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By | April 7, 2018

The Answer Forum is a place where I will answer your questions, by video if possible but in any way that I can best answer. All you need to do is write to me or Tracey via the Contact Us tab, and I will reply to all those questions that I can. I can’t promise an answer every time, but I will do my best.

All members of the site will be able to see what I have to say.

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  1. Dean DeHarpporte

    Earlier today I posted a rather long entry containing my reactions to the Ozark UFO Conference. But it seems to have disappeared without a trace. Any idea of where it went? And is the blog the place to post such material? Or would it be more appropriate to post in the chat room or the answer forum?

    1. TraceyTracey

      Hi Dean, Kit, and all members,
      I’m glad you asked. I will explain. The first time anyone comments, the comment goes to moderation, and during this time it will seem to disappear. (This process is mostly in place due to some areas being public and subject to spam advertising etc. ) After you have been approved one time your posts will go immediately up without moderation as a trusted contributor. Dean it took us a couple of days to get to your post, but we approved it right away and it looks like it is up there. Please feel free to use the chat room to comment and connect with like minded people. The answer forum is a place where we can collect your questions, and when Richard gets time he will answer them usually in video format for the group. Hope this helps! – Tracey

  2. Kit Nelson

    I see almost no comment traffic on this site. Is it happening and I’m just not finding it for some reason?

  3. Dean DeHarpporte

    Richard, I have a thought on the world situation that I would like you and others to comment on. Thank you.

    After reading – critically – an article in the New York Times about the spreading presence of U.S. military operations in remote parts of Africa to combat extremists, it occurs to me how ubiquitous the terrorist threat has become. It has spread not only across the Middle East but into Africa, Europe and America despite great efforts to contain it. It is hard to shake the analogy of the barbarians who eventually toppled mighty Rome.

    The question is why now? Why in the 21st century does world order appear to be beadking down, and why is extremism so hard to combat. I believe that two secular trends are driving the random violence. The first is the decay of the West, led by America, where corruption and rampant militarism has burdened the Leader of the West to the point where extreme inequality is creating a plutocracy. The West has lost its resplendent champion, but still its world citizens are following us blindly down the road to economic chaos.

    Yet, the more important reason for the trend toward collapse of world order may be the flood of information resulting from television and the internet. In the 21st century everyone has immediate access to all the news and distortions of the news. Mainstream media – because of its alliance with government – is no longer the only and most reliable source of news. Everyone knows now that billions live in abject poverty while a tiny few control most of the world’s money. Many if not most people sense a profound deception of reality by the mainstream press, which is allied with governments to preserve stability and world order. Some alternative media sources call out mainstream media distortions of reality while other sites provide real information, whether it serves the interest of world order or not. Still other media, playing on the anger of the disenfranchised, drive home the unjust exploitation of the poor by the rich. Inevitably, a desperate minority – profoundly alienated by the deception of reality they now discern – strike out with raw, meaningless violence.

  4. Kit Nelson

    What exactly is the difference between an abductee and an experiencer?

    My answer is that abductees are taken by aliens without their permission. Experiencers have contact with aliens by choice. I base this on the Oxford Dictionary definition of the word abductee. I suppose an abductee could become an experiencer over time if (s)he comes to believe that the aliens’ intentions are beneficial. Or vice versa.

    Another factor is that the idea of personal Liberty is based on the Non-Aggression Principal that says that a peacefully living person is sovereign and cannot be forcibly brought under the jurisdiction of anyone including the government or even well intentioned aliens. Under this principal, abductions are acts of aggression and as such, cannot be justified, no matter how beneficial the abductor’s intentions.

    Perhaps an argument could be attempted on the basis that the human race itself does not live peacefully and therefore the Non-Aggression Principal does not apply justifying abduction. I would argue that it is individuals, not whole species, who are abducted and each individual lives peacefully or not.

    Experiencers are voluntary contactees, a la George Adamski. Those taken involuntarily are abductees a la Linda Cortile. What say you?

  5. William Reynolds

    Hello Richard . I have heard you thoughts on 9/11 .What are your thoughts on ” Where did the towers go” by Judy Wood ? Have you approached any , or been approached by the media , reporters or commentators on this subject ?

    1. TraceyTracey

      Hi William,

      Yes, it took me a few years to get that book. I think sometime around 2011 or so if I remember correctly. Very important book and probably close to the truth, as far as I can tell. I’ve made this comment from time to time whenever discussing 9/11 during interviews. As for major media, no … they have NEVER approached me on 9/11. Of course, I don’t think they approach anyone, do they?

  6. Kit

    Abductions are needlessly involuntary. Why?

    Suppose an alien came to you and said this: “We need Human volunteers. If you agree, you will be taken aboard one of our ships and be medically examined by our personnel. We are conducting an alien/Human hybrid breeding program and we may medically extract sperm or eggs from you. You may also be asked to interact with hybrid children and adults in a teaching role. We may insert a small implant. We may also be able to improve certain of your medical conditions. There may be some after effects but they will be temporary and not life threatening. We will answer your questions as best we can but we cannot tell you at this time the reason for this program. Be assured that it is important and is for the future benefit of all life on Earth. Afterwards you will be returned to where we picked you up. You can elect to have all memory of your visit erased or not. Keep in mind that if you retain memory and tell others about your experience with us, they will likely not believe you and think you are mentally ill.”

    Would you go? I would. There is no shortage of Humans that would line up to go. If these aliens have been interacting with us for centuries or even only the last 70 years, why don’t they know that?

    1. SaraGSaraG

      I like your line of thinking. I have often asked myself the same question. I like to look at this subject with my “Logic Filter”. Most of the time I can come up with a logical hypothesis for the various aspects of the UFO question. But this one always stumps me. You could say do we sit down with the lab rat and explain our motives before we begin experimentation? No but there is a difference between humans and lab rats. Self awareness. Surely the aliens understand we are self aware. Yes… this one always stumps me.

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