The Alien Agendas Now Available

By | November 22, 2020

Greetings everyone. 

I will start to promote this more actively over the next week, but you get to know it here first. My latest book, The Alien Agendas: A Speculative Analysis of Those Visiting Earth, is now avaiable in Ebook and Paperback form. For those of you waiting for the audiobook version, I can tell you that we have an excellent reader currently working on it and I expect that ready very soon as well. 

The paperback link is here.

Ebook link is here. 

As many of you might know, this book grew out of a lecture of the same title I gave earlier this year. I was intrigued enough by the subject to decide that I would write a follow-up booklet based on it. However, that project continued to grow with each time I sat down to write it. Originally intended to be no more than 65 or 70 pages, it ended up at 245 pages. It’s not a massive tome, but certainly no longer a booklet. 

As I mention in the Introduction, this was a book that goes into some wild directions, at least compared with much of my prior work. I call it a speculative analysis for a reason. Stepping into some deep waters of admittedly unconfirmed data — we are after all largely talking about abduction and encounter cases — I tried my best to even-handedly look at that data and draw what conclusions I feel are warranted. 

I think it’s a good read, and I certainly tried my best to provide as much valuable information and analysis for the reader that I could. 

Funny, for this book I didn’t bother with soliciting book reviews from anyone. I had that done in my prior large books, but here I opted out. The book stands or falls on its own merits or lack thereof. Obviously, there are no reviews on Amazon, and I will genuinely be curious what people think. I am very curious with what YOU think! 

Since then, I have thrown myself almost fanatically into organizing my game plan for Volume Three of UFOs and the National Security State. Very glad I am doing that one, finally! 

I’ll have a Fireside Chat ready this evening. Lots to talk about! 


48 thoughts on “The Alien Agendas Now Available

  1. WickyBu

    Well, it would appear that the paperback is not able to be shipped to the U.K.? Perhaps in time…
    I will await the audiobook!

    Ps… Kindle version is ok, though.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      The book should readily be available in the UK and elsewhere. If that situation continues, I will investigate. But it JUST went live today, so it might take a day or two.

  2. Ron Holmes UK

    I’ve just ordered mine, and can’t wait to read it. I think the cover looks great, but that lower-case “t” will haunt me til my dying day. I blame my English Teacher, she used to give me stern looks and detention for shit like that 🙂

    I wish you good luck with it, and suspect I’ll be giving it a very positive review sometime very soon.

    I hope you and yours are well and happy Richard – and most importantly of all, safe. It’s a crazy world out there right now.

  3. Pyroxide_Martini

    Just brought the Kindle version! Looking forward to sitting down and reading your thoughts. I am sure it will be a huge success.


    Bought the paperback (hope to get it autographed someday), then read the preview on Kindle, then bought the Kindle because I don’t want to wait 2 more days for the paperback to arrive!

    (If you need a proofreader for Vol III, I’m volunteering!)

  5. deweyweber

    Love your reference to science-based genetic analysis of human origins. Several years ago I watched a PBS documentary on human migration using genetic markers by sampling residents from around the world ( I’d love to know if the D Allele was part of that study. I’m looking forward to see where your latest book takes us.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      thank you. of all the landmines I decided to cover in that book, the DNA material was the one I felt most vulnerable about, since it’s not my expertise in any way. But I tried to make myself a good study of the subject and believe I have a grasp of the basic issues. I appreciate your feedback.

  6. itsmeRitaC

    Oh. This cover and the way it is laid out is really very good, imo. I think you went in the right direction. It could have gone a lot of different ways. My two cents.

  7. Kirsten RDMHost

    MAJOR HUGE CONGRATULATIONS !!! I absolutely cannot wait to read this and will be ordering my copy post haste.

    I think this book (from what I know of it already) is going to spark a new way of thinking, anew direction and fresh perspective, which is badly needed in UFOlogy right now – and you, Richard, are exactly the right person to inspire this new direction.

    This is very exciting.

