Sorry, no new show for tonight!

By | September 1, 2020

This was late in getting to everyone, but I wanted to mention there is no new program for this evening. I had been planning to do another version of the program I just did for members of this sure, on “Our anger addiction,” but I want satisfied with the changes I wanted to make and just decided against it. 

I have some video, audio, and written material planned for our site this week. Stay tuned, more to come!


2 thoughts on “Sorry, no new show for tonight!

  1. PressToDigitate

    Whew! Ohthankgod….We thought maybe the Universe had broken down again, or something… 😉
    In the future, please try to put up a notice or something a little ahead of the cancellation. We end up sitting here, flipping back and forth on YouTube, between ‘Search: “Richard Dolan”‘ and “Richard Dolan Channel”, over and over, with the Roku remote, trying to get the new video to appear, for 30 minutes or so, before we give up. You are up to 91,000 Subscribers now, and, since YouTube “Notifications” are crap – and Don’t Work AT ALL, Ever – I’m sure we’re not the only ones trapped in ‘YouTube Purgatory’ whenever this happens.

    There’s certainly no shortage of anomalies and obscure issues you could spontaneously address and extemporize on if a pre-planned presentation isn’t quite ready for Primetime. Lord Knows, I’ve rectally extracted and thrown your way enough wild ass ideas that nobody has gotten around to touching on yet – and many others have asked much more imaginative and entertaining questions than I have. Omniscience is not required; its not ‘perfect answers to every question’ that will get you past that 100,000 Subscriber mark – its “The Show Must Go On” Consistency. Its not for *us* – we’ll make do with some old convention lecture – its for all the noobs that need to start (and stay) tuning in to your regular weekly broadcasts, every Tuesday night at 8:00pm (and then want MORE so they become RDM paying Members).

    Try This: *What if* you and Tracey shot a few one-hour videos that are not linked to current events, such as “deep-dive” Book Reviews on classic UFO literature (and/or classic B&W Flying Saucer movies), and just kept them “in the can” until needed, when some circumstances made the regular live broadcast inconvenient? The audience would never have to know, it would be more fulfilling than straight audio of a past radio Richard Dolan Show, and you could feel free to skip a week on the spur of the moment, anytime, without any last minute anxieties over it. (Hell’s Bells, make it profitable while you’re at it: Start with videos reviewing Wood & Redfern’s “Alien Viruses”, Maccabee’s “FBI-CIA-UFO Connection”, and Kloetzke’s “Admissible”, that you co-authored, all from RDP). Don’t forget the Amazon Links – through your storefront account – in the Description under the YouTube videos.

  2. PressToDigitate

    For anyone else going through “Saucer Withdrawal” about now, here is a Playlist on YouTube of all 26 Episodes (S01 & S02) of “Project UFO”, the Jack Web (the “Dragnet” guy) rendition of “Project Blue Book” that ran on NBC, back in 1978-79:


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