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By | July 15, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I see 65 comments need approval! Everyone just hang on for a few more hours. I have been writing a long piece for the past few days on a riveting series of events that took place twenty years ago in Argentina. I promise that you will find it as fascinating as I am finding it. 

Hold tight. I’ll be back with that article and podcast shortly.



6 thoughts on “Stand By: Large Post for Today

  1. PressToDigitate

    Twenty years ago, we had hundreds of confirmed military sightings, of objects unrecognized in appearance, performing in ways that our understanding of physics and aerodynamics doesn’t accommodate, in speed, maneuverability, signature management, and cross-domain access, which were tracked by multiple sensors simultaneously, and which were provably ‘not Ours’, ‘not Russian’ and ‘not Chinese’. Then, they said there was nothing there; now they say there might be. It seems to me as though ‘We’ve Been Had’, that nothing has changed of substance, and that with most people – including most of us nutters in Ufology – being satisfied with that slight change (because “we were right all along”), the Vichy Deep State can just go on with its business as if nothing had happened.

    Is “Acquiescence” – as a ‘coping strategy’ – really the best way for Humanity to react to the prospects of its [not so gradual] Extinction, in being “replaced” by an Alien Invasive Species? If Humans are really that stupid and spineless, it kinda makes you root for the Aliens, doesn’t it?

    1. Rosanne Losee

      I understand that opinion, and I join you in it. I do feel it is humanity’s right to know what is happening on this planet, good or bad.

      That said, sometimes I wonder if full Disclosure were to happen, then what? So many human beings lead hum drum, sad, lonely lives, what purpose would it do to them to know that there is ‘something else’ out there, abducting humans for experimentation or to utilize our bodily DNA for their own selfish purposes?

      Sometimes I wonder if it is better to allow humans to lead their lives without the added sorrow and shock that Disclosure would bring. I say this as someone that has been reading UFO literature since I was 17, back in 1966, so I am not a neophyte.

      I am serious. What purpose would it bring to the average man or woman, to bring this to their lives, something they cannot do anything about, but just be frightened by it all? I have three grown kids, and I still worry about them every day. Life is already difficult. Would it be wise to tell them that there is something else they need to worry about? That something might be lurking in the dark corners of their homes and that something wants their bodies?

      I say this with all seriousness. I don’t think the UFO phenomenon is something wonderful. I think it is something fantastic, for sure, something none of us are really shocked about, but the average person is not us. Take away their joy for living, or their faith in a heavenly God that will protect them?

      I don’t know; I just don’t know and this question haunts me many times over. I want Disclosure because it is wrong to keep it a secret, but at the same time…. what will Disclosure do to the happiness and calm of the average Joe and Jane? More Turmoil?

      1. PressToDigitate

        I’ll tell you why. Because our cozy, oblivious, cushy existence – even that of the least among us – may be a ‘Heaven’ compared to what is in store, if this planet has been sold out from under us by collaborating ‘Human Elites’ to the ETs for Colonization. Mankind has to consider that our world may be ‘in play’, among interstellar species capable of migrating *Billions* of their “people” here, and disembarking them in ostensibly “Human” form, “Walking Among Us”. If Organic Humanity is being eugenically depopulated by Infertility, imparted through the Wuhandromeda Plandemic (and its ‘vaccines’) *as the evidence indicates*, then we will dwindle over the next two or three generations to the 500,000,000 level the Guidestones anticipated. How long the ETs will find those remaining Humans useful as labor, minions, servants, slaves or pets (or food), is anyone’s guess – but its unlikely to be ‘indefinitely’.

        “Disclosure”, we now know, is a Mirage. “Exposure” is the only hope Man has of defending his birthright – this Planet – against predators from Space.

        1. Rosanne Losee

          Isn’t it possible, however, that the PTB were given an ultimatum? Either give us what we need or else we lay waste to the planet? Yes, I sound overly dramatic, but I don’t think we could know exactly what our alien overlords were offering to the PTB. If they gave them a green light to do whatever they want to do, then they are participating in evil in its purest form. If they felt cornered, perhaps their families were threatened, so they caved. How are we to know?

          And what in the world are we going to do about this anyway? We already know that they are superior in technology, we are not going to able to fight them on their level, therefore, the decades of feverish hope to duplicate their technology.

          So if the planet tomorrow learns all, that we are under the “Alien Raj” (thanks to Dr. Scott Littleton), then what? How can anyone deal with a higher tech over our heads?

          I am speaking existentially because I TOO want the truth to be out. But then the truth outs, and then what?

          That is the next question, and we cannot pretend to know what’s next once all is revealed.

          1. PressToDigitate

            Yes, such an ‘ultimatum’ is a *possible* explanation, I’ll grant that. It may even be the most probable. But it doesn’t excuse Eisenhower – or whomever – capitulating to it, even then. In the first place, such a threat would not be credible; on the one hand, because we have seen no demonstration that the Aliens have any such widespread destructive capabilities, but more importantly, because, even if so, they would never employ them here, against a natural and built environment they evidently desperately *neeed* to settle their people in. They can’t use the place if its reduced to radioactive piles of rubble, and billions of unburied corpses. Not what their Colonists signed up for, are expecting, or could cope with. They can’t even stomach an economic collapse here and still have their plans proceed unabated.

            In the second place, while most of the planet openly lives under the unwelcome occupation of despotic governments they don’t support, there are innumerable examples in Human history of anomalous uprisings against tyrannical regimes. Technology, in the form of weapons and vehicles, as both we and the Soviets experienced in Afghanistan, is no guarantee that hegemony can be reliably maintained. Smarter than this, the Aliens know that the pervasive use of neurotechnology, to control subjects at the individual level, is the only possible protection their Colonists could have from us (or such of us that remain). That’s why things are being done as they are. The threat will come from your iPhone (or Android) ‘after next’, when phones become wearable, and BCI is accepted right along with ‘Fingerprint Recognition’ as ‘just another’ new marvelous feature of the devices.

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