  8. Scott Santa

    Of COURSE I just ordered my copy as well. AND … AND … I’m stoked for Volume III Richard … been a long time coming and will ensure, at least for me, as I’m a “RIO” (read in order) kinda guy … to re-read them again as ONE. Very excited to do that! Many thanks for all that you do Rich!

      1. Torbjørn Hovland

        I’m reading this book now and I love it. It’s a very interesting subject and one that it’s important to think about. I think that this discussion will come up in the mainstream in not too long if the current soft disclosure continues.

        I just wanted to mention that I found the story of Astrid Olsdatter (the Norwegian girl that was brought into the mountain) very interesting since she lived not that far from where I live. So I looked up the original article in “Illustreret Nyhedsblad” (Illustrated News Magazine), which the book you quoted in “The Alien Agendas” used as a source. I found it a little speculative since this article was written 130 years after it happened. But I was wrong to be skeptical: turns out the “article” was actually the full court documents (apparently you’d be brought to a court for experiencing this at the time. Although I suspect that was more about her being absent from work for five days without asking) from 1720! It was very thorough with about 6 or 7 pages of information. Very interesting!

        BTW! Thank you for all your hard work and amazing content! I am one of those people that just recently have become interested in the subject. I find your analysis and theories to be the most credible out there.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Thank you for your commentary on my book, and especially on that particular case from Norway. Indeed, that took place three hundred years ago, the full story undoubtedly being lost to time. And…. Welcome to our happy little community!

  9. Seabrook Leaf

    PLEASE make this available on your RD Press site- I am a staunch boycotter of AMazon and refuse to buy anything from them, PLEASE tell us there are other options besides Amaxon!?!?!? Thanks.

  10. Raymond Boer

    Hi Richard,

    It has been a while that I have logged in and read your lastest articles.

    I was even more glad when I read that your book is out, and directly looked it over in the Dutch Amazon shop, and glad I found that I was able to order it. So it is my lucky weekend and on Saturday it will arrive here in the Netherlands.

    What is better then being free from work next week, and start reading your book, I am really looking forward to this.

    I wish you both all the best in everything you do.

    Ray (Floatwithme)

  11. William Croft

    Richard, thanks for creating this(!)

    I just got the Kindle version. Did you check the operation of this with your own Kindle Reader program? I’m able to read the text just fine, however, the Table of Contents links — do not seem to be clickable. I can manually position the scroll bar and get in the approximate area of the text desired. But it’s awkward not being able to navigate directly to sections.

    I’m using the web based Kindle Cloud Reader. I’ll tomorrow try on some other reader devices.

    Regards, William

      1. William Croft

        Richard, hi. OK, looks like issue is on my end. Table of Contents links are working fine on Kindle for PC, but not on my Kindle for Mac. I think it’s related to the old Kindle app database I had from pre-Catalina. I’m tracking down some solutions.

      2. William Croft

        Richard, in summary:

        Kindle for PC and Kindle for Mac are working fine with your book in terms of Table of Contents navigation. That’s what most will use. Or reading with an actual Kindle device. I’m sure all these work.

        Amazon also has a web-browser-based reader called “Kindle Cloud Reader”. THIS is the access method that is refusing to do Table of Contents navigation, based on clicking the TOC links. Almost certainly this is an issue with Amazon’s own Kindle Cloud Reader app. You can probably just let this slide.

        If you want to test yourself, you can visit your Kindle library with the cloud reader at:

        Best regards, William

  12. PressToDigitate

    Congratulations on the Book! I look forward to reading it through.

    But in real time, watching the precisely orchestrated transformation being unfolded before our eyes, I can’t help feeling that “THIS Is What An *Actual* Alien Invasion Looks Like, On OUR Planet”.

