jeremy have been contacted by many folks of late. Of course, the fact that Grusch was already a UFO “believer” doesn’t harm his credibility, at least not in my view. The man testified to Congress — for his sake he damn well better not have lied! I think he is truthful. And your rants are always welcome, Rita 🙂

  10. Christian Morales

    Hey Richard I was thinking of Admiral Wilson. Now that there’s an effort for transparency and a bunch of whistleblowers behind the scenes I wonder why he’s not one of them. I thought he was unhappy when he got denied access. Why wouldn’t he want to bring those guys down? So my question is this Is admiral Wilson scared of the guys in charge of those programs?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Wilson adamantly denied everything when publicly confronted. Indeed, in the notes by Davis he said that he would deny everything if it ever came out. Wilson was angry at the time, no question. But he since went to work in the private sector at very high levels and undoubtedly has higher clearances now than he did back then. So no, he ain’t gonna say a word.

  11. Richard Lamb

    Hi Richard, while taking a walk out round my local park after work, on listening to News Nation’s handy, abridged cut of the hearing - – I considered options for AARON’S leadership. With the “Holman”(?) rule now being called, am I correct in saying Kirkpatrick could be sacked? An obvious call, for sure, though how about replacing him with Dave Grusch? If there’s a better-than-good fit, in terms of his motivations, experience and knowledge, he’d be my man leading AARO’s efforts.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I have tried looking up and understanding the Holman rule. Can you or anyone explain it to me and tell me why it matters here? As far as I have learned, it’s from the 19th century and seems quite obscure. Undoubtedly I am missing something important, since many are talking about it. Anyone?

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