    – We’ve got Election, Ballot and Voter Fraud, and an extraordinary Coverup, with shady players like Dominion, Smartmatic and Scytl, who are deeply aligned with a Globalist, “DNCIA” Deep State political cabal, with present and former employees of the companies testifying to large-scale criminality;
    – LGEN Thomas McInerney (USAF/Ret), a former very senior cybersecurity official, as whistleblower on the Intelligence Community’s “Hammer” and “Scorecard” project capabilities, their application to manipulating election infrastructure, and their specific deployment against President Trump;
    – Compulsory universal Vaccination with implantable tracking HealthChips at the ready;
    – Redefined Gender, Sexuality, Parentage & Parenthood, and Public Education, coincident with widespread IVF as the new ‘necessary’ means of reproduction for Tens of Millions of couples;
    – The destruction of Middle Class wealth and affluence from independent sources of income – such as Small Business, in favor of the UBI;
    – Unquestioned 5G to support full-duplex BCI, together with comprehensive drug legalization;
    – Together with the pervasive Censorship and relentless Propaganda effort mobilized to conceal and support it all, and adequate Surveillance to identify dissent and locate Dissidents at any level of granularity required to suppress them.

    Elsewhere in the Galaxy, conquering inhabited worlds (of smarter and more courageous prospective supplicants) may require a lot of “BSU” and Gigadeath, but here, the Local Apex Fauna can be conned out of their planet for the cosmic equivalent of “$24 in Beads”, through light shows, mind tricks and flim-flam. While we’re speculating about what the Aliens want, and what their Public Manifestation would look like (“Disclosure” vs “First Contact”), they’re just busy subverting our systems of science, communications, intelligence and government, and discretely *Taking Over*, by capturing those levers of power they hadn’t already acquired through Infiltration. Where is it written they’d have to show up in Silver Uniforms – or even in *Their Own [native-species] Bodies*, for that matter?

    1. deweyweber

      Yes, how many phony science predictions, political debacles, and suspicious pandemics will it take for us to realize there are puppet masters pulling the strings. Government and MSM behavior confirms my conviction that we are not living in the free society we thought we had. We thought we were Luke Skywalker, but apparently we’re closer to Darth Vader?


    Just FYI the copy I ordered was due yesterday. Now delayed in transit and not due till Saturday. Thought you might want to talk to Amazon about it.

  14. Andromeda107

    Just downloaded my copy of Alien Agendas,can’t wait to read it. I also plan on ordering the paperback book, hopefully Richard sometime in the future I will be able to get you to autograph it.

  15. deweyweber

    Just finished Alien Agendas and I’m left feeling like I only read the Cliff Notes version of the narrative. This not meant in any way to be a criticism of the book. Quite the contrary, I’m even more hungry to deep dive into the implications of a fourth phase of humanity. Frankly, I come away after reading this book more concerned about the dangers of globalism than about the threat of extraterrestrial infiltrations.

    Most concerning is the role the private sector is playing to defeat transparency and the Freedom of Information Act, as well as to shield acts of censorship and the stifle free speech. Liberty and Freedom were our most highly prized rights when the Iron Curtain was a Cold War reality. Have we in the West come so far only to implode over identity politics and tribal squabbling? Will over-reaching idealism collide with entrenched capitalism and undo all the positive strides our society has made. This country could experience a Balkanization before it’s all over.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yeah, sorry for the depressing fodder. Well, we might ask, are the Chinese people happy? I don’t know if I like even asking that question, but it’s becoming more and more clear that China’s society is becoming THE model. You see this in quite a few pronouncements from western global leaders. They admire the Chinese and want to make us like them. Social credit scores and everything. One big happy ant colony. We can see that lockdowns don’t just apply to our physical movement, but to our ideas. Our minds are being locked down. The only upside I can think of is that nothing can be permanent. We may well be moving into something dark at this time. But will it be that way forever
      ? I can’t think so, but if the aliens are like this, maybe that is what we will develop into. Question is, are they happy?

      1. gregjacobi

        Uh oh, my copy arrived yesterday, and just FYI, there is a pretty serious “typo” situation on the back cover. Two identical paragraphs of text. Doesn’t make a difference to me, as I’m psyched to read this and don’t need to judge an RD book by by it’s (back) cover 🙂 …but it may be a turn-off to a random consumer. Anyway, looking forward to jumping into it this week!